It depends.

To find the right answer for you, here are 4 important questions to consider:

1. Are you seeing women that she will see as being more physically attractive than her?

If a guy starts seeing other women who are less attractive than his ex, it’s not going to make her jealous or want him back.

Instead, she will feel a sense of satisfaction that he is struggling to find a woman who compares to her in terms of attractiveness.

This helps her move on faster because she feels as though she is more valuable and attractive than he is.

Additionally, when a guy dates a woman who is less attractive than his ex, she will usually assume that he’s desperate and has accepted whatever he can get because attractive women aren’t interested in him.

She then doesn’t feel motivated at all to give him another chance, because she perceives him as being the sort of guy that attractive women don’t want.

On the other hand, if the women her ex boyfriend dates are equally, or even more physically attractive than her, she might be impressed that he’s got what it takes to attract high quality women.

She might also feel as though he does deserve another chance because he’s clearly an attractive guy and not someone she should just throw away.

Yet, she might also have a negative reaction.

For example: She may think, “I guess he doesn’t need me back anymore because he’s done so well for himself. The women he’s dating now are beautiful, so I probably I don’t stand a chance with him anymore. If I contacted him and showed interest, he might reject me. So, I will just have to move on.”

So, it’s important to understand that even if your ex does feel jealous about the beautiful women you’ve been seeing, it won’t guarantee that she will come running back to you.

In most cases, a woman will wait for her ex to make a move and show some interest in catching up with her.

If he doesn’t and instead, seems happy to be moving on with another woman (or is dating a lot of new women), she will usually just open herself up to dating new men.

If she’s pretty, or even average looking, it should be a quick and easy process for her to find a guy (or guys) who wants to have sex with her, or get into a serious relationship with her.

So, before telling your ex that you’ve been seeing other women, ask yourself this: “Am I telling her that because I don’t want her back and want to make it clear by proving that I’m moving on, or because I want her to get jealous and come running back to me?”

If your intention is to get your ex back, then I don’t recommend trying to play mind games with her.

Instead, just do what works to get a woman back, which is to interact with her, make her feel new sparks of attraction for you and then get to a hug, kiss and sex.

Let her experience the new and improved version of you (e.g. more confident, more comfortable with your manliness, assertive in loving way, playfully challenging) and she will naturally want to get back with you.

Important: If she asks whether or not you’ve been seeing other women, you should be honest and say yes, but you can also be charming by saying it like this, “Yes, but you’re still my favorite.”

2. Are you able to post photos on social media of you hanging out with any of these women?

Are you able to post photos on social media of you hanging out with any of these women?

Although women don’t like to openly admit it, they feel attracted when a man is confident and emotionally strong enough to get on with enjoying his life after a breakup.

Some women pretend to be annoyed or angry when a guy gets on with his life and seems to be having a lot of fun after the breakup, but it’s just to stop him from being attractive to her.

She’s trying to control him and the situation, so she can feel good about herself.

If he stops posting up photos of himself looking confident, having fun with other people and enjoying life, then he will stop doing what is actually making her miss him and want him back.

So, even though your ex probably won’t admit it, she will feel more attracted to you for being able to get on with enjoying life (i.e. dating new women, having fun with friends), compared to if you just sat around feeling sad, lonely and lost without her.

However, for her to truly feel that way, she needs to be able to believe that you really are happy and moving on without her and not pretending that you are.

This is why posting photos of yourself on social media is so important.

If you just tell your ex that you’re seeing other women now, she may assume that you’re lying or exaggerating and are just trying to make her jealous to get her to come back to you.

In a case like that, a woman will often try to trick her ex by saying something like, “Oh, okay then. Well, I guess it’s really over between us then. I thought we could maybe work things out, but seeing as though you’ve already moved on, I guess there’s no chance for us now. Okay, bye.”

If the guy then responds by saying something like, “No, no – it’s not like that. You know that I still love you. I don’t want other women, I only want you. I’ve only been seeing other women as a way of trying to get over you, but it hasn’t worked” she can then say, “Sorry, but you messed up. There’s no way I’m getting back with you now that you’ve seen other women. You couldn’t even wait a month before moving on. It shows how much you really cared about me. It’s over. Please don’t contact me anymore.”

At that point, some guys might then make the mistake of pleading with her by saying something like, “No! Please believe me. I’m not really seeing anyone else. I just hung out with a couple of different girls. That’s it. I didn’t sleep with either of them. I don’t feel anything for those girls. I’ve just been missing you.”

She then knows that her ex isn’t happy without her.

So, if you want your ex to know for sure that you’re seeing other women, make certain that you can post photos of yourself with them on social media.

By the way…

If you’re worried that your ex seeing photos of you with other women will cause her to get angry and ruin your chances of getting her back, then you may not understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works.

Women are more attracted to men who are liked and wanted by other women.

We men don’t care if other men want a woman or not.

If we like her, we like her. End of story.

Yet, women prefer men who are liked and wanted by other women.


Unlike us men, who mostly choose a woman on how she looks and then fall in love with her based on her personality, women mostly choose a man on how his personality makes her feel.

In many cases, that results in a woman falling in love with and even marrying a man who is average or below average looking, even though she is very pretty.

It’s just how it works.

Since it works that way, women look to other women for clues on whether or not a guy is attractive.

If other women find a guy attractive, it automatically makes other women look at him and begin finding things about him attractive.

For example: He might have a big nose, or a bald head, which aren’t physically attractive features.

Yet, if women are showing that they find him attractive, then other women will begin to look at him and think things like, “I like his bald head. It’s sexy” or, “I like his big nose. It’s handsome.”

It doesn’t make any sense to men who think that a woman’s attraction is based on a man looking good.

In some cases, women do choose men based on looks, but in almost all cases, women feel attracted to how a guy’s personality makes them feel and then they feel attracted to his looks, even if his looks are average or below average.

The woman feels as though his look is attractive, even though it’s not a traditionally attractive look.

Now, back to the photos on social media…

When your ex sees you with other women who are as attractive as her, or in some cases, more attractive, she will automatically begin looking at you through the lens of attraction.

She will begin to think of you in a more positive way and notice things about you that she finds attractive.

So, don’t be afraid to post photos if you looking confident while hanging out with new women.

It works.

3. Has seeing other women made you feel like you’re over her, or are you still pining for her?

Sometimes, a guy will begin seeing other women to help him get over his ex girlfriend and it will work.

He will realize that, even though he did love his ex, he doesn’t really miss her much anymore.

Initially, he may have been thinking about her all day, every day, but now he only thinks about her every other day, or every few days.

So, he then just decides to continue moving on without her.

On the other hand, sometimes a guy will find that no matter how many women he dates or has sex with, he always misses his ex girlfriend and wants her back.

He may think something like, “No other woman compares to her. I’ve tried to get over her, but nothing seems to be working. I always come back to thinking about her, missing her and wishing we could be a couple again. It never goes away. She’s always on my mind.”

4. Do you think it will cause her to get revenge, or try to make herself feel better by sleeping with new men?

In some cases, when a woman finds out that her ex is seeing other women, she may think something like, “He’s already moved on. Well, that didn’t take long, did it? I guess I didn’t mean that much to him after all. I thought he really loved me and only wanted to be with me. If he can move on so quickly, then so can I. There are plenty of guys who are interested in me. I am going to start partying with my girlfriends and dating new men. I’l show him who can move on!”

She then opens herself up to hooking up, dating and getting into a relationship with other men.

As a result, both he and her end up going their separate ways and possibly regretting it, all because he didn’t go through the ex back process and actually get her back.

Instead, he tried to get her back by telling her that he was seeing other women and it backfired.

Don’t let that happen to you.

If you want her back, just focus on what works and you will get her back fast.

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