How fast you can get her to truly love you again depends on why she broke up with you.

Here are some break up examples and what a man needs to do to get his ex woman to love him again.

The first example is…

1. If she broke up with you because you gradually turned her off over time

In that case, you need to level up as a man and re-attract her to the new and improved you.

Don’t doubt yourself.

Just interact with her, over the phone and more importantly, in person and create a new spark of romantic attraction based on the new you and how you make her feel.

Then, don’t rush or push to get her back.

Just let her feel drawn to you again based on the man you have become and how she now feels when she’s with you, which is different to how she felt before (e.g. she felt bored, turned off and annoyed with you, but she now feels excited, turned on and eager to interact with you more and more).

When she begins seeing you in a more positive light, her feelings of respect and attraction will naturally begin to resurface.

When that happens, her romantic attraction will reactivate her love and she will almost certainly want you back fast.

So, focus on that.

She broke up with you because you gradually turned her off over time

By the way…

Some of the things that you can do to reactivate your ex’s feelings of sexual and romantic attraction for you are:

Understand her real reasons for falling out of love with you.

For example:

  • Were you an emotionally strong and confident man in the relationship with her, or were you a bit insecure, needy and emotionally wimpy?
  • Did you make her feel like a sexy, desirable woman when she was with you, or did she end up feeling like more of a neutral friend, or worse, ‘one of the guys’?
  • Did you have a strong purpose and direction in life outside of your relationship with her, or did you make her your main focus and reason for living?
  • Were you emotionally masculine when around her, thus allowing her to fully relax into being a feminine woman around you, or were you too emotionally sensitive so she felt more dominant than you?

Begin fixing those things about yourself, so that when you interact with her over the phone and in person, she will be able to pick up on the changes in your attitude and the way that you now talk, think, behave and respond to her.

Let her see that you believe in your attractiveness and value to her by maintaining your confidence when she tries to make you feel insecure.

Use humor to bring down her defenses and make her smile and laugh and feel good every time she is interacting with you.

Flirt with her to create some sexual tension and make her want to release that tension with hugging, kissing and sex.

You don’t have to be perfect to re-spark your ex’s feelings of respect and attraction for you.

Instead, you just need to make some adjustments and improvements to yourself and show her that you really are now at a different level from the one you were at when she broke up with you (i.e. you’ve leveled up).

When you interact with her in ways that spark her sexual and romantic feelings for you, everything changes.

The process of making her love you again fast becomes possible, because she actually feels drawn to you again in a way that feels good to her.

On the other hand, if you don’t level up and instead continue to make the same old attraction mistakes you made before (e.g. being needy and insecure, being too nice and sucking up to her so she feels like she has power over you, not making her feel feminine and girly in your presence), then getting her to reconnect with her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you again is going to be very difficult.

So, make sure that you are ready to properly re-attract her and reactivate her feelings when you interact with her over the phone and in person.

The more you re-attract her, the faster her feelings of love will come rushing back.

Another thing that will determine if you can make your ex love you again fast is…

2. If she broke up with you to teach you a lesson

She broke up with you to teach you a lesson

Sometimes, a woman might reach a point in her relationship with you where she feels like nothing she’s tried to convince you to change and improve certain aspects of your thinking and behavior (e.g. she’s had arguments and disagreements with you, she’s nagged you, she’s threatened to break up with you) is getting through to you.

So, as a last resort, she might decide to break up with you to teach you a lesson and possibly get you to transform yourself into a better man.

For example: Imagine you kept treating your ex woman badly and took her for granted (e.g. you broke most of your promises to her, you stopped noticing her efforts to look good for you, you didn’t pull your weight when it came to doing chores, you let yourself go and expected her to still feel attracted to you).

As a result, she became sick of being in the one down position in the relationship.

So, she dumped you to hopefully make you realize what you have.

In that case, if she sees that you’re enjoying your life without her and not trying to get her back, she will almost certainly regret what she did and come running back to you.

So, rather than chasing after your ex and desperately trying to convince her to give you another chance and turning her off in the process, focus instead on doing some of the things you’ve neglected because of your relationship with her.

For example: You can…

  • Concentrate on achieving some of your big goals, dreams and ambitions in life.
  • Do something new that involves meeting new people (e.g. take up a group sport or recreational activity such as tennis, football, martial arts, join a dance club or a photography club). Don’t pick up a hobby where you are alone, or feel left out. It’s essential that you get around other people, so you don’t feel alone or left out.
  • Reconnect with old friends and go out and have fun with them.
  • Join a meet up group in your area and make new friends while doing something you enjoy.
  • Join in on a pub crawl or a bar tour or any nightlife group event available in your area, even though you’re not a tourist. If anyone asks why you’re there when you’re not a tourist in the city, just say, “My friends were busy tonight, so I thought I’d get out and have some fun on a bar tour (or pub crawl). Let’s all have a good night” and cheers a drink with that person.

The more you focus on becoming genuinely happy and content in your own life, not only does that stop you from feeling lost or lonely without your ex, but you also become more attractive to her as well.

Suddenly, she starts to see you as being more of a catch than you were before.

She will then likely panic at the thought of losing you for real and reach out to you (e.g. send you a text, social media message or call you on the phone to say hi).

You can then re-spark her feelings of respect and sexual attraction and make her love you again.
Another thing that will determine if you can make your ex love you again fast is…

3. If she broke up with you because you became too insecure

She broke up with you because you became too insecure

Insecurity is one of the biggest reasons why a woman will break up with a guy.

Here’s the thing…

In most relationships a guy will start off being somewhat confident and self assured, which is attractive to women.

Then over time, this confidence begins to fade and is replaced with feelings of self-doubt about his attractiveness to his woman, which causes him to become clingy and needy.

Of course, even though this behavior is unattractive to a woman, she usually won’t break up with her guy right away.

Instead, she will usually try to get back the confident guy she originally fell in love with by saying things like, “You’re the guy I want to be with. No other man compares to you in my eyes. I love you and I only want to be with you. I wish you would believe me.”

However, if the guy continues to feel unsure of himself around his woman, she will eventually lose too much respect and attraction for him as a man.

When that happens, she will fall out of love with him, leading to her breaking up with him.

Does this sound a bit like you?

Did you lose confidence in yourself and in your attractiveness to your woman and became clingy and needy as a result?

If that is the case, then you need to quickly become so much more confident.

Then, interact with her and blow her mind with how differently you make her feel now.

Of course real confidence is not about being pushy, demanding or aggressive.

Instead, it’s about being relaxed and standing up for yourself in a loving way, no matter what challenges she throws your way as you are getting her back (e.g. you’re talking to her over the phone and she is being cold or even unfriendly towards you, you’re talking to her in person and she’s saying things like, “I don’t have feelings for you anymore and nothing you say is going to change that,” or “I’m much happier being single and dating many different guys rather than being stuck in a relationship with one guy. It’s a lot more fun”).

When she can see that you remain in control of your emotions and don’t begin doubting yourself and your chances of getting her back, she will automatically feel surges of respect and attraction for you again, even if she doesn’t openly admit it.

You can then build on that initial spark by attracting her in other important ways (e.g. making her feel feminine and girly in contrast to your masculine vibe, being a good guy without handing your power over to her, showing her that you’ve changed and improved in some of the ways that are important to her), it won’t take long before she begins to reconnect with her feelings of love for you again.

However, it’s always best to build on a foundation of complete confidence in yourself and an absolute feeling of worthiness for the woman you are interacting with.

Women love it when guys have that kind of confidence and when you do, it makes everything else that you do so much more attractive and appealing to her.

So, believe in yourself and in your value to her and she will believe it too.

She will then want to be with you again, because it feels right for her to be with you.

3 Mistakes That Slow Down the Ex Back Process

If you want to make your ex love you again fast, it’s vital that when you interact with her from this moment onwards, you focus on saying and doing the types of things that will make her smile, laugh and feel good to be around you again.

The more drawn to you she feels the more her feelings for you will return and then getting her back becomes easy for you.

On the other hand, if you say or do things that turn her off, the love will remain buried and then it slows down the ex back process.

This is why you need to make sure that you don’t make any of the following mistakes with your ex:

1. Acting like you don’t care about her anymore, when you really do and are missing her desperately

Sometimes, when a woman is pushing her ex away and saying things like, “Look, you really do have to accept that it’s over between us. I just don’t love you anymore and nothing is going to change that. So, please stop trying to make me change my mind. It’s over,” it’s understandable that he might think to himself something along the lines of, “Fine. If she doesn’t want me anymore, then I don’t want her either. I don’t need her in my life. I don’t care if we get back together or not.”

So, if he then happens to interact with his ex woman and she asks how he’s been, he might respond by saying something like, “Oh, I’m doing really well. Sure, I struggled a bit in the beginning when we broke up, but I’m completely over you now. I’ve moved on and I feel great about my life. How about you? How has your life been since I last spoke to you?”

Secretly, he’s hoping that his words will shock her into saying, “What? How can you be over me? I still love you and I was hoping that we could put all this behind us and get back together again!”

Yet, here’s the thing…

A woman can easily pick up on whether her ex is really over her, or just saying that he is to try and make her panic and want him back. How?

She can tell by observing his body language and analyzing the tonality of his voice, his behavior and the way he reacts and responds to what she says and does.

So, even if his mouth is saying, “I’m over you,” if she says something like, “Yeah, I’m over you too. I have a new boyfriend now and he’s amazing!” his body language will almost always give him away (e.g. he flinches when she says that, his mouth turns down, he looks hurt).

She will then feel turned off by him even more for trying to fake confidence and emotional independence.

So, if you want to make your ex love you again fast, don’t play games with her by pretending that you’re over her.

Be calm, confident and in control of your emotions as you get her back, but don’t pretend that you don’t care about her anymore.

It’s not necessary.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting her back.

Just don’t be needy and desperate about it.

The next mistake is…

2. Hoping that telling her how much you love her will make her love you back in the same way

Hoping that telling her how much you love her will make her love you back in the same way

Although you still love your ex and want her back, telling her that you do will likely only cause her to think something along the lines of, “Why is he telling me this? Doesn’t he realize that I don’t love him anymore? I’m not going to change my mind just because he still cares for me.”

Here’s the thing…

While you’re thinking about your feelings, you’ve overlooked one important thing: Her feelings.

Right now, your feelings are pretty much unimportant to her.

Instead, what she cares about is herself and what she wants and the only time that’s going to change is if you actively make her care.

How can you do that?

By reactivating her feelings of sexual and romantic attraction for you.

If you don’t do that first and you just rush into pouring your heart out to her, she’s not going to give you the response you want (i.e. tell you that she loves you to).

However, if you use interactions to make her feel surges of respect and attraction for you, she will quickly start feeling the love in her heart again.

She then feels happy when you tell her that you love her, because she loves you too.

However, you have to reactivate her feelings for you first.

The next mistake is…

3. Hooking up with a new girl to make her feel jealous

Sometimes a guy will hook up with a new woman in the hope that his ex will find out, get jealous and want him back.

Although that definitely does work on some women, it simply doesn’t work on all women.

Here’s why…

In some cases, a woman will see that as the final straw and then quickly flirt with new guys and do the same, so she can get revenge.

In other instances, a woman won’t care at all, because she is already over him.

She’s too busy living her life to even notice.

Finally, there are times when a woman does feel jealous and does care, so she comes running back to her ex as a result.

You have to use the right approach for your situation.

However, if you want to make your ex love you again fast, trying to make her jealous is usually not a good idea.

Not only could trying to make her jealous backfire (e.g. she believes you’ve moved on so she gives up and finds a new man, you end up hurting another woman in the process because you’re only using her to get your ex back), it also takes too long.

On the other hand, if you interact with your ex and spark her feelings for you, you can get her back within a week, or a few weeks if she’s really mad at you.

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