Yes, but if she’s a true sociopath, she will usually only think of her ex guy in the following ways:

1. How well she seduced him into needing her

In most cases, a woman doesn’t respect and feel attracted to a needy man who is emotionally dependent on her approval and support to be able to function in his life and feel good about himself.

In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why most women lose respect and attraction for a guy and break up with him.

However, for a sociopath that’s different.

She actually enjoys having power over her man and making him feel as though he can’t cope without her in his life.

As a result, a woman like that will do whatever it takes to make her man more and more dependent on her.

For example: She might take over all the decision-making in the relationship and convince him that it’s for his own benefit by saying things like, “You don’t need to worry about all this. You work hard enough already. Just let me take care of everything.”

Additionally, she will likely make him distance himself from his friends and in some cases even cause him to dump them by convincing him that he needs to spend all his time with her, rather than being with other people who don’t love him that way she does.

She might also make him cut off contact with his family by persuading him to believe that they don’t like her and that she feels uncomfortable around them.

He then has to choose between her and them (and of course he picks her).

As a result, if they have an argument or fight, he can’t turn to a friend or family member for advice or support and his only option is to suck up to her and ask for her forgiveness, because he can’t live without her approval and support.

Another way a woman like that can make her man feel dependent on her is by making him give up all his hobbies, interests and even his main goals and dreams in life to spend time with her.

He may then start thinking things like, “I’m so lucky to have a woman like her in my life. She’s everything to me. She’s the air that I breathe. I don’t want anything or anyone but her.”

Naturally, this makes her feel more powerful than him.

She then enjoys treating him badly and possibly even being mean and disrespectful towards him, knowing that he can’t stand up to her, because he’s now fully dependent on her.

He’s afraid that if he does object to how she’s behaving, she will break up with him and he will be useless without her in his life.

This is why it’s so important for a guy to recover quickly after a breakup and show his sociopathic ex girl that he doesn’t need her anymore.

By doing that, not only will he start to feel better about himself and his life (rather than sitting around feeling sad, lonely, rejected and wondering things like, “Do sociopaths think about their exes?”), he will also become more attractive to his ex and other women as well.

Here’s the thing…

A woman wants to be with a man who is happy, confident and forward moving in his life, with or without her support, approval or attention.

So, when a guy becomes more emotionally independent, women are naturally attracted to him and want to be with him.

At the same time, his sociopathic ex feels curious about his sudden ability to live a happy, carefree, independent life without her.

She may even feel some respect and attraction for him for recovering from the relationship and becoming an emotionally strong man.

Of course, she won’t admit that she feels that way about him because then he will have power over her (i.e. he can reactivate her feelings and get her back into a relationship where she will have to work hard to impress him and keep him interested in her, because she knows he can now replace her at any time with another woman).

It’s then up to him to decide to get her back if he wants to, or to move on and find another, high quality, emotionally stable and loving woman to hook up with, date and get into a relationship with.

Another way a true sociopath will think about her ex guy is…

2. How little she cared about him compared to how much he cared about her

How little she cared about him compared to how much he cared about her

Unlike most women who instinctively get into a relationship with a man hoping to eventually build a future with him, a sociopath will usually know that she’s not going to fall in love with her man.

Instead, she will likely get into the relationship with him for her own reasons (e.g. because she wants a boyfriend for a little while, she enjoys the attention, she wants to get as much out of him in terms of money or gifts as she can before she dumps him).

However, she never really opens up and loves him.

In the meantime, he usually thinks that she’s the one for him (i.e. because sociopaths can be very charming and charismatic) and he starts making plans for their future together (e.g. how they will move in together, get married, start a family).

Of course, when she gets tired of him, she will easily dump him and move on without giving him a second thought.

However, if she does think about him, it will usually be to laugh about how much he loved her compared to how much she loved him.

She may then think things like, “He was such a sap. He honestly thought I could love him enough to want to be with him for life. What a joke! It was worth it though… I really had him on a string and made him run around doing things to please me. It is so funny to me to think about how he fell head over heels in love with me, compared to how little I felt for him. He just never realized that I wasn’t that into him and was only passing my time until I got bored or someone better came along.”

Naturally, a woman thinking those types of things about her ex is not very nice.

However, that’s how sociopaths think.

They don’t care about other people’s feelings and in fact, they enjoy using mind games to control and manipulate guys, friends, family members, coworkers and even strangers.

Yet, they almost never feel any guilt or remorse about their actions.

Another way a true sociopath will think about her ex guy is…

3. How she could hurt him again in future, if she felt like getting back with him for fun or for an experiment

One of the things that can give a true sociopath a thrill is knowing that she can easily convince her ex to give her another chance, even though she dumped him and possibly even treated him pretty badly along the way.

In some cases, when a woman like that is feeling bored, she might sit around thinking about her ex and imagining how she would get him to fall for her again.

She may then imagine herself sending him a text saying something along the lines of, “I miss you. I think I made a terrible mistake by breaking up with you. Could you ever forgive me for hurting you?”

He would then almost certainly respond with something like, “There’s nothing for me to forgive. I miss you too and I want us to be a couple again.”

She would then get back with him and seduce him into falling in love with her even more than he was before.

Then, when she knows that he’s fully devoted to her, she will break up with him again just to see the shock and pain it will cause him.

She will then walk away feeling good about herself and the power she has to manipulate her ex in that way.

Another way a true sociopath will think about her ex guy is…

4. How she could use him to help her with something

In some cases, a true sociopath will think about her ex in terms of what she can still get out of him.

For example: If she’s moving, she might think of ways to get him to do most of the work so that she won’t have to pay anyone else to help her.

If she’s short on cash, she may decide to call him up and convince him to help her out by paying some of her bills.

Some women will even go as far as pretending that they will consider giving their ex another chance if he buys her things that she wants (e.g. clothes, jewelry), or even pays for a vacation for her.

Sadly, in a lot of instances, if the guy still has feelings for her and wants her back, he will easily be manipulated into doing whatever she asks in the hope that she will give him another chance.

Yet, once she’s gotten whatever she was after out of him, she will quickly turn mean once again.

She may also ridicule him and make him look like an idiot for jumping to conclusions about them being a couple again by saying things like, “I hope you haven’t taken things the wrong way. Obviously, none of this means anything. I just needed you to help me out and that’s all. I have no intention of getting back with you. You understand that, right?”

He’s then forced to agree with her that he knew all along she only wanted his help as a friend and nothing else, even though deep down he feels hurt and betrayed by her again.

Alternatively, she may just continue to string him along so that she can use him the next time, or until she can replace him with the next guy.

Another way a true sociopath will think about her ex guy is…

5. Why the break up was all his fault and she is perfect, but misunderstood

Sometimes, a woman who is a true sociopath will struggle to see how anything is her fault.

Regardless of what she did in the relationship with her guy, she won’t be able to accept responsibility for her actions.

Instead, she will blame him for the breakup.

She will then likely say things like, “I never want you to forget that we’re broken up because of you. You’re the one who ruined our relationship even though I tried my best to be a good woman to you. You just never got me and you turned everything into an argument. I wanted us to be together forever, but you broke my heart instead. I will never be able to forgive you for that!”

As a result, not only does she come out feeling like the victim, she makes sure that her ex is filled with feelings of remorse and guilt.

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