Here are the 5 most common reasons why a woman will react to a break up in that way:

1. She knows that you haven’t changed, so there’s nothing for her to regret missing out on

After a break up, a guy will likely have some communication with his ex (e.g. via text, social media, over the phone, or even seeing her again in person).

This means, she has a chance to interact with him and see for herself if he’s made any changes and improvements to himself since the break up.

For example: Imagine a woman broke up with her man because he was turning her off by refusing to lead in the relationship and be the man.

Instead, he expected her to be the one to make all the decisions for the both of them and be in charge.

This made her feel more emotionally dominant than him, which then caused her to lose respect for him and even look down on him a little bit and eventually led to her breaking up with him.

If he then tries to get her back by being nice and sweet and submissive towards her and possibly even saying things like, “Please don’t give up on us. I will do whatever you want to make things right. You can call all the shots. I promise I won’t pressure you. Just think about it, okay?” she will instantly know that he hasn’t really changed.

So, while he’s likely thinking that he’s doing the right thing to convince her to give him another chance, what he doesn’t realize is that he’s proving to her that she made the right decision to break up with him instead.

She knows that you haven't changed, so there's nothing for her to regret missing out on

She then naturally thinks something along the lines of, “I guess I don’t have to stress anymore about my decision. He’s still stuck at the same level he was at when we broke up and it’s clear to me now that he’s not going to change. Maybe he doesn’t even know how to change or what to change, but that’s not my problem anymore. I have no regrets about breaking up with him.”

She will then usually push him away and refuse to give him another chance.

This might leave the guy feeling confused and even a bit frustrated.

In his mind he may be wondering things like, “Why is she being so stubborn? Why won’t she at least try to work things out? How can she just throw away what we had without a second thought?”

Yet, what a guy like that doesn’t realize, is that he’s trying to get her back by offering her the same relationship experience she had with him before.

Nothing has changed or improved.

Everything is the same.

However, she doesn’t want that.

After all, if she liked what she had, she wouldn’t have broken up with him in the first place, right?

This is why, if you want your ex to miss you and begin having doubts about the break up, you need to show her that you’ve begun to change and improve in some of the ways that are important to her.

You can’t be the same guy as before and expect her to want you back.

It doesn’t work like that.

By the way…

Here are some examples of the changes a woman most wants to see in her ex, before she will open up to giving him another chance…

  • She wants him to be more confident and self-assured about his attractiveness and value to her, rather than feeling insecure and like she’s too good for him.
  • She wants him to be more manly in how he thinks, behaves, talks and acts, rather than allowing her to dominate him with her confident personality.
  • She wants him to make her feel like a sexy, desirable, feminine woman when she’s with him, rather than making her feel like a neutral friend, or even worse, feeling no spark with him at all.
  • She wants him to grow up and make progress in his life, rather than being emotionally immature and childish and drifting along without any direction or purpose.
  • She wants him to be more emotionally independent, rather than clinging to her all the time and being unable to do anything without her approval, support or say-so.
  • She wants him to add to his strengths and improve his weaknesses, rather than staying the same and expecting her to be happy with it.

When you transform yourself into a better man, your ex will be able to automatically sense it by listening to how you talk, observing your body language and actions and seeing you respond to her when she tests you (e.g. she doesn’t respond to your texts, she is cold and distant towards you, she laughs or is sarcastic towards you when you suggest getting back together again).

However, even if she tries to hide it or pretend that she’s not feeling it, she will be feeling surges of respect and attraction for you again.

When that happens, her guard comes down and she opens up to talking to your over the phone or seeing you in person even more.

You can then fully reactivate her feelings for you and get her back.

That’s how it’s done.

It’s easy, natural and quick.

Another possible reason why your ex has no regrets about breaking up with you is…

2. You’re asking for another chance via texts

You're asking for another chance via texts

Although texting is easy to do and usually the only interaction a guy can get with an ex (i.e. because she’s refusing to talk to him over the phone or see him in person), it’s not a very effective way of getting her back.


It’s a lot easier for a woman to reject you when she can’t see you or hear your voice and is only getting text messages from you.

Via text, she can’t see your body language, or hear the tonality of your voice, so rather than think something like, “It’s so sweet how he feels so unsure of himself that he can’t even talk to me over the phone, so he’s trying to get me back via text. I love that he’s so gentle and cautious. He’s so sensitive about my feelings. That’s so attractive to me. Maybe I should give him another chance,” she instead thinks, “Why should I even bother responding to him at all? If he doesn’t even have the balls to call me on the phone to try and get me back, it’s probably because he knows I’ll pick up that nothing about him has really changed and that he’s still the same guy I broke up with. Nothing about this behavior is making me regret my decision to break up with him. Instead, I feel even more motivated to forget about him and move on.”

She will then likely stop replying to your texts, or begin to reply in a cold, distant way.

The reason is, because you haven’t re-attracted her on a phone call or in person yet, she bases her feelings on who you used to be.

So, even though your intentions might be good and even if you really have transformed yourself into a better man, because you’re not calling her or meeting up with her so that she can experience the new you for herself, she’s simply not going to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Instead, she’s going to assume the worst of you, because that’s the last thing she remembers about you (i.e. the way you behaved and responded to her leading up to, during and immediately after the break up).

For example: If you were insecure and unsure of yourself at the end of the relationship, she will probably assume that you’re trying to get her back via text because you still doubt yourself.

If you begged and pleaded with her to change her mind during or immediately after the break up, she’ll likely think that trying to get her back via text is another desperate move on your part.

What she’s almost certainly not going to do is assume that you’re now a more confident, emotionally strong, emotionally masculine man who knows how to make her feel the way she wants to feel when she’s with you.

This is why, you need to stop trying to get her back via text and start re-attracting her a little bit over the phone and then fully, when you meet up with her in person.

Only when she experiences the new you first hand, will she start regretting her decision to break up with you.

Another possible reason why your ex has no regrets about breaking up with you is…

3. She prepared herself for the break up long before she went through with it

She prepared herself for the break up long before she went through with it

In most relationships, a woman won’t just decide to break up with her guy the first time he makes a mistake or annoys her in some way (e.g. he becomes insecure when she spends time with her friends or co-workers, he forgets to meet up with her as arranged because he’s gotten carried away playing video games with his friends, he doesn’t notice that she made a special effort to look attractive for him/cook a nice meal for him).

Instead, she will usually give him multiple chances to change and improve himself.

If he picks up on his mistakes and quickly transforms himself into a better man, it will automatically renew her feelings of respect, attraction and love for him and she will then put in even more effort to be a good, loving, devoted woman to him too.

However, if she notices that no matter how many hints she gives him, or arguments she has with him about it, he never seems to change or improve, she will eventually begin to close herself off from him emotionally.

She might not break up with him right away, but at the back of her mind she may be thinking things like, “This is his absolute last chance. If he doesn’t shape up soon, I’m going to walk away from this relationship and never look back.”

So, if he then ignores the warning signs (e.g. because he doesn’t realize how strongly she feels about the problems in their relationship, he assumes she will get over it because she loves him), she will decide to finally go through with the break up, without it being that much of a big deal.

Basically, she has prepared herself over the weeks, months and in some cases even years, so when the time finally comes, it’s just a formality.

It’s not a shock to her, because she has already disconnected from any feelings of respect, attraction or love that she might still feel for him.

Naturally, the guy isn’t as prepared for the break up as she is, so his first instinct is to usually rush into saying and doing whatever he thinks will convince his ex to give him another chance (e.g. he promises her that he really will change this time if she gives him just one more chance, tells her how much he loves her, breaks down and cries to her).

Yet, rather than change her mind like he’s expecting her to (after all, she always has in the past), she instead says something along the lines of, “Nope. I have no regrets about breaking up with you. It’s the right decision for me and I’m now going to focus on moving on and living the life I want without you in it.”

The guy is then devastated and can’t understand how this happened and why she won’t give him another chance.

Here’s the thing though…

If you want your ex to start regretting breaking up with you and give you another chance, the first step is to make some changes to yourself to attract her in the ways that are important to her (e.g. by becoming more confident and emotionally strong rather than feeling insecure and hesitant around her, by not being so emotionally dependent on her and being happy and content in your life with or without her in it, being more emotionally masculine in the way you talk, act, think and behave so she feels like a girly, feminine woman around you rather than like a neutral friend).

When she experiences the changes in you first hand (i.e. on a phone call or in person), she will naturally stop being so closed off towards you.

That gives you the opening you need to fully reactivate her feelings for you (e.g. by making her laugh, smile and feel good to be talking to you again, flirting with her to create some sexual tension between you, showing her via your actions and behavior that you truly are a new man) and make her begin regretting her decision to break up with you.

She then wants to interact with you more often to see where things go.

On the other hand, if you keep trying to get her back without changing the things that matter to her, you can be almost certain she won’t regret breaking up with you and she will likely just move on and find a new man to be with instead.

Another possible reason why your ex has no regrets about breaking up with you is…

4. She can tell that you still don’t know what kind of attraction experience she really wants in a relationship

Gone are the days where a woman would stay in a relationship with a man regardless of how unhappy she felt, simply because she was expected to by society and her family.

In today’s world, a woman will quickly break up with a guy if he can’t give her the attraction experience she wants from him and she won’t regret it one little bit.

Some guys just don’t understand that about women.

So in a relationship, a guy will often start off by making his woman feel attracted in the ways that she wants, only to gradually slack off the more comfortable he begins to feel with her.

Then, when she finally gets fed up and breaks up with him and he tries to get her back, he doesn’t realize that he’s turning her off in the exact same way that caused her to want to break up with him in the first place.

This is why, if you want to make your ex change her mind about the break up, you first need to understand her real reasons for breaking up with you, so you can adjust and change in the ways that will actually give her the attraction experience she really wants in a relationship.

For example: When interacting with your ex, ask yourself…

  • Am I sparking her sexual and romantic feelings for me right now (i.e. by being confident, emotionally masculine, charismatic, funny), or am I turning her off (i.e. by being insecure, wimpy, submissive, timid, desperate)?
  • Does she feel relaxed and happy to be talking to me, or does she feel tense, stressed out and like she wants to get away from me as quickly as possible?
  • Am I making her feel like a sexy, desirable woman in my presence, or do I make her feel more like a neutral friend, or even worse, she doesn’t feel anything at all for me?
  • Am I leading the interaction with her in an emotionally dominant, yet loving way, or have I handed all my power over to her and am doing whatever she wants me to do to please her?
  • Am I happy and satisfied with myself and my life, with or without her, or do I still need her approval and acceptance to feel good about myself?
  • Does she feel respect and sexual attraction for me based on my attitude and how I now talk, act and behave around her, or does she feel like she could get a better attraction experience from another guy?

If you are doing it right, she will naturally start looking at you in a more positive light.

When that happens, her defenses will begin to come down and she will feel drawn to you again in a way that feels good to her.

She then starts to think things like, “I never thought he could do it, but he’s really changed so much. He actually seems to understand me so much more than he ever did before. I can’t believe I’m even thinking this, but maybe I made a mistake breaking up with him after all.”

Another possible reason why your ex has no regrets about breaking up with you is…

5. You’ve given her a false sense of power over you and the relationship

Believe it or not, whether you and your ex get back together again is not all up to her.

In fact, you have so much control that you’re not aware of or using.

So, just because your ex is currently saying things like, “Forget about it. I have no regrets about breaking up with you, so nothing you say or do will make me give you another chance,” it doesn’t mean her decision is set in stone and you should give up on the idea of getting her back.

When you actively spark her feelings for you again, everything (including her opinion of you, her lack of regret and her decision to remain broken up) will change.

So, don’t take what she’s saying so seriously.

If you continue to chase after her and try to convince her to change her mind, you’re just giving her a false sense of superiority over you and making her think that she has power over you, when she doesn’t.

So, rather than regret her decision to break up with you, she continues rejecting you.

Yet, here’s the thing…

In a relationship, if you hand your power over to a woman, she won’t be able to respect you anymore.

If she can’t respect you, she won’t be able to feel sexually attracted to you and without those two things in place, being in a relationship with you isn’t something that appeals to her romantically.

So, don’t give your ex power over you by letting her decide whether you and her should be together again or not.

Instead, just maintain your confidence with her (especially when she tries to make you feel bad by saying that she has no regrets about breaking up with you) and focus on re-sparking her feelings for you every chance you get.

The more respect and sexual attraction she feels for the new you, the less she will be able to hold on to her decision.

Her defenses will begin to erode and then the process of getting her back becomes easier because she is feeling open to you.

By the way…

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes if Your Aim is to Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up With You and Then Give You Another Chance

How you behave when interacting with your ex from now on will either spark her feelings for you and make her regret her decision to leave you, or it will only confirm what she already knows (i.e. that you’re not the man for her).

So, avoid these 3 mistakes:

1. Seeking pity for how her lack of regret makes you feel

This usually only makes a woman feel like her ex is trying to manipulate her by making her feel guilty.

As a result, she loses even more respect for him and will feel even more convinced that she made the right decision by breaking up with him.

So, don’t bother trying to make your ex feel pity for you.

Instead, focus on re-sparking her feelings of respect and attraction for you during interactions, so she naturally starts to have regrets about breaking up with you.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

2. Getting angry at her, insulting her or accusing her of being selfish or heartless

In most cases, behaving like an out of control brat only convinces a woman that you’re not the right man for her.

So, if you truly want to get her back, the best way to go about it is by showing her what she will be losing if she doesn’t give you another chance.


One way of doing that is by maintaining control of your emotions around her no matter what she says or does to get under your skin and upset you.

As a result, she will realize that you are being the kind of man she can look up to, respect and feel proud to be with.

She will then start to feel drawn to you in a way that feels good to her.

Then, the idea of being your girl again is something she becomes open to.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

3. Asking her if she ever truly loved you

It never works.

It’s always best to assume that you are more than good enough for a woman, while also being a great man.

The assumption of worthiness projects the kind of confidence that women are attracted to.

As long as a guy is being a great man at the same time, she can naturally respect him because of that too.

However, when a man is insecure about his attractiveness and value to her and has to ask whether or not she ever loved him, she loses respect and attraction for him (i.e. because women are instinctively turned off by a guy who needs her to reassure him of her love or devotion so that he can feel confident, worthy, or happy).

So, don’t put yourself in that position.

Just believe in yourself and know that she loved you.

Then go ahead and re-attract her, make her fall in love with you all over again and get her back.

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