Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Most women won’t make the first move to get an ex guy back, especially after they broke up with him

A lot of guys hope that if they just don’t contact their ex girlfriend, she will miss him like crazy, contact him and try to get the relationship back together.

It sounds like a good plan, but it rarely, if ever works.


When a woman breaks up with a guy, she usually has a bunch of real reasons (e.g. he became too insecure, was too jealous, didn’t make her feel appreciated enough) why that she does not forget.

Yet, sometimes, regardless of how turned off she was and how clearly she remembers why she was turned off, she still can’t stop herself from missing her ex a little.

That’s when she might become open to getting back with him, if she hasn’t been able to find a new guy that is.

However, even if a woman misses her ex boyfriend a little, she usually won’t do much or anything about it.


In many cases, a woman fears getting rejected by her ex if he has moved on since the break up, or if he decides to reject her because of how much he hates her now.

After all, he hasn’t been contacting her since the break up, so what else is she to think?

She’s almost certainly not going to be thinking, “Oh, he’s not contacting me because he loves me and wants me back” and will instead be thinking, “Maybe he’s moved on. Maybe he will reject me to spite me if I contact him. Maybe he’ll ignore me and then I’ll feel rejected.”

So, rather than risking feeling rejected, she simply waits for him to make the first move.

Most women won't make the first move to get a guy back, especially after dumping him

If he doesn’t contact her, then she will usually see it as a sign that he is no longer interested in her, or has moved on with a new girl.

As a result, she will then focus on fully getting over him and moving on by dating and hooking up with new guys.

So, don’t believe in the myth that you need to cut off contact with a girlfriend and wait for her to eventually contact you and want you back.

It’s a total myth that waiting 30, 60 or 90 days will magically make an ex girlfriend want you, contact you and get back with you.

A woman will only do that in rare cases, where she is still attracted to or in love with her ex, or can’t find a good enough replacement guy, so she goes back to an ex that she is still kind of attracted to.

If your ex girlfriend isn’t still attracted to you or in love with you, or if she can easily find a good enough replacement guy, then she will almost certainly never try to get you back.

This is why, if you want to get back with your ex girlfriend, don’t continue asking yourself, “Should I call my ex girlfriend if she hasn’t called me?”

Instead, just call her.

Interact with her, re-attract her, meet up with her, hook up with her and get her back.

If you waste time wondering whether or not you should call her, then days or weeks may pass by.

Then, you might end up missing your chance with her.

So, just be courageous enough to take the lead in the ex back process by calling her.

By making the first move, your ex girlfriend will automatically start to feel some respect for you again (i.e. because you weren’t afraid to call her, even though she broke up with you).

Women respect that kind of courage and confidence.

When a woman respects you, she will naturally start to feel sexually attracted to you again.

When she feels respect and attraction, she will naturally feel drawn to you and open to giving things another shot.

Another reason why you should call your ex girlfriend if she hasn’t called you, is…

2. She will only wait so long before she moves on

She will only wait so long until she moves on

Regardless of her potential remaining feelings for you, she won’t sit around waiting for you to contact her forever.

If she happens to meet a guy who makes her feel more respect, sexual attraction and love than you did, then you might just become a distant memory that becomes less and less important to her by the day.

This is why you need to strike while the iron is hot.

Get her on a phone call with you right away and make her laugh, smile and feel good to be talking to you again.

The more you can make her laugh and feel good on the call, the more open she will become to meeting up with you in person because she will know that things would most likely feel good between you and her in person.

When you meet up in person, you can then fully reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings and get her back.

Another reason why you should call your ex girlfriend if she hasn’t called you, is…

3. Many women hate it when guys play the No Contact game after a break up. So, they decide to play mind games with him in return

No contact often causes a woman to play mind games with her ex, before rejecting him once again

If a woman searches online to find out why an ex boyfriend would avoid contacting his girlfriend after she dumped him, she will eventually stumble across the No Contact Rule.

The No Contact Rule is essentially where you wait 30, 60 or 90 days in the hope that your ex will go crazy missing you and wondering why you aren’t contacting them.

Then, the ex will contact you and you can get them back.


If only it were that simple.

The reality is that even if a woman does contact her ex boyfriend (who she dumped) out of curiosity, she will usually only do so to confirm that he is still missing her and wanting her back.

That’s all she wants to know.

When she finds that out, she can then stop feeling bad about him not contacting her and move on in peace without him.

As a result, he doesn’t get his ex back via No Contact.

This is why most guys who try to use No Contact will either say that their ex girlfriend never contacted them, or she did send a couple of texts, but then went cold.

Yet, so many guys hold onto the hope that if they just keep waiting and waiting, their ex girlfriend will eventually come running back.

The reality that the No Contact Rule rarely works for men who want to get back with a woman who dumped them.

So, I highly recommend that you have the balls to call her and re-attract her instead of waiting around and hoping that your ex girlfriend, who willingly dumped you, will suddenly come running back for some reason.

Not only because it works, but because most women are aware of the No Contact Rule these days.

If you try to use it on your ex girlfriend and she knows that you want her back badly, then she will feel turned off by your lack of balls/courage and will want to distance herself from you even further.

Additionally, she might even decide to hurt you by playing mind games with you in return.

For example: She might initially show some interest via text and give you some hope that you and her might get back together.

Then, if she sees that you are totally keen and most likely have been all along, she will then change her mind and say that it’s best that you and her just remain broken up.

This might then result in you trying to change her mind, convince her to give you another chance and so on.

All of that will be fuel for her confidence as she moves on without you, knowing full well that you want her back and always have.

As a result, she doesn’t have to feel rejected or hurt by you not contacting her.

Instead, it empowers her and makes her more confident, happy and at peace as she moves on without you.

So, don’t let that happen to you.

I highly recommend that you stop ignoring your ex girlfriend and get her on a phone call with you right away.

On a phone call, you can instantly begin to re-attract her and make you want you back.

Yet, if you wait for her to call, then she will probably take your silence as a sign that you’re playing mind games with her, or simply don’t have the balls to call her.

As a result, she will feel determined to move on, or play mind games with you (initially show some interest via text to confirm that you are still interested) while moving on behind your back.

Then, you will probably get a message like this from her sometime soon, “I’ve got something to tell you.”

She then tells you that she has met someone else, has been dating him, is happy and wants to stop communicating with you out of respect to him and the new relationship.

So, you got dumped, cut off contact and waited, she contacted you to confirm you were still interested, got your hopes up and then rejected you again.

Not a nice experience.

If you want to avoid that, you’ve got to make a move and call her.

Another reason why you should call your ex girlfriend if she hasn’t called you, is…

4. Some women still love and miss their ex boyfriend after breaking up with him

Some women still love and miss their ex boyfriend after breaking up with him

Sometimes woman will break up with a guy, even though she still has strong feelings for him.

She wants to break up though because…

  • She’s tired of fighting about the same things over and over again (e.g. how she doesn’t give him enough attention because she spends most of her time on her phone, how he gets jealous about how much time and attention her friends get compared to him).
  • She has been waiting too long for him to commit to her and she feels the need to move on, so she can find a more secure relationship.
  • She’s tired of him promising to change and then he doesn’t (e.g. he said he would stop being so angry and irritable, but it hasn’t ever changed).
  • She hopes that by breaking up with him, it will shock him into wanting to improve now, so they can get back into a relationship that is better than before.
  • She’s tired of being taken for granted by him (e.g. he spends a lot of time playing video games on weekends and essentially ignores her, he showed her love and affection at the start, but just expects her to stick around and put up with being in the background of his life now, he gets into heated arguments with her and shows his lack of respect, love and patience when it comes to her).

She’s unhappy in the relationship and doesn’t know what else to do to fix it.

Despite all that, she still might be secretly hoping that her ex boyfriend doesn’t give up on their love and instead, mans up and takes the action needed to get her back.

If he does that, they can then get back together and experience a new relationship that is more evolved, meaningful and enjoyable for both of them.

Yet, if he just sits around waiting for her to call him, she will almost certainly reach a point where she realizes that it’s hopeless to keep waiting for him any longer.

She may even start thinking things like, “Well, I guess he didn’t love me as much as I thought. I can’t believe he hasn’t even tried to call me once, even to check if I’m okay. It was so easy for him to just move on and forget about me, while I’ve been sitting here like a fool missing him and wishing we could work things out. No more! I’m done with waiting. I’m going to put myself first from now on and focus on moving on by finding myself a new man who deserves me.”

She then makes herself available to meeting, hooking up with and dating other guys, so she can get over her ex boyfriend and move on.

In the meantime, he’s still waiting around wondering whether or not he should call her.

Then, if he eventually decides to call her, he may be disappointed to discover that she has a new boyfriend.

So, don’t waste another day.

Call her.

She’s probably waiting for you.

If she’s not waiting for you, then you can reawaken her feelings and make her want you back.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you just take action.

Get her back.

Another reason why you should call your ex girlfriend if she hasn’t called you, is…

5. You can easily attract her on a phone call and then get her to meet up with you in person

Some of the ways you can attract her on a phone call include:

  • Making her laugh, smile and feel good to be talking to you again.
  • Showing her your confidence, especially if she’s trying to make you feel nervous or insecure about yourself by saying things like, “Why are you calling me? I told you when we broke up I never want to talk to you or see you again” or, “I’m really happy now and I don’t want you to ruin that” or, “I don’t know why you are calling me after all this time. I’m over us now. I’m enjoying being single” and so on.
  • Having the balls to joke with her as though she still likes you, or as you would have when you and her were boyfriend and girlfriend. For example: Start off the call by jokingly saying something like, “Hey ex girlfriend…how you been?” rather than being too reserved or polite, “Oh, hi Sarah. How have you been?” Calling her your ex girlfriend in a playful way is a form of flirting because you’re showing some interest, but only in a playful way. Additionally, it’s also attractive because it takes balls to say something like that to her, where you are assuming that she is still cool with you joking with her like you used to when you and her were together.
  • Letting her feel and sense that she can’t dominate you with her confident, strong personality in the way she used to. This is a huge turn on for women who find that most men are intimidated by them. If she can sense that you have manned up and can now be the more powerful, dominant one while still being a good man, then she will feel attracted to you like a magnet. Women know how difficult it is to find an emotionally strong man these days, who doesn’t crumble under a woman’s pressure.

When you make your ex girlfriend feel attracted in new and interesting ways, she instantly becomes curious and intrigued about her new feelings for you and wants to explore them.

She begins to worry that if she cuts you off and doesn’t give you another chance, she will regret it later and maybe even for the rest of your life.

As a result, she becomes open to meeting up with you in person.

Then, when you see her in person, you just need to be prepared to build on her newfound feelings and then guide her back into a relationship with you.

Another reason why you should call your ex girlfriend if she hasn’t called you, is…

6. For some women, a phone call shows that you actually do care and the relationship is worth saving

For some women, a phone call shows that you actually do care and that the relationship is worth saving

Sometimes a woman will break up with a boyfriend because she feels as though he doesn’t love her as much as she loves him.

Throughout the relationship, she feels as though it was her who put in most of the effort to make the relationship work (e.g. she cooked for him, she bought him gifts, she did sweet things for him, she always forgave him when he stuffed up, she let things slide to avoid getting into arguments, she spent less time with friends or family and spent more and more time with him to hopefully keep him happy, she did a lot more for him than he ever did for her, she tried hard to make him happy).

Yet, despite all of her efforts, she ended up feeling like he was just using her (e.g. for sex, to have someone to hang out and have fun with, to go places and do things together as a couple that he couldn’t do alone, so he didn’t have to be single, so he wouldn’t feel lonely).

So, an ex boyfriend like that doesn’t call her, she may begin to think something like, “He hasn’t even called me. Why did I ever waste my time with him? He clearly doesn’t care. Well, at least now I know where I stand with him. It’s time to put myself first by finding a man who will love me and appreciate me.”

Little does she know, her ex boyfriend is missing her and searching things like, “Should I call my ex girlfriend if she hasn’t called me?”

Yes, you should call her.

Call her, re-attract her on the call, get her to meet up with you, attract her at the meet up and get her back.

You can do it.

Another reason why you should call your ex girlfriend if she hasn’t called you is…

7. For many women, a phone call shows how manly you really are

For many women, a phone call shows how manly you really are

One of the qualities that women feel most attracted to about a man, is his ability to be fearless, regardless of how challenging a situation might be.

In other words, he has balls.

So, when you take the initiative and call your ex girlfriend even though she’s not calling you, it says a lot about your character to her.

Unlike other guys, you’re not afraid of taking the risk to call your ex girlfriend, even though she might reject you.

You have balls, so you’re not afraid of a potential rejection.

You’re also not afraid of a possible awkward first 1-2 minutes of a phone conversation, before things feel good between you and her again.

You’re an emotionally strong, emotionally courageous man.

That is attractive to her.

As a result of the attractiveness of your emotional strength, she starts to feel drawn to you again, even though she might not want to openly admit it.

Of course, the phone call is the first step in getting her back.

You also need to be able to re-attract her on the call, get her to meet up with you, attract her at the meet up and make her want to get back with you.

You can do that, but just make sure that you are prepared to do it.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to re-attract her, be sure to watch the videos I’ve added in on this page for you.

Additionally, if you’re still worried about calling her, make sure that you’re not holding yourself back with the following negative assumptions.

4 Negative Assumptions That Can Hold You Back From Calling Her and Getting Her Back

Negative assumptions to avoid

1. Assuming that not contacting a woman after a break up always causes her to come back

It can work if the woman is still in love with her ex, or attracted to him enough where she just wants to hug, kiss and have sex with him again.

Yet, in almost all cases where a man needs help to get a woman back, she simply isn’t feeling that way about him.

So, when he doesn’t contact her, she doesn’t come back.

The reality is that when a woman has lost touch with her feelings of respect, attraction and love for a guy (enough to dump him), she usually won’t chase after him just because he’s not contacting her.

Instead, she will be able to move on easier because her ex isn’t seducing her back into a relationship.

He could call her, re-attract her on the call and arrange a meet up, where he could then attract her and seduce her back into a relationship.

Yet, he is just waiting around for her to call her.

Days, weeks and then months can pass by.

Eventually, the woman realizes that her ex isn’t going to try to get her back and she then starts hooking up with new men to make herself feel better.

So, if you’re assuming that waiting for your ex girlfriend to call is the best way to get her back, you may end up regretting it later on.

If you don’t act now, she might decide to start moving on and may end up finding a man who she feels more attracted to.

If that happens, then you’ve just made the process of getting her back more difficult than it needs to be.

Getting an ex girlfriend back is usually an easy process, as long as you go through the steps needed to make it happen.

If you don’t take any steps and just wait around for an ex girlfriend to come back, she will usually just remain an ex to you.

Another negative assumption that may be holding you back is…

2. Assuming that you will look desperate if you call

You will only look desperate if you behave in a desperate way (e.g. begging and pleading for another chance, crying to her, promising her that you will do absolutely anything she wants if she will change her mind).

You’re not going to behave like that, so don’t worry.

You are going to be confident, calm and in control as you talk to her on the phone, which is going to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

She is going to realize what a great catch of a man you really are because you are one of the rare men who can remain calm, confident and in control when under pressure.

Additionally, she is going to enjoy talking to you because you’re going to flirt with her and use humor to get her smiling, laughing, feeling attracted and feeling good on the call.

As a result, her guard is going to come down and she is going to open up to meeting up with you in person.

Then, when you meet up with her in person, you’re going to get her back.

Another negative assumption that may be holding you back is…

3. Assuming that you will be handing over your power to her if you call

Real men go after what they want in life.

Lesser men hide behind the fear of being rejected, or looking like a failure if they try something and fail.

Yet, because lesser men rarely try to go after what they really want, they rarely succeed and end up settling for second, third, fourth or even last place in life.

Real men succeed because they go after what they want in life without fear.

You are a real man.

You are confident, brave, courageous and go after what you want in life.

As a result, you are not handing over any power to her by calling her and instead, you are giving yourself more power by taking control of the situation.

It doesn’t matter if she dumped you and you then call her.

That is not weak.

It takes a lot of emotional strength to call and not be afraid at all.

On the other hand, hiding away from calling because you hope that she builds up the courage to call you is a weak move.

With women, weak moves are rarely rewarded.

Another negative assumption that might be holding you back is…

4. Forgetting that women almost always wait for men to make the first move

This principle applies to approaching a woman for the first time, exchanging contact details, calling to set up a date and so on.

Almost all women wait to be approached, wait for a guy to ask for their number, wait for a man to ask them out on a date and so on.

It’s just the way it works.

So, don’t waste another minute and risk losing her to another man who has the balls to make a move.

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