Here are 7 possible reasons why your girlfriend suddenly changed how she felt about you, before breaking up with you:

1. Something you said or did caused her to lose a lot of respect for you

Some examples of how a guy will cause his woman to lose a lot of respect for him, include:

  • Not standing up for himself in an assertive, but loving way, regardless of how badly she treats him, or how much she disrespects him. Alternatively, treating her badly, but always expecting her to treat him well and show him full respect and love no matter what.
  • Regularly breaking his word, or lying to her and expecting her to just put up with it.
  • Becoming too needy or clingy, to the point where she feels smothered and trapped by the relationship.
  • Becoming very aggressive or even violent towards her during an argument.
  • Mocking or laughing at her in front of other people.
  • Belittling her dreams and ambitions.
  • Insulting, or mocking her family or friends.
  • Crying when going through a challenging time in life that he should be able to handle like a man (e.g. losing his job, over an argument with a friend or family member).

When a woman sees her boyfriend behave in those kinds of ways, she begins to feel as though he’s been lying about who he really is.

For example: A guy will often act like a total nice guy at the start of a relationship, but then become very selfish, manipulative or vindictive as the relationship continues.

Alternatively, a guy will seem very confident at the start of a relationship, but will then turn into an insecure, jealous, overly protective and needy boyfriend.

As a result, she feels let down and is unable to look up to him and respect him as her man.

When she can no longer truly respect him, she stops feeling attracted to him as well and then, she begins to fall out of love.

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Another possible reason why a woman will be in love with her boyfriend, but then suddenly change overnight is that…

2. She was only playing

She was only playing

Some women are players and will act like they are in love with a guy for the fun of it.

A woman like that will reel a guy in, make him feel like he has her and then dump him.

As cruel as that may sound to you, that’s just the way some women are.

Some women enjoy the thrill of being in an exciting, new relationship where the man is totally in love and devoted to her.

A woman like that enjoys having him spoil her or do whatever she wants, in an effort to please her and hopefully win her heart.

It gives her a sense of power, knowing that he needs her and she has so much control over his emotional state.

She then gets to exert that power further by dumping him and crushing his heart.

In the meantime, she remains completely unhurt by the processing and has simply enjoyed being the center of his world for a while.

She then moves on and finds another man to control in the same kind of way.

She will only stop behaving like that if she meets a guy who doesn’t fall for her player tricks and instead, is able to get her trying hard to impress him and maintain his interest.

In a case like that, she will feel as though she’s met her match and will want to then stick with him and be a loving, devoted woman.

3. She met someone else

A woman who physically, or emotionally cheats on her boyfriend can go from loving him to wanting to leave him very quickly.

That can happen if the new guy she meets makes her feel more attraction than her current boyfriend and is more of an emotional match for her.

For example: The new guy is very confident, assertive and emotionally independent, but her boyfriend is a bit too insecure, nice and needy for her.

She thought she could put up with that and be happy, but when she met the new guy, she realized that he is more of an emotional match for her.

From personal experience, after having many girlfriends propose marriage to me and from eventually accepting my wife’s proposal (we’ve been together almost 9 years now as I type this), I can tell you that the only way to protect yourself against losing a girlfriend (or wife), is to attract her in ways that truly matter to her (e.g. if she likes guys who are a challenge, don’t expect her to remain interested if you’re too nice, neutral and predictable) and create the kind of relationship experience that suits her best (e.g. where you treat her well, but also make her feel the need to treat you well and be as attractive as possible to maintain your interest).

When you do that, she won’t want to be with any other guy, no matter how much they try to charm her.

She will just want to be with you, rather than giving up the best man of her life for a temporary bit of attraction she’s feeling for another guy.

4. It was building up for a while, but you didn’t see it

A woman will usually give subtle signs that she is falling out of love with a guy, but a guy will often overlook those signs and only focus on the positives.

For example:

  • She starts to avoid committing to future plans with him (e.g. he says his company party is coming up in a few months and asks her to make sure she is available. Yet, she responds with something like, “We’ll see closer to the time” or, “It’s too soon to talk about now”).
  • She stops wanting to spend as much time together and starts makes excuses about being too busy, so she can avoid seeing him or being around him. This can even include her being overly consumed by her phone and pretending to be distracted by that, in order to avoid interacting with him.
  • She goes out a lot more with her single girlfriends, who flirt with other men while she is around.
  • She becomes less affectionate and avoids touching, kissing or having sex as much as possible.
  • She appears closed off, distant or distracted.

Unfortunately, many guys don’t notice or place any value on signs like that until it’s too late (i.e. she breaks up with him).

The guy then feels hurt and confused because, in his eyes, she went from being madly in love with him and then seemingly changed overnight, or very quickly over a period of days or weeks.

Yet, in most cases, it was building up for a lot longer than he realized.

She was going through the process of fully disconnect from her feelings for him, so she could break up and not feel the need to get back with him.

When she was ready, she then broke up with him and began to move on.

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5. She didn’t like how she felt after the initial buzz of being with you wore off

She didn't like how she felt after the initial buzz of being with you wore off

Most relationships start off feeling amazing.

Yet, unless the couple has an effective relationship dynamic in place, the initial feelings will quickly fade away.

For example: An ineffective relationship dynamic is when the woman is more emotionally dominant than the man and has too much power over him.

In some cases, a woman might temporarily enjoy always getting her way, but she will eventually get tired of being with a guy who can’t stand up to her.

She will lose respect for him and then, stop feeling attracted to him.

At some point, she will just go through with the breakup, rather than continuing on in a relationship that won’t make her feel in love.

On the other hand, an effective relationship dynamic is where the man maintains the position of dominance.

He confidently and unashamedly takes on the position of being the more dominant one because he knows that the majority of women are not attracted to emotionally weak, wimpy men who allow themselves to be walked all over by a woman.

At the same time, he also treats her well and is good to her, but makes sure that she doesn’t always get her way, or disrespect him.

As a result, she naturally continues to look up to him as the leader, or more dominant one, which ensures that her respect and attraction for him remains in place and grows over time.

The couple is then free to fall more in love and become more committed to each other over time, rather than having to break up due to a lack of attraction somewhere along the way.

The couple then experiences a new type of buzz that is fueled by true love and an ever-improving relationship.

It’s a beautiful, rare feeling that can only happen if the relationship gets better and better over time.

When you get it right, neither of you ever want to leave each other.

6. She wanted to gain some power over you in the relationship, but it backfired

Sometimes a woman will find herself in a relationship with a cool, confident guy who could easily attract other women if he wanted to.

He might also not be very committed to her and is just with her for now, or until something better comes along.

So, rather than waiting to get dumped, she decides to pretend to no longer love him by seemingly changing her behavior towards him overnight (e.g. she starts being cold, distant, uncaring, unimpressed by him).

She hopes that it will make him appreciate her more and want to put more effort into the relationship, or commit to her more.

Sometimes the trick works and the woman gets what she wants, but in other cases, it ends up backfiring.


He suddenly stops displaying the qualities that attracted her in the first place (e.g. the fact that he was a little bit hard to get, didn’t always agree with everything she said, maintained his confidence no matter what she said or did to make him feel unsure of himself, had a bit of a bad boy attitude around her) and begins behaving in unattractive ways.

For example: He might…

  • Start begging and pleading with her to give him one more chance. She then looks at him as a desperate, needy guy, rather than the cool, confident guy she fell for.
  • Become insecure and unsure of himself around her. She then realizes that his confidence around her was dependent on her, rather than based on his own beliefs about himself. In other words, he only felt confident based on how much power she gave him over her. Yet, when she started taking away that power by acting unimpressed by him, he crumbled and became insecure.
  • Start sucking up to her and being super nice, agreeable, polite and attentive to convince her that he’s changed. She then sees him as desperate, lost and confused, which is a turn off.
  • Promise to do whatever she wants from now on if she changes her mind. She then loses respect for him for being such a pushover, or pussy when it comes to her.

As a result, her plan backfires because she ends up feeling turned off by him.

7. She was trying to convince herself to love you, but couldn’t do it anymore

Sometimes a woman will date a guy even though she doesn’t feel fully attracted to him (e.g. because he’s too nice, too soft in his behavior, isn’t manly enough).

She prefers a more confident guy, but hasn’t been able to find a truly confident, good guy, so she settles for an insecure good guy and hopes that it can work.

A woman will often do that if she’s been dating bad boys who treated her badly and ended up breaking her heart.

She will try to love the insecure good guy and may even act like she is in love, but the spark really won’t be there for her.

From his perspective, everything will be great and he’ll be getting what he wants (i.e. a cool, pretty girlfriend who he is proud of).

Yet, from her perspective, something (i.e. true attraction) will always be missing.

So, regardless of how ‘madly in love’ she pretends to be, or how happy she seems to be in the relationship, she will always secretly be planning to break up with him at some point.

Then when she finally does go through with the breakup, it comes as a huge shock to him, but not to her.

She always knew she’d leave him and is now just following through on it.

He can get her back, but he will need to use a new approach to attraction.

If he tries to get her back using the same old approach to attraction he used in the relationship, she simply isn’t going to feel motivated or inspired to give him another chance.

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