4 possible reasons why she does that:

1. She wants to check and see if you’re still missing her, so she can sleep better at night

After breaking up with a guy, a woman will sometimes worry that her ex will fully move on before she does.

Essentially, she doesn’t want to end up feeling like the one who has been left behind, if she sees him happy with a new girl before she has met a new guy.

So, she will check her ex’s social media pages for clues about whether or not he is dating other women yet.

She might also ask mutual friends about what he’s up to.

Additionally, in your case, she will text you late at night and assess how you respond.

She will look at how you’re texting her and if she can tell that you haven’t moved on yet and are still interested in her, then she can rest easy, knowing that she still has more time to move on before you do.

She wants to check if you are still missing her, so she can sleep better at night

That might sound a bit selfish on her part, but it’s just what happens.

What matters most is what you’re going to do about it.

When a guy is in your situation (i.e. his ex girl is still texting him), he has a perfect opportunity to flirt with her, re-attract and get her back.

Yet, so many guys mess up their opportunity to get their ex girlfriend back by just continuing to text her in a friendly and hoping that she eventually says something like, “I miss you. I want to see you.”

Unfortunately, the message a guy usually receives goes something like this, “Don’t be mad okay? I’ve met someone else recently and we’ve dating. I really like him. He doesn’t want me texting with you anymore, so I need you to respect that. I’m sure you will find someone too. So, I wish you all the best. Goodbye.”

Alternatively, his ex girlfriend simply gets bored of texting with him and eventually goes cold, or she blocks him as a way of trying to help herself move on without him.

So, if your ex girlfriend is texting you late at night at the moment, you need to use that opportunity to get the ex back process moving along (i.e. flirt with her via text, get to an audio or video phone call, get to a meet up, hug her, kiss her, have sex with her, get the relationship back together).

Don’t just get stuck at the stage of texting.

Another possible reason why your ex girlfriend texts you late at night is…

2. She genuinely misses you and wants you back

She genuinely misses you and wants you back

Even if a woman regrets breaking up with her boyfriend, she usually won’t directly say that to him.

Instead, she will either wait for him to get her back on his own, or if she notices that he’s not doing it, she give him a nudge by opening the lines of communication with him (e.g. she texts him, likes his posts on social media).

So, if you ex girlfriend is texting you late at night, it might be her way of trying to let you know that she misses you and wants you back.

However, don’t expect her to do more than that, because she probably won’t.

It’s like just when women go out to bars and clubs to meet men.

Women stand around waiting to be approached by men.

The same applies when a woman likes a guy and want to date him.

She almost always waits for the guy to ask her out on a date.

Generally speaking, it is the man’s role to pursue in a confident, calm manner and get things moving along between himself and a woman.

So, your ex will probably just keep texting you for a while in the hope that you make a move (i.e. arrange a meet up in person, hook up with her, get the relationship back together).

If you just keep texting and don’t arrange a meet up in person, she might take it as a sign that you’re not interested in a sexual, romantic way anymore.

Then, you might find yourself searching for articles titled, “Why did my ex girlfriend stop texting me?”

You will probably find an article by me and I’ll be telling you that you texted her for too long and should have made a move.

So, do it now.

Take control of the ex back process.

Be a man about it and get things moving along with her.

You can do it.

Another possible reason why your ex girlfriend texts you late at night is…

3. She’s confused about whether or not she wants you back

She is confused about whether or not she wants you back

Sometimes, a woman will be confused about the mixed feelings she has for her ex.

In some moments, she finds herself missing him and wondering if she made a mistake by breaking up the relationship.

In other moments, she will remember why she stopped feeling respect, attraction and love for him (e.g. he was too insecure, he couldn’t handle arguments with her, he took her for granted and stopped caring about her, he was too nice to her and gave her too much power in the relationship) and feel happy about her decision to end the relationship.

Yet, because she is still feeling positive emotions about him and missing him, it is difficult for her to just let him go.

Something inside of her is saying, “Just give him another chance” and she is hoping that he can build on her feelings and make her really want to do that.

So, if your ex girlfriend has been texting you late at night, it might be more about her checking to see if there is still a strong enough spark between you, or if she should continue moving on.

Don’t let this amazing opportunity go to waste.

Make sure that the next time she texts, you are fully ready to re-attract her in new and exciting ways, so she feels compelled to give you another chance.

You can even be the one who texts her first, rather than waiting.

Then, when you’ve flirted with her a little via text, get her on an audio or video phone call at a time you think will suite her (i.e. when she’s home and relaxing vs. when she’s at work/university, driving or likely to be busy with something else).

Then, begin reawakening her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you on the call.

For example: Some of the ways you can do that are by…

  • Making her laugh and smile and feel good to be talking to you again, rather than being too serious or neutral with her (i.e. like just a friend). If you are too serious or neutral, she will probably feel a bit flat after the call ends, thereby convincing her that you and her may not have enough of a spark anymore.
  • Maintaining your confidence with her regardless of whether she sounds open and happy to be talking to you, or cold and aloof. If you can maintain your confidence no matter what, she will naturally feel respect and attraction for you, which will draw her to you.
  • Flirting with her to create sexual tension, rather than pretending you just want to talk as friends and that you’re not really interested in getting back with her. If she senses that you only see her as a friend now, she may pretend to only see you as a friend, which can confuse you and make you lose confidence. Yet, when you have the balls to flirt with her and she senses your sexual and romantic interest, she will feel more confident and willing to flirt back with you and show some sexual and romantic interest too.
  • Believing in yourself and in your value to her, rather than letting doubts about yourself come through in the tonality of your voice and the way you respond to her. Women aren’t attracted to emotional weakness and insecurity. If you want to be successful with women, you have to believe in yourself no matter what.
  • Being a good man, but also being confident and assertive while talking to her, so she doesn’t feel more dominant than you during conversations. Women aren’t sexually attracted to men who are afraid of them. You’ve got to let her sense that you are confident and in control by being assertive, while also being a good man to her. That is a big turn on for women.

The more ways you can reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings, the less confused she will feel and the more she will want to get back with you.

When she’s feeling that attracted, you can easily get her to agree to meet up with you in person.

In person, you can build up her sexual and romantic feelings as you talk to her and then progress to giving her a hug, a kiss and then hooking up with her sexually.

When that happens, she will know for sure that you’re a man worth holding on to and then, getting back into a relationship will be something she really wants to do.

Another possible reason why your ex girlfriend texts you late at night is…

4. When she’s alone with her thoughts, you are always there in her mind

When she is alone with her thoughts, you are always on her mind

Some women secretly struggle to get over an ex boyfriend, while putting on a brave face to others and acting totally fine when interacting with him.

Yet, no matter how much a woman like that acts like she is okay, the feelings she has in the background always remain.

Essentially, because she still feels drawn to him, she regularly thinks about all the good times they shared together and the positive things she misses about him.

Yet, because they are broken up, they’re no longer talking.

So, she texts him to experience more of the exciting, warm, positive feelings that come from interacting with him.

At that point, her ex can get her back quite easily.

Yet, so many guys unfortunately mess it up by just texting and texting and texting until she eventually gets bored, or until she loses interest based on how he is responding to her.

Don’t put yourself in that position.

If you want her back, seize the opportunity by moving things forward to an in person meet up, hug, kiss, sex and back into a relationship.

For example: The next time your ex girlfriend texts you, rather than texting back and forth things like, “How are you? How was your day? What have you been up to? What are you doing this weekend?” just transition to a phone call with her before she goes to sleep.

For example:

Her: So, how was your day?
You: Crazy.
Her: What happened?
You: I’ll call you and tell you.
You: (Call her).

Then, when you have her on the line with you, use some humor to get her smiling and laughing right away.

For instance, she might ask, “So, tell me…what happened?”

You might then say something like, “Well, okay, are you ready for this? I woke up this morning and my coffee machine was broken. Then, on the way to work, I stopped at that little café round the corner from my house for a coffee, but apparently their coffee machine was broken as well. Then, when I got to work, the coffee machine there was also busted.”

She will most likely be laughing and wondering what the heck happened to all those coffee machines, or if you’re only joking.

You can then say, “Then…I woke up. It was a nightmare!” and have a laugh with her.

You can then continue by saying something like, “So, I got out of bed, went straight to my coffee machine and I was like, ahhh, yes…coffee. Everything is fine” and have a laugh with her.

You can then jokingly ask her, “Anyway, nightmares aside…how was your day?”

Then, have a little chat with her, have a laugh together and arrange to catch up in person.

In person, you can then fully reawaken her feelings for you and get to a hug, kiss, sex and back into a relationship.

Don’t Let Her Late Night Texts Go to Waste. Get Her Back by Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

Texting mistakes to avoid with ex girlfriend

Your ex girlfriend is literally giving you a chance to re-attract her and get her back right now.

If you want her back, don’t waste it by making one or more of the following mistakes:

1. Being her texting buddy, but never taking it to the next level

Sometimes a guy will wait for an obvious sign from his ex girlfriend that she wants him to call her.

If she doesn’t seem to be mentioning wanting to talk on the phone, or meet in person, he might make the mistake of thinking that she’s ‘not ready’ for that.

So, rather than going through the ex back process with her (i.e. getting to a meet up, hug, kiss, sex and back into a relationship), he ends up texting back and forth for days, weeks or even months.

Eventually, his ex girlfriend begins to think things like, “Well I guess nothing is going to happen between us after all. I gave him an opening by texting him, but he’s not really taking things any further than that. Maybe he’s not interested in getting back together, or doesn’t have the balls to meet up with me and get me back.”

Rather than continuing to waste her time texting an ex who probably isn’t interested, or doesn’t have the balls to take action and get her back, a woman will then often stop responding and go silent.

If her ex keeps texting her and she sees nothing different, she might even block him so she can try to move on without him bothering her.

If you don’t want that to happen between you and your ex girlfriend, just stop texting her and get her on a call.

On the call, you can then re-attract her and get her to meet up with you in person.

Why a phone call?

On a phone call, it’s just so much easier for her to experience the new you (e.g. via the tonality of your voice, the way you respond to what she says, your overall vibe, the way you approach the conversation, the way you say things, the confidence in your voice).

As she listens to you talk and notices that you are remaining confident no matter what she says and are able to her smile and laugh, she realizes that her feelings for you are still very real.

As a result, she allows her wall to come down and opens up to seeing you in person to explore her new feelings for you.

When you meet up in person, you can then show her that you really are a new man and more importantly, she really does feel more attracted to you than ever before.

When she feels that, she will naturally want to get back with you, or at least hook up with you sexually to see how she feels afterwards.

Yet, if you just become her texting buddy, she will almost certainly get bored of texting you, assume you’re not interested and start dating other men to make herself feel better.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

2. Always replying quickly because you worry that she will stop texting if you take your time

Quickly replying to your ex girlfriend every time she sends you a text late at night, is one of the fastest ways to give her an, “I don’t have a life anymore and I’m just sitting around waiting for you to text me” vibe.

Obviously that isn’t attractive to women.

Women are attracted to men who are confident, emotionally independent (i.e. not needy) and are able to enjoy life with or without their girlfriend around.

So, if you give your ex girlfriend the impression that you’re desperately waiting around for her texts to come in every day or night, then she’s naturally going to lose attraction for you.

Then, the thing you’ve been trying to avoid (i.e. she stops texting you) actually happens because she feels turned off by you.

This is why, no matter how badly you want to instantly or quickly respond to everything your ex texts you, just don’t do it.

After all, if she’s texting you late at night, you’re allowed to already be sleeping, out partying with your friends, talking to a friend on the phone, watching something on TV, or even busy entertaining someone (maybe another woman) at your place.

The point is, you have a life of your own and shouldn’t be afraid to let your ex girlfriend imagine you being happy without her.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore her for days and then brag about what you were doing in an attempt to make her jealous.


That isn’t cool.

Instead, if you are actually busy, then don’t drop everything to reply to her right away.

Just take your time to reply when you are genuinely busy (e.g. in the shower, already dozing off, busy with a personal project, talking to a friend, playing a video game, watching TV, out partying with friends) and if you are available, reply quickly or fairly soon after she texts, as long as it’s not all the time.

In other words, even if you aren’t busy and really are just sitting around at home waiting for her texts, then at least give her the impression that you’re not sitting around at home waiting for her texts.

So, reply to some of her texts right away, but leave gaps of time (5, 10, 15, 30 minutes and even up to an hour) in some cases.

Don’t overdo it though, or not reply in the middle of a conversation because that would be weird.

Instead, for it to feel natural, don’t immediately reply to some of the new texts she sends you when she starts a new conversation.

If she asks where you were, you can tell her what you were doing (e.g. “I was watching something on Netflix”) and if you want to make her feel attracted by using some confident humor and flirting you can add it, “Sorry, it was more interesting that your texts :P”) and have a laugh with her.

That is so much more attractive to a woman that a guy who always replies to everything right away, or quickly, because he is worried that she will lose interest in texting him.

Always remember: Women are attracted to emotionally independent men (i.e. not needy) and repelled by emotionally dependent men (i.e. needy).

Neediness won’t make you successful with women, or successful in getting your ex back, so don’t let her sense that from you.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

3. Ignoring her texts to seem like you don’t care, but she then assumes that you’re not interested and she starts moving on

While responding to an ex instantly is a big turn off to a woman, not responding to her at all is just as bad.

The fact is, for most women, texting an ex is a big risk, because he might not be interested in her and she will then end up being rejected.

So, if your ex has made the effort to reach out to you, don’t blow it by ignoring her because you’re trying not to come across as needy.

If you want her back, ignoring her isn’t going to achieve that for you.

Instead, she will likely feel that you’re not interested in her anymore and she will then focus on quickly getting over you, usually by hooking up with another man or men, so that she can move on too.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

4. Trying to have long conversations with her via text, rather than calling her

Trying to have long conversations with her via text

Long, ongoing, in-depth conversations via text can be time consuming, frustrating and full of misunderstanding that then need to be explained away with more long, in-depth texts.

When it comes to texting an ex girlfriend, she will usually only have a certain level of patience and enthusiasm about texting with her ex boyfriend.

So, if you get caught up in long, ongoing discussions via text, it can eventually lead to your ex thinking, “Hhhh…this is so annoying. He just keeps texting. He doesn’t understand what I’m trying to say. Hhhh.”

Yet, if you shortcut the process and just call her, you can cut through all the exhausting effort it takes to explain yourselves via text.

Heck, if you are too afraid to get on a call, or if you really believe that she won’t answer your calls no matter what, then at least send her an audio message rather than trying to get everything across via text.

If you noticed, I also have videos on this page.

Why do you think that is?

There’s only so much you can convey via text.

By adding some of my helpful ex back videos on the page, you can instantly get a sense of who I am and how sincere I am about helping you.

You can also see how confident I am, how experienced I am with helping men get women back and how much sense my advice makes.

If I only included articles, you wouldn’t know all that about me and I would have to rely on trying to help you and hope that you read every word of the article.

Yet, I know that many people scan read articles online (i.e. quickly scan through, reading parts they want).

To truly help you, I’ve got to get your attention and get the advice across to you and that’s why I also include videos.

So, when it comes to your ex girlfriend, don’t just stick to text.

Texts aren’t the ultimate solution to everything when it comes to women.

At some point, you need to talk to her on a phone call and meet up with her in person.

Yet, if you try to do everything via text (including having long, in-depth, detailed and emotional conversations), then she will almost certainly close up and lose interest.

So, while it’s totally fine to respond to your ex girlfriend’s late night texts, just don’t get stuck at that level of communication.

Based on all of my experience helping new men get women back, I can tell you that just sticking to text ensures she will only ever be your ex.

If you want her back, make a move.

Call her, arrange a catch up and get her back.

5. Reading too much into what she is texting, rather than just moving through the ex back process to get her back for real

If you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what your ex means by what she is texting, then you’ll end up driving yourself crazy.

For example: One minute you’re convinced that she’s hinting about getting back together and the next, you’re feeling sad, rejected and disappointed because she seems to saying that she is happy without you.

You’ve got to understand that most women do not directly say that they are interested, even if they really are.

Your ex is most likely missing you right now and wants to get back with you.

So, don’t spend your time looking over her texts for clues.

Instead, just call her on the phone, make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction and get her to a meet up with you in person.

Then, make her feel attracted to you in person and get her back.

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