There’s a very simple answer to the question of how to get your ex girl back and that is…

Display the types of traits and behaviors that make you an irresistibly attractive guy that she will want to get back with.

How do you do that? You first learn from the mistakes that led to your ex becoming your ex and you then make changes, rather than promising her that you will change if she just gives you another chance.

Watch this video to understand the emotional process that your ex girl went through before ending the relationship and the process you need to guide her through get her back…

Of course, if your confidence has taken a real beating after being dumped, the idea of becoming an irresistibly attractive man in your ex-girl’s eyes might seem like an impossible dream, right?
No doubt.

It’s difficult to feel confident and know that you’re more than good enough for her, if she had said things like, “I don’t feel anything for you anymore” or “I never want to see you again” when breaking up with you.

However, regardless of what went down during the break up process, it is up to you to pick yourself back up and become more emotionally attractive to your ex girl.

She will find you more emotionally attractive when she can see that you’ve not only learnt from the mistakes you made, but you also now know to trigger her feelings of love, respect and attraction for you.

One of the most important things to realize is that the more you sit around feeling down and out, the more unattractive you become to her as a man…and that’s not going to help you get her back, is it?

If you are serious about figuring out how to get your ex girl back, you have to take action to improve yourself. You may already be a great man, but if she doesn’t want you back right now, she most likely doesn’t think you’re good enough.

You may know that you’re good enough, but you’ve got to be able to get her to realize that by triggering her feelings of love, respect and attraction for you again.

Where Guys Go Wrong

When a guy is feeling heartbroken over a relationship break up, it’s all too easy for him to slip into patterns of behavior that effectively ruin his chances of ever getting his ex-girlfriend back.

For example: Some guys try to get their ex to change her mind by hiding themselves away from the world and making sure that the message gets to her that he’s devastated by the break up and unable to function without her.

He hopes that when she learns about how bad he’s feeling, she’ll feel so sorry for him that she’ll be compelled to give him another chance. Yet, in most cases, she won’t.

Stuff like that might happen in the movies, on TV drama shows and in music videos, but it’s rarely going to happen in real life. Why? Women don’t feel respect and attraction for a guy who is lost without them.

Women are naturally attracted to guys who are happy, confident and emotionally secure with or without them. So, wallowing in self-pity is not attractive and neither is begging or pleading to be given a second chance.

Sometimes, guys resort to hounding an ex with calls, SMS messages and messages on social media in a desperate attempt to get her to take him back.

Yet, the more that a guy contacts his ex girl and tries to convince her to take him back without even focusing on making her feel the type of respect and attraction for him that she needs to feel, the more she will feel like she’s made the right decision to break up with him.

Will it Be Possible For You to Get Your Ex Girl Back?

Not all relationships can be rekindle, but by using the right approach to getting an ex girl back, most guys can at least get another chance with a woman.

Here’s why…

Being dumped or going through a bad relationship break up can really knock a guy’s confidence and leave him feeling like he’s not good enough for his ex or for other women.

While feeling down and out, he may begin to believe that he won’t be able to get his ex girl back, he won’t be able to get over her and he’ll never get himself another girlfriend. Everything just seems so hopeless when he’s feeling down and lacking confidence in his attractiveness and value to his ex and to other beautiful women.

The more he tries and fails to get his ex-girl back, the more her lack of interest convinces him that he’s destined to be lonely for the rest of his life. Of course, his lack of confidence might even lead to him resigning himself to loneliness and not making any attempt to get her back at all.

He might choose to attempt to dull his sexual desire a couple of times per week by masturbating to porn, but the desire for love, companionship and acceptance from his ex girl or from other women he likes, never seems to go away for long. It’s always there in the background.

He wants to get his ex girl back, but he simply isn’t prepared to do what it takes. Instead of building himself back up, fixing any emotional issues he has (e.g. neediness, insecurity, commitment issues, etc), he chooses to hide away feel down and out about everything.

Don’t do that.

If you are serious about getting your ex girl back, you need to focus on getting yourself into the right frame of mind.

The frame of mind that you need to be in is as follows:

  • You know that it’s possible to get an ex girl to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.
  • You are willing to begin fixing any emotional issues or weaknesses you have to become a stronger man that you are right now.
  • You are prepared to get her on the phone, meet up with her in person, apologize for your mistakes and let her experience the new, improved version of you.
  • You know that you might get her back immediately or it might take a couple of meet ups, but you are prepared to do what it takes to have her back in your arms saying, “I love you.”

Becoming the Type of Guy That She Would Want to Take Back

When a guy takes steps to learn develop and then display the qualities that women are looking for in a man, he becomes a better man as a result.

A better man is a more confident and more masculine version of the man you are now. You may be a good guy and have great intentions with your ex girl, but unless you can make her feel like you are a changed man, she isn’t going to be very interested in giving the relationship another chance.

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