There is always one woman in a man’s life who remains on his mind, often even decades after a break up.

He might have relationships with new women who are just as attractive, but no woman ever compares to her.

No woman can ever seem to replace her, or make him completely forget about her.

Why is that?

Every man is different, but here are 11 of the most common reasons why a man will find that he compares every woman to his ex girlfriend:

1. She is the one who broke his heart

When a man gets his heart broken by a girlfriend he truly loves, it often results in him being more closed up emotionally when he interacts with, or get into relationships with new women.

Is that a good or a bad thing to do?

It depends on your perspective.

For example: Some pros of being more protective of your heart from now on:

  • You’ll never have to go through the kind of heartache that she caused you because you will be less attached to new women you meet.
  • You’ll remain free to have sex with or date many different women, without ever feeling like they could really hurt you emotionally because you don’t ever fully invest in them.
  • You won’t have to deal with being in a committed relationship and rising through the levels (e.g. progress from dating to marriage, starting a family and so on) to keep a woman happy.
  • You will seem like an emotionally unavailable guy, which is temporarily appealing to some women and can result in you getting laid more easily.

Some of the cons are…

  • You may end up dating less attractive women, so you don’t have to risk developing real feelings.
  • You might single and never get to experience the joy of a long-term committed relationship or marriage with a woman you truly love.
  • You may end up missing out on having a family because you continue dating new women until you’re a lot older and eventually find it difficult to meet a woman who hasn’t already had children, or been married. Alternatively, you get to a point where younger women (e.g. between 18 and 30) are more attractive to you physically, but older women (30+) are more of a match for you emotionally. This can cause you to end up getting into a relationship with an older woman that you’re not fully attracted to, or a younger woman who doesn’t really fulfill you emotionally and is still going through phases in life that you are no longer interested in.
  • You continue to miss your ex girlfriend for the rest of your life and always wonder, “What would have happened if I just figured out how to get her back and followed through on it?” and “Why didn’t I just give myself a chance to get her back?”
  • You might get laid more often due to seeming emotionally unavailable, but will find that women dump you for it when they get bored of chasing. In many cases, a woman will do that right when you’ve developed feelings or when you’re going through a tough time in life and need her emotional support. She’ll do it to get revenge and to make herself feel better as she moves on without you.

At the end of the day, it’s always better to be emotionally strong and fearless, rather than trying to protect yourself from love and the occasional ups and downs that go along with it.

Additionally, if you do want to get her back, it’s always better to make a move while you still can (i.e. before she gets married and starts a family), rather than looking back with regret for the rest of your life.

I hear from men all the time who still miss an ex girlfriend and want her back decades after the break up.

It doesn’t matter if the man is single or married with children, he still misses her and wants her back.

So, if you miss your ex girlfriend and have a chance to get her back, make a move while you still can.

Another reason why a man will compare every woman to his ex girlfriend is…

2. She was the prettiest or coolest girl he’d ever been with

In the past, he had dated women who just weren’t as attractive as she was.

When he got her, he felt like he won the girlfriend lottery.

He felt proud to be seen with her and loved the respect people showed him for being able to attract her.

It gave him as sense of self-worth and a confidence boost.

Yet, now that she’s gone, he hasn’t been able to attract another woman like her.

He’s had the best and now he can’t settle for second best, so he feels stuck.

3. They shared a unique connection that he can’t seem to replicate with other women

They shared a unique connection that he can’t seem to replicate with other women

For example:

He felt safe to be himself with her because she liked the unique, quirky or weird things about him.

Other women just don’t understand the kind of private humor that he and her shared.

Their life together seemed simple and complex at the same time, which was enjoyable and fulfilling for him.

She made him feel cool as a guy when he was with her, whereas other women make him feel awkward, less than or strange. Alternatively, other girls just aren’t cool in the way she is.

So, when he interacts with other women and they don’t understand him the way his ex girlfriend did, he feels like he’s never going to experience what he had with her ever again.

…and he’s right.

You always have a unique experience with every different woman and also with every different person you meet in life.

You’re even having a unique experience here as you read what I’ve wrote for you, in comparison to other things you may have read online.

It’s always unique.

Here’s the thing though…

If you know that the connection with your ex girlfriend was special and unique and no other woman will compare to her:

What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to figure out how to get her back and do it?

Are you going to try to attract new, high quality women and have an equally meaningful relationship with one of those women?

Are you going to accept women that you don’t truly love, to hopefully avoid getting hurt when the relationship ends?

Personally speaking, I got dumped way before the internet was even invented, so I couldn’t get online and seek help.

Instead, I had the people around me who said that I should just move on, that I’d find a nice girl one day and not to worry.

Yet, I wanted her back and didn’t know how to do it.

Now, I am happily married to a beautiful, amazing woman and would honestly choose her over my ex girlfriend any day.

However, prior to meeting my wife, I would always miss my ex girlfriend and would have instantly dumped the girl I was with to get back with my ex.

That went on for more than 25 years.

Had I gotten dumped in today’s world, I could have been helped and would have at least gotten another chance with her to feel good about myself again.

That’s what I do for other men every day, all over the world via my program, Get Your Ex Back Super System

I cracked the code to getting an ex back because, after being dumped by my ex girlfriend, I eventually began a personal journey to understand how to truly attract a woman and make her never want to leave me.

That resulted in several girlfriends proposing marriage to me (including my wife, who I accepted), having multiple girlfriends at once and them being okay about it because of how much they wanted to be with me and never getting my heart broken again.

The secret is to truly understand attraction and how to use it to make a woman feel an irresistible urge to want to be with you.

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Another reason why a guy will continue to compare every woman to his ex girlfriend is that…

4. He knows that he got her by pure luck

When he got his ex girlfriend, it all seemed to happen so easily, without him really having to do much.

In other words, he got lucky with her, but he’s not experiencing the same kind of luck with other quality women, because women like his ex girlfriend usually aren’t very interested in him.

He might be able to get some initial interest from quality women, but they always lose interest the more they talk to him, or interact with him.

Alternatively, since the break up, some quality women have shown interest and liked him, but he’s been too afraid to make a move, so he has missed out on being with those women.

As a result, he feels stuck and just wants to get his ex girlfriend back.

5. His friends or family were proud of him for having her as a girlfriend

He now feels a bit embarrassed, ashamed or less of man due to getting dumped by her.

If he has introduced any women to his friends or family since losing his ex girlfriend, they haven’t seemed as impressed, or he has secretly known that the new women aren’t as attractive and appealing as her.

As a result, he finds himself missing his ex girlfriend and just wishing that she’d come back to him.

6. She was more of a challenge for him, but most other women aren’t

He never knew what to expect from her (e.g. she could be happy one minute and cold the next, in love with him one day and pushing him away the next) and that excited him, because she was attractive to him and he really wanted to keep the relationship going.

It was a challenge he enjoyed and even though he was hoping she’d be nicer, easier and more simple at times, her behavior actually turned him on and made him want her more.

Yet, at the same time, he didn’t know how to turn the tables and make her begin to chase him, which is what she really wanted all along.

If he had been able to do that, she wouldn’t have broken up with him because women simply don’t break up with guys like that, as long as the guy also treats her well.

If he’d become a challenge to her, while also treating her well, she would have felt motivated to treat him better, maintain his interest and do what she could to improve the relationship from her side.

Most guys don’t realize that until later in life and some never realize it at all.

So, if you’ve just realized it now, think of yourself as lucky.

You now know that women want to feel the need to impress you and maintain your interest.

A woman will rarely, if ever, admit that to a guy (because it would cause most guys to go too far with it and become arrogant, or treat her badly) and instead, will simply feel attracted to and remain in love with a guy who knows how to do it.

I know this from personal experience with many girlfriends (who I dumped) and from being with my wife, who I’ve been with for more than 8 years now as of typing this article.

7. He took her for granted and thought she’d stick with him no matter what, but she then shocked him with a break up

He took her for granted and thought she’d stick with him no matter what, but she then shocked him with a break up

Some guys mistakenly assume that a woman will stick with him no matter what (i.e. even if he treats her badly, doesn’t give her enough attention) because of how much she loved him at the start of the relationship, or due to the fact that he’s such a cool guy, or such a successful guy.

Unfortunately, almost all of those guys are shocked when their girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him and it’s usually during a time when he’s feeling emotionally vulnerable in life, or is going through a tough time with something.

She does it to get emotional revenge and make herself feel better as she moves on without him.

He then misses her like crazy and wants her back to make himself feel better, or to help clear his conscience and prove that he is a good guy.

Feeling like that causes most guys to make the mistake of begging, pleading, crying or sending a series of emotional texts, which turns the woman off even more.

In cases like those, you can get the woman back, but you’ve got to do it properly from now on (i.e. re-attract her).

When you re-attract a woman and she feels it, your past mistakes become forgivable because she now has a reason to do so (i.e. if she doesn’t forgive you and give you another chance, she is going to miss you from now on because she has feelings for you again. If you move on without her now, she’s going to feel like the one who got left behind).

8. He’s still in love with her

In some cases, a guy will continue to love his ex girlfriend in a distant, friendly kind of way, but won’t want her back.

In other cases, he will forget about her and only remember her occasionally, but will be happy with the new woman he has found and gotten into a relationship with.

Yet, in other cases, a guy will continue to be completely in love with that one ex girlfriend who he keeps comparing to other women.

He thinks about her often, wonders is she’s happy and imagines what his life would have been like if he’d been able to keep her.

He remembers the good times they shared, how she made him feel and just wishes he could go back to being like that with her.

If you can relate to still missing her, then here’s what you need to understand: You really can get her back if you want to.

However, it is going to take action on your part.

Being in love with her and dreaming about getting back together isn’t enough.

You have to take action to make the dream a reality (i.e. text her, get her on a call, make her feel sparks of attraction for you, get her to meet up, attract her at the meet up and then get her back, or at least hook up with her again and see what happens from there).

If you only dream and wish that you could get her back, but don’t do anything about it, then she will eventually get married, have children and be unavailable to you for along time.

If you wait that long, you probably won’t be very attracted to her anymore as well.

I also know that from personal experience because the ex girlfriend who dumped me 25 years ago, is now fat, has 4 children and no longer looks attractive to me at all.

On the other hand, my wife is in shape, has given birth to our twin daughters and is still as beautiful as the day I met her.

Yet, if I could have gotten my ex girlfriend back before she got married, had children and got fat, I would have done it in a heartbeat.

So, if you have a chance to get your ex girlfriend back, do it while you still can because things change over time.

9. Life just doesn’t feel the same without her

The things he used to do with her, he now does alone or with another woman or with friends.

He has moments of happiness, but deep down, nothing feels the same without ever.

Here’s the thing…

It’s true that your life won’t ever feel the same without your ex girlfriend.

Life always changes when someone valuable (e.g. a mother, father, girlfriend, best friend) is no longer in your life.

Yet, are you going to do something about it?

Are you going to get her back?

Are you going to accept that life is different now and move on without her?

What are you going to do?

10. He feels as though he could have made it work with her, if he just had another chance

When a guy faces up to the mistakes he made in the relationship and becomes a better, more emotionally mature man as a result, he then begins to realize that the relationship would have worked if he only knew what he now knows.

Yet, knowing isn’t enough.

If you honestly believe that you could make your ex girlfriend happy this time, you have to interact with her and make her believe it.

You don’t have to tell her though.

She will naturally pick it up via the way you talk, act, behave and respond to her and how that makes her feel.

When she can see for herself that you really are a new man, she will naturally feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

When that happens, you have an opening to get her back and all you’ve got to do is make it happen.

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