3 things you can do:

1. Post up photos on social media of you having fun with other people

Some guys worry that their ex girlfriend will be turned off, angry or will disappointed if he seems confident, happy and forward moving in life without her.

Yet, the opposite is true.

The reality is that women are attracted to men who are able to be confident, happy and forward moving in life with or without them.

Some of the reasons why include:

  • It shows that he isn’t emotionally needy (i.e. needs to be with her to feel confident, happy and secure).
  • It shows that other people are enjoying hanging out with him.
  • It shows that he would naturally be attractive and appealing to other women based on his confidence and state of mind. Therefore, he might move on before her, resulting in her feeling like the one who got left behind.

All of that causes a woman to look at her ex boyfriend in a positive light and begin to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him.

Of course, she may pretend to be angry at him, so he then stops doing the thing that is working.

Yet, he has to be prepared for that.

Make her miss you via social media posts

For example, if she complains to him and says something like, “Well, I see that you clearly didn’t ever care about the relationship. I suppose you’re sleeping with new women now already too? Now I know how little I actually meant to you” or, “Why are you posting up those annoying photos? Don’t you have any respect for me? I will unfriend you if you keep doing that” and so on.

Essentially, she is hoping that she can stop him from making her feel attracted, so she can continue moving on without him.

Additionally, she wants him to feel bad about feeling good without her, so he stops and then gives her time to move on before he does.

Then, she can move on first and make him feel like the one who is getting left behind.

Yet, if he doesn’t stop and instead says, “You know that I care about you, but you broke up with me. I can’t change your mind about that, so I’m simply not trying to. I’m just living my life. Sorry if that hurts you, but I’ve got to move on” it causes her to feel rejected and as though she is being left behind, which is a powerful motivator for a woman to want to get her ex guy back.

Heck, the feeling of being rejected and left behind is actually one of the top reasons you want her back.

She dumped you, rejected your attempts to get her back.

She has walked away and left you behind in pain.

It’s a horrible feeling and a part of you wants to stop that pain by getting her back, even if just temporarily.

Thankfully, you really can get her back, but you have to be willing to make her feel positive emotions about you (i.e. respecting how emotionally strong you are for being confident, happy and enjoying your life without her) and painful ones as well (i.e. regret for breaking up with you, feeling like she is missing out, feeling like she is being left behind, worrying that other high quality women will find you attractive and you will then move on before she does).

This is why, you shouldn’t be afraid to show her that even though you may still miss her and want her back, you’re not letting it stop you from living your best life.

In fact, you seem even more confident and happy than you have been in a long time, or ever.

Since women are naturally attracted to a man’s confidence and emotional strength, this automatically makes her feel attracted to you.

She might not openly admit it to you, but she will feel it.

So, if you want to make your ex miss you without talking to her, do your absolute best to post up photos of you having fun with other people (e.g. at a party, at the beach, at a concert, dinner with new friends, fun outdoor activities with new people, BBQ with friends, rooftop party).

Make sure the photos are set to public, so she can see them even if she isn’t your Facebook friend or Instagram follower.

The truth is that even if an ex woman once said something like, “I never want to see you or hear from you again,” when she broke up with her boyfriend, she will check his social media profiles to see what he’s up to.

Initially, her main reasons for doing that are usually just to see that he seems lonely and miserable without her, or that he isn’t moving on before she does.

Make her feel like she is the one being left behind

Yet, if she notices that you seem very happy, confident and are enjoying life by having fun with interesting people and doing new things, she will naturally feel attracted to your emotional strength and ability to move forward without her.

As a result of feeling attracted, she will naturally start to feel drawn to you.

She will then either contact you right away to say hi, or she will keep going back to look at the photos and wonder why she is missing you and feeling drawn to you all of a sudden.

Most women don’t understand why they feel attracted to certain things about men (e.g. why they feel attracted to guys who are a challenge vs. guys who are too nice) and instead, just go with how they feel.

Additionally, a lot of guys don’t understand how a woman’s attraction works and as a result, they make assumptions on what might work.

For example: A guy may think, “If I appear sad without her, maybe she will take pity on me and give me another chance” not knowing that women are turned off by neediness and emotional dependence in men.

Alternatively, a guy may think, “If I show her that I am still single, not doing much, not moving on and enjoying myself and am just working hard and staying fit, she will see that I am loyal to her. Then, she will realize that no guy will ever love her as much as I do, or be committed to her as I am” not knowing that when a woman breaks up with a guy, she usually isn’t testing his loyalty or commitment to her.

Personally speaking, I’ve been helping new men to successfully get women back after breaks ups and divorces for many years now.

I’ve heard all the break up stories and dealt with every break up scenario possible.

One thing remains the same every time: What makes women feel attracted makes them feel attracted.

Every woman is different in terms of her personality and every relationship is different in terms of what happened.

Yet, what makes a woman feel attracted remains the same.

When you do what makes a woman feel attracted to you (e.g. display confidence, emotional strength, emotional independence), she automatically feels attracted to you.

Your ex might not openly admit that she’s feeling attracted and may even pretend to be angry at you for seeming to be happy and confident without her, but the fact is that she will be feeling a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

As a result, she will begin to miss you and feel drawn to you again, without you having to talk to her.

Of course, if she doesn’t contact you within a week of you posting photos on social media of yourself having fun with others, don’t keep waiting for her to contact you.

You need to have the balls to contact her, attract her on a call and get her to meet up with you in person, so you can then get her back.

Why should you call or contact her and get things moving along, rather than wait for her to do all the work?

In many cases, even if a woman does miss her ex boyfriend, she won’t contact him because she wants to see that he has the balls to contact her and is genuinely interested in her enough to do so.

Women are pretty always like that with men.

When women go out to a bar, they wait for men to approach them.

When a woman likes a guy, she waits for him to ask for her number, or ask her out.

When a woman is attracted to a guy and hanging out with him, she waits for him to make the first move and kiss her.

See the pattern there?

The only difference is that sometimes a woman will break that pattern and approach guy, ask a guy out or move in for a first kiss.

Additionally, with an ex, a woman will sometimes feel so compelled to contact him that she will do it first.

In all of my years of experience helping men get women back, I can tell you that the number one thing that caused an ex girlfriend (fiance or wife) to contact a man after not contacting him for days, weeks or even months, was him posting up photos on social media of himself looking confident, having fun and seeming loved and included by others.

That is the number one thing.

So, don’t avoid doing it because you’re not in the mood to be around other people, or because you worry that your ex won’t like it.

Get yourself in the mood by getting around other people and having and your ex will like it.

Women are naturally attracted to confident men who are able to be happy and forward moving in life with or without them.

You may not want to socialize, party or have fun with other people right now and that is one of the main reasons why you need to do it.

It shows your emotional strength, your emotional independence, your confidence and your ability to be happy and forward moving without her.

All of those traits are attractive to women and will result in her beginning to miss you and want to talk to you again.

If she doesn’t contact you within a week of you posting up photos though, you have to build up the courage to contact her.

Don’t wait too long.

If you want your ex back, you do need to talk to her at some point.

For example: Another thing you can do to make your ex miss you without (initially) talking to her is…

2. Give her a week of space where you don’t talk to her. Then, contact her, re-attract her and walk away without trying to get her back

Don't talk to your ex for a week, then re-attract her and walk away

Giving an ex a few days to a week of space after a break up, allows things to calm down between you and her.

It also gives her a bit of time to stop feeling so upset, annoyed, disappointed, frustrated and even spiteful about the break up.

During the 3-7 days, she can calm down and gradually begin to think of you in a slightly more positive light.

Yet, if you give her more than a week of space before you contact her and begin getting her back, it will often result in her having too much time, to the point where she then begins to get over you, or starts moving on by dating a new guy.

Many women often have 2-3 guys waiting in the wings, hoping that she will break up (e.g. coworkers, friends, friends of friends, old crushes, ex boyfriends).

If you wait too long, she may decide to open herself to one of those guys, or simply get on a dating app and line up a couple of dates per week to meet new guys and potentially start sleeping with a new guy to get over you.

So, if you want her back, don’t wait more than a week to begin re-attracting her and making her want you back.

Some of the ways you can re-attract her when you contact her, include:

Using humor to make her laugh and smile and feel good to be talking to you again.

  • Showing her your confidence, especially when she pretends to not be interested in you anymore to make you feel nervous or unsure of yourself around her.
  • Not holding back on how you really want to behave (e.g. being too nice, being overly polite, seeming hesitant, letting her make most or all of the decisions because you’re worried that she won’t like it if you are assertive in any way, letting her lead the dynamic of the conversation because you don’t want to interrupt her, being on your best behavior to hopefully make her take pity on you) and instead, letting her see that you are confident enough to talk to her using the same charm, charisma and vibe that you once had when things were good between you and her.
  • Not getting into exhausting discussions about the relationship and instead, just focusing on building up exciting sexual tension between you and her by flirting, being a bit of a challenge and making her want more of you.
  • Showing her (not telling her) based on how you now talk, behave and react that you’ve already changed and have become a much more attractive, appealing man.
  • Reacting to her in a way that makes her feel attracted (e.g. staying calm when she tries to make you angry, laughing when she tries to make you jealous, flirting when she tries to act like she isn’t interested).

When you approach interactions with her in a way that creates attraction, she naturally starts to drop her guard and want to open up to you to more.

Then, when she seems open, attracted and relaxed, you can pull the rug out from under her by ending the interaction and as a result, cutting off her access to the attraction she has been feeling.

You can say something like, “Anyway, it was good chatting to you. I have to get going now, but maybe we can talk another time. Who knows” and then leave (if you’re interacting with her in person), or hang up the phone after she gives you the appropriate response (e.g. “Oh, okay. Bye”).

By walking away, or pulling back like that, she is then left feeling attracted to you and wanting you, but without any access to you.

This naturally results in you being on her mind and her beginning to miss you without you even talking to her.

Of course, if you want her back, you will have to talk to her again, so make sure not to avoid her for too long.

After an interaction like that, it’s best to just give her a few days of space so she can miss you and want to talk to you again.

She might contact you during that time, but if she doesn’t, don’t wait.

Simply contact her, attract her some more and then arrange to catch up in person.

When you catch up in person, attract her more and then get to a hug, kiss, sex and back into a relationship.

Another thing you can do to make your ex miss you without talking to her is…

3. Let her find out (via mutual friends) how awesome your life is without her now

Let her find out how awesome your life is now via mutual friends

Jealousy, the fear of missing out and the feeling of being left behind or left out are all powerful motivators that can cause a woman to want to get back with her ex, at least talk to him again.

Yet, so many guys who get dumped are totally afraid of making their ex woman feel that way, in case she gets angry and seeks revenge (e.g. starts sleeping new men).

Instead, most guys want to make their ex girlfriend feel comfortable in the idea that he is still missing her, loyal to her and wanting her back.

As a result, she doesn’t have to experience any painful emotions and can instead move on in peace.

Several scientific studies have found that people are much more motivated to avoid the emotional pain of losing something, rather than the pleasure of potentially gaining something.

So, if you only make your ex girlfriend (fiance of wife) feel like the option of getting back with you is there for her, because you aren’t trying to move on without her, then she doesn’t have to feel the pain of potentially losing you.

Yet, if you show her that you are confident, happy and forward moving in life regardless of whether she is in your life or not, then she begins to worry about the potential of losing you to another quality woman who sees your attractiveness and value.

If you start dating a new woman who your ex sees as being prettier than her, then she will feel like she is missing out on being with you and is now the one who has been left behind as a result of the break up.

Women don’t want to be stuck feeling rejected like that, so to avoid that potential emotional pain, a woman will usually give her ex another chance, or at least open up to talking to him again or catching up with him in person to see how she feels.

So, don’t be afraid to enjoy your life without her over the next week and let your mutual friends find out about it.

Note: I say “over the next week” because it’s important that you don’t take too long to do this.

If you build up to enjoying your life over the next few months, then your ex will almost certainly have moved on by then.

Enjoying your life without her doesn’t mean that you don’t care about her anymore, or don’t want her back.

Instead, you are simply displaying traits that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confidence, emotional strength, the ability to cope well in emotionally difficult situations, emotional independence).

Some of the ways you can let her find out via mutual friends, how awesome your life is without her, is to…

  • Go out with mutual friends to clubs and bars and have a great time, joke around, be confident and even flirt with some women if you can. You don’t have to hook up with any women or even get a phone number, but be willing to talk, have a laugh and even flirt with some women.
  • Do something daring that you always wanted to do (e.g. go bungee jumping, motorbike racing, participate in a martial arts boot camp, stand up comedy workshop) and let your mutual friends find out about it. Make sure that it involves you being around other people though. For example, going camping on your own, doing a solo road trip, surfing on your own and so on, aren’t going to make your ex feel like you are being loved and included by other people. You might feel confident and happy, but by being alone, she can easily assume that you’re isolating yourself to deal with the pain of losing her and because you can stand being around other people at the moment. This turns her off because women are not attracted to emotionally weak or emotionally dependent (i.e. needy) men, especially after dumping them.
  • Do some traveling with friends or join a travel group for singles, even if you only go somewhere close by where you can get outside and have fun with other people.
  • Catch up with mutual friends at a cafe or restaurant and have a great chat with plenty of laughs.

After getting dumped, you might not be in the mood to do any of that, but it’s important to do it to help get yourself into a more emotionally attractive state of being.

If you interact with your ex and she senses that your life sucks without her, you’ve been miserable and lonely and you need her back to feel good about yourself again, then she is going to feel turned off.

On the other hand, if you interact with your ex and she senses that you’re life is great without her, you’ve been happy, loved and included and even though you do care about her, you don’t need her back to feel good about yourself, then she is going to feel attracted to you.

She will also begin to feel the emotional pain of regret, being left behind and worrying that you might end up being ‘the one who got away.’

To avoid feeling that pain, she will then open herself up to communicating with you again to either get you back, or just check that you are still missing her and need her back.

If she senses that you are missing her and need her back, she can then continue moving on in peace without having to feel rejected.

Yet, if she senses that you do care about her, have missed her from time to time, but don’t need her back, then she will feel rejected and will want to interact with you more, or catch up with you to avoid feeling that pain.

So, don’t be afraid to let her find out how awesome your life is without her.

It works.

On the other hand, here are…

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Attempting to Make an Ex Miss You Without Talking to Her

1. Wasting too much time waiting for her to eventually miss you

Wasting too much time waiting for her to eventually miss you

Some guys make the mistake of thinking that every woman needs 30 to 60 days of space before she will want her ex boyfriend back.

It’s a huge ex back myth that costs millions of confused men to miss out on getting their ex woman back…

In some cases though, a guy waits a long time before contacting his ex woman because he is nervous about interacting with her and just can build up the courage to do it.

Rather than risking a potential rejection, he makes the assumption that if he just waits long enough (maybe a few weeks or even months), the anger, disappointment and lack of attraction she felt will evaporate and she will then start to miss him.

Yet, here’s the thing…

If a woman has broken up with a guy that she no longer wants to be with (e.g. due to a lack of attraction, him unable to handle a woman like her, him losing too much confidence and becoming insecure in the relationship), she will rarely want to go running back to him, just because he’s not contacting her.

In most cases, she just moves on with a new guy because her ex isn’t doing anything to re-attract her and seduce her back into a relationship.

Even if she does miss her ex from time to time, a woman will rarely contact him and try to get her back because she doesn’t want to risk getting rejected by him if he’s lost interest in her.

This is why, waiting weeks or months for your ex to hopefully miss you and come running back to you, will usually be a total waste of time.

It’s fine to give her a little bit of time to calm down after the break up, but if you wait too long, she will almost certainly just move on without you.

The next mistake to avoid making is…

2. Assuming that the 30 Day No Contact Rule works on any woman

The 30 Day No Contact Rule essentially means that you don’t contact an ex for 30 days, in the hope that they miss you and want you back.

It can work in some cases, but it doesn’t work in most cases.

For example: It can wok if a woman is still in love with her ex and can’t deal with not hearing from him anymore.

Him ignoring makes her miss him so much that she reaches out to him.

He can then potentially get her back.

Alternatively, if a guy ignores his ex long enough and she struggles to find a replacement guy, then she might end up reaching out to her ex to go back to something familiar.

Those are rare cases where all a guy has to do is wait and his ex girl will come crawling back.

Yet, in almost all other cases, if a woman has dumped a guy, she doesn’t want to go back to him just because he’s not contacting her.

She remembers exactly why she broke up with him, doesn’t want to experience that anymore and so, she continues to move on without him.

Yet, if he had the balls to interact with her and let her experience the new and improved him, then she would have something to think about.

If she felt attracted to him during the interactions (e.g. via text, on phone calls, via social media or in person) and he wasn’t desperately trying to get her back, then she will feel like she is being left behind or rejected, which will usually cause a woman to show more interest and try to get the guy back.

In the process of showing more interest and trying to get him back, she misses him and feels more drawn to him.

Her desire for him increases and she just wants to get the relationship back together.

On the other hand, if her ex never contacts her, or waits 30 days to eventually contact her, then she will almost certainly start getting over him and moving on without him.

In some cases, a woman doesn’t even have to work at getting over her ex boyfriend because she was already over him weeks and sometimes months before the break up.

In cases like that, not contacting her and re-attracting her, simply gives her space and time to move on in peace.

Then, by the time her ex contacts her after 30 days, she says something like, “What? Why are you contacting me? We broke up a month ago. I’m happy now and I’m dating someone else. So, I ask that you respect that and don’t contact me anymore. I wish you all the best. Goodbye.”

So, if you’re thinking of cutting off contact for 30 days and waiting for your ex to miss you, then you need to ask yourself this question: Does my ex secretly still love me and want me back?

If yes, then you might have a chance of her contacting you if you cut off contact, or she might never contact you because she fears you will reject her.

If no, then you’re almost certainly not going to get her back by waiting 30 days.

It won’t achieve anything.

If you want her back, you’ve got to actively re-attract her now by contacting her, or at the very least, attract her from a distance (via social media posts) for a week before contacting her.

When you contact her and re-attract her, you need to get her to meet up with you in person.

In person, you can fully re-attract her and initiate a hug, kiss and potentially then sex as well.

If she is feeling very attracted to you, then she will be open to a hug.

When she opens up to a hug, feels warm and turned on by it, she will almost certainly open up to a kiss.

When you kiss and she feels sparks with you, then she will automatically begin thinking about the possibility of having sex with you.

If you are able to continue making her feel turned on, it will naturally happen.

Then, you and her can decide what to do after that.

Yet, if you just cut off contact and wait, she’s almost certainly not going to care and will simply begin moving on without you.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

3. Being afraid to talk to her because you’re unsure how to re-attract her

When a guy doesn’t know what to say or do to make his ex want him sexually and romantically, he will often decide to just ignore her in the hopes that it somehow results in her missing him and wanting him back.

As I said earlier, it can work in some cases if the woman is still in love with him, or can’t find a suitable replacement guy to move on with and she then contacts him.

Yet, in most cases, not talking to her anymore simply doesn’t work.

The reality is that as the man, it’s up to you to initiate the ex back process and guide her back into a relationship with you.

Don’t be afraid to call your ex, begin re-attracting her and making her want you back.

Create sparks of attraction inside of her, so she naturally feels drawn to you and wants to interact with you further.

Then, arrange to catch up in person to say hi.

In person, build on her sexual and romantic feelings and then get to a hug, kissing, sex and back into a relationship.

That’s how most men get women back immediately, or very quickly (i.e. within a few days to a couple of weeks).

The guys who remain afraid to talk to their ex are almost always the ones who have to live with regret for the rest of their life.

I’ve literally been contacted by 1,000s of men about getting ex women back and have often heard them say things like, “I waited too long to contact her and she moved on” or, “I wish I would have just gave it a try. I was too afraid to contact her and she eventually moved on” and so on.

I’ve also heard from a lot of men who say they are still missing their ex girlfriend years and even decades after the break up.

They struggle to enjoy new relationships because they always miss her and want her back.

So, if you want your ex back, take the action needed to get her back.

Don’t sit around feeling afraid to talk to her.

Man up, interact with her, re-attract her and get her back while you still can.

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