Here are 5 things that you can say and do to recover from that mistake:

1. Laugh it off

If you continue making a big deal about how you messed up by threatening to kill yourself if she didn’t get back with you, then she will likely continue to see it as a big deal as well.

She will sense your feelings of guilt and continue to create drama about it for much longer than she needs to.

So, just laugh it off as something silly that you said and laugh at how silly you reacted.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should pretend that it didn’t happen at all.

You said it and it was a silly thing to say, but that’s all.

So, laugh at yourself with her and let her know that you see how foolish it was of you to threaten to commit suicide if she didn’t get back with you.

For example: You might laugh and then say something along the lines of, “Hey, you know…looking back at what I said to you, I have to laugh at myself. It was such a silly, desperate attempt from me to make her feel sorry for me and give me another chance. I’m embarrassed now that I reacted in that way. Yet, as you would agree, that’s in the past now. It was stupid, I know.”

By laughing at yourself, it shows her that you understand your mistake and won’t be doing anything like that again.

As a result, she can relax her guard a little bit and allow herself to smile, laugh and feel good around you again.

When she does that, she then becomes open to interacting with you further, which gives you an opportunity you need to re-spark her feelings of respect, attraction and love and get her back.

Another thing you can do to recover from threatening to commit suicide if your ex girlfriend didn’t get back with you, is…

2. Apologize for scaring her with that threat

If you haven’t already done so, give her a brief, sincere apology for scaring her with your emotional outburst.

For example: You can say something like, “I’m sorry for saying that I would kill myself if you didn’t give me another chance. It was silly, but it was also unfair to you. It was wrong of me to say something extreme like that and I see that now. I mean, I wouldn’t have liked it either if our roles were reversed and you had threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t give you another chance. So, I hope you can forgive me for reacting in the way I did. I still care about you, but I accept your decision about us breaking up. I also want you to know that everyone makes mistakes in a relationship sometimes and that mistake was mine. I’m not asking you to take me back. Instead, I just want you to be able to forgive me so we can at least be friends. Don’t worry, I’m not going to jump off a building!”

She can then see that you have learned from the experience and are already a more emotionally mature, emotionally stable man.

The fact that you also have the confidence to add in some humor at the end, automatically makes her feel a whole lot better about the incident, even if she doesn’t openly admit it right away.

She then drops her guard a bit and begins to allow herself to forgive you for saying what you did.

By the way…

Make sure that you don’t over apologize for what happened and don’t let her make it out to be worse than it was.

It was a silly mistake.

That’s it.

You have learned from it and besides, you love life and would never want to kill yourself, right?

Then, let her see that.

Let her see that you were just being silly and saying that to hopefully convince her to give you one more chance, but you realize now that it was uncalled for and over the top.

Another thing you can do to recover from threatening to commit suicide if your ex girlfriend didn’t get back with you is…

3. Understand that women don’t want to feel forced to be in a relationship

Although threatening your ex was probably done out of desperation and in the heat of the moment, it’s still possible that you were hoping it would work.

You may have hoped that she would give in and just give you one more chance, so you could then work your charm and hopefully keep her in a relationship.

She likely knows that as well.

So, if you want to move forward and rebuild a relationship with your ex, you need to first understand why it didn’t work.

Women don’t want to be emotionally blackmailed into a relationship (i.e. made to feel guilty for leaving, forced into giving a guy another chance out of pity, having their life threatened, threatening to share her secrets with other people and so on).

If a woman is no longer attracted to her man and can see that he has no idea how or what to change to re-attract her, then she’s not going to be happy about him threatening her (e.g. by saying he will kill himself) to make her stay.

Instead, she will feel even more determined to get away from him and what has now become an emotionally abusive relationship.

So, if you want to regain your ex girlfriend’s respect, attraction and love, you need to understand that those things need to happen naturally, rather than being forced or pressured.

When your ex can see that you have already changed and improved (via your actions, behavior and the way that you now interact with her), she will naturally begin to reconnect with her feelings for you and open back up to a relationship.

The more she can see that you now understand what it means to be a man that a woman can honestly look up to and respect, the more she will drop her defenses and allow herself to slowly let you back into her life (e.g. talk to you on the phone, meet up with you, hug you, kiss you, have sex with you).

You can then build on her feelings and get her back.

Another thing you can do to recover from threatening to commit suicide if your ex girlfriend didn’t get back with you is…

4. Interact with her and be a completely new, improved version of yourself

Right now, your ex girlfriend probably has a pretty low opinion of you.

So, to change that, you will need to show her that the guy who threatened her that he would commit suicide if she give him another chance, is not who you are now.

How can show her that?

Firstly, you need to realize that saying you would kill yourself was something that an insecure, needy guy would do.

You don’t want to be that guy.

So, you need to focus on becoming genuinely happy and independent in your own life, with or without her.

For example: Some of the ways you can do that are by…

  • Taking some definite steps towards achieving your big goals, dreams and ambitions in life.
  • Taking up a new hobby or sport that allows you to interact and socialize with other people on a regular basis (e.g. cycling, baseball, hiking, martial arts, volleyball, boxing).
  • Joining a meet up group in your area that does something you enjoy doing (e.g. dancing, gaming, debating, discussing philosophy, hiking, bike riding, wine tasting).
  • Getting in touch and hanging out with old friends again and having fun in social situations with them, or doing outdoor activities with them.

When you take your mind off what happened between you and your ex and start living a good life without her, you automatically become more attractive to your ex and to other women.

When you interact with your ex again (on a phone call, or in person), she will be able to sense that you’re not the same guy who threatened to commit suicide and have become a more balanced, emotionally mature man who doesn’t need her back to be able to cope with life.

As a result, she will naturally begin to feel some respect and attraction for you again.

She may then open herself up to spending more time with you to see where things go from there.

If she doesn’t, don’t worry.

As long as you make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction when you talk to her, she will feel that spark and it will be on the back of her mind.

She will begin to wonder, “Is there still something there between us? I can feel it. Maybe I should just forgive him for that and give him another chance. After all, he gets it now that it was silly of him to threaten to kill himself. I just want to hug him again. I want to hug him and see what happens from there.”

Another thing you can do to recover from threatening to commit suicide if your ex girlfriend didn’t get back with you is…

5. Make her want a relationship with you, but don’t chase it or try to talk her into giving you a chance

If you follow the steps outlined above, it’s very likely that your ex will start to drop her guard and open back up to you again.

You can then re-attract her and hook up with her.

Following that, she might say something like, “Wow…you really have changed a lot since we broke up. I can’t believe that you’re the same guy who threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t come back to him. When that happened, I was convinced that I’d never, ever want to have anything to do with you again, but now I have to admit that I’m enjoying hanging out with you again. It’s fun.”

At that point, you might be tempted to say, “Okay, great. So, we are back together as a couple, right?”

In some cases, a woman will say, “Yes” and you will be fine. You’ll get back with her, no problem.

Yet, in other cases, asking her a question like that will cause her to play hard to get, so she might end up saying, “Well, I’m not sure. I said I’m enjoying hanging out with you again, but that doesn’t mean we are back together. So, you need to give me more time.”

If you then start to feel desperate to get her to change her mind, she will feel turned off.

Likewise, if she pretends that she needs more time and you give that to her, she could end up taking that time to get over you and then end up hooking up with a new guy (e.g. if she goes out with her single girlfriends).

So, don’t make the mistake of pushing your ex girlfriend to commit to a relationship.

If you really want her to give you another chance, then just continue making her experience sexual and romantic feelings for you during interactions (especially over the phone and in person).

She will then stop putting up walls every time you interact with her, because she won’t feel as though you’re forcing her to get back together.

Where Guys Go Wrong When in a Situation Like Yours

Losing the woman you love can definitely be a stressful experience.

Yet, despite how much it hurts, you need to gain control over your emotions and actions.

How a guy reacts and what he says to after getting dumped and then threatening his ex with self-suicide, will determine whether or not she will drop her guard and give him another chance.

For example: Here are some of the mistakes that guys make when in a situation like yours…

1. Thinking that continuing to threaten to end his life will prove to her how much he loves her. She will then give him another chance

As romantic as it may seem to say, “I’m going to kill myself if you don’t come back to me,” a woman will rarely (if ever) see it as being a romantic gesture.

Instead, saying something like that will only prove to her that a guy is too childish and immature to handle a grown up relationship at this point in his life.

She will then want to get away from him to find herself a more emotionally mature, emotionally strong man who has what it takes to make a relationship last.

2. Telling her that no one will ever love her as much as he does

Sometimes a guy makes the mistake of thinking that his ex woman will give him another chance, if he says something dramatic like, “You don’t see it now, but I promise, you will never find another man who will love and value you as much as I do. I’ve never loved a woman as much as I love you. No one will ever love you the way I do, or as much as I do. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I love you even more than I love myself.”

Yet, rather than cause her to come running back, she sees it as yet another desperate attempt to manipulate her into giving him another chance (i.e. if threatening to commit suicide didn’t work, maybe this will).

As a result, it makes her even more determined to move on, find another guy and fall madly in love with him, so she can prove her ex wrong.

3. Not growing up immediately and being a better man right away

In some cases, when a guy threatens his ex girlfriend that he will commit suicide if she doesn’t get back with him, the realization of what he did is enough to shock him into quickly changing and becoming a more mature and emotionally strong man.

However, in other cases, a guy will remain stuck at the same level of emotional maturity and continue to whine, complain, beg, plead and attempt to manipulate his ex back into a relationship.

Naturally, that approach turns a woman off even further and she then takes steps to cut him out of her life completely (e.g. blocks his number on her phone, unfriends him on social media, stops hanging out in any of the places she knows she might bump into him, tells mutual friends to not give him any details of her private life now).

Here’s the thing…

Everyone makes mistakes in relationships, not just you.

How you now recover from the mistake you made is what really counts.

So, are you going to sit around worrying about how you threatened your ex girlfriend that you would commit suicide if she didn’t get back with you, or are you going to learn from your mistake and become a better, more emotionally mature man as a result of your mistake?

If you don’t grow up right away and let your ex girlfriend experience the new you for herself, then getting her back is going to be very difficult.

On the other hand, if you quickly level up and become a more emotionally mature man, she will have reason to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

When she feels that, her guard will come down a little and you can then build on her feelings and get to a hug, kiss, sex and back into a relationship.

4. Expecting her to give him another chance because of what they shared before

No matter how great the past was between a man and his ex woman, it’s still just the past.

What happened before is what happened before.

If you want her back, what you make her feel now is what is most important and what will work to get her back.

So, when a man says something like this to his ex, it just doesn’t work, “Remember how good things were between us in the beginning? We could barely keep our hands off each other and we even finished each other’s sentences. It can be like that again if you just give me another chance. You and I have a special connection between us, you can’t deny that. We shouldn’t let it be destroyed over what happened. How we felt for each other for so long can’t have been a mistake. I truly believe that we are meant to be together.”

Some women will fall for that, but most women.

In most cases, a woman will feel annoyed at her ex for reminding her of how good things used to be before, compared to how badly everything turned out in the end.

She will then focus on how bad she felt before breaking up with him, how horrible it was to be threatened by him after the break up and how annoying it is now that he still doesn’t understand what she really wants and needs from him in a relationship.

She will then say something like, “No. We had our chance and that has passed now. We might have been happy before, but we weren’t happy for a long time, which is why I broke up with you. It’s over now and you need to accept that and move on.”

So, if you want to make your ex girlfriend drop her guard and open back up to giving you another chance, you should focus on making her feel respect and sexual attraction based on who you are right now.

Interact with her (on a phone call, or in person) and let her experience the new and improved you for herself.

When she feels sparks of respect and attraction for the new and improved you, she will naturally begin to open back up to you and the possibility of you and her having a relationship again.

Finally, another mistake that other guys make when in a situation like yours is…

5. Continuing to make interacting with him feel stressful for her

For example:

  • He texts her too often as a way of staying on her mind so she doesn’t move on.
  • He writes way too much in the texts (e.g. he tries to explain why he behaved the way he did, tells her how much he still cares for her, asks her a lot of questions, tries to discuss the problems in the relationship).
  • He tries to have deep and meaningful conversations with her to convince her to give him another chance.

In most cases, those things only stress and annoy a woman even more.

Not only does she see them as desperate attempts to get her back, but she also feels as though he’s clinging onto a relationship that he doesn’t even know how to handle anymore.

She then realizes that he’s not emotionally mature enough or experienced enough to be the boyfriend that she needs.

So, rather than opening back up to him, she closes herself off even more and either blocks him or ignores him and tries to move on.

Here’s the thing …

The best way to make your ex girlfriend forgive you and want to give you another chance, is by showing her (via your actions, behavior, conversation style and the way you respond to her) that you’re no longer the same guy who threatened to commit suicide if she didn’t get back with him.

When she can see for herself that you truly have changed, she will naturally feel some respect for you again.

You don’t have to tell her that you’ve changed.

You need to let her experience it.

When she experiences it for herself and feels attracted to you again, it then becomes possible for her to imagine getting back together.

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