Here are the 10 most common reasons why a woman will break up with her boyfriend, due to them not seeing each other often enough:

1. She felt taken for granted

A guy in this situation is often a cool guy who knows that he can easily attract other women.

As a result, he doesn’t feel like he has to put in a lot of effort to maintain the relationship with his girl.

Essentially, he believes that she’s lucky to have him and as a result, she will accept his treatment of her, rather than losing out on being with him further.

Yet, no matter how cool a guy is, a woman will only put up with that kind of treatment for a certain amount of time.

Eventually, she will start to feel taken for granted and as though she’s not a priority to him.

She will notice that he only makes an effort to see her when he’s bored, want some sex, or has nothing better to do.

Although women do like that in the early dating stages, because it makes a woman feel the need to impress the guy and win him over, she won’t want to continue feeling that way in a long term relationship.

She wants to feel like a priority, rather than an afterthought, or a barely desirable option in a guy’s life.

Rather than continuing to put up with it, she ends the relationship and tries to move on and find a guy who will not only make her feel the ways she wants in a relationship.

2. She wanted a more stable relationship, but it never developed between them

Almost all women don’t expect a total commitment from a guy right away.

Instead, a woman will usually just want to see that the relationship is gradually progressing past the initial lust and falling in love phase and onto new levels.

In other words, she wants to see that…

  • They ultimately want the same things in life (e.g. to settle down, move in together, get married, start a family) and are actually making progress towards that.
  • He is interested in building a better life for him and her in the future, rather than just wanting to hang out, waste time and do whatever forever.
  • He cares about building a relationship with her family and friends, because he doesn’t plan on leaving her and as a result, feels motivated to build those relationships.
  • He is interested in giving her a real feeling of security, by moving into a house or apartment together, talking about their future together and generally wanting to show her love, support and appreciation as his girlfriend.
  • They are becoming closer as a couple, rather than remaining like a couple of lovers who are having an ongoing fling.
  • They don’t end up having fights that result in mini breakups again and again, only to then get back together essentially just for the sex.
  • They become closer and more harmonious as a couple, by continually improving and becoming better for each other. This is how happy, in love couples approach it and stay together for life. Small, but important improvements are made along the way by the both of them, to become more harmonious as a couple.
  • They want to spend more and more time together.

If a woman gets some or most of those things, she will stick to a man like glue and ride the bumps along the way (e.g. occasional arguments, money troubles, misunderstandings, etc).

The couple will become stronger, closer, more in love and more harmonious together over time.

Yet, if that isn’t happening, a woman will feel the need to end the relationship and try to find a new man who can offer her that kind of relationship experience.

3. She felt like her friends were leaving her behind because their relationships had been leveling up

She felt like her friends were leaving her behind because their relationships had been leveling up

You might have heard some women use the expression, “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

As you would understand, it means that a woman always ends up being a bridesmaid for her friends who get married, but never manages to fulfill her desire to become a bride.

She might come close at times (e.g. move in with a guy, get engaged), but she never gets to the level of marriage because the relationship always falls apart.

In cases like that, she will often feel disappointed and left behind when her friends continue to level up their relationships (e.g. get married, have children, get a new house, go on holidays, succeed in life in general).

She might also stop getting invited to catch up with some friends, because they all have kids, or they’re engaged, or they’re with guys who have become successful in life and she’s with a cool guy that she’s attracted to, but who doesn’t really want to spend much time with her.

Eventually, a woman like that can get to the point where she’s had enough and will end the relationship and try to move on.

Her ex can still get her back of course, but he’ll need to be careful with the approach he uses.

For example: Many guys make the mistake of suddenly proposing to a woman like that and seeming desperate, which turns her off.

She might also see it as fake and not how he really feels (i.e. he’s just doing it, so he doesn’t feel rejected or get dumped by her).

Additionally, it probably won’t be something she’ll feel proud to tell her friends and family about (e.g. “I broke up with him and then he proposed”) because it will seem a little suspicious to them.

So, if a guy wants a woman back in a situation like that, he does need to show more interest and offer her more of a commitment, but he should never, ever lose touch with the coolness or bad boy traits that attracted her to him in the first place.

If he loses that, she loses the magnetic attraction she has felt for him and therefore, she doesn’t feel lucky to have his attention and interest.

4. She found herself feeling attracted to other guys when they weren’t spending time with each other

So she then breaks up with him to pursue those feelings, rather than remaining loyal to a guy who probably won’t ever commit to her.

In many cases, she still does want her ex and will get back with him if the new relationship doesn’t work out.

However, in some cases, she’ll meet a guy who makes her feel as much, or even more attracted than her ex ever did and therefore, will find it easier to move on and not want to get back with her ex.

5. She knows that if a guy really likes a girl, he will go out of his way to see her

She knows that if a guy really likes a girl, he will go out of his way to see her

So when a guy is missing in action and doesn’t really make much effort to see her, she will naturally take it as a sign that he’s not truly interested in her.

She may even wonder if he’s seeing, or is interested in other women behind her back, or just using her until someone better comes along.

Of course, in many cases, the woman doesn’t really care if the guy has been seeing other women.

She just wants him to stop and commit to her.

If he does that, then she’ll be happy and devote herself to him completely.

Yet, in some cases, a woman doesn’t want to continue being an option for a guy.

She wants a guy who sees her as the one, or as the most important woman in his life and then makes her feel that way.

It’s not about being desperate, worshipping the ground she walks on, or treating her like a princess.

Instead, it’s just about truly loving her and showing that to her in the ways that come naturally to you.

So, if a woman finds herself in a situation where a guy isn’t seeing her often enough, she will sometimes end the relationship even though she still does have feelings for him.

6. One or both of them were just too busy with work, or studies to live up to the expectations of a committed relationship

Sometimes a guy will love a woman and honestly care about her, but not have the time to make her more of a priority.

In other cases, both of them may care for each other, but just be too busy to offer anything more than casual sex and hanging out together at times (e.g. going to the movies, going out to get a bite to eat, going on a short holiday together).

In the case of a guy being too busy to offer anything more, a woman will usually put up with that for a while if she’s truly attracted and interested.

Yet, if she sees that her feelings for him continue to be way stronger than his feelings for her and he isn’t giving her much time or attention, she will begin to want out.

She will want to protect herself emotionally (i.e. from being suddenly dumped by him if he meets another girl), or prevent herself from wasting more time with a guy who isn’t ever going to commit.

7. Her friends or family encouraged her to do it, because they were worried she was wasting her time

Many women have friends or family who want to see them settle down, get married and start a family.

The reason why, is that a woman only has a certain window of time in life to achieve that, or else her options begin to decline as she loses her youthful attractiveness fades away (i.e. women are most attractive between 18-27 and then begin to look older and less fertile).

If she wastes too much of her youthful attractiveness on a boyfriend who doesn’t ever commit, she may end up having to select from a dating pool of divorced men, men who’ve never had a serious relationship (and are willing to accept a woman of any age, just to get a woman), men who have commitment issues and so on.

So, if a woman’s friends or family notice she isn’t getting the attention and devotion she deserves from her boyfriend, they may begin to push her to break up with him and find someone else who will.

8. She wants to be in a relationship where the man cares about her and their future together

When a guy doesn’t make an effort to see his girlfriend very often, it gives her the impression that he’s just passing time with her and doesn’t see her as part of his long-term plans for the future.

Some women worry that they will struggle to find a replacement man, so they continue to stick with a boyfriend like that.

She will hope that they’ll become more serious over time and he’s just going through a phase at the moment, in which he doesn’t want to commit or settle down.

Yet, if she notices that things don’t change, or gets the sense that he probably doesn’t love her enough to commit further, she will push herself to dump him and try again with a new guy.

9. She initially had feelings, but those feelings faded because they weren’t nurtured

A woman can initially feel very attracted to a guy, in love with him and be even obsessed about the idea of settling down with him.

Yet, if he doesn’t show her the love, respect and devotion she wants and feels as though she deserves, her initial feelings can begin to fade.

She can begin to see him as a guy she once loved, but now feels less and less for.

She might also feel as though she’s matured and now realizes that she deserves more.

As a result, it can then lead to her wanting to leave the relationship, rather than sticking around when she’s just not feeling it anymore.

A guy can get his girlfriend back in a situation like that, but he has to attract her in ways that will get her attention and make her care.

It can’t just be about him expressing his feelings, promising to devote her and so on.

It has to be about making her experience compelling feelings that result in her knowing that if she doesn’t give him another chance, she will regret it and he’ll be the one that got away.

Another reason why a woman will break up with a guy because they weren’t seeing each other often enough is…

10. She used it as a convenient excuse to avoid telling him about her true reasons for the breakup

For example: She was no longer attracted to him because he turned out to not be the cool, mysterious guy that she hoped he would be.

In a case like that, a woman will usually be attracted because he seems like a challenge.

Yet, she will eventually find out that he is so emotionally closed up or distant because he’s insecure, worried about getting his heart broken, or is trying to play hard to get to hopefully make her like him more.

It’s not because he’s genuinely a cool, independent guy who could take her or leave her and therefore, she needs to put in a lot of effort to impress him and maintain his interest.

Instead, he’s just as insecure as others guys she had dated and dumped in the past.

Alternatively, the relationship became boring and she no longer felt motivated to be nice to him, or treat him well.

Yet, rather than admitting that kind of thing to him, she uses the excuse that they don’t see each other often enough as a reason to end the relationship.

That way, he feels guilty for being a neglectful boyfriend and she gets to walks away without having to explain the real reason why she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

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