Here are 7 common reasons why a woman will break up with a man for that reason and how he can get her back:

1. She didn’t feel much of a romantic spark

A couple can have nothing in common or a lot in common and still break up due to a lack of a romantic spark.

When it comes to relationships, a romantic spark is the thing that makes a woman look at a man and feel excited, alive or what women often refer to as ‘having butterflies in her stomach.’

So, when a woman notices that that all important romantic spark is missing, she will naturally begin feeling that something isn’t right.

Initially, she might make excuses (e.g. it’s just a phase and things will eventually get better, or they don’t have much in common now, but will once they get to know each other).

Alternatively, she might try to create a romantic spark by suggesting romantic dinners or weekends away for the two of them.

Yet, if nothing really changes and she still feels like there is a lack of a romantic spark, then she will begin to want to break up with him.

Some women go directly to a break up, others create so many problems in the relationship that the man ends up breaking up with them and others ask for space to find themselves and what they really want.

Either way, a relationship without a spark is doomed to break up at some point, or be miserable for life.

In reality, it doesn’t really have much to do with not having much in common though because couples who are very different will adapt and enjoy the other person’s interest if the romantic spark is strong enough.

She didn’t feel much of a romantic spark

As the old saying goes, “Opposites attract” and it is true, but only if there is a romantic spark.

This is why, to get an ex woman back who left you because you and her didn’t have a lot in common, you need to interact with her again (using a different approach to interactions) and create a new, exciting romantic spark between you and her.

For example: If a guy was too neutral around his woman and treated her more like a friend or housemate, he needs to prepare himself to flirt with her to create a more sexual vibe between them.

Additionally, if he tended to only have serious, straightforward conversations with her, which lead to the relationship feeling boring, he needs to prepare himself to be a bit of a playful challenge (at times) as he talks to her to create more of a spark between them.

These are things that a guy can quickly prepare himself to do and then do, to get an ex woman back.

New men do it every day, all over the world in all sorts of ex back situations and they get women back.

It’s not difficult, but you have to be willing to level up your ability to attract her and create a spark.

If you’re willing to do that, both you and her will experience new, exciting feelings for each other than will bring you closer together and make her feel motivated to enjoy more things about you and what you’re interested in.

As a result, she will feel as though you and her have more in common than you used to and will be happy to adapt to you further due to the romantic spark being there.

2. She didn’t feel much of a sexual spark

She didn't feel much of a sexual spark

A sexual spark in a relationship is different to a romantic spark, in that it’s purely about the sexual desire you have for each other and how easy it is to get turned on by each other.

It’s also something that is created based on your approach to her.

Women literally react to the man’s approach and either feel turned on, or not (e.g. if he is confident vs. insecure, assertive vs. passive, masculine vs. feminine or neutral in his energy).

Some guys struggle with that their entire life and can never keep a relationship together, because they think things like, “This is just who I am. I’m a soft, gentle guy. I just want to be nice to a woman.”

Yet, they don’t realize that it’s only who they are right now, because they don’t know how to be any other way, or fear being any other way in case it feels uncomfortable or unnatural for them.

For example: Being more masculine in his behavior around a woman, rather than being so reserved, soft and gentle.

Initially, a guy might feel as though he is being ‘fake’ by being more masculine, but once he does it and sees that not only does he feel better about himself by being more manly, but his woman respects him, feels attracted to him and loves him so much more because of it, he suddenly sees that as who he is now.

It’s no longer ‘fake’ to him and is now one of the most important parts of who he is.

So, just know that if you were behaving in ways that caused a lack of a sexual spark between you and her, you don’t have to keep behaving in that way and suffering the negative consequences with her, or with other women for the rest of your life.

There is another way to be with women and that is; to be truly, deeply attractive to them.

Once you understand how to do that, you realize how much power and control you actually have over initially attracting a woman and then maintaining and building on her attraction for you for life.

Additionally, once you get used to it, it literally becomes automatic and natural for you.

In other words, you don’t have to think about it or try to do it because you automatically say and do the things that women find truly, deeply attractive.

It becomes part of who you are and raises the quality of your life and relationships with women.

So, when it comes to your relationship with your ex and her leaving you for not having much in common, what should you do now?

Well, just understand that women go with how they feel.

If a woman feels sexually and romantically attracted to a guy, she won’t be able to stop thinking about him.

That can be you.

If you’re not willing for that to be you with her, let it be you with your next woman by building up your confidence in attracting and keeping a woman.

Another reason why a woman will break up with a guy due to not having a lot in common is…

3. She felt as though they would grow apart over time due to their differences, so she broke it off now to avoid wasting time

A woman’s natural instinct is to find a man, get him to fall in love with her and then keep him for life, so he will protect her and provide for her if they should ever have any offspring.

Even if a woman is independent, emotionally strong and says that she doesn’t care about babies or marriage, she still has the instinct of trying to find herself a man that she can stick with for life.

This comes from the natural risk of potentially getting pregnant to a random boyfriend and then having to deal with being a single mother.

This applies even if the couple is using a condom, or she is on the pill.

Deep down, her instincts urge her to make sure that she is with a man that she could potentially stick with for life, rather than continuing on with a man wouldn’t be a good match for her life in the long run.

So, if a woman realizes that she and her man are too different (e.g. they have completely different morals and values and neither of them are willing to make adjustments to adapt to each other, he’s a loner while she’s an extrovert, he isn’t serious about his career while she’s climbing up the levels, he is too serious about everything while she is more of a free spirit) and as a result, she believes the relationship is unlikely to last, she will often decide to end things rather than investing more of her time into him.

He can get her back, but she is only going to feel motivated to want to give the relationship another chance if he interacts with her and creates a new romantic and sexual spark.

If he is unwilling to do that, she will continue to see the relationship as over and will move on without him.

On to the next reason.

Sometimes a woman will use ‘not having a lot in common’ as an excuse to break up with a guy when…

4. She didn’t feel proud to have him as her boyfriend, especially around her family or friends

She didn’t feel proud to have him as her boyfriend, especially around her family or friends

Women prefer to be with a man they can look up to, respect and feel proud of to show off to her family, friends and coworkers.

So, if a man behaves in ways that make people feel embarrassed for his girlfriend (e.g. he sulks when things don’t go his way, says a lot of rude or inappropriate things around her family, treats her badly in front of them, is too shy and reserved and comes across as being unfriendly or awkward, is seen as immature by a lot of her friends and family), she will stop feeling as proud to be his girlfriend.

If she also happens to notice how happy and proud her sisters, cousins, girlfriends or coworkers are of their boyfriend or husband, she will begin to wonder why she’s wasting her time trying to make things work with a guy who makes her feel embarrassed or ashamed.

In almost all cases, a woman will never admit that to her boyfriend though because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, or have him potentially become very angry and possibly physically aggressive with her in response.

So, she will break up with him for other reasons and he will be left behind to try to figure out what really went wrong.

In some cases, he might assume that it was mostly because of him and her not having a lot in common, but deep down, he probably knows that he didn’t make her feel very proud to be his girlfriend.

The reality is that if a woman feels proud to be your girlfriend and there is a strong sexual and romantic spark between you and her, then she will stick to you like glue and adapt and adjust herself to your interests and likes in life.

You need to know that to help you understand that it is possible to get her back, as well as know it for future relationships with women if you decide not to get your ex back.

Either way, you have to make sure that a woman feels proud to be your girlfriend and feels a strong enough sexual and romantic spark with you that she wants to adapt and adjust herself to fit into your life.

That is what works and results in the best relationship dynamic between men and women early on and in the long run.

5. There was some initial attraction, but the relationship dynamic soon killed that

There was some initial attraction, but the relationship dynamic soon killed that

Sometimes a woman will initially feel drawn to a guy because he’s a good guy, who treats her well and makes her feel special.

Yet, after being in a relationship with him for a while, she might begin to realize that the the things about him she initially liked are actually making her feel bored, restless and even turned off.

For example: Sometimes a woman will notice that her boyfriend is very nice or generous towards her because he has no idea how to attract her, or make her happy in any other way (e.g. by being a bit of a challenge, flirting with her, creating a relationship dynamic where she wants to impress him and maintain his interest).

If she notices that he’s being very nice or generous because he has no idea what else to do, she will begin to feel as though she is with a guy who is essentially sucking up to her so she doesn’t leave him.

That makes him seem desperate, which isn’t a trait that women find attractive in men.

If she also notices that she has treat him badly, disrespect him and use him and he won’t stand up to her, then she will lose respect for him.

When she loses respect for him, she will struggle to feel a sexual and romantic spark with him, which will kill the relationship.

6. She felt as though they were on a different level socially

If a woman comes from a higher or lower social class than her boyfriend, she might feel uncomfortable when they go out socially (e.g. because their manners don’t match, her family and friends don’t approve of him or visa versa).

If she has strong sexual and romantic feelings for him, she will try her hardest to ignore that and just hope that they gel and become more socially compatible over time.

Yet, if there isn’t a strong enough spark, she will struggle to ignore their differences.

For example: If she’s from a higher social class to him, she will worry about where they might end up living together, how he will fit in with her family and friends, how they will raise their children if they have any.

If she’s from a lower social class, she might feel judged by his family and friends, or not really enjoy going out to social functions with him due to the clear difference in how she eats/looks/what she wears/how she speaks in comparison to the kinds of people he hangs out with.

Depending on the man’s ability to create and maintain a strong enough spark with her, she will either feel motivated to make the relationship work with him despite their differences, or leave him.

7. The conversations between them often seemed to be forced

Instinctively, a woman knows that she should be able to get along with her boyfriend naturally and easily, without having to force conversations because it seems like there’s nothing to talk about when they’re around each other.

So, if she finds herself trying hard to keep conversations going and keep them interesting with her boyfriend, she may feel as though they have so little in coming that they can’t even have a discussion without it feeling forced or awkward.

That problem can be fixed, but it requires the man to care enough to adjust his style of communication with her slightly, to make things flow more smoothly.

For example: Rather than only talking to her in a serious, straightforward, logical manner (i.e. like he would when talking to another man), he includes flirting, playful teasing and is a bit of a challenge at times, so she lights up, smiles, laughs, giggles and feels girly and energized when talking to him.

He doesn’t need to behave like her of course (i.e. girly) to make her feel energized.

Instead, he needs to flirt with her, playfully tease her and be a bit of a challenge in a manly way.

If he does that, then she will naturally feel attracted to him, excited to be talking to him and won’t want to leave him.

All of a sudden, she won’t care if they don’t currently have much in common and will want to adjust and adapt herself to suit him and his life, so she gets to be with him.

That is the kind of effect you can have on her, if you want to.

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