Here are 6 possible reasons why no other woman compares to your ex girlfriend:

1. You experienced a kind of love that is only possible after being with a woman for many months or years

When a man and woman are together for a long time, the love between them will usually become deeper, more meaningful and more impactful.

The more they get to know each other (e.g. likes and dislikes, values in life, hopes and dreams, secrets), the more deeply connected they feel.

In some cases, a couple can become so in sync that they often finish each other’s sentences, or know what the other is feeling or thinking without them saying anything.

What they have feels unique, special and irreplaceable.

Yet, she eventually dumps him and after trying to get her back and failing, he starts dating new women.

No matter how many women he meets, none of them compare to his ex.

He feels some love, enjoys some good times, but it’s not the same.

In some cases, it’s because the relationship never develops as much as the relationship he had with his ex girlfriend.

In other cases, it’s because the new women just aren’t as attractive to him as his ex girlfriend….

2. She was the most attractive girl you’ve ever been in a relationship with

So, if you have been finding it difficult to attract women of her quality since the breakup, you will naturally have been missing your ex and wanting her back.

At this point, you have a few choices:

  1. Learn how to attract pretty women and start dating them.
  2. Learn how to re-attract your ex girlfriend and get another chance with her.
  3. Continue dating random women and hope that one day, you will meet one who makes you feel as much as your ex girlfriend did.

3. Your ability to attract women has decreased, so you’re not attracting high quality women like her now

When a guy is in a long term relationship with a woman, he will usually stop trying to flirt and attract other women.

He might talk to other women, but he’ll just be nice, polite or friendly with them.

As a result, he can end up forgetting how to attract women during a conversation, or lose confidence in his ability to create a spark with pretty women he meets.

Pretty women will immediately notice that and not be interested (i.e. because a pretty woman doesn’t have to settle for a guy that doesn’t make her feel attracted).

However, if he meets unattractive or average or plain women, they might occasionally give him a chance.

Yet, despite how many of them he sleeps with, none compare to his ex girlfriend because they’re just not of the same quality.

4. She caused you to feel the most amount of love you’ve ever felt for a woman

She caused you to feel the most amount of love you’ve ever felt for a woman

Sometimes a guy will have had a number of girlfriends in his life, but one of them will really stand out and he’ll never be able to forget her.

In most cases, it will be because of her physical attractiveness and the fact that she managed to get him to open up in ways that no other woman before her could and as a result, he fell for her, hard.

He truly gave her his heart and deeply loved her.

Yet, she dumped him anyway.

He tries to move on, but no matter how many women he meets, none of them can make him feel the kind of love he still feels for his ex girlfriend.

It doesn’t even matter how badly she treated him during the breakup, or if she said something rude or nasty as her last words before leaving him.

He loves her, wants her and only wants to be with her.

How about you?

Do you still love your ex girlfriend, despite everything that happened, or the length of time you’ve been broken up (e.g. months, years or in some cases, decades)?

Many guys find themselves in that position and never, ever get over that one ex girlfriend who broke their heart, after he had loved her so much.

Here’s the thing…

Although the love you shared with your ex girlfriend was unique and special, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find another woman who can make you wholeheartedly fall in love with her.

I know this from helping thousands of men, but also from my own personal experience.

I got dumped before the internet had people online helping each other out, so I didn’t get any help or guidance and lost her, after briefly getting her back.

I then went through a depressed stage where I didn’t want to be with any woman at all.

I just wanted to be alone.

Then, I went through a phase where I attempted to pick up women and got rejected because I wasn’t confident enough.

Then, I became confident and figured out how to attract and pick up pretty girls and enjoyed my choice of women for over 10 years.

I sometimes had 3-4 pretty girlfriends at once (i.e. I would see them each once a week or so. Sometimes, a girl would be at my apartment and we’d finish having sex and another girl would contact me wanting to come over, so the girl I just slept with would leave. She’d still happily come back next time though. Women knew that I wasn’t looking to settle down and they happily accepted it, just to be with me), while also plenty of one night stands with hot women.

Eventually though, I met my wife and wholeheartedly fell in love with her and am still with her to this day (almost 9 years now as I type this).

I still do have a place in my heart for the ex who dumped me and wish I could go back in time and get one more chance.

However, I wouldn’t want who she is now.

She became unattractive (put on a lot of weight) and has been divorced a couple of times, whereas my wife was 20 when I met her and I was 35 and she is still in perfect shape, even after giving birth to our two daughters.

My wife is a much better person than my ex, who was a lying, disloyal pretty girl who cheated on me a number of times (and never admitted to it, but I found out later), before breaking up with me after cheating on me at a club and admitting it.

How about you?

What kind of woman is your ex girlfriend?

Is she honestly the right woman for you?

If yes, then get her back.

If no, then attract new, pretty women and either enjoy your choice of women for a while, or choose a pretty girl to settle down with.

Another possible reason why no one compares to your ex girlfriend, is…

5. You still feel guilty about how you treated her and want her back, so you can fix how you feel

Most guys are good guys and want to treat a woman well in a relationship.

A guy might start out doing that, but over time, he might then begin to believe that she’d never leave him because they’re so in love, have had great sex or have gone through so much as a couple.

As a result, he can then fall into a habit of taking his girlfriend for granted (e.g. talking down to her, being annoying with his behavior and just expecting that she’ll continue to put up with it, lying to her, being emotionally selfish by wanting her to show him respect and appreciation, but not offering the same in return to her, ignoring her on weekends while he plays video games or hangs out with friends, getting angry or irritable with her about things he could be more patient and loving about).

She then stops feeling the way she used to (i.e. respectful of him, attracted, in love, happy and proud to be his girlfriend) and starts to focus on his flaws.

Suddenly, he doesn’t seem as appealing to her anymore and the relationship begins to feel like more of a burden, than a benefit in her life.

At that point in a relationship, a woman will usually try to encourage her boyfriend to treat her better (e.g. by sulking or throwing a tantrum when she feels he’s taking her for granted, directly saying that she’s losing interest or won’t put up with his treatment of her for much longer, or by breaking up with him and giving him another chance if he promises to change).

Yet, he might overlook the importance of what she is saying or asking for, think she’s just being silly and overreacting, or get into an argument with her as a way of hopefully scaring her into backing down from her demands of him.

If he doesn’t change though, she will disconnect with her remaining feelings for him in preparation to end the relationship and move on.

When she’s ready, she will break up with him and start trying to move on.

If he’s a good guy and honestly just stuffed up and lost his way in the relationship, he will then begin to regret the way he treated her and want to fix things, rather than going through life feeling like an asshole ex boyfriend who became arrogant and screwed up a relationship with the best girl he’d ever been with.

Even if he dates or has relationships with other women, he will always look back and wish he could’ve just gotten one more chance with her to treat her right and make the relationship work.

He knows that she deserved better and if he’d just done what worked in a relationship, they’d still be together.

6. She broke up with you and you’re not used to that feeling, especially from a woman like her

Some guys don’t ever get dumped by women and are always the one who ends a relationship.

In other cases, a guy has been dumped by a girlfriend in the past, but it didn’t hurt that much because she wasn’t his ideal girl anyway.

Yet, if he gets broken up with by a girlfriend that he loves, appreciates and knows is high quality, the rejection can really sting.

If a woman of her quality doesn’t want him, then how valuable is he really?

Has he been kidding himself all this time, by thinking that he’s special and deserves a high quality woman?

If he gets another high quality woman in the future, will she dump him too?

This can lead him to want to get his ex girlfriend back, so he can prove to himself that he is worthy of a woman like her.

How about you?

Do you want her back because she really is the best woman for you, or do you want her back to stop feeling so rejected and to be able to regain your confidence?

The reality is that it doesn’t matter either way.

If you want her back, then do it.

Go through the steps and get her back and then decide what to do once you have (e.g. stay with her for life, or dump her when you feel ready).

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