In this post, I’m going to explain how to get a woman back after a break up, as well as provide you with 6 dangerous mistakes to avoid.

While these mistakes are dangerous to make (because they turn a woman off and cause her to lose respect for you), it is possible to recover from those mistakes and get her to see you in a positive light again.

6 Dangerous Mistakes to Avoid When Attempting to Get a Woman Back

Getting a woman back requires that you take the approach that will make her feel the most amount of respect and attraction for you as possible.

Making any of these mistakes will ruin her feelings of respect and attraction, but as you will discover – you can get her to forgive you and reconnect with her positive, loving feelings for you.

1. Losing control of his emotions when she breaks up with him (i.e. crying, sulking, getting angry)

Losing control of emotions

Not all guys make this mistake, but based on my years of experiencing helping guys to get women back, I’ve found that about 80% of guys do.

For example: If a guy is very masculine in how he thinks, feels, behaves and takes action in life, then he’s not going to be emotionally dependant on a woman, so he will be less likely to lose control emotionally if she says that she wants to break up.

He’s going to be his own man with or without her. He will love her and want her in his life, but if she chooses to get out of it, he will be fine without her.

On the other hand, if a guy isn’t very masculine in how he thinks, feels, behaves and takes action in life (i.e. he’s a bit of an emotional wimp, insecure, isn’t rising through the levels of life to achieve his biggest goals and ambitions), then he’s going to feel fairly dependant on a woman emotionally.

She will feel like his “everything” and without her, his life won’t feel like it’s worth living.

The second type of guy is usually the one who will become very emotional and will essentially try to guilt trip his woman into wanting to stay with him.

This is a dangerous mistake to mistake because women are sexually attracted to the emotional strength of men and turned off by the weakness.

Additionally, for a woman to want to stay in a relationship with a man, she has to be able to respect him and look up to him, not look down on him as being a lost, confused guy that she needs to take care of.

Watch this video to understand what happens when a woman loses respect for her man…

As you will discover from the video above, a woman will usually go through a 3-step process before breaking up with a man.

To get a woman back, you first need to get her respect back and she will then begin to allow herself to feel attracted to you again. When you make her feel a lot attraction for you, she will then begin to reconnect with the love.

So, while getting very emotional might be a dangerous mistake to make during a break up, it’s not something that cannot be recovered from.

Pretty much every mistake can be forgiven, as long as you have truly changed and are not just putting on an act to trick her into giving you another chance.

2. Threatening to hurt himself or her

Threatening to hurt himself or her

Following on from the first mistake, when a guy notices that his emotional outburst isn’t working, he might decide to “level up” by threatening to hurt himself or her.

Threatening to hurt himself, he might say something like, “I don’t want to live anymore if you leave me. I will kill myself” or “If you leave me, I don’t know what I’ll do. I have a gun here and maybe I’ll just kill myself and you’ll have to live with that on your conscious for the rest of your life.”

Threatening to hurt her, he might say something like, “You think you can leave me? Huh? I’ll f**ken kill you bitch” or “If I find out that you’ve got another guy, I’ll come and kill both of you in your sleep.”

Pretty serious stuff, hey?

Well, some guys can’t deal with the possibility of being left by a woman that they love. It feels like the ultimate betrayal, especially when he’s put so much into the relationship and truly loves her.

Yet, here’s the thing…

You never really own a woman. As much as it might suck for some guys to read what I’m about to say now, it’s true.

That is, she’s not your property.

A woman is an individual before she gets into a relationship, while she is in a relationship and when she is out of a relationship…and so are you.

A relationship between a man and a woman (two individuals) only stays together if both of them decide to stay together.

In other words, a relationship is two individuals choosing to be together. However, they both have the right to choose not to be as well.

There’s no law saying that if a man and a woman get into a relationship, they must remain together for all of eternity no matter what.

That type of commitment between a man and a woman only happens if both of them are getting what they want from the relationship.

For example: If a woman is in a relationship with an emotionally abusive or unloving man, it’s not going to matter if he buys her lots of gifts or is great at sex.

Eventually, she’s going to lose so much respect for him that her attraction will begin to fade and when that happens, she will begin to fall out of love with him.

How can a guy recover from the mistake of threatening to hurt himself or his woman?


He needs to tell her that he never did hurt himself or her after the break up and was just being stupid. Since he was feeling so emotional about losing the woman he loved, he said some stupid things.

Who hasn’t said some stupid things at some point in their life?

Everyone has.

It’s not the end of the world that a guy made a mistake by saying something stupid like, “I will kill myself” or “I will kill you and your new man in your sleep.”

It’s immature yes, but it’s not the end of the world.

All he did was say it; he didn’t actually do it. So, what he needs to do is tell her that he is sorry for saying stupid things and remind her that everyone has said something silly during an emotional time in their life.

He then needs to make sure that he is making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him in other ways.

Watch this video to understand why a guy needs to do that to get a woman back for real…

As you will discover from the video above, a woman will usually only begin to take an ex seriously if he has actually changed and is now capable of making her feel the way that she wants to feel when interacting with him.

If he is still talking to her and interacting with her in ways that cause her to lose respect for him or turn her off, then she’s not going to be excited about the idea of getting back with him, unless she is lonely and just wants to use him for a while.

3. Begging for another chance

Men and women are different.

If a man is breaking up with a woman and she begs him for another chance, it can actually make him feel more attracted to her. After all, she’s so devoted to him that she is willing to beg for another chance and look like a desperate woman.

Yet, the same doesn’t apply when a woman is dumping up a man.

Women are attracted to the emotional strength in men and turned off by the weakness, so when a guy begs and pleads for another chance with a woman out of emotional desperation, she isn’t turned on by that.

The more he begs, the less attraction and respect she feels for him.

This is a dangerous mistake to make, but it can be recovered from.


He needs to laugh at himself for being such an emotional wimp when she broke up with him and tell her that he reacted in that way because he loves her so much, but he now knows he should have been mature about it and simply accepted her decision.

Will saying that fix everything between a man and a woman and get them back together?

No, but it’s a start.

It allows the woman to see that the man has changed and now become a lot more emotional mature and aware of how a real man is supposed to think, feel, behave and act around a woman.

To get a woman back after a break up, you’ve got to be able to show her that you really have changed and that you really have taken action to develop the qualities that she wants in a man.

Some women will give a guy another chance for a day or two if he begs her back, but when she realizes that nothing has changed (i.e. he still doesn’t understand why she really broke with him, so he doesn’t even know what he needs to change), she will simply break up with him again.

4. Promising to do whatever she wants

When a guy is feeling desperate and is all out of ideas on how to get a woman back, he might slip into making the mistake of promising to do whatever she wants.

For example: If a woman dumps a guy because he spends too much time playing video games, he might promise her that he will never play video games again and will devote all of his time to her.

Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that when a woman is pissed off by a guy who plays video games too much, it usually means that she’s sick and tired of being with a guy who is hiding behind hobbies and isn’t reaching for his true potential in life as a man.

The type of man that a woman feels proud to be with is one who rises through the levels of life and reaches for his true potential. There’s nothing wrong with a guy playing video games, but if he’s not making much of himself in the real world, a woman feels instinctively turned off by him.

After all, the virtual world that he is trying to succeed in (e.g. by completing levels of a game) isn’t going to make their life in the real world any better unless he becomes a professional gamer who makes money from it.

So, when he promises to give up playing games and spend all his time with her, he’s missing the point.

A woman will put up with a guy playing video games, as long as he is striving to achieve big things in the world that will actually have an impact on their life together. If he’s just killing characters on a screen, that isn’t going to pay off a mortgage or allow her to feel proud of the man he is in this world.

So, rather than promising a woman that you will do whatever she wants, decide to become a better all round man than you are today.

Be the man that she can rely on to lead the way to a better life for you and her. That’s what matters to most women.

However, your woman is not going to care that you’re offering her that until you first get her respect back and make her feel attracted to you again.

Don’t attempt to get a woman back by promising her that you will take care of her and guide both you and her to a better life. You have to get her to want to be back with you first before she will open herself to the idea of being with you for life.

5. Pretending that he doesn’t love her or want her in his life

When trying to get a woman back, some guys make the mistake of acting like they don’t even care about the woman they’re trying to get back.

He might even say something like, “I don’t care…I don’t love you anyway…you mean nothing to me” or if she asks him if he’s missed her, he will lie and say something like, “No…why would I miss you? We’re finished…I’m over it.”

While that approach might work temporarily with young or insecure women, it’s not a permanent way to get a woman back. When a woman gets back with a guy because she feels the emotional pain of him rejecting her by saying that he doesn’t love her, she will soon find out that it was a lie.

All she has to do is get back with him, make him feel safe that she’s going to stick with him and then say that she’s changed her mind or wants space. When she sees that he then becomes emotional, needy or desperate to get her back, she knows that he was lying about not loving her.

So, don’t play games and don’t be afraid of love.

As a man, you need to be fearless when it comes to love.

A man who loves fearlessly is extremely attractive to women, as long as he does it from a place of emotional strength rather than weakness.

Loving fearlessly from a place of emotional strength means that you want a woman, but don’t need her. You are fearless in giving your love to her and are not afraid if she doesn’t love you back, because you don’t need that from her to feel emotionally secure or like you’re worthy.

Loving fearlessly from a place of emotional weakness, means that a guy gives all of his love to women (and people) in the hope that someone (anyone!) will love him back so he can then feel good about himself.

6. Lying about just wanting to be friends

Lying about just wanting to be friends with her

When a guy has used up all of his ideas on how to get a woman back, he will sometimes make the mistake of accepting a friendship with his ex.

Even though he wants to be back in a relationship with her, he will lie and act like he is fine with just being friends.

When she then talks about other guys who are interested in her, she will notice that he is feeling insecure, jealous or worried that she is going to fully leave him behind.

She will then feel turned off by his emotional weakness and lack of confidence in himself and she will also lose respect for him because he lied about just wanting to be friends.

So, what should a man do when a woman says that she just wants to be friends after a break up?

It depends.

If he is going to start dating new, beautiful women and doesn’t care if he gets her back or not, then he will be emotionally strong enough to handle a “just friends” situation.

However, if he’s not going to date other woman and just wants her back, then he should deny her request, but do so in a way that is attractive to her.

The right way to say it is to laugh at her suggestion and light-heartedly make fun of it by saying something like, “Yeah, okay…we can be friends. We’ll go out shopping together…and maybe even knit scarves together, sip tea and gossip. We’ll be the bestest of friends in the whole world. No frikken way…I’m not going to be your friend unless it’s a friends with benefits situation, where you cook me dinner and then pleasure me with dessert afterwards.”

As long as the guy says that with a smile and in a confident, light-hearted manner, she will then laugh and feel attracted to his confidence and emotional strength. Why?

Talking to her like that demonstrates that he is happy with or without her. It also shows that even though she has said that she only wants to be friends, he is still willing to be loving and positive towards her. He is fearless when it comes to love.

He also knows that he still has the right to talk to her like that because he has confidence in his attractiveness to her and to other women, which is going to make her feel respect and attraction for him.

The wrong way to say is to become emotionally weak or sensitive by saying something like, “I can’t just be a friend because that would be too painful for me. If you’re not willing to be with me in a relationship, then I’m not willing to be your friend.”

A guy like that will be trying to make his ex feel guilty or feel sad for him, in the hope that it makes her change her mind.

Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that a man can’t attract a woman back with weakness. If you want to get a woman back, you’ve got to attract her back with your emotional strength.

Are You Currently the Kind of Man That She Will Want Back?

If you don’t feel as though you’re good enough to get her back today, then she’s going to feel turned off by that.

A big part of getting a woman back is not only knowing that you’re good enough for her, but making her feel that too.


You’ve got to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you on a phone call and when you meet up with her in person.

If she’s currently not answering your calls, you need to send her a text to tell her that there’s something quick you wanted to talk to her about and then get her on a call.

When on the phone call, you’ve got to get her to feel that all-important renewed sense of respect and attraction for you. You then need to get her feeling good and get her to agree to meet up with you in person.


What should you text her? What should you say on the phone? What should you say to her at the meet up? How can you get her to forgive your mistakes? How can you make her feel attracted to you again?

There are literally 100s of questions that guys have when they are going through the process of getting a woman back, which is why I created my revolutionary program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

If you want to be guided through the process of getting a woman back in the quickest, easiest manner possible, then I recommend that you watch my program.

Trying to work everything out on your own may lead to more dangerous and avoidable mistakes that push her away even further.

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