Here are 7 reasons why that can happen so soon after a breakup:

1. She loves the things about him that were missing in her ex

For example:

  • Her ex was too clingy and needy in the relationship, which made her feel suffocated and in need of space. Yet, her new guy makes her feel wanted, but is emotionally independent, confident and she can tell that he’d be happy with, or without her.
  • Her ex was more of a homebody and didn’t like to socialize or be around people, whereas the new guy is always introducing her to new people, taking her to parties and so on.
  • Her ex did have any big goals, dreams or interests, or did have, but wasn’t following through on them. Her new guy is successful, or is ambitious and working hard to become successful.
  • Her ex was very gentle, hesitant and nice in the bedroom, whereas the new guy is more assertive and confident during sex, which has made her feel more in love.
  • Her ex was insecure and doubted his value to her, but the new guy is confident and knows that he’s good enough, or more than good enough.

Essentially, your ex’s new guy will have been displaying personality traits and behaviors that were missing in the relationship between you and her.

So, she will be feeling more attractive and alive, compared to how she felt with you.

She can then assume that she is falling in love with him, because it’s so different, interesting and new.

However, the new guy probably isn’t perfect and once the initial thrill wears off, she may begin to notice things about him that turn her off.

That can then lead to a breakup.

After all, she has a 100% failure rate in boyfriend-girlfriend relationships so far.

Additionally, most relationships don’t make it past a few months, let alone a year.

“60% of unmarried relationships break up within 2 months and 70% end within 1 year.” Source: Social Science Data Collection. Stanford University, California

So, if your ex seems like she is in love with a new guy already, don’t just give up and think you have no chance anymore.

You can interrupt her new relationship by re-attracting her and getting her back within the next week or so.

Alternatively, you can wait for them to break up and be ready to interact with her, re-attract her and seduce her back into a relationship with you.

Another reason why a woman will move on and fall in love so quickly after a breakup is that…

2. He was hitting on her and building a connection with her prior to the break up

He was hitting on her and building a connection with her prior to the break up

Sometimes a guy will like a girl (e.g. at work, university, through friends) and be trying to get her to like him back, even though she’s in a relationship.

A guy like that will often ‘be there for her’ when she’s just had an argument with her boyfriend, when she’s feeling unhappy and so on.

He will listen and show that he cares, or focus on trying to get her to smile, laugh and feel good by cracking jokes and flirting with her.

As a result, they can end up developing a great friendship and connection over time.

She might even occasionally fantasize about being with him, if things don’t work out with her boyfriend.

So, when the breakup happens, it’s not difficult for her to decide to give him a chance.

She already has some feelings for him, even if they are mostly friendly, or neutral kind of feelings and he is a convenient and easy way to help her begin moving on after the breakup.

In a case like that, a woman usually doesn’t plan on falling in love and will secretly be intending to just use him as a rebound, but life doesn’t always go as planned.

For example: When a very close friendship becomes sexual, it can feel amazing for both the man and woman.

All the sexual tension that had built up, is finally being released with kissing, hugging and sex.

As a result, the woman can then find herself falling in love, feeling very happy and even talking about committing to him.

Yet, in many cases, the guy is the sort of guy who doesn’t know how to attract women and tries to ‘grow on’ women over time.

So, when the initial thrill of being with him wears off, she begins to focus on things about him that she doesn’t like (e.g. he’s too nice, gives her too much power, doesn’t seem confident around manly men or confident men, becomes shy around other attractive women, becomes emotionally sensitive and needy if she doesn’t show him a lot of interest).

Soon enough, the relationship ends, she becomes single and he becomes the ex who is trying to get her back.

In the meantime, if you level up and become the sort of man that she really wants (e.g. emotionally manly, a playful challenge, able to flirt with her to create sexual tension, more ambitious, more confident, more assertive in a loving way) and then interact with her, she will see you as the one that got away.

She will realize how difficult it will be for her to find a man who can make her feel the way you do.

As a result, she will then want to get back with you while she still can.

Of course, don’t wait too long to let her feel that.

Prepare yourself to re-attract her (i.e. by leveling up in ways that will be attractive to her) and then interact with her, re-attract her and guide her through the remaining steps of the ex back process.

Another reason why a woman will fall in love with a new guy after a break up, or at least seem to be in love…

3. The woman will pretend to be in love with a new man to put her ex off

Sometimes a woman will like her new boyfriend, but not actually be in love with him at all.

Yet, pretending to be in love with the new guy is an easy way to make her ex lose confidence and give up trying to get her back.

She knows that if her ex remains confident and has the courage to interact with her, re-attract her and make her reconnect with her feelings, she will almost certainly give in and give him another chance.

So, she tries to put him off and make his feel unworthy, until she has gotten over him enough to be able to reject his advances when he tries to get her back.

4. She is what’s known as an Overlapper woman

An Overlapper is the kind of woman who always lines up a new guy, before breaking ups with her current boyfriend.

She overlaps her relationships to avoid feeling the pain of the breakup and in some cases, to put her ex off trying to get her back.

A lot of men feel disgusted and turned off by a girlfriend who immediately hooks up with another man, so it works as a way of ending a relationship for some women.

Yet, many women do it to avoid the pain of being alone, or feeling lonely and missing their ex on the weekends for example.

According to a study published in the scientific journal Evolutionary and Behavioral Sciences, women experience more emotional pain than men after a breakup.

It often doesn’t seem that way because most women are great at hiding it, but it’s true.

So, she lines up a new man, to help her deal with the pain and continue moving on after breaking up with a boyfriend she no longer wants to be with.

She will do it to the new guy as well, if he is unable to give her the kind of relationship experience she wants.

So don’t think you have no chance with her anymore.

She will get back with you and stick with you, if you can actually understand what she really wants from a relationship and let her experience bits of that when she interacts with you.

Don’t ask her what she wants though.

Women rarely, if ever, admit what they really want (e.g. for you to be more manly, to laugh at her (in a loving way) when she is out of line or creating unnecessary drama, be more of a challenge, touch her with more force rather than being so soft or gentle all the time, make her feel the need to impress you and maintain your interest).

So, understand how to attract her first and then do it.

Don’t just try to get her back with no plan, or your old approach to attraction.

You’ve got to make her feel surprised at how much more attracted she feels to you now.

When you do that, she will naturally want to give you another chance, even if she’s currently with the new guy that it seems as though she loves.

5. He is just a rebound and she will realize that soon enough

He is just a rebound and she will realize that soon enough

Essentially, she’s caught up in the thrill of being with someone new and the feelings associated with it.

So, she might seem as though she’s in love, or even believe it at the moment.

Yet, in reality, he’s not an ideal match for her and she will feel turned off by many things about him in the coming weeks or months.

6. She felt neglected by her ex in the relationship and the new guy is making her feel loved and appreciated

She is now enjoying being treated like a princess and having a guy adore her and pay lots of attention to her.

Yet, the irony is that men like that usually end up getting rejected, because they are nice guys who try their luck with women who aren’t being treated well in a relationship.

He has no idea how to attract women and simply hangs around, hoping to get her when she’s going through a rough patch, or needs someone after being dumped.

In some cases, a guy like that will be able to convince a woman to leave her boyfriend, by continually telling her that she deserves better.

Of course, he subtly or directly suggests that he would treat her better, if she were his girlfriend.

Unfortunately for him though, she doesn’t actually want a nice guy like him and prefers guys who are more of a challenge, which is why she has been treated ‘badly’ by her current boyfriend and previous boyfriends.

She doesn’t want a bad guy who treats her like crap.

She wants a good guy who is a challenge (i.e. a guy who doesn’t put up with bad behavior from her, but still treats her well and respects her. A guy who makes her feel the need to impress him and maintain his interest, but still puts in an effort to impress her and maintain her interest. A guy who isn’t afraid to laugh at her if she’s being unreasonable, but also loves her, supports her and makes her feel safe, protected and happy).

So, if the new guy is a typical nice guy who waits around hoping to get a chance with a sad, rejected or distraught woman, he might get a chance with her for a while.

Initially, she might even like the confidence boost she feels by being with a guy who values her so much.

Yet, when she realizes that he’s not a challenge and is quite boring, predictable and uninteresting (to her), she will dump him and look for a new guy.

7. She can’t deal with being single

Some women hate the idea of being without a man.

If a woman like that becomes single, she instantly begins to feel depressed and lonely.

She then wants to find herself a guy as quickly as possible, even if the love isn’t genuine.

A woman like that usually flirts with guys while in a relationship, or maintains friendships with guys, so she has guys lined up and ready to be with her if she becomes single.

Yet, as you would understand by now after reading through this article, it doesn’t mean that she will stick with him for life, or for long.

So, if you want her back, don’t think that you have no chance now because she seems to be in love.

Shoot your shot.

Take a chance.

Get her back into a relationship with you.

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