Here are 11 of the most common reasons why a woman will break up with her boyfriend, due to him criticizing her too often:

1. It makes her fear that he would only get worse in future

If he’s being so critical of her now when they’re supposed to be in love, how will he be when the initial excitement of being with each other wears off over the years?

Will he become worse?

Will he potentially go from criticizing her all the time, to being verbally and even physically abusive?

What if it’s just the beginning of a long list of other bad behaviors on his part (e.g. him cheating on her, belittling her in front of others, being selfish towards her, trying to ruin her life in some way)?

A woman will worry about things like those when a boyfriend criticizes her too often, which can then result in her not wanting to risk any further time with him.

2. It kills her free flowing happiness

There’s nothing wrong with occasional criticism in a relationship.

When done in a supportive way, criticism can cause a person to truly see their faults, realize that they have opportunities to grow and then naturally want to improve as a result.

Yet, when criticism is constant and done in a negative, demeaning or annoyed way, it naturally kills a persons free flowing happiness.

Although a guy may think he’s doing his woman a favor by regularly pointing out her mistakes, it’s simply not an enjoyable and happy experience for her.

In his mind, he may think, “I’m just being helpful. It’s for her own good. She needs to grow up and start being like this or that. I criticize her because I love her. I want her become a better person.”

So, he feels like he doing the right thing and is coming from a place of good intention and as a result, he doesn’t feel any need to change.

Yet, it’s a miserable experience for her.

She doesn’t ever get to experience the free flowing happiness and relaxation that comes with a great relationship.

She’s always on edge, or worried about saying or doing something wrong.

This can cause a woman to become closed off, uncooperative, moody and even lead her to cheat to make her boyfriend feel the kind of pain she has been feeling.

If she doesn’t cheat, she will simply decide to end the relationship in the hope that she can find peace, happiness and supportive love with another man.

3. It makes her feel as though she needs to be perfect to be good enough for him

Essentially, she has to change her personality and become what he sees as perfect, otherwise he’s going to keep pressuring her.

Not only is that stressful to her, but it’s also impossible, because no person is perfect.

In fact, one of the keys to a successful relationship is for both the man and the woman to admit that neither or them is perfect, but they will always try to become better by putting in effort along the way.

That takes the pressure off and allows either person to make some mistakes in how they speak, behave or act around each other, while also knowing that they will be supported and loved through it, as long as they are trying to become better over time.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t realize that until it’s too late, so they end up putting too much pressure on a girlfriend or wife, which eventually causes her to leave.

4. It makes her feel as though he doesn’t love her enough to be nicer

It makes her feel as though he doesn’t love her enough to be nice to her

Generally speaking, women are more sensitive than men and can quickly and easily become insecure when in a relationship.

For example: When a man is always finding fault with her, rather than being more loving and supportive like a man would when he is truly in love with a woman, she will often begin to question his motives and intentions with her.

She may think something like, “If he really loved me, then he’d put in the effort to be nicer to me, rather than always finding fault with everything I say and do. He’s probably just with me until something better comes along. So, I should dump him before he cheats on me, or leaves me.”

Although some women will accept being in a relationship with a man who doesn’t make her feel loved and appreciated (e.g. because she fears that she won’t be able to find a replacement guy), most modern women just don’t stick around for very long in a situation like that anymore.

For example:

“60% of unmarried relationships break up within 2 months and 70% end within 1 year.” Social Science Data Collection. Stanford University, California

Most break ups and divorces are initiated by women, so if a woman gets to the point where she believes her man doesn’t love her enough to treat her well, she will naturally start to think of leaving the relationship.

To give him a chance, a woman will usually complain to him initially, or ask him to change.

Yet, if he doesn’t pick up on her feelings of unhappiness and stop criticizing her, she will eventually break up with him and try to find a man who can make her feel loved, wanted and supported.

5. It makes other guys who treat her well seem so much more appealing

When she notices how nice other guys are to her (e.g. guys at work, friends, strangers), it naturally makes her wonder, “Why am I putting up with my boyfriend? Clearly I can get another man if I want to and be treated like a princess for a change, rather than always being criticized and made to feel like crap.”

If one (or more) of those guys also sparks her sexual and romantic feelings for him (e.g. by flirting with her, being fun to be around, treating her like a desirable woman rather than a naive child who needs to be corrected all the time), she will begin to feel like she’s wasting her time with her boyfriend.

She may stick with him for a while longer, but will eventually get tired of being made to feel like she isn’t good enough.

In many cases like that, the woman will line up a new guy before leaving and get right into a relationship with him, cheat on her boyfriend to get emotional revenge for how bad he made her feel during the relationship, or immediately go out to party/get on dating apps and start lining up dates after the break up.

Essentially, she won’t waste time wishing that he’ll get her back and change.

Instead, she’ll try to make herself feel better by hooking up with, or getting into a relationship with a guy who loves her for who she is.

6. It makes her feel jealous, unhappy and restless when her girlfriends talk about how great their boyfriends are

Most women like the idea of being with a man they can look up to, respect and feel proud of to show off to her family, friends and coworkers.

So, when a woman notices how happy, loved and appreciated her girlfriends, coworkers, sisters or cousins are made to feel by their boyfriend or husband, she will begin to feel jealous and like she’s missing out.

Then, all it usually takes is for him to criticize her one more time in the wrong moment and she’ll say, “That’s it. I’ve had enough of this crap. We’re done” and will leave him.

7. It makes the relationship feel more like a bitter battle than a supportive companionship

One of the most important aspects of a relationship for a woman is to be able to feel safe, protected and supported by her man.

Essentially, the relationship is where she can relax and disconnect from all the stress and craziness of the world, knowing that her man is there for her no matter what.

So, when a woman gets criticized by her man too often, the relationship stops feeling like a safe place for her.

Instead, she’s always in the position where she has to defend and protect herself from being broken down emotionally.

This leads to arguments and fights, which stress her out and make her feel tired, frustrated, angry and unhappy with how her life is going.

She knows that other couples get along so much better and may have even experienced a better relationship in the past, with a previous boyfriend.

So, she decides to break up with boyfriend to escape the feeling of being in a war zone, or having to constantly battle and protect herself from his criticisms.

8. It causes her to adopt his behavior and become too critical of him in return

She starts off being nice, friendly and supportive, but turns into a nagging, complaining woman who is always angry and looking to start an argument with him.

It’s not who she wants to be, so she begins to resent him for turning her into a negative, unloving version of herself.

She thinks, “Is this really how I want to be? I used to be so happy, cheerful and easygoing. I used to really like myself as a person. Now I’m just a stressed out bitch. I can’t relax anymore. I hate it. I find fault in everything he does. I hate life. I hate people. That’s not who I want to be. It’s all because of him! I have to leave him.”

She then feels as though she has to get away from him and reconnect with her happier, nicer self, rather than continuing to be the nagging, stressed out, negative woman she has become around him.

9. It makes her feel taken for granted

Sometimes a guy doesn’t understand that love has to be nurtured and grown over time if it’s going to last.

It’s not something that just grows on its own.

You literally have to water it like a plant, or tree, so the roots go deep and become strong.

If you starve it of the water it needs, it will shrivel up and die, even if the love felt beautiful and perfect at the start.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t know that and as a result, a guy will assume that because his woman loves him so much, it will be enough to keep the relationship together for life.

He assumes that she will put up with whatever behavior he dishes out, because she’s clearly smitten by him, loves the sex and won’t dare leave him.

Yet, it’s just not how relationships work; especially these days.

If a woman starts to believe that her boyfriend feels like it’s totally fine for him to say and do anything to her and she needs to just put up with it, she will naturally start to feel unhappy.

She will feel as though he is taking her love, presence and commitment to him and his life for granted.

Deep down, she will know that she is an individual and has to take care of herself first and foremost, rather than putting up with his bad behavior just to make him happy.

Initially, a woman will usually try to change her boyfriend’s critical attitude by asking him to stop.

If that doesn’t work, she might also begin to sulk, get into arguments with him and even threaten to break up with him.

If he still doesn’t change (i.e. because he can’t see what he’s doing is wrong, doesn’t care, or simply doesn’t know how to stop criticizing her all the time), she will eventually get fed up and break up with him.

10. It makes her resent him, rather than love him

When a woman resents a man, she stops feeling respect for him and when that happens, she stops feeling attracted and in love.

So, all she is left with is feelings of resentment, anger, frustration and disappointment, which aren’t the feelings that cause a woman to want to stick with a man.

Despite how good he might be to her in other ways (e.g. he spoils her with gifts or attention, takes care of her), or how much she initially loved him, a woman will usually decide to end a relationship rather than continuing to put up with an overly critical boyfriend.

11. She feels as though he isn’t seeing her value, but another guy would

She knows that she is a valuable woman, but he doesn’t see it.

So, she decides to teach him a lesson and dump him (before he dumps her) to make him realize what he has just lost.

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