Here are 4 possible reasons why your girlfriend doesn’t appreciate you and all the good you have done for her in the past:

1. You make her feel like she is a lot more valuable than you

Almost all quality women out there want to feel as though their boyfriend is at least equal value to them, but ideally, is higher value than themselves.

Being higher value means that she looks up to him, respects him, sees him as being a cool guy and knows that he could easily attract other women and so on.

On the other hand, being lower value means that she looks down on him, doesn’t fully respect him, sees him as being a bit of a weird guy and knows that he’s struggle to attract other high quality women like her.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t understand the importance of making their woman feel like she is the lucky one (i.e. she is with a guy who is higher value than her).

As a result, after a break up, a guy might try to get his ex girlfriend back by making her feel like she’d be doing him a big favor if she gave him another chance.

He might say, “Please. I will do anything. You mean everything to me. I promise to change if you want me to change. You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I don’t want to lose you. I’ve never loved another woman the way I love you. Please, give me a chance. I know we can make this work. Don’t give up on us.”

You make her feel like she is a lot more valuable than you

From his perspective, he is being honest and sincere and really does have good intentions, so he doesn’t see what he is doing as a mistake.

Yet, he is going against what will actually make her feel attracted to him and want him back.

He’s essentially pleading for another chance, which is not what a high value guy would do.

A high value guy, who knows that she is lucky to have a guy like him, will say something like, “Okay, I accept the break up. No problem. I wish you all the best” and have her be the one who is feeling rejected and left behind.

After all, she has stuffed up by dumping him.

She has lost him.

He can attract another quality women easily, so if she’s going to be silly like that, then she will be the one regretting it if she doesn’t change her mind.

Just don’t make the mistake of telling her that you’re a high value guy, or quality guy and saying that she will regret it.

That’s not something you need to say.

Instead, you make a woman feel it by interacting with her and letting her sense it based on how much respect, attraction and love she feels for you as you interact with her.

When you do that, she will immediately begin to see your worth and will naturally begin to appreciate you as a result.

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Another possible reason why your ex girlfriend doesn’t appreciate you is…

2. You allowed her to take you for granted in the relationship and she is now used to treating you that way

You allowed her to take you for granted, so she used to not having to show appreciation

A relationship will never be happy if one of the people is taking the other for granted.

There will always be resentment and in many cases, it will lead to cheating (i.e. one person will cheat with someone new to make themselves feel loved and appreciated).

To avoid that, you need to ensure that there is a balance between you appreciating her and her appreciating you.

Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, a guy ends up putting in way more effort into the relationship than his woman does, to hopefully get her to love him and treat him well.

Yet, it usually has the opposite effect that he is hoping for in the long run.

In the short term, when the relationship is beginning, a woman might keep things fairly even and show appreciation and love to him, but over time, she just won’t feel motivated to show it as much as he does, if he is putting in way more effort than her.

One of the reasons why is that, deep down, a woman wants to be in the position where she feels more of a need to treat her man well and appreciate him.

Of course, she won’t tell a man that because he might take it too literally, start behaving like an asshole and expect her to put up with it, because she said that she wanted him to make her feel like she needed to impress him.

Since most women can’t communicate their real desires to a man without him taking it too far, they just remain quiet and hope that a man can figure it out himself and start doing it.

She might hint at it, but she will rarely tell him exactly what she wants him to do to make her truly desire him and appreciate him.

So, if her guy doesn’t understand how to make her sincerely appreciate him and feel the need to impress him, then she just won’t be happy deep down.

She might then begin taking him for granted more and more (e.g. not pulling her weight in the house, always expecting him to drive to see her, letting him pay for everything all the time, being unreasonably bitchy or cold, not being as affectionate as she used to, being selfish).

Secretly, she will usually be hoping that he will put a stop to her bad behavior by changing his approach to her and the relationship.

If he does, she will feel an irresistible sense of respect and attraction for him and will then be motivated to treat him well and be a good woman to him.

However, if he doesn’t, a woman will usually end up losing so much respect for her guy that she just breaks up with him.

Naturally, when that happens, it’s unlikely that she’s going to change the way she treats him from then on (i.e. her ex boyfriend will feel as though she just doesn’t appreciate him, or appreciate everything he has done for her in the past).

To her, he is now her ex and since she doesn’t have strong feelings for him, she just can’t be bothered to treat him well and show him appreciation for the way he still helps her out, or the way he’s still good to her.

So, here’s the thing…

If your ex girlfriend doesn’t appreciate you, it may be because she hasn’t appreciated you long before the break up happened.

Stop allowing her to take you for granted

Somewhere along the line in your relationship, you will have allowed her to get away with taking you for granted and now that you’re broken up, she just continues to doing.

If you want her behavior to change, you have to stop letting her get away with it.

That doesn’t mean you should treat her badly, accuse her of being selfish, be controlling or cruel to her.

Instead, you need to stop letting her always get her way, or always get what she wants.

For example: If she calls you and you’re busy doing something, there’s nothing wrong with not answering right away.

Just let it ring and then call her back when you’re free, even if that’s an hour or two later.

In other words, don’t be available to her 24/7.

Alternatively, if she keeps asking you for money for things, to run errands for her, or to do things that, as her ex, you’re no longer required to do, you need to just say “No” in a kind, but firm way, or say “Yes,” but with some conditions.

For example: If a woman asked her ex, “Can you help me pay my rent this month?” after he had previously helped her and not seen any improvement in her behavior, he can say (in a light-hearted, easy-going way with a smile in his voice), “Well, what do I get out of that? Are you going to cook me dinner?”

If she agrees, then he will help her, but if she doesn’t, then he won’t help her.

Of course, he will be light-hearted and easy-going about it, but he will also be firm about it too.

He’s not just going to do whatever she wants and not be appreciated for it.

Now, with your ex, she might initially be shocked that you’re not being a pushover like you used to be.

However, even if she doesn’t admit it, she will feel a tremendous amount of respect and attraction for you based on being able to man up and stand up to her, but still be a good guy about it.

Another possible reason why your ex girlfriend doesn’t appreciate you is…

3. You’ve been giving her the impression that you’re chasing a relationship with her

When it comes to sex or a relationship, the more a guy needs it, the less a woman wants to give it to him.

On the other hand, if a man is making a woman feel respect, attraction and love for him and she can see that he doesn’t need sex or a relationship with her, she will want it from him.

If he then allows her to have that, she will feel lucky.

She will feel like the chosen one; the lucky girl who scored him out of all the other girls who would love to be with him.

That’s the feeling women crave, but most guys just don’t know it, or they have no idea how to create it.

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Now back to getting an ex girlfriend back who doesn’t appreciate you…

If a guy keeps talking about how he wants to fix things with his ex girlfriend so they can get back together, something just isn’t going to feel right to her.

When she figures it out, she will realize that it’s essentially all about him getting her back for his reasons (e.g. he loves her so much, he deserves to be treated better by her, he wants to make the relationship work).

She won’t be getting the feeling where she feels like the one who would be losing out if she didn’t get back with him.

Instead, he will be making her feel like he needs her back, which just isn’t as attractive and appealing as making her feel like she will regret leaving him.

As a result, she will remain guarded and may even act like she doesn’t appreciate him and what he did for her in the past doesn’t count anymore.

Secretly, she may even hope that if she treats him badly enough, he might start to hate her and then decide he doesn’t want her back.

So, she doesn’t show him love, even though he could get her to show him undying love and devotion if he used a different approach with her.

How about you?

Have you been pushing your ex girlfriend to give the relationship another chance, based on all of your reasons for wanting her back?

If so, she may be trying to turn you off (by not appreciating you), so you will then leave her alone.

So, what you need to do is change your approach to her.

Make her feel so much new respect, attraction and love for you that she realizes her feelings for you aren’t gone.

At the same time, let her sense that even though you are able to make her feel that way, you’re not needy for a relationship with her.

When she senses that, she will realize that other quality women will want to be with you, so she’d better give you another chance now before you meet another quality woman and end up forgetting all about your ex.

She knows that if she gets left behind, then it will be her who feels rejected and to avoid that emotional pain, she will get back with you and see how things go.

If you have improved and changed your approach to the relationship and can now make her feel the need to impress you, she won’t want to lose you because she will know how difficult it is to have that kind of feeling in a long term relationship.

Another possible reason why your ex girlfriend doesn’t appreciate you is…

4. She’s not a good woman and will treat most other men she meets the same way

This might not apply to your ex girlfriend, but read the following just to be sure…

Sometimes a woman is just a bad person who doesn’t treat men, especially ex men, with much respect or appreciation.

Instead, she is manipulative, selfish and she doesn’t care who she tramples on along the way, as long as she gets what she wants.

Women like that will cheat on guys and not even think anything of it.

She won’t feel like she is in the wrong.

Additionally, she will break up with a guy who has done so much for her and not even care.

Until, she meets a man who brings out her good girl side…

When a man brings out a woman’s good girl side and is able to keep that part of her alive in a relationship, she absolutely adores him and treats him so much better than she has treated any man in the past.

Part of what it means to be a man who brings out a woman’s good girl side, is to not put up with her bad behavior, make her feel the kind of attraction she really wants and be a challenge for her to acquire and keep.

This is why, if you really feel that your ex girlfriend is the one for you and you want back, then bring out her good girl side before she meets another man who can.

If she meets a man who brings that side of her out and you’re still offering the same old approach to attraction that you offered in the relationship, then you aren’t going to be an appealing option to her.

So, from now on, use a new approach that brings out her good girl side.

When you do that, she will begin to realize that losing you would be something she may end up seriously regretting for life, especially if she is never able to meet another man who can bring that side of her out and keep it alive in a relationship.

As a result, she will naturally stop treating you badly and start giving you the respect that you deserve.

You can then get back with her, knowing that she will continue being a good woman to you, as long as you don’t let her walk all over you like she did in the past.

Avoid Making These 3 Mistakes if You Want Her to Appreciate You and Want You Back

You can change make her truly appreciate you and not want to lose you.

However, you can also do the opposite and make her feel like she has made the right decision to leave you.

So, if your girlfriend to want you back and appreciate you when back with you, here are some mistakes to avoid making…

1. Assuming that a girlfriend has to appreciate her ex boyfriend because of what he did for her

Based on you reading an article with this kind of title (i.e. “My Ex Girlfriend Doesn’t Appreciate Me”), I can safely say that you’re probably a really good guy.

You most likely have a big heart, are fairly generous as a person, have good intentions with women and just want a woman who loves you and appreciates you.

That’s great.

It’s all good.

However, to get that kind of treatment from a woman, you really have to understand what makes a woman appreciate, feel attracted to and love a man for life.

I can tell you it’s not just being good to her, or having good intentions.

Instead, it’s about the relationship dynamic that you create and maintain (i.e. where she feels the need to impress you, show appreciation towards you and make sure that you are happy as well).

If you are the one who mostly feels the need to impress her, treat her well and hope that she doesn’t leave you, then she won’t be happy with that type of dynamic in the long run.

Some will women say they want that from a man, but if you pay attention, you will notice that the women who are the happiest, most in love and most attracted to their man, are those in a relationship where they feel the need to impress the man as well.

It’s not a one-sided relationship.

She feels like she needs to impress him, make him feel appreciated and show him the respect that he deserves, otherwise she could lose him.

All of that comes down to the dynamic that you create and maintain in a relationship.

You have to get the dynamic right.

If you do, she will naturally appreciate you and feel like it would be her loss if she didn’t get you back.

On the other hand, if you give her the impression that she is more valuable than you and doesn’t need to impress you, then she will feel like it’s your loss and not hers.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

2. Telling her how it upsets you that she doesn’t appreciate you

When a guy tells his ex woman how upset he is, he will usually be hoping that she will react by thinking something like, “Oh no! I feel so bad now. He doesn’t deserve to be upset. How horrible of me. I’m going to start being so much more appreciative of him from now on. After all, he was my boyfriend. So, I owe it to him to treat him well.”

Yet, in almost all cases, a woman feels turned off by her ex’s emotional weakness and for him seeking pity from her.


Women simply aren’t attracted to emotional weakness and desperation, especially after a break up.

To get an ex woman back, you have to be behaving in ways that attract her, not turn her off.

It’s okay to make some mistakes, but overall, you need to be behaving in a way that attracts her to you and makes her feel like losing you would be her loss.

So, if you want to get your ex back, don’t bother telling her how upset you feel based on her not appreciating you.

Instead, just use any interaction that you have with her from now on to show her that you’re now the kind of man that she always wanted you to be (e.g. you’re so much more confident, emotionally strong and emotionally masculine now) to begin reawakening some of her feelings for you.

The more attracted you make her feel, the more she will feel drawn to you and naturally want to give you another chance, or at least hook up with you again sexually to see how she feels afterwards.

On the other hand, if you are continually making subtle mistakes that turn her off, then she will just keep trying to move on without you and may end up feeling less appreciative about everything you did for her in the past because it was from a guy that she is so turned off by now.

The next mistake to avoid is…

3. Assuming that she should appreciate the fact that you put up with her bad treatment of you and kept being good to her

Wouldn’t it be awesome if being a good guy to a woman guaranteed that she would appreciate you and treat you nicely for life?

All a guy would have to do is be nice to a woman and she would respond by giving him her complete devotion, respect and appreciation.

She would never treat him badly, never throw a tantrum and never disrespect him because he is a good guy.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

The reality is a woman simply cannot appreciate a guy who is always being good to her regardless of how badly she treats him.

That doesn’t mean she wants him to be mean to her.

Instead, she wants him to create a relationship dynamic that automatically causes her to be good to him, appreciate him, respect him and love him.

If he does that, he will bring out her good girl side and she will love him so much more as a result.

She will love who she is with him.

She will feel happy that she’s being a good girl, treating her man well and feeling the love she always wanted to feel with a man.

So, if you want to make your ex appreciate you and feel drawn to you again, don’t go complaining to her about that.

Simply change how she feels about you by adjusting the way you approach interactions with her from now on.

Many guys are able to get ex women back immediately using that approach, whereas other guys need a few days to a week or so to get it done.

You can get your ex girlfriend back and make her so much more appreciative of you than she ever has been before.

Best of all, she will love you so much more for bringing that side of her out.

Women are at their happiest when they are in love with their man, appreciative of him and treating him well.

Bring that side of her out and both of you will be so much more in love, appreciative of each other and happier together as a result.

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