Due to the fact that I help guys to pick up women or get their ex back, I sometimes get guys contacting me saying things like, “Hey Dan, why do you waste time trying to help guys get their ex back? An ex is an ex for a reason. The guy should just be moving on. It’s weak to want to get a woman back.”

Yet, here’s the thing…

It’s not weak.

There is nothing wrong with a man loving a woman.

There’s also nothing wrong with a man making some mistakes in a relationship, learning from those mistakes, becoming a better man as a result and then getting the woman back and having a better relationship with her than he had before.

If a relationship breaks up, it doesn’t mean that a guy should just walk away and never want to be with the woman again.

A guy can walk away if he wants to (e.g. if he knows he doesn’t love her or knows that she isn’t the right girl for him), but if the love that he shared with his woman is something that he cherishes, thinks is special and wants to build on, there’s nothing wrong with getting her back to make that happen.

A guy is allow to do whatever he wants with his love life with women.

He doesn’t have to walk away and never look back if he doesn’t want to. He can decide to give the relationship another chance and do a better job at deepening the woman’s respect, attraction and love for him this time around, so the relationship gets better and better over time rather than ending up in a painful break up.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Becoming a Better Man and Giving a Relationship Another Chance

I hope that this short post has been a little bit enlightening and helped some guys understand that there’s nothing wrong with becoming a better man and getting a woman back.

It’s not weak, wimpy or needy.

Instead, getting a woman back is actually a process that transforms a guy into a better man than he was before.

Throughout life, each of us has to live and learn from our mistakes.

We all make mistakes and there’s nothing wrong with a guy learning from his mistakes in a relationship, becoming a better man and then getting his woman back to have an even better relationship with her than he had before.

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