Here are 5 common reasons why a guy will feel that way and how he can get her back: 

1. He knows that she is the right girl for him 

Sometimes, a guy just ‘knows’ that his ex is the one for him.

He feels as though they have a special connection and he loves her more than any other woman he has ever known.

As a result, he wants to be with her, preferably for life.

This is why, if they spilt up, it’s very difficult for him to accept that and move on.

Here’s the thing though…

If you honestly believe that your ex is the right girl for you, then you need to understand that you don’t actually have to let her go just because you and her have spilt up.

That doesn’t mean you should adopt a fatalistic attitude and think things like, “Well, if it’s meant to be, she will come back to me,” and then sit around waiting for her to realize that you’re the perfect man for her too.

In most cases, that rarely happens and even if the woman does miss her ex and feels as though she made a mistake by breaking up with him, if he doesn’t make a move, she will force herself to get over him and move on.

As a result, he ends up losing out on being with the love of his life, simply because he didn’t know how to go about getting her back.

Don’t let that happen to you.

If you want to be with your ex, make it happen.

That means you need to take action to get her back, rather than waiting for her to come back to you on her own.

When you interact with her via text, social media, over the phone and especially in person and re-spark some of her sexual and romantic feelings for you (e.g. by making her smile, laugh and feel good to be in contact with you again, showing her via your actions, behavior and attitude that you’ve leveled up as a man, making her feel like a feminine, girly woman in your presence), getting her back becomes possible.

She suddenly stops thinking about you in a completely negative way and opens herself up to at least catching up with you and possibly hooking up with you to see if you and her can work things out.

So, focus on that.

The best approach if you want her back is to get her on a phone call, reactivate some of her feelings and then meet up with her in person so that you can fully reawaken her feelings for you again.

Just make sure that you don’t try to get her to commit to the idea of getting back together again before re-sparking her feelings for you.

If you do that, she’s probably going to keep pushing you away and saying things like, “Sorry, but you need to accept that it’s over between us. We’re just not right for each other and the sooner you realize that, the better it will be for both of us.”

So, make sure that every time you interact with her, you spark some of her feelings for you.

When you do that, getting her back becomes easy, because she wants it too.

Another common reason why a guy will feel that way is…

2. He knows that he can level up and re-attract her 

When a guy knows that he’s got what it takes to level up and re-attract his ex in new and interesting ways, it’s natural that he will want her back right away.

If you’re one of those guys, you will understand that what you do from now on, is much more important than what you say you will do.

So, if you want to be with your ex girlfriend again, you have to show her, not tell her that you’re at a different level now than when you and her split up.

You need to do that when you’re talking to her on the phone or in person (not via text, email or social media).

She has to be able to experience the new and improved you while talking to you.

So make sure that when you interact with your girlfriend from now on, you’re showing her all the ways that you’ve leveled up as a man.

For example: 

  • You’re less insecure and unsure of yourself now, which means you’re not worried that she’s not interested in getting back with you when she’s being cold or aloof towards you during interactions.
  • You’re more emotionally independent now, so even though you do want her back, you don’t need her back to feel good about yourself.
  • You’re more emotionally masculine now, so you make her feel feminine and girly in your presence, rather than feelings neutral, or worse, turned off by you.
  • You’re more ballsy now, so she can’t dominate you with her confident personality like she used to.
  • You believe in your value and attractiveness to her now, so you don’t feel as though she is too good for you. 

When your girlfriend experiences those kinds of changes in you, she won’t be able to hold on to her negative perception of you.

She then can’t stop herself from feeling drawn to you again.

She then naturally drops her guard and opens up to being with you again romantically and sexually.

3. He knows that if they got back into a relationship, he wouldn’t make the same mistakes and she would be happy 

A small percentage of guys are good at learning from their past mistakes and either using those lessons to have a better relationship with a new woman, or an improved relationship with their ex woman.

A guy like that is much more appealing to an ex woman, because she can sense the changes and know that a relationship with him really would be better this time around.

Unfortunately, most guys struggle with that and as a result, they find it very difficult, or near impossible to get an ex woman back.

This is why, it’s very important that if you want your ex back, you must figure out where you really went wrong in the relationship with her, so you can begin to give her an upgraded attraction experience from now on.

By the way…

If you’re struggling to figure out what your mistakes in the relationship might have been, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Did you start out confident, emotionally strong and positive and then end up becoming insecure, needy, clingy and negative?
  • Did you make her feel like a sexy and desirable woman in your presence, or did she feel more like your neutral friend or roommate?
  • Did you take the lead in the relationship thereby allowing her to fully relax into thinking, acting and behaving like a feminine woman, or did you allow her to make all the decisions and be the boss (e.g. because you believed that is what she wanted), so she felt more emotionally dominant than you?
  • Were you a bit of a challenge to her so she felt that she had to work hard to impress you and maintain your interest, or were you predictable and unsurprising resulting in her feeling bored and unexcited?
  • Did you make her feel loved and appreciated, or did she feel taken for granted?
  • Did you have friends, interests and goals that you were working towards achieving outside of the relationship with her, or did you give all that up to be with her, thereby causing her to feel smothered by your emotional dependence on her? 
  • Did you make her feel loved, appreciated and taken care of in the relationship with you, or were you too emotionally closed off so she always felt unsure of her place in your life? 

When you understand what caused your ex to break up with you, you can easily make the necessary improvements and adjustments to your thinking and behavior.

Then when you interact with her and she sees that you’re now able to make her feel attracted in the way that she always wanted from you but never got, she will naturally feel drawn to you again.

She won’t be able to stop feeling respect and attraction for you once more and then, you can easily guide her back into a relationship with you.

4. She is the most attractive woman he’s ever been with, or the one who he had the best emotional connection with

If a guy’s ex was the most beautiful woman he ever dated and they also had an amazing connection (e.g. they had the same views and opinions about life, they loved each other’s quirks and odd personality traits, they shared a similar vision for the future, they felt more comfortable in each others company than with anyone else), then it’s only natural that it will be hard for him to let go of her and move on.

In his mind, she seems irreplaceable and in a way, she is. 

Yet, even though he might believe what they had together was unique and special, it won’t matter if his ex doesn’t feel the same way too. 

So, even though you might want your ex back, contacting her and telling her all about how special you think the connection between you is, she’s almost certainly not going to care about that right now.

From her point of view, she’s not feeling that connection the way you are, so hearing you talk about it likely only annoys her and makes her feel as though you’re only thinking about you and what you want.

In other words, you love her and want her back, but what she feels and wants isn’t important to you.

This is why, regardless of how amazing you think the connection between you and your ex was, that was then.

What matters at the present moment is how you make her feel right now, not how she felt with you in the past.

Additionally, if your ex was the most attractive woman you’ve ever had a relationship with, then you need to make sure that you relight the sexual spark between you and her to make her want to be with you again.

So, focus on that.

When you reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings for you again, she will automatically begin to feel respect and attraction for you and her guard will come down.

Then, you won’t have to convince her to feel the same way you do (i.e. that what you have with each other is special and unique) because she already will.

Another common reason why a guy will feel that way is…

5. He knows that it will be difficult for him to find and attract another high quality woman who would be good enough to replace her

There are instances where a guy secretly believes that his ex was totally out of his league and that he got lucky when she agreed to be his girl.

So naturally, when they split up, he begins thinking things like, “She was too perfect for me to ever be able to replace her. I just can’t find another woman like her to love. She was one of a kind. I know I don’t deserve her, but she’s all I want. I can’t be happy without her.”

Yet, here’s what a guy like that doesn’t realize.

His ex was only out of his league because he doesn’t have much confidence and doesn’t believe in his value to women.

So, in order to get another woman, he will likely have to settle for the kind of woman who will accept him (e.g. unattractive, insecure women).

What he doesn’t realize is that he actually is good enough for higher quality women and he could easily attract them if he only believed in himself.

However, since he doubts himself, those kinds of women overlook him and try to find a more suitable match (i.e. a confident, emotionally masculine, self-assured man).

Unfortunately though, when a guy thinks that way about himself (i.e. that he’s unworthy of his ex or another high quality woman), it comes through in his attitude, actions, behavior and body language.

As a result, not only does that turn his ex off if he interacts with her, but it will also turn other quality women off as well.

So, if you want to get your girlfriend back, it’s very important that you believe that you’re good enough for her.

If you don’t believe that about yourself, she’s not going to be able to believe it either.

Remember: Women can sense insecurity, self-doubt and desperation and avoid it, so you can’t hide it if it’s in there.

That’s why you’ve got to honestly believe that you are good enough for her.

Then, when you interact with her she will be able to pick it up in the way you think, act, behave and respond to her and she will naturally start to feel drawn to you again. 

She will feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you and then she becomes open to the idea of getting back together again.

At the same time, you become attractive to other women too.

On the other hand, if you doubt that you can re-attract your girlfriend (or another woman if you want to), she will pick up on it and feel that breaking up with you was the right decision for her.

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