5 things you should do now that your ex has unblocked you:

1. Don’t try to discuss the relationship too much

Don't try to discuss the relationship too much

Congrats! She has unblocked you.

Now what?

Rush to get her on a phone call, start talking about your relationship and how you can get back together again?



Just because your ex has unblocked your number on her phone, it doesn’t mean that she’s ready to get into deep discussions about getting back together again.

As tempted as you might feel to work things out with her right now (e.g. by texting her to apologize to her for your past mistakes, telling her that you’ve missed her and still care for her, asking her to tell you what she wants you to do to make her happy), it’s best to avoid the heavy stuff and only focus on light, easy-going and funny texts before getting her on a call and meeting up with her in person.

If you get into deep, serious conversations about the relationship with your ex before making her feel sexually and romantically attracted to you again, she will likely feel overwhelmed and may even block you again.

So, if you don’t want to scare her away, leave the serious discussions for after you’ve reactivated her feelings for you and made her want you back.

When you approach things in that order, she will keep her guard down and be open to taking things to the next level with you, rather than being turned off again and blocking you.

For now, just focus on making her smile, laugh and feel good to be around you again.

That doesn’t mean you need to be constantly making jokes or being silly around her.

Instead, it’s simply about not being so serious about everything and not going over past mistakes or issues again and again.

When she’s smiling, laughing and enjoying being in your presence, it becomes difficult for her to continue seeing you in a negative light.

Re-attract her in person after getting unblocked

She opens back up to you and you can then hook up with her sexually and get the relationship back together.

Another thing to remember now that she has unblocked you is…

2. Don’t try to suck up to her

Sometimes, a guy feels so grateful to his ex for unblocking him that when he interacts with her again, he tries to stay on her good side by saying and doing whatever he thinks will please her (i.e. he sucks up to her, acts really nice, is on his best behavior at all times).

For example: He might agree with whatever his ex is saying about him (e.g. she calls him a jerk, blames him for everything that happened between them) and not stand up for himself because he’s afraid that she will get angry and block him again.

He might also become very nice, polite and considerate and make himself available to her whenever she needs something (e.g. money, a favor, an answer to a question, anything), in the hope that she will be impressed by his devotion to her and reward him with another chance.

Unfortunately, that’s not how women respond to men who suck up to them.

Instead, when a woman has lost respect for her ex as a man, him sucking up to her just makes her feel even more turned off by him for not having a backbone.

She begins to think, “Does he really think that by sucking up to me and being a good little boy I’m just going to forget about everything he did in the past and give him another chance? His behavior only confirms to me that he still doesn’t get what I really want from a man and is merely hoping that if he’s extra nice to me, I will feel sorry for him and give him another chance. No way. He doesn’t get it. I’m actually starting to regret unblocking him now. Maybe I need to block him and get on with my life, because he clearly hasn’t changed.”

So, don’t waste time and energy trying to suck up to her.

Be good to her, but don’t be a pushover.


If you let her bully you or treat you badly because you’re secretly hoping that she’ll feel guilty and then give you another chance, you’re just going to be turning her off even more.

Women are not attracted to wimpy, fearful behavior like that from men.

If you want to impress her, then be good to her, but be more ballsy and confident.

Another thing to remember now that she has unblocked you is…

3. Keep your replies brief and add in humor

Naturally, the first thing you might want to do when you realize that your ex has unblocked you, is send her a text message to open the lines of communication between you once again.

That’s fine.

However, something you need to bear in mind is that you can’t get your ex back via text alone.

You need to talk to her on the phone, or meet up with her in person to re-attract her for real.

Texts are okay, but don’t rely on them as your number one and only way to get her back.

When texting her, keep things brief and add in some humor at times, so she enjoys chatting with you and doesn’t feel overwhelmed with how much text you are sending her.

On that note, make sure you don’t send her walls of text telling her how happy you are that she’s unblocked you, how much you’ve missed her, how your life has been going, or how much you want to work things out with her.

Women hate it when guys get too emotional via text or attempt to have long conversations via text because they don’t have the balls to call her on the phone, or talk to her in person.

A woman loves it when a guy respects her time by sending her a text that is not only short and to the point, but also makes her smile and feel good to be hearing from him.

For example:

You: Hey, you finally unblocked me. I promise to only send you 100 texts a day. Lol…just kidding. Hope you’re well.
Her: Lol…

Then, leave it for 48 hours and text her something like…

You: Hey ex girlfriend. How was your day?
Her: Not bad. Mostly work stuff. How about you?
You: Ummm…I probably shouldn’t tell you.
Her: Why not? What?
You: It’s way too much to text. Lol…I’ll give you a call in 5.

Then, call her in 5 minutes and have a fun, easy-going chat with her.

If she asks why you couldn’t text her, just say, “Imagine trying to text everything that we’re talking about now. What a pain in the ass that would be” and have a laugh with her.

By approaching your communication with her in that way, you’re not only making her smile, but you are also making her feel attracted to the new and improved you.

She’s curious about the new you, who isn’t needy, annoying or pressuring her to get back into a relationship.

As a result, she begins looking forward to hearing from you, or opens up and hints that she would be okay to meet up and say in person.

By the way, if you approach it a little differently and don’t get her on a phone call right away, you can do that after a little more texting.

Whatever you do though, make sure that you…

4. Get to a phone call

Don’t keep texting to the point where she eventually loses interest and either stops replying or blocks you again.

There’s no point in breaking down her walls of resistance and making her look forward to talking to you, if you don’t then have the courage to call her and talk on the phone.

Note: I know that some modern women don’t seem to like chatting on the phone.

I get it.

Yet, here’s the thing…

Any woman likes talking on the phone to a guy who makes her smile, laugh and feel attracted to him because he’s being confident and interesting.

Likewise, pretty much any woman hates talking on the phone to guy who makes her feel awkward, stressed or annoyed by his unattractive communication style (e.g. giving her too much power in the conversation, being too nice, being insecure).

In other words, if you call her and make her feel attracted, she’s going to enjoy talking you.

So, once you’ve sparked her curiosity via text, just call her and build on her feelings of respect and attraction for you even more.

For example: When you initially call her after saying that you probably shouldn’t tell her something via text, she might ask, “Okay, no more excuses. It’s time to spill the beans. What have you been up to that you couldn’t tell me via text?”

You can then say (in a joking way, of course), “Well, I’ve been cast in an action movie. It’s top secret, so you have to promise not to tell anyone about it. I’ve been shooting in exotic locations like the local coffee shop down the road from my house, in my back yard and best of all, at the local swimming pool. I get to wear really bright, yellow swimming trunks and rescue people from drowning. It’s so cool. I’m called, Yellow Pants Super Man. I’ll invite you to the premier if you like.”

At that point, she’ll probably be smiling, laughing and thinking about you in a positive way because you’re being playful and having fun with her, rather than being serious or emotional and trying to get her back.

As a result, she will feel curious about your newfound relaxed and confident attitude towards her, which will naturally make her feel respect and attraction for you again.

When that happens, her guard comes down and she opens herself up to the idea of talking to you again or seeing you in person.

So, make sure that you…

5. Get to a meet up

Get to a meet up

After a bit more light-hearted conversation where you continue to spark her feelings of respect and attraction, go ahead and ask your ex to meet up with you in person.

For example: Say, in a light-hearted, joking way, “Anyway, it’s been great talking to you again. However, I have to get back on the set or else my director will fire me. How about we meet up for some coffee sometime this week? I’ll give you the inside scoop in what it’s like to be such a great up and coming actor,” and then laugh with her about that.

Then add, “Seriously though, I’d love to catch up with you and say hello in person. Of course, it wouldn’t be about us getting back together again. It’s just a meet up between two old friends over a cup of coffee. So, how about it? What day would suit you best?”

If you’ve successfully sparked her feelings for you, she will almost certainly agree to catch up.

If she says that she isn’t sure or doesn’t agree that you and her should meet up, don’t let it make you feel uncertain or insecure.

Relax and confidently say, “Hey, it’s just coffee. Nothing more. After that, if you decide you never want to see me again, I promise to never contact you again. So, how about it? This Thursday at 7pm [or whatever suits you and her]”

At that point, she will most likely say “Yes,” and you can then go ahead and arrange a suitable day and time.

When you meet up, show her that you truly have changed, improved and are now the kind of man she always wanted you to be (e.g. confident, self-approving, emotionally masculine).

If you do that part right, she will drop her guard, open back up to you and give you another chance.

Where Guys Go Wrong When an Ex Unblocks Their Number, or Unblocks Them From Social Media

Where guys go wrong when their ex unblocks them

The fact that your ex has unblocked you is a good thing because you now have a perfect opening to re-attract her and get her back.

However, her unblocking you can also be a bad thing, if you make rookie mistakes that turn her off and make her regret her decision.

So, be sure to avoid the following mistakes:

1. Communicating in ways that turn her off

For example: A guy might…

  • Send her numerous texts telling her about his feelings, apologizing for his mistakes and trying to convince her why she should give him another chance.
  • Bombard her with texts all day and night, so he can stay on her mind and hopefully prevent her from focusing on another guy.
  • Always respond instantly to any communication from her (e.g. a text, social media message, or a phone call), regardless of what time it is, or if he’s really busy.
  • Try to make her feel sorry for him by telling her how much he’s suffered since they broke up.
  • Ask her pointless questions just to be able to text her, which ends up annoying her and making her want to block him again.

When a woman experiences that from an ex that she has unblocked, it’s only a matter of time before she blocks him again.

So, be sure to remain calm and focus on making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you, so she wants to talk to you on the phone or meet up with you in person.

The next mistake to avoid is…

2. Putting way too much effort into a reply text

For example: A guy might overanalyze everything that his ex girls texts to him and then respond to her by explaining things in detail.

He’s hoping that if she can see that he’s taking everything she says to him very seriously, she will then be more willing to talk to him over the phone or meet up with him in person.

Yet, putting in way too much effort just makes a woman want to stop texting because it’s just not fun for her.

She looks at all that effort as meaning that he’s either very desperate to get her back, too afraid to talk to her on the phone, or too messed up in the head to get straight to the point like a man.

As a result, she feels turned off and wants to stop texting back and forth with him.

So, if you want your ex to keep your number unblocked, don’t put in loads of effort into crafting huge, detailed replies.

Instead, just keep your texts light and to the point and then get her on a phone call with you where you can properly spark her feelings by being very confident and using humor.

When you do that, she is then free to think things like, “This is interesting. He’s so much funnier now. I wonder what’s gotten into him? Maybe he really has changed. Maybe I should meet up with him and see what happens.”

He can then get her back, rather than getting stuck in texting land and eventually getting blocked again.

The next mistake to avoid is…

3. Appearing desperate when replying via text

Sometimes a guy is so happy that his ex is interacting with him again that he can’t stop himself from acting a little too keen.

For example: He uses way too many emojis, emoticons or exclamation marks (e.g. “Hey!!!!! It’s sooooo nice to hear from you again!!!! ☺☺☺☺”), or he types LOL after pretty much after everything he says to her, or in every reply (e.g. “Hey, it’s you! LOL. So glad you unblocked me. LOL. Been thinking about you. LOL”).

Women hate guys who are like that, because it makes a woman feel like she’s interacting with a boy, rather than a man.

So, be sure to maintain your confidence when you text your ex.

Respond to her in a mature, masculine way, so she can feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

The next mistake to avoid is…

4. Sticking to text

Texting your ex to open the lines of communication with her after she unblocks you is fine, but it’s not the main thing that will get her back.

If you just stick to texting back and forth, she will either get bored and stop replying, or she will keep you around as her texting buddy, while she continues to go out, meet new guys, have sex and fall in love.

If you want her back for real, you’ve got to be man enough to guide both you and her back into a relationship by attracting her on a phone call or in person.

As a general rule, only use text as a way of getting her on a phone call, or getting her to meet up with you in person.

Then, focus on fully reawakening her feelings of sexual and romantic attraction for you.

When you do that, she will be yours again and she will love it.

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