Here are 5 possible ways that other men feel when in your situation.

See if you can relate to any of these 5 reasons as to why you’re afraid to move on, in case she changes her mind…

1. Deep down, he believes that she’s the one for him, so he doesn’t want any other woman getting in the way

Sometimes the shock of a break up can make a guy realize that his woman really was the right one for him.

Of course, when that realization hits, a guy might begin to fear losing her for real, so he makes the decision to wait for her to change her mind about him.

In his mind he might justify his decision by thinking things like, “If I start dating other women, things will become complicated. Not only will I be sending my ex the wrong message (i.e. that I’m moving on without her), it will also stop her from realizing that I’m the one for her too. This is why I need to just sit and wait for her to miss me and recognize that we are meant to be together. Then we can renew our relationship and be happy together again.”

He will then stay stuck in limbo where he’s not moving on with new women, but he’s also not actively doing anything to re-attract his ex so that he can get her back.

Instead, he just waits to see what happens, in the hope that his ex will somehow come to her senses and realize he’s the man she wants to be with.

Unfortunately, in most of these cases, the woman just moves on and finds herself another guy who can spark her feelings for him.

How about you?

Are you afraid to move on from your ex because you believe she is the one for you?

If so, what are you doing about it?

Are you just sitting around waiting for her to wake up one day and think something along the lines of, “OMG!!! I just realized my ex is my soulmate! I need to contact him right away so that we can get back together again?”

If your answer is “Yes,” then you’re risking losing her to another man.

Here’s the thing…

If you want your ex to change her mind and get back with you, you have to be the one who makes her do that.

You need to interact with her again every chance you get (e.g. over the phone and especially in person), and you need to reactivate her feelings of respect, sexual attraction and love for you so that the idea of changing her mind starts to feel good to her.

Make her smile, laugh and feel relaxed and open during interactions with you, so when she’s on her own, she thinks things like, “I know that I said I would never change my mind about getting back with him, but all of a sudden I don’t feel so convinced that it’s truly what I want. In fact, I’m actually starting to miss him and think about him when we’re apart. Maybe the break up happened for a reason. Maybe we needed that time apart for us to realize that we are meant to be together. What should I do? I can’t let things end this way. I have to do something to let him know that I’ve changed my mind after all.”

She then becomes more open to talking to you over the phone, seeing you in person and even to hugging, kissing and having sex.

When that happens, getting back together again becomes easy, because it’s something you both want to do.

So, don’t waste anymore time waiting for your ex to change her mind.

You need to call her right away, spark some of her feelings on the call (e.g. by making her laugh, smile and feel good to be talking to you again).

Then meet up with her, fully reactivate her feelings for you and get her back.

Another possible reason why a guy might be afraid to move on from his ex is…

2. He doesn’t realize that all women (even those who say they don’t) find men much more attractive when other women are interested in them

Sometimes a guy makes the mistake of thinking that if he dates another woman, his ex will feel turned off by it and then she will never change her mind about giving him another chance.

Yet, in reality, the opposite is actually true.

A woman likes the idea of being with a man she feels will make other women envious of her.

She wants to be able to think things like, “Even though he can have any woman he wants, he wants me. That makes me feel so lucky and like it would be a big mistake to let him go. I need to give him another chance before it’s too late and some other woman grabs him from me.”

On the other hand, if a woman notices that he’s struggling to move on and find himself another woman, she usually feels turned off by him and begins thinking things like, “Why can’t he get another woman? What is really wrong with him? I know that we broke up because some of his thinking and behavior turned me off, but what else didn’t I see because I cared for him. I think I made the right decision to break up with him after all. He’s just not man enough for me. I know now that I won’t change my mind about him. I just have to move on and find a real man to be with.”

So, even though you might think you’re doing the right thing by avoiding going out with other women, this may actually be contributing to your ex’s decision to not give you another chance.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should run out and start dating every woman you meet, because that’s not the key to making your ex change her mind either.

Instead, you simply need to get to the point where you begin to enjoy a fun life without her and that may include going out with another woman if you want to.

When you’re emotionally fulfilled and happy without your ex and you then let her experience that on a phone call (or in person), something amazing happens…

Suddenly, you seem more attractive to her and she begins to think, “This isn’t at all what I was expecting. I thought he’d be feeling sad and depressed, but instead he’s actually happy and even going out and having fun without me. Wow, I can’t believe he got over me so quickly. I actually feel a bit jealous that he’s out there enjoying himself again without me. I kind of want to be a part of the fun life he’s having now. What’s happening to me? Why am I feeling this way?”

As a result, she drops her defenses and becomes open to the idea of interacting with you more to see if you and her can work things out after all.

So, if you want to make your ex change her mind, don’t make the mistake of thinking that being alone and lonely is the way to do it.

Believe it or not, seeing you having fun and flirting with other women may be the trigger she needs to make her want to give you another chance.

Another possible reason why a guy might be afraid to move on from his ex is…

3. He doesn’t realize that clinging onto her when the feelings aren’t mutual, isn’t attractive to her

Sometimes, a guy can’t accept that his ex doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore.

In his mind he might think things like, “She’s just feeling angry with me right now, but I’m sure when she calms down she will realize that she made a mistake. She will see that no man cares for her the way I do and she will then want to change her mind because she will accept that we are meant to be together.”

Unfortunately, the problem with thinking like that, is that it automatically begins to change his behavior and actions.

For example: All of a sudden, he can’t stop himself from bombarding her with texts to stay on her mind, or he keeps coming up with excuses to call her or even see her.

He also keeps asking her things like, “Are you seeing anyone else yet?” or, “Have you changed your mind about us yet?”

However, even though in his mind he likely has good reasons for texting, calling or showing up at her place uninvited, the truth is this type of behavior makes a woman feel even more certain about her decision to break up with him.


Basically he’s behaving like a clingy, needy ex and those are not qualities that women find attractive in men.

Add to that the fact that she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore and all that simply makes her want to run away from him.

What he doesn’t realize is that for a woman to want to get back together again, the feelings have to be mutual or at least close to mutual.

It can’t just be about him loving her, wanting her back and waiting for her to change her mind.

If you want your ex to want to be your girl again, you need to focus on making her feel attracted to you again during interactions (e.g. over the phone and especially when seeing her in person) and then backing off and not pushing her for a relationship.

When she feels attracted to you again and notices that you’re not trying to get her back, she then naturally feels drawn to you again.

She may even begin to worry that if she doesn’t change her mind and give you another chance, you are going to move on without her and she may end up losing the love of her life.

At this point, she drops her guard and wants to hang out with you more and more so that things can develop from there.

Another possible reason why a guy might be afraid to move on from his ex is…

4. He’s afraid to start new relationships because he feels like it would never be the same with another woman

Sometimes a guy will refuse to move on after a break up, because in his mind he keeps thinking things like, “My ex was perfect in every way. She was beautiful, smart, funny, a good person and the bond we shared was totally unique and special. I’m pretty certain that I will never be able to find that kind of connection with another woman. It’s pointless to even try.”

Yet, here’s the thing…

Regardless of how amazing your ex is, comparing her to every other woman out there won’t help you heal and either move on, or get her back.

So, even though everything you believe about your ex and the bond you and her shared might be true, it doesn’t mean there isn’t another woman out there (or even many women) that will be even better than her.

So, until you’ve dated and had a relationship with a new woman that you’re attracted to and have experienced loving moments with her, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re not going to feel the same way you did with your ex.

This is why it’s important for you to open yourself up to the possibility of being able to move on and be happy with another woman.

Of course that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of getting back with your ex.

Not at all.

It also doesn’t mean that you have to date another woman and fall in love with her.

Instead, you just need to understand that it’s only natural that a new woman isn’t going to make you feel the same way your ex did, because you haven’t had a relationship with her yet.

If you want to get your ex back, just understand that.

When you get to the point where you realize that even though you want your ex to change her mind and get back together with you, but you don’t need it to feel good about yourself and your life, something amazing will happen to you.

Not only will you stop hanging around thinking, “I’m afraid to move on from my ex because she could change her mind,” you will also automatically become more attractive to her because you’re not being a needy, desperate, sad ex boyfriend.

Instead, you’re moving on and feeling good and that is attractive to her.

She then wants to talk to you and see you.

When that happens, you can easily reactivate her feelings for you and get her back.

Another possible reason why a guy might be afraid to move on from his ex is…

5. He is worried that moving on will show her that he doesn’t care

In some cases a guy might think, “If I move on and start dating other women, my ex will assume that I’m not interested in getting her back. She will think that I don’t care about her anymore and she will then give up on us for real. I don’t want that to happen, so it’s better if I just stay by myself. Then when she finds out I’m not moving on, she will finally believe that my feelings for her are real and she will open back up to giving me one more chance.”

Yet, in most cases, the woman doesn’t care that he’s being loyal to her, long after she’s moved on.

Instead, she likely feels turned off by him for not being man enough to move on and attract a new woman.

Here’s the thing…

A woman likes the idea of being with a man that other women want.

It makes her feel special that even though her guy could have chosen any woman he wants, he picked her.

So, don’t stop yourself from moving on and meeting other women just to impress your ex.

If you are single, lonely and stuck in a rut in your life without her, you’re actually making yourself less attractive to her.

Women feel attracted to good, loving men who go after what they want in life, rather than emotionally sensitive guys who are afraid to live a happy life in case she doesn’t like it.

So, if you’ve been putting your life on hold in the hope that your ex is impressed by it and comes back to you, now is the time to stop.

When you focus on moving on and becoming genuinely happy and content in your own life, not only does that stop you from worrying what your ex might think about you, it actually also makes you attractive to her.

Suddenly, she starts to see you as being more of a catch than you were before.

She notices that you are a new man now and she likes it and then getting her back becomes easy for you to do.

Common Problems Guys Experience When Waiting For an Ex to Change Her Mind After a Break Up

If you want to get your ex back, you’re going to have to be courageous enough to make it happen.

If you don’t take action, you might end up with one of the following (unfavorable) results:

1. She does change her mind, but never contacts you to tell you because she’s afraid of being rejected, or doesn’t want to give you the satisfaction of you seeing her pursue you

Even though a woman might want to get back with her ex, she will very rarely make that obvious to him.

Instead she will wait to see if he’s man enough to interact with her, reactivate her feelings for him and get her back.

If he makes a move, she will quickly open back up to him and be his girl again.

However, if he does nothing she will usually force herself to get over him and move on, rather than risk having him reject her, or say something to her like, “I knew you would come back to me.”

So, if you want your ex back, just go ahead and make it happen.

She may be waiting for you right this minute and thinking that you don’t care.

Another possible result is…

2. She doesn’t change her mind, even after years of being apart

If your ex doesn’t have feelings for you right now, how do you think she’ll react to you waiting for her?

Will she think, “That’s so romantic. Him waiting around for me must mean that he’s the one for me,” or will she not even notice that you’re waiting?

Will she just start moving on?

Here’s the thing…

If you’re not actively sparking your ex’s feelings for you and making her change her mind, she’s likely getting over you day-by-day, until one day she wakes up and you’re nothing but a distant memory to her.

So, if you want her back, you need to make it happen, before it’s too late.

Another possible result is…

3. She hopes that you will contact her and re-attract her, but when you don’t, she gets used to being without you and falls in love with a new guy instead

Sometimes, even though a woman breaks up with a guy, at the back of her mind she’s secretly hoping that they will be able to work things out and get back together again.

She may then wait for him to make a move.

However, if he doesn’t do that, rather than chase after him, she will take it as a sign that the relationship is truly over and she will then put in the effort to fully get over him and move on, usually by finding herself a new man.

The question you need to ask yourself is: How long are you prepared to wait for your ex to change her mind?

A week? A month? A year? Many years?

Additionally, what if she’s waiting for you to get her back and because you’re not taking the lead in the ex back process, she hooks up with another guy instead?

Is that what you really want?

If the answer is “No,” stop waiting for her to change her mind and get her on a call and then to a meet up with you right away, so that you can reactivate her feelings and get her back.

She’s waiting for you.

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