3 reasons why it happens and what you should do:

1. Breadcrumbs during No Contact are usually the most a woman will do to show you that she’s interested in getting back together

Most guys who decide to use No Contact to get an ex back, don’t realize that getting breadcrumbs from her during this time can actually be a good indication that she still has feelings for him and wants him back.

Instead, a guy like that may end up wondering things like, “What does this mean? Is No Contact working or not? What do I do now? Should I break my silence and call her, or should I just continue ignoring her until the full 30/60 days are up?”

Here’s the thing though…

If you’re using No Contact as your primary method of getting your ex back and she reaches out to you (even if it’s only a text here and there to say hi), accept that she’s giving you a green light to let you know that it’s still on between you and her.

When she sends her signal, it’s then up to you as the man to follow through on the ex back process and do what needs to be done to fully reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings and get her back.

The fact is, regardless of how much a woman misses her ex during No Contact and wants him back, giving him breadcrumbs is usually the most she will do to reopen herself up to him.

She almost always won’t make it overly obvious to him that she still has feelings for him and wants him back, because she’s worried that he might turn around and reject her.

This is especially true if he’s been using No Contact on her.

As a result, she will just send him small hints that she’s open and wait to see how he responds.

If he just ignores her, she will take it as a sign that he’s over her and possibly that he’s even moved on.

She will then force herself to get over him too, usually by meeting, hooking up with, dating and getting into a relationship with a new guy.

Of course, from his point of view, he’s just doing what he thinks he’s supposed to do to get her back (i.e. ignoring her for the full 30 or 60 days).

Unfortunately though, by not picking up the breadcrumbs she’s throwing him, he ends up losing her for real.

He will then likely say things like, “I don’t get it. What went wrong? I did everything according to the rules. Yet, in the end, I lost her anyway.”

Yet, here’s the thing…

If you want your ex back, don’t mess around playing mind games with her – especially if you’ve been getting breadcrumbs during No Contact.

Just take that as a sign that she still has some feelings for you and show her that you’re man enough to take the lead in the ex back process.

So, don’t hesitate any longer.

Call her on the phone today and start re-sparking her sexual and romantic feelings for you (e.g. by making her laugh and smile and feel happy to be talking to you again, flirting with her to create a sexual spark between you, being confident regardless of what she says to put you off) and get her to meet up with you in person.

Of course, before you get to the meet up make sure that you’re prepared to give her an upgraded attraction experience to the one she got before.

In other words, don’t get there and say and do the types of things you did before that she got tired of (e.g. being too nervous and insecure around her rather than being confident and sure of yourself, being too nice and treating her like a neutral friend rather than being more emotionally masculine so she feels feminine and girly in your presence).

The more you think, act, behave and respond to her in ways that are attractive to her, the more drawn to you she will feel again.

Additionally, she will feel respect for you for picking up on her hint (i.e. the breadcrumbs she threw your way) and being man enough to follow through on that (i.e. contact her, re-spark her feelings on a call and then get to a meet up).

As a result, her defenses will naturally come down and she will open back up to being in a relationship again.

From there, all you need to do is remain confident, fully reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings for you and get her back.

Another reason why this happens is…

2. Breadcrumbs during No Contact are sometimes just her feeling bored and texting or contacting you in some way out of habit

Sometimes a woman will be sitting around feeling bored (e.g. on a Sunday evening, at the office, while stuck in traffic).

She may then start thinking about how she hasn’t heard from her ex in a long time and wondering things like, “I wonder what he’s up to. I haven’t had a single call, text or message from him in days/weeks/months. Maybe I should send him a quick text to say hello and see what happens.”

As far as she’s concerned, it likely doesn’t mean she wants him back or anything like that.

It’s simply her way of reducing her boredom, while at the same time indulging her curiosity.

However, that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that she’s given him an opening to begin sparking her feelings for him again so that he can get her back.

So, don’t waste the opportunity if your ex is throwing breadcrumbs your way during No Contact, regardless of what her reasons for doing it might be.

Instead, use it as a chance to show her that you’ve leveled up as a man and can now make her feel attracted in new and exciting ways.

For example: Imagine that you get your ex on a phone call with you.

Chances are high that she’s going to be expecting you to be nice and sweet and have a normal conversation with her about what you’ve been doing all this time you haven’t been contacting her.

She’s likely thinking that she’s going to have a predictable conversation with you, pacify her curiosity and then hang up the phone with you and go back to the way things were before.

Of course, that’s not what you want.

You want to re-spark her feelings so she wants to be your girl again.

This is why, instead of being predictable, you use some humor to spark her feelings and make her feel curious about your newfound confidence.

For example: Let’s say she texts you something along the lines of, “Hey, stranger, how have you been?”

Rather than responding in the way she’s expecting you to by saying something like, “I’m fine. Just been really busy with work. How are you?” you instead respond in a joking way.

Remember: It’s not about cracking pointless jokes with her, but rather about sparking her feelings of respect and sexual attraction.

That’s why, a good response might be something like, “Sorry, I don’t recognize this number. Do I know you?”

She might then respond with something along the lines of, “It’s me, Vanessa.”

You can then reply with, “Hey there ex girlfriend. How you doing?”

Note: If she doesn’t reply by telling you who it is within a few hours, just reply with something like, “Just kidding Vanessa. Lol…we can still joke around right? How are you anyway?”

She may then begin thinking something along the lines of, “That’s not at all how I was expecting this interaction to go. I thought I’d just have a quick catch up with him to see what he’s up to, but instead, I encounter a new guy from the one I broke up with. He sounds so different now. He seems more confident now. I know I just texted him because I was bored, but now I want more.”

She will then naturally drop her defenses and open up to speaking with you on a call, or meeting up in person.

You can then call her and arrange a meet up, so you can then fully reactivate her feelings and get her back.

Another reason why this happens is…

3. Breadcrumbs during No Contact are sometimes her way of checking that you’re still interested, so she can move on without feeling like you’ve rejected her

In some breakup cases, a woman will hate the idea of her ex finding a replacement woman and moving on before she’s had a chance to hook up with a new guy first.

So, if she hasn’t heard from him in quite a while (i.e. because he’s using the No Contact Rule to try and get her back), she might begin to worry that her fears have come true.

So, to ease her mind, she will try to find out what he’s up to by sending him a casual text to say “Hello” and see how he responds.

If he quickly replies with something along the lines of, “Hey. It’s so good to hear from you. I’ve missed you,” she’ll know that he still has feelings for her and she will feel better about herself.

She will then put in extra effort to move on and find a new man, knowing that her ex still wants her.

On the other hand, if she discovers that her ex is the one who is moving on first, she will feel hurt and like he’s leaving her behind.

This is a good thing.

It makes her feel drawn to him again (i.e. because women naturally feel attracted to guys who are wanted by other women), which causes her to drop her defenses and open back up to talking to him over the phone and seeing him in person.

He can then easily reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings for him (e.g. by using humor to make her feel happy to be around him again, flirting with her to create sexual tension, making her feel feminine and girly in his presence) and get her back.

This is why it’s so important that while you’re using No Contact to get your ex back, you’re not sitting around feeling sad and lonely.

You’ve got to use the time apart to focus on the other important areas of your life (e.g. your goals and dreams).

You need to show her that even though you and her have broken up, you’re not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

Instead, you’re living your life and having fun without her.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t want her back, it simply means you don’t need her back.

Then, the next time you get breadcrumbs from her where she asks about what you’re up to, you can call her on the phone and have a nice catch up chat with her.

Then in conversation (without actually rubbing it in her face or making her feel bad), you can tell her how you’ve been pursuing your big goals in life and are happy, confident and forward moving in life without her.

When she finds out that you’re so much more emotionally mature and independent than you were before, she won’t be able to stop thinking about you in a more positive way.

When that happens, she opens back up to talking to you and seeing you in person and you can easily reactivate her feelings for you and get her back.

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