Many women use that as an excuse to break up with a good guy who hasn’t really done anything wrong in the relationship.

She can’t really complain about him, except for one, little thing.

A lack of attraction.

On the surface, he seems like a great catch and she feels like she should be happy with him, but she’s not.

This is because the lack of attraction causes a relationship dynamic where there isn’t much of a spark.

Of course, he feels the spark and he is definitely attracted to her, but it’s not mutual.

In most cases, it’s because he’s too nice to her, too giving or predictable.

For her to be happy with him, he needs to be a bit more ballsy, challenging and masculine at times, so she can feel attracted to him in the ways that matter most to her (I’ll explain those ways in this article).

So, if your girlfriend has said that you’re too good for her and deserve better, you have a perfect opportunity to re-attract her and make her want you back more than ever.

Here are 5 ways you can do it…

1. Use her comments as a way to attract her back with humor

Use her comments as a way to attract her back with humor

Humor always makes women feel attracted to a man, as long as he is being confident and masculine when using it.

It’s not about being overly silly, constantly cracking jokes with her or being her personal comedian.

Instead, it’s simply about being confident, masculine and a bit ballsy and as a result, making her feel girly in comparison to you and therefore, attracted to you.

So, the next time your girlfriend says something along the lines of, “Look, you’re too good for me and you deserve better. I can’t be the woman you want or deserve. So, stop making this harder for me than it already is. You need to just accept the break up and let me go. You deserve a better woman than me” you need to shock her (in a good way) and diffuse the situation by using confident, ballsy humor (while still being a good guy, of course).

Remember: She will probably be expecting you to get upset and respond with something along the lines of, “No, please don’t say that. You are perfect for me. I don’t want any other woman. I only want you! You are more than good enough for me. Please, don’t do this. Just give us another chance.”

Don’t say something like that though.

Instead, when she says that she’s not good enough for you, respond by saying something like, “Yes, you’re right. I am way too good for you, aren’t I? I always thought that,” and have a laugh with her about that.

Note: Don’t text that line to her.


When a woman can’t see your body language and facial expressions (e.g. see that you are smiling, you look calm and relaxed) or hear the tonality of your voice (e.g. you sound confident, she can hear you laughing, she can tell you’re only joking), then can easily take what you’re saying the wrong way.

Even if you do add some smiley face emojis, she might still misinterpret your joke, especially if she feels really insecure about herself and her value to you.

Then, rather than have the desired effect (i.e. get her to relax and start feeling drawn to you again in a good way), she may end up closing herself off even more, which will make it difficult for you to re-attract her and get her back.

This is why you need to say it to her on a phone call (audio or video), in a voice text (in a chat app for example), or in person, rather than via text.

When you say it on a call, in a voice text or in person, she can sense that you’re only joking and as a result, she can then feel attracted to your confidence and ability to make her laugh when in a pressured situation.

As a result, she can then start thinking things like, “Hmm…I thought he’d get upset and tell me that what I was saying isn’t true, or tell me how amazing I am. Instead, he has the balls to joke around with me like that. I like it. Yet, now I feel so confused. This other side to him is attractive to me. I want to see if it’s real. Could he really break out of his Mr. Nice Guy mode and be a bit more ballsy with me at times? Maybe breaking up with him was a mistake. Maybe I should just give him another chance.”

Another thing you can do to get your girlfriend back is…

2. Accept the break up, wish her the best, but get her to agree to remain ‘just friends’

Accept the break up, wish her the best and agree to be just friends

Remaining ‘just friends’ means that you can keep the lines of communication open and then use that to re-attract her.

It also makes a woman feel like she is losing your romantic interest, which can then cause her to want to show you interest to get you showing romantic interest again.

In the process of doing that, it can cause her to really want to be with you again, or at least hook up with you to see how she feels afterwards.

So, don’t worry about accepting the break up, wishing her all the best and then getting her to agree to be ‘just friends’ from now on.

It works.

On the other hand, if you try to debate her about her belief that she is too good for you, then she will know that you simply don’t understand what she really means (i.e. you’re too nice to her. She needs you to have more balls. That’s why she is really breaking up with you).

As a result, she will end up saying something like, “Please just accept that it’s over. You need to take care of yourself and stop worrying about me. You will find yourself a better woman than me. Good bye. I wish you all the best.”

So, to avoid going down the path where she pushes you away, be smart about this and accept her decision.

For example: Say something along the lines of, “Hey, if that’s how you feel, then I accept it. We are broken up and will never get back together. That’s okay. All I would ask is that we are mature enough to at least be friends.”

She might accept that right away and then, you simply keep the lines of communication open and use it to re-attract her and make her want you back.

However, if she says something like, “I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I think it’s better if we don’t talk to each other anymore” or, “I don’t know. I don’t think I can be just friends with you. It would be too difficult for me,” don’t just accept it and walk away defeated and rejected.

Instead, just maintain your confidence and say in a relaxed, light-hearted way, “Hey, you don’t need to be so serious about it. We can be friends. It’s not difficult to do that. It’s simply being able to say hello to each other as a friend from time to time. Our relationship is over and I accept that. I’m sure you accept it too. So, now we can do the mature thing and just be friends.”

At that point, she will most likely agree (e.g. because she doesn’t want to come across as being too stubborn or seem like the immature one, or because she really does still have feelings for you and doesn’t want to completely cut you out of her life).

Whatever the case, you can then use the friendship to attract her in new ways that she’s never experienced with you before.

For example: If a guy has been dumped by his girlfriend, who used the old excuse of, “You’re too good for me. You deserve better” then he needs to:

Realizing that she isn’t breaking up with him because he’s too good for her. She’s breaking up with him because he’s probably too nice, too generous (e.g. gifts, financial assistance, paying for everything) and has allowed her to control him in the relationship. She likes him, but she just doesn’t want that type of relationship dynamic with a man.

Being more of a challenge to her, so she feels the need to impress him, rather than being so nice and accommodating with her all the time.

Having the balls to stand up to her by being a bit more assertive at times, while still being a good man to her.

  • Laughing at her (in a loving way) when she tests his confidence and masculinity by pretending to be moody, or take what he is saying the wrong way. He still treats her well and is good to her, but he stops taking her fake drama so seriously. This makes her feel the kind of respect and attraction that she is truly seeking from a relationship experience, but will rarely, if ever admit to a man; especially a man that she is dumping with the reason of, “You’re too good for me” when she really means, “You don’t have enough balls for a woman like me. You’re too soft. You take what I say too seriously. You are too accommodating to me. I need a man who doesn’t put up with my BS, but is still a good man to me.”
  • Not trying to discuss his way back into a relationship with her (e.g. by giving her a list of reasons why she is good enough for him). Instead, he needs to focus on making her feel attracted to him in the ways that have actually been missing (e.g. making her feel the desire to impress him and do good things for him, rather than him being the one who is putting in most of, or all of the work in the relationship).
  • Not trying to be her counsellor in life and help her heal from the baggage she is carrying from previous relationships, or her childhood. When a woman doesn’t know how to break up with a good guy, she will often use the excuse of saying that she has issues and as a result, doesn’t deserve a great guy like him. She will say that she needs time to sort herself out. Yet, the real reason she is breaking up with him is that she just doesn’t feel enough attraction based on his nice guy, or ‘save the messed up girl’ approach to the relationship. She doesn’t need to be rescued. She needs to feel the kind of attraction she is searching for in a relationship. That can only happen with a guy who isn’t trying to save her, or who doesn’t jump through all of her hoops to hopefully impress her.

Your girlfriend isn’t going to tell you the kind of things that I’ve just outlined above.

Additionally, what you probably don’t realize is that your girlfriend has dumped previous boyfriend(s) for the same reasons.

She doesn’t need to saved or rescued by a guy.

Instead, she wants to be with a good man, who makes her feel the desire to impress him, be good to him, to good things for him and maintain his interest.

If you can give her that relationship dynamic, she is yours.

If you can’t, then you will continue to get excuses from her as to why she doesn’t want to give you another chance (e.g. “Sorry, I can’t be the woman you want. You deserve someone better than me” and so on).

It’s just her way of trying to be nice and not hurt your feelings by telling you the truth (e.g. “Sorry, I don’t want to get back with you because you still don’t understand how to make me feel attracted. You’re too nice, you give me way too much, you allow me to walk all over you and that’s not what I want to experience in a relationship with a man”).

So, rather than trying to convince her that she is good enough for you, just get her to agree to just be ‘friends’ for now and use that as a way to remain in contact with her to re-attract her.

To re-attract her and make her want you back, focus on attracting her in the ways that she really wants, but will probably never tell you about.

Another thing you can do to get your girlfriend back is…

3. Let her see you hanging out with women via your social media profiles

Let her see you hanging out with woman via your social media profiles

Even though women rarely admit it, they are so much more attracted to men who have other women around them, compared to men who are just on their own.

I know this from personal experience in my life, from coaching guys and helping them get ex girlfriends back and from scientific studies done on the topic.

For example: A study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, found that 90% of women found a guy attractive if they were told that he was already in a relationship with a woman, compared to 59% being interested if they were told he was single.

There is also a large body of evidence in mating psychology that suggests women engage in what is known as ‘mate choice copying.’

This is where women feel more attracted to men who other women are attracted to, or who other women are with.

One of the reasons a woman’s attraction works that way, is that the majority of what makes a woman feel attracted to a man is based on his personality traits and behavior and how that relates to how others will respect him and what he will be able to achieve in life.

On the other hand, a man can decide to want to have sex with a woman instantly based on how she looks and can then fall in love with her based on her looks.

If she also has a nice, friendly personality, then great, but he would still want to at least have sex with her at least once.

Yet, for women, they see men and think, “What kind of guy is he? Is he confident around others? Do others respect him?” and so on.

In most cases, women need to find out what kind of guy he is, before they can truly decide if they would have sex with him.

This comes from the fact that, despite women participating in the workforce and being protected by police and the court system into today’s civilized society, women still feel like they need to rely on a man for protection and to provide for them if they were to get pregnant.

One of the fastest ways for a woman to find out if a man has what other women are really looking for, is to check whether or not other women like him and want to be with him, or he already has an attractive woman as a girlfriend or wife.

If other women like him or if he has an attractive girlfriend or wife, then she doesn’t need to waste time trying to figure out whether or not he is attractive.

Other women have already confirmed it for her.

This is why, you should never, ever be afraid to let your girlfriend see you enjoying life without her, even if that includes having women in some of the photos that you post to social media.

If women are in some of your photos, make sure that you look confident and that the women seem very happy to be in the photo with you.

If they look distance, or if the photo looks staged (e.g. you ask a couple of random women to take a photo with you and they don’t seem to like you, or want to be close to you), your girlfriend will pick up on that and it will turn her off.

Yet, if you post up photos and some of them include you around other women who are clearly enjoying spending time with you and really want to be close to you, it will absolutely, without a doubt, make your girlfriend feel more attracted to you.

Additionally, letting your ex see you around other women also serves another very important purpose.

That being, it shows her that you’re not lonely and sitting around at home feeling sad and depressed because she has broken up with you.

Instead, you are confident, you believe in yourself and are moving forward in life without her.

That is attractive to her.

Of course, she probably won’t admit that and might even get annoyed and say something like, “Well, obviously you don’t care about me anymore. Fine! I can’t believe you’ve moved on already. I guess I was right to break up with you. You clearly didn’t love me as much as I loved you. You just screwed up your chances with me. Goodbye!”

Yet, here’s the thing…

Getting annoyed is a woman’s way of hiding her deeper feelings (e.g. she feels jealous and is worried that you’ve already replaced her, she’s angry that she no longer has control or as much power over you as she once thought she did).

She also doesn’t want to admit that seeing you with other women makes her feel attracted (i.e. because it proves to her that you’re the kind of man other women feel attracted to – in other words, a catch).

She doesn’t want you to know that (i.e. because it will mean that her defenses are down and she’s more vulnerable to being seduced back into a relationship with you), so she hides behind anger and hurt feelings.

Additionally, a woman will also get annoyed or pretend to be angry to see if your photos were fake.

In other words, can she act so angry that you then say, “Please, I only want to be with you. I didn’t even like those women” and as a result, she can then relax and know that she still has the same power over you as she always had?

If so, then the photos instantly lose their most of their effect.

So, if she reacts badly (most women don’t BTW. I’m just preparing you for the worst, so you don’t make a mistake), don’t get sucked into her fake drama and start defending yourself.

Remain calm, confident and in control and just know that she is feeling attracted to you, even if she doesn’t want to be.

Based on the attraction that she is feeling for you, it will drive her mad thinking about you potentially sleeping with another woman.

She will literally lose sleep over it and before you know it, you will be getting texts or calls from her.

You can then use that to get her to meet up with you in person and then hook up with her sexually to get the relationship back together.

Of course, not all women react badly to seeing photos of their ex looking confident, happy, included and loved.

Most women simply react by texting or calling their ex and hoping that he has the balls to make a move by arranging a catch up in person, so she can then get him back, or at least hook up with him again to see how she feels afterwards.

So, if you want to spark your ex girlfriend’s feelings again, don’t be afraid to make her jealous via social media.

Remember the science.

It works.

I know it from my personal experience with women (I lived a player lifestyle for over 10 years, having multiple girlfriends at once and then settled down with my perfect girl and am now married), from helping guys from all over the world to get women back and from the science that I have studied on the topic.

You might be worried about doing it, but please don’t be.

If you are worried about hurting her feelings, then you’re just going to be continuing on with the Mr. Nice Guy approach that got you dumped in the first place.

She wants to feel the pain of potentially losing you.

So, you need to have the courage to make her feel that pain and then prepare for any fake anger she might display to test your newfound confidence and ability to attract her.

Put it this way, if you see her get angry, then it means she cares, so don’t ever worry.

Just make her feel the pain of potentially losing you and then make her feel positive emotions (i.e. a renewed sense of respect, attraction and desire for you) when you talk to her.

If you do that, she simply won’t be able to stop herself from missing you and wanting to see you.

You will be on her mind all the time.

Another thing you can do to get your girlfriend back is…

4. Get her to catch up with you as a friend, re-attract her sexually and then walk away without trying to get her back

Catch up as friends, re-attract her and then walk away without trying to get her back

This is very powerful, especially with women who have used the old, “You’re too good for me” excuse for a break up, when they really mean, “I don’t feel enough attraction for you because you’re not enough of a challenge for me.”

So, when you have interacted with her on a phone call (audio or video) and she is feeling attracted to the new you, suggest catching up as friends to say hi.

Let her know that you accept the break up and know that you and her aren’t ever going to get back together, but that it would be good to catch up and say hi as friends, even if it’s the last time you ever see each other.

You can suggest it as a mature goodbye as friends, to leave things in a good note as you both move on with your life.

She might immediately say “Yes,” to that, in which case you just go ahead and make arrangements.

However, if she tries to wriggle out of catching up, just tell her that it’s totally fine to catch up and say hi as friends and it’s the mature thing to do, given the circumstances (i.e. you do still like each other, but you are going to break up and never get back together. So, the least you could both do is catch up and say hi once last time before you move on with your life).

The important thing is to not just give up if she is initially being a bit resistant about catching up.

Of course, that doesn’t mean to whine, sulk or beg.

Instead, just maintain your confidence, maintain your cool and be a bit assertive as you suggest just catching up to say hi, or to say goodbye and part as friends as you both then move on with your life.

Make sure to add in the ‘mature’ word too.

After more than a decade of testing while helping men get women back, I’ve found that ex women respond well to the ‘mature’ word.

The woman doesn’t want to seem like the immature one of the two and will then agree to catch up.

It’s those kind of subtle secrets to getting an ex woman back that make all the difference.

Sometimes, a guy is so close to getting his ex girlfriend back, but he then says or does the wrong thing, which causes her to say, “No” or to keep her guard up.

So, make sure that you aware of what you need to do to ensure that this break up between you and her is reversed.

One of the ways you can reverse the break up with her is to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you (in person) and then not try to get her back.

Suddenly, she is feeling so attracted and open to you again, but you’re not trying to get the relationship back together.

She always wanted to feel the desire to impress you more, make you want her more and now she is feeling it.

She knows that she wants you, she wants to impress you, but you now seem like you have really accepted the break up.

This then causes most women like that to say something like, “I’ve decided that I want to give us another chance” or at the very least, to keep in contact with the man to hopefully show him that she is still interested.

So, if she says that she wants to give you and her another chance, you can then accept that and get back into a relationship with her.

If she doesn’t say something directly and just keeps texting you after catching up with you, then you can take that as a sign that she is still interested.

Then, after a coupe of days of texting, she will either make it obvious that she wants to see you again, or wants you back.

Yet, if she doesn’t, just call her, make her laugh and feel attracted on the phone and arrange another catch up.

Then, when you catch up, continue making her feel attracted and she will naturally want to get back together.

Before you know it, you will be hugging, kissing, having sex again and will almost certainly get back into a relationship after that.

Of course, she might play hard to get after that and use her old tricks on you by saying, “I’m still not sure.”

If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to make her feel attracted with some ballsy or challenging humor.

For example: You might react by saying, “Yeah, me too. Maybe I am too good for you” and have a laugh with her about that, rather than believing her fake drama and taking it all so seriously.

Only a man who can do that will truly win her heart.

She doesn’t want a guy who sits when she says sit, or rolls over when she says roll over, or essentially does whatever she says all the time.

She wants a guy who knows how to handle her fake drama and tests of his confidence.

If you can do that, she is yours.


She knows how difficult it is to find a man like that.

Another thing you can do to get your girlfriend back is…

5. Stop doing the things that turned her off and made her feel like she could take you for granted

Stop doing the things that turned her off and made her feel like she could take you for granted

In most cases, a guy will be aware of some of the thing he did to turn his ex girlfriend off, but he won’t know everything.

Her true reasons for breaking up with him will remain a mystery to him, often for the rest of his life.

He may think, “She said I was too good for her and that I deserved better. Don’t women want an amazing guy? If I was so perfect for her and was an amazing guy, then how could she break up with me? Why didn’t she hold on to me instead of push me away? Why do women break up with good men? Do they want bad men? I don’t get it.”

Some guys may eventually figure it out the truth (i.e. it wasn’t that he was too good for her. Instead, she simply didn’t like the relationship dynamic of him trying to buy her love or try hard to win her over all the time. She had too much power and he was too giving. She wanted a man who is more of a challenge), but many don’t.

In fact, I hear from new men all the time and sometimes a guy is making that mistake when he is 18 years old with his first girlfriend, 30 years old after having a few failed relationships, or when he is 50+, has experienced 2 failed marriages and is still making the same old mistakes with women.

Some men simply never learn that women want to feel like they have to impress you and win you over, while also seeing that you are a good man to them.

Essentially, women want a good man who is a challenge, not a nice man who will do everything for her regardless of how she treats him.

How about you though?

What are some of things that you think your girlfriend was turned off by, based on your approach to her and the relationship?

If you’re unsure, here are some questions for you:

  • Were you always nice and sweet to your girlfriend, regardless of how badly she was behaving (e.g. sulking, throwing tantrums, being in a bad mood all the time) or how horribly she treated you?
  • Did you often downplay your strengths and achievements around her to make her feel better about herself (e.g. if she was insecure about your intelligence vs. hers, you often acted goofy or pretended not to know as much as you do to hopefully make her happy)?
  • Were you always putting your needs in second place to hers, as a way of keeping her happy in the relationship?
  • Did she mostly get her way in the relationship, even if you really didn’t agree with her?
  • Did she feel as though she could simply throw a tantrum, threaten you with a break up or act like she was losing interest and you would then panic, apologize over and over and try hard to impress her?
  • Did you make her feel like you were always trying to fix her issues (i.e. the trauma she experienced from being with a bad ex boyfriend, or how she was treated as a child)? Do you now realize that a woman like her doesn’t want to be saved by a nice guy? If she was attracted to bad guys in the past (because they didn’t put up with her fake drama), she almost certainly won’t settle down with a nice guy who saves her. If she does settle down with a nice guy, she will cheat on him or divorce him. What a woman like her wants is to be with a good man who doesn’t take her fake drama and moods seriously. That isn’t a bad man. It’s a smart man who understands how to handle a woman like her. So, were you trying to fix her issues and save her from her past?

If you answered “Yes,” to any of the above questions, you were turning your ex girlfriend off in ways that she will probably never tell you about.

Here’s the thing…

Even though a woman may seem like she wants a guy who is always nice to her, agrees with everything she says, gives her whatever she wants and tries hard to always make her happy, the truth is, she doesn’t actually want a guy like that.


When a man hands over his power to a woman in a sexual, romantic relationship (especially if he thinks it will make her happy, or because she has been threatening to break up with him), she simply won’t be able to respect him anymore.

She will see him as a guy who can’t even stand up to a woman and get his way with her.

It doesn’t matter how successful the guy is in life, or if he is the manager of 100 people in an office.

When he comes home to her, or when they meet up, if he can’t even keep her in line and make her feel the desire to impress him and be a good girl to him, then she just won’t be able to respect him.

You need to make her feel the need to impress you

If a woman can’t respect you, then she won’t be able to feel sexually attracted to you and without those emotions in a relationship, she will look for any excuse (e.g. that you’re too good for her and deserve better, she needs time to figure out what she wants, she isn’t ready for a relationship because of her issues) to get out of the relationship.

So, if you want to get your girlfriend back, don’t let her control your behavior by listening to her sob story about not being good enough for you.

Don’t bend over backwards to convince her that it’s not true by saying, “No. You are good enough for me. You’re better me. I am the one who is lucky to have you. Please, don’t do this. I love you. You are perfect for me. I am so lucky to have you” and so on.

If she’s had previous boyfriends who were nice guys or who tried to save her from her past, then they will have reacted in the same way.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting an Ex Girlfriend Back Who Said That You’re Too Good For Her and Deserve Better

1. Trying to get her to change her mind by expressing your undying love for her in an email, or in a series of texts or messages

In some cases, a woman really does think that a guy is just too good for her (e.g. he’s too good looking, too wealthy, comes from a great family, lives in a rich neighborhood, hangs around intelligent, successful people and so on).

She just doesn’t feel like she is good enough for him.

She looks at him as being so high status that she can’t help but feel insecure and worry about him cheating on her and leaving her down the road.

If that’s the case and he then keeps emailing, texting or messaging her to declare his undying love her her, it can end up making her wonder if maybe she’s the one who is too good for him.

She may think, “Why does he want to be with me so badly? Is it because he struggles to get himself a girlfriend? Do other women not like him? I know that he has been dumped by other women in the past. Maybe those women knew something about him that I didn’t. Maybe he isn’t such a great guy after all. If he was, then he’d have plenty of high quality women wanting to be with him and he’d choose one of them. Yet, I’ve never seen high quality women hitting on him. Maybe that’s why he is so desperate to get me back. Maybe I am high quality and I’m the best woman he’s ever gotten because other women don’t want him. Maybe that’s why he was trying to win me over so much.”

Remember what I said earlier in the article about the science of attraction?

Women are more attracted to men that other women want, or are actually in a relationship or marriage with.

On the same note, women are turned off by men who are desperate for women.

Women also feel less attracted to the exact same man, when they are told that he is single vs. when they are told that he is already in a relationship with a woman.

In other words, women aren’t attracted to desperate, needy or unwanted men.

So pouring your heart out to your girlfriend and declaring your undying love isn’t going to make her want you back.

Instead, it may end up causing her see you as desperate, which will turn her off even further.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

2. Never having the courage to attract her in any new ways, losing her and then potentially experiencing the kind of break up with another great woman months or years later

If you never make an attempt to change your approach to attraction with your ex girlfriend (e.g. by becoming more of a challenge, laughing at her in a loving way when she creates drama about not being good enough for you, making her feel the desire to impress you), she’s probably not going to feel motivated enough to get back with you.

So, you will lose her.

Then, you might eventually find another great woman and get into a relationship with her.

Yet, you may end up making the same old mistakes as before (e.g. being too nice, always putting yourself in second place to please her, letting her take you for granted) and get dumped once again, or get cheated on or divorced.

I’ve heard from so many men over the years who’ve settled down with a woman they couldn’t handle, only to then get cheated on and divorced by her, where he she took half of everything he owned.

The man thought he had her when they got married because she seemed happy enough.

Yet, if a man doesn’t know how to make a woman like that feel the desire to impress him and maintain his interest, she will never be happy with him.

It doesn’t matter what he buys her, how many good things he does for her or how successful he is in his career.

She will cheat on him, dump him or divorce him because a woman like that simply cannot be happy with a guy who doesn’t know how to put her back in her place in a dominant, but loving way.

So, if you honestly want to get her back and have a happy, successful relationship, then you need to have the courage to try a new approach to attraction.

If you don’t, then you may end up experiencing a pretty darn crappy life with women, where they take advantage of you, never appreciate you and dump you even though you’re a good man.

Right now, you have the perfect opportunity to turn your life around and be respected, loved and appreciated by her.

Alternatively, you can continue on making her feel like she doesn’t need to appreciate you because you will just keep blindly offering yourself and everything you can to her, never understanding the real reasons why she is feeling turned off.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

3. Trying to convince her that she is good enough for you and shouldn’t be putting herself down like that

After working on countless ex back cases over the years, I can tell you that she is almost certainly saying, “You’re too good for me” as an excuse to break up with you due to not feeling attracted, or not enjoying the relationship dynamic (i.e. you’re too giving, accommodating, she can easily control you with her tantrums or moods and she doesn’t like that. She wants a guy with more balls and composure, not a guy who crumbles under feminine pressure).

So, it won’t matter if you spend the next 6 months telling her why she is good enough for you.

She already knows that she is good enough for you.

What is missing is that ‘feeling’ a woman gets when she is with a man who makes her want to impress him, maintain his interest and be a good woman for him.

If you can’t give her that feeling, she will continue to move on without you.

If you can, then she feel magnetically attracted to you and get back with you in a heartbeat.

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