Here are 5 ways to know if your ex still loves you after a breakup:

1. She still texts you and sometimes admits that she misses you

If your ex is texts you and sometimes even says things like, “I miss you,” or “I’ve been thinking about you. Sunday afternoon’s are lonely without you now,” then there’s a very good chance that it’s her way of trying to let you know she still has feelings for you.

So, if your ex is giving you signs like that, don’t sit around wondering things like, “Does that mean she still loves me, or is she just saying she misses me to be nice? Should I contact her, of should I wait until she gives me a clear sign that she’s interested in getting back together?”

In most cases, even if a woman still has feelings for her ex and wants him back, saying she misses him is about as much as she will reveal.

Women want a man who has the courage to make a move, rather than having to be gently guided all the way by a woman.

If a woman’s ex doesn’t have the courage to do that, she will try to get over him and move on.

In some cases though, a woman will stay in touch with her ex via text in the hope that he picks up on her signals.

She might even say that she misses him to hopefully boost his confidence and make him take action to get her back.

So, if you want your ex back, you need to take control of the ex back process, rather than waiting for her to hopefully ‘be the man’ and make it happen.

Another example of how to know if she still loves you after a breakup is…

2. She is open to catching up with you

A fairly obvious sign that your ex is still in love with you is when she seems open, or in some cases, even keen to meet up and see you in person.

She might act like she just wants to catch up as friends, but that will almost certainly be her way of trying to protect herself from being rejected by you (e.g. if she shows interest in a relationship and you then say that you don’t want that, but are happy to be friends).

Alternatively, to make sure that her ex guy is interested, she will play a little hard to get about meeting up.

For example: If her ex suggests catching up in person, she might say, “I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Give me a few days to think about it, okay?” or, “Okay, maybe we can meet up sometime next week. I’ll let you know” or, “I guess we can do that, but I can only spare 15 minutes and then I have to go. I have something else on that day and I’m busy the rest of the week.”

It really depends on the woman and the dynamic of your relationship.

In some cases, a woman will be openly keep to catch up with her ex and in other cases, she will make it difficult or act as though she is only catching up with him as a friend and has no interest in anything else.

So, regardless of how eager or reserved your ex is being about catching up, you must maintain your confidence and secure an in person meet up with her.

At the meet up, focus on saying and doing the types of things that will revitalize her feelings of respect, sexual attraction and love for you.

When you do that, she will naturally feel drawn to you again and begin to open up to the idea of getting back together.

For example: Some of the ways to do that are by…

  • Passing her tests (e.g. she pretends that doesn’t have feelings for you to see how you react, she is stand-offish towards you at the start, she gives one or two word answers to see if you will get annoyed or lose confidence) by remaining confident in your value and attractiveness to her.
  • Being more emotionally masculine than her, so she feels like a feminine woman around you.
  • Using humor to dissolve any awkwardness between you and her and make her feel good to be seeing you again.
  • Flirting with her to create a sexual vibe and make her then want to release the sexual tension with hugging, kissing and sex.

The more she reconnects with her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you, the easier it becomes to get her back.

She naturally wants to be back in a relationship with you because it feels so good for her to be around you again.

Another example of how to know if she still loves you after a breakup is…

3. She regularly contacts you without you having to contact her first

A woman usually won’t make the first move to get a man back after she has dumped him.

So, if your ex is putting in a lot of effort to text, call or send you social media messages without you having to contact her first, it’s very likely that she still has feelings for you and loves you.

If that’s the case, the texts or contact is her way of opening up the lines of communication with you so and her can get back together.

This is why you need to use the openings she is giving you and arrange to see her in person, where you can fully reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings and get her back.

On the other hand, if you just sit around doubting her feelings for you and thinking negative thoughts like, “Just because she texted/called/e-mailed me without any prompting from me, it doesn’t mean she still loves me. She’s probably just contacting me to see if I’m missing her. Maybe she’s just being friendly and if I misinterpret her motives and try to get her back, I will make a fool of myself. It’s probably better if I just play it safe and wait for her to tell me that she wants to get back together,” then it’s possible that she will get fed up with waiting for you and focus on moving on without you.

So, the next time your ex contacts you without you contacting her, take it is a good sign that she loves you, misses you and wants you back.

Then, pick up the phone and call her (don’t text her), make her feel attracted, meet up with her in person and get her back.

Another example of how to know if she still loves you after a breakup is…

4. She talks about you and the relationship in a positive way

When a woman hates her ex and never wants to see him again, she usually won’t say things like, “We had some really great times together. I know we’ve broken up, but I still have such positive feelings about you and our relationship. You were a great boyfriend. I really loved you. We had a special relationship. I look back on it fondly.”

Instead, she’s going to be angry, disappointed and saying negative things every chance she gets, or she’s going to cut off contact with him and move on.

So, if your ex is saying positive things about you the relationship, then know that she still has feelings for you.

If that has been happening in your case, what are you going to do about it now?

Are you going to wait for even more proof of her interest, or are you going to guide her back into a relationship with you.

Note: If your ex hasn’t been contacting you and talking positively about you and the relationship, don’t worry.

95% of guys who get their ex back start off with a situation where the woman is completely over them and doesn’t want to get back together.

Then, they do this and get her back…

Another example of how to know if she still loves you after a breakup is…

5. She appears sad, lonely or confused without you in her life

When a woman has disconnected from her feelings for her ex guy, she will usually focus on moving forward with her life by hooking up with a new guy and forgetting all about her ex.

For example: She might…

  • Go out with her single friends to bars, clubs and parties where she can let her hair down, dance, have some fun and hopefully flirt and hook up with a new guy.
  • Cut off all contact with her ex and refuse to interact with him in any way.
  • Make herself available to the men she knows are interested in her (e.g. at work, through friends, at university, an ex).
  • Register on dating sites or use dating apps.
  • Go on a singles only vacation, or go to singles parties.
  • Post photos of herself on social media having fun with other guys.

So, if the opposite is happening with your ex (e.g. she doesn’t go much or at all, she isn’t interested in meeting guys or dating, she posts things on social media about how sad and lonely she feels, how life sucks and how much it hurts to be broken up), chances are high that she still loves you and misses you.

So, go ahead and get her back.

She’s waiting for you.

4 Mistakes That a Guy Might Make When He Feels Unsure About His Ex’s Feelings For Him

1. Asking if she still loves him, before he has re-attracted her and made her have strong feelings for him again

To get your ex back, you have to focus on re-attracting her first, so she actually has a real interest in getting back with you.

Don’t start by asking her if she loves you, if you haven’t even made her feel attracted to you again first.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t ever find this out until it’s too late.

In many cases, a guy simply can’t handle the uncertainty of not knowing where he stands with his ex.

So, he will talk to her and say things like, “I think we made a mistake by breaking up. I still love you. Do you love me? If yes, then we can work this out” or, “I just need to know where I stand and if there’s a chance of us getting back together again. I love you. Do you love me?”

Yet, rather than getting the simple answer he’s looking for (i.e. “Yes, I still love you,” or “No. It’s over between us,”) a guy will usually gets an evasive, “I don’t know how I feel,” kind of answer, which then leaves him feeling even more confused about how to get her back .

Here’s the thing…

Even if a woman still has some feelings for a guy, she will also have some doubts about his worthiness as a boyfriend/husband now that she has dumped him.

So, if he asks her how she feels about him before re-attracting her, she is going to answer based on how she feels (i.e. turned off by him, still wanting to remain broken up).

She might even get a bit annoyed with him for thinking he can get her back without being a better man than he was before.

He wants to get her back now, even though he hasn’t even changed the things that turned her off (e.g. his insecurity).

The next mistake to avoid is…

2. Turning her off by appearing sad or lost without her

Sometimes a guy will struggle to deal with being dumped.

He might go around feeling sad, depressed and then express some of those emotions to anyone who might listen (e.g. friends, family, people on social media).

For example: If he happens to interact with a mutual friend, he might say, “I miss her so much! I feel so lost without her. I just can’t let go and move on. It’s killing me. I just can’t deal with it. I need her back so badly.”

Alternatively, he might use Facebook (or other social media apps like Instagram), to post lonely, sad photos of himself, or messages that say things like, “Break ups suck! All you do is sit around missing them. Why does it hurt so much?” or, “Takeout and a movie for one is not fun!” or, “Love hurts” or, “Why?” or, “My heart has broken into a million pieces. They say time heals all wounds, but it doesn’t seem like this will ever heal. I miss her.”

Secretly, he’s hoping that when his ex gets wind of how sad and lonely he feels without her, she will be flattered that she still means so much to him.

She will then contact him and want to get back together.

Yet, here’s the thing…

It’s fine for a woman to behave like that, but not a man.


What men and women feel attracted to is completely different.

If a woman appears sad and depressed without her ex guy, it can actually make him feel flattered that she can’t cope without him.


Men are instinctively programmed to protect vulnerable women.

So, when a woman seems vulnerable and lost without him, his instincts kick in and he wants to protect her and take care of her.

However, the opposite is true for women.

When a guy is being sad and depressed and struggling to cope with a break up, her natural instincts kick in and she starts thinking things like, “He’s such a wimp. If he can’t cope with a breakup, then he probably won’t be able to cope with the more difficult problems in life. I guess he’s not the man I want him to be after all. I made the right decision to leave him. I’ve got to find myself a real man.”

So, if you want to re-attract your ex, make sure that you don’t turn her off by appearing sad, lonely and helpless without her.

The next mistake to avoid is…

3. Waiting for crystal clear signs that she loves him before he tries to get her back

Sometimes, a guy might think to himself, “Maybe she still loves me, but maybe she doesn’t. I don’t feel sure enough to make a move yet. I think the best thing to do is wait a bit longer for her to give me an obvious sign that she wants a relationship. Then, I will definitely take action to get her back.”

He then sits around waiting for a sign from his ex that she still loves him and wants to be in a relationship, only to be shocked when he finds out that she’s been moving on without him.

Here’s the thing…

If you want your ex back, you have to be active about it, rather than being passive.

Start interacting with her (e.g. call her and meet up with her) and make her feel strong surges of respect and sexual attraction for you.

The more sexual and romantic feelings you spark inside of her, the more she will open up and let her real feelings for you show (i.e. that she still loves you and wants to be with you).

On the other hand, if you do nothing about this and just wait, you might end up missing out on the opportunity to get her back.

Talking about that, the next mistake to avoid is…

4. Waiting so long that she moves on and falls in love with a new man

Even if your ex does still love you, chances are high that she’s not going to make it completely obvious to you (i.e. by telling you that she loves you and wants to be with you again).

Instead, she will give you hints via what she says or does and wait for you to take the lead in the ex back process and get her back.

For example: She might stay single for a little while to show you that she’s not moving on.

Alternatively, she might contact you and tell you that she misses you, or even just call to say hi, in the hope that you will see it as a sign she is interested and then guide her back into a relationship.

So, if your ex realizes that no matter what she does to encourage you to get her back, you still aren’t making a move, she will probably force herself to move on and forget about you.

Then, when you finally pluck up the courage to take action, you may get the shock of your life when she says something along the lines of, “I really thought you and I could make things work, so I waited for you. Yet, you never did anything, so I gave up and moved on. I’m sorry, but it’s too late now. I’m seeing another guy and I’m really happy. I wish you all the best.”

Don’t let that happen to you.

If you want your ex back, don’t wait too long to get her back.

Confidently contact her right away (even if you’re not 100% sure if she still loves you or not), make her laugh, smile and feel good to be talking to you and then get her to meet up with you.

Then, meet up with her, re-attract her, seduce her into hugging and kissing you and then have sex with her again.

When you get to that point, you and her will naturally get back together.

On the other hand, if you sit around waiting and doing nothing about this, she will probably just move on without you.

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