6 reasons why you might feel that way and what to do instead, so you can get her back: 

1. You haven’t interacted with her in person and properly re-attracted her yet, so she isn’t showing much interest

It is possible to make a woman feel some attraction via text, or based on your social media posts, but she will feel much more attraction to you in person (if you are confident). 

In person, you will also be able to see her reacting to you in real time and showing signs of attraction and interest, which will then make you feel more confident and empowered to move in for a hug or kiss, or suggest she come back to your place to hang out. 

So, if you haven’t re-attracted her in person since the breakup, it’s only natural that you might be unsure if she wants you back. 

She might also feel unsure at the moment as well because she’s likely still basing her decision to be broken up, on how she felt when she left you.

This is why it’s so important to focus on attracting her back, either to initially just kiss and have sex to reignite her emotions, or to get her back into a relationship again.

Unfortunately, some guys simply don’t know what to do to get a woman back after a breakup, so they wait and hope that something happens (e.g. she misses him and sends a text to let him know).

Yet, weeks and then months usually passes by and he eventually finds out that she has moved on and is happy with a new guy.

In other cases, a guy will send out a feeler text (e.g. “Hey” or, “Hey, how’s things?” or, “Hey, how are you?”) to see how she responds, or will call her to say hi as a friend.

If he she doesn’t answer his call, or respond to his text, he might then feel unsure if she wants him back or not.

This can go on for many weeks or months, until she eventually moves on with a new man.

2. You’re guessing based on how you think she might be feeling 

Each guy handles a breakup a little differently.

In some cases, a guy will sit around wondering how she might be feeling, but never really feel sure.

In other cases, he might regularly think about what she said during the breakup, (e.g. “I never want to see you again” or “My feelings for you are dead” or “This relationship was a mistake” or “Leave me alone. I never want to see you again”), which will then create feelings of doubt and uncertainty inside of him.

So, he waits and hopes that she will reach out at some point, or give him a sign that she’s interested. 

When he doesn’t reach out, she may then begin to think that he has accepted the breakup and is moving on and therefore, she needs to move on too.

So, she opens herself up to dating and sleeping with new men and in many cases, finds a guy that she likes even more than her ex. 

So, what should you do instead?

The best approach to getting an ex woman back is to reactivate her feelings for you NOW, not later or never. 

When you reactivate her feelings, she then has a reason to get back with you.

Yet, if you just sit on the sidelines and hope something happens all by itself, you will almost certainly end up being disappointed when you see that she has moved on and isn’t planning on coming back.

3. You’ve been texting with her, but she isn’t giving crystal clear signals 

Although texting is one of the most common and even preferred forms of communication in the world today, it’s not the most effective way to get an ex woman back. Why?

Texting is limited to words, unless you are using voice texts.

There’s no tonality in a voice text them, no warmth or expression, so the other person has to assume the tone in which you’d say it, or how you’d be behaving if you said it in person.

How a woman interprets what you send via text is usually based on her feelings for you, or perception of you.

For example: If a woman is still in love with her ex guy and he texts her something like, “Hey, I just wanted to see how you’re doing. Hope you’re well x” she will likely feel flattered and happy that he reached out.

She may also smile and get a nice, warm feeling inside of her because he’s being so thoughtful and caring towards her, even though she recently dumped him.

Since her feelings for the him are positive (i.e. she’s still in love), she perceives his message in a positive light.

On the other hand, if a woman is no longer in love with her ex and he sends a message like that, she’s almost certainly not going to experience nice, warm feelings or consider him as being thoughtful.

Instead, she may assume that he’s too much of a coward to call her on the phone to ask that question, or doesn’t care enough to call and have a conversation with her.

That may not be true at all, but because she can’t hear the sincerity and confidence in his tone of voice, or assess his body language in person, she’s going to have to guess his state of mind and will usually going to assume the worst (i.e. because she’s no longer in love with him and doesn’t want to be with him). 

She may respond in a neutral, or cold way, which can make him feel confused about her feelings for him.

This is why, when a guy wants an ex woman back, he usually has to do a bit more than just text back and forth with her.

Texting is fine as a way of opening the lines of communication with an ex, or to finalize details about meeting up, but to get her back, you usually have to at least get to a phone call so she can hear your confident, emotional strength and calmness as you communicate what you want her to know.

4. She does want you back, but is playing hard to get for a variety of possible reasons 

Most women don’t make it obvious when they want an ex guy back.

Some of the reasons why a woman will behave in that way, include:

  • She wants to see if he’s got the confidence to follow through with the ex back process even though she’s not giving him clear signals that she wants him back. If he doesn’t make a move, she will take it as a sign that he’s not man enough for her. If he does take action to get her back, she will automatically feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him, which will then make it easier to get her back.
  • She’s worried that if she appears too keen to get back together, he will reject her to get revenge on her for breaking up with him. Alternatively, he will get back with her briefly, make her love him again and then dump her to get revenge. So, she is treading lightly and being careful about how much interest she shows at this point.
  • She wants to see if he’ll hand over all of his power to her (e.g. by sucking up to her, saying that he’ll do whatever she wants if she gives him another chance, acting weak and submissive to seek pity). If he does behave in that, she will feel turned off by him on a deep, instinctive level because women aren’t attracted to the weakness in men.

So, you can’t rely on her to make it clear that she wants you back.

What you need to do is be the emotionally courageous one who makes the first move, even if she isn’t showing very clear signs that she wants to get back together.

Always remember: Women are instinctively attracted to certain qualities and personality traits in a man and if you display those traits, she can’t stop herself from feeling some attraction.

For example: A woman will naturally feel more sexually and romantically attracted to a confident, charismatic, emotionally masculine man who is a bit of a challenge over an insecure, self-doubting, emotionally wimpy man who is boring and predictable.

It’s just how her instincts work.

She can’t switch that off.

So, when your ex sees that you are confident and emotionally strong enough to initiate the ex back process with her, she will naturally begin to feel some respect and attraction for you.

You can then build on her feelings and get her back.

On the other hand, if you just sit around waiting for her to give you a crystal clear sign that she wants you back, she may grow tired of waiting and focus on dating and sleeping with new men to make herself feel better and allow herself to move on.

5. The way she broke up with you, has left you feeling like you probably don’t have much of a chance

Some breakups can get really messy and nasty things may be said in the moment that one or both people didn’t really mean, or want to ever say.

For example: A woman might say things like, “I hate you! You’re the worst thing that ever happened to me and I wish I never met you. I never, ever want to see you again!”

Since most men take what women say literally, rather than understanding that she’s just being irrational and overly dramatic in the moment, he then begins to doubt that he’d ever have a chance to get her back.

Yet, in reality, his chances of getting her back don’t depend on what she said in a heated or emotional moment, but rather on how she feels from now on.

If you interact with her and make her feel new sparks of attraction for you, she won’t care about what she said in the moment when breaking up with you, or after the breakup.

She will be focused on how she feels now, which is attracted and drawn to you.

As a result, she will open up to getting back with you, or at least hooking up with you again to see how she feels afterward. 

6. You’ve been checking her social media and she seems happy without you

A woman will usually suspect that her ex will check up on her via social media, so to get under his skin, she will post about how happy she is to be single, or show how much fun she’s having now that she’s not in a relationship with him anymore.

Yet, behind the scenes, she may be secretly missing him, hurting and wishing they could work things out.

So, looking for clues on how she feels based on her social media posts isn’t going to really help you.

Instead, you will most likely end up feeling confused about whether or not she wants you want.

What should you do instead?

Focus on doing what works to get an ex woman back; re-attracting her.

When she feels attracted to you again, she will naturally feel like giving you another chance, or at least hooking up with you.

On the other hand, if you don’t focus on re-attracting her and she no longer has feelings for you, she will feel motivated to date other man and move on as soon as possible. 

7. You keep waiting and aren’t making enough of a move to get her back

The longer you sit around feeling unsure about whether or not she wants you back, the more time you are giving her find a new man to hook up with, date and get into a relationship with.

Then, by the time you decide to make a move, she might say something like, “I’m sorry, but it’s too late. I’ve met someone else and I’m in a relationship with him now. Please accept that and don’t contact me again.”

Don’t let that happen to you.

Even if she currently doesn’t want you back, you CAN change that if you interact with her and make her feel attracted to you in new ways.

She will then be back in your arms sooner than you think.

So, don’t hesitate any longer.

Take action now and get her back, while you still can.

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