Absolutely not.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Women hate it when a man tries to manipulate her into giving him another chance based on how unstable he now is

Sometimes, a break up can be really devastating for a guy.

He may even end up thinking things like, “I can’t live without her! She was everything to me and now the pain is so unbearable that I would rather end it all than spend another minute missing her the way I do and knowing that she doesn’t want to be with me.”

While feeling that way, the guy might then decide to tell his ex that the break up has made him consider suicide.

Secretly, he’s likely hoping that she will feel flattered that he loves her so much that he’s willing to end his own life rather than face a future without her.

She might then begin thinking things like, “Wow! I never realized how powerful his love is for me. I know I broke up with him, but seeing how he’s willing to die rather than live without me, it makes me wonder if I made a mistake. After all, will I ever be able to find another guy who will love me that much again? Probably not. This is a once in a lifetime love and if I walk away now, I may end up regretting it for the rest of my life.”

She may then give him another chance with her.

Yet, it almost never works out that way.

Instead, a guy telling a woman that he’s feeling suicidal after their break up usually only makes her feel as though he’s trying to manipulate her into getting back with him.

So, rather than feel flattered, she’s likely thinking things like, “That’s such a dirty trick! Not only is he proving to me that breaking up with him was the right decision after all seeing as he’s now proven to me how unstable he really is, he’s also trying to make me feel afraid that if I don’t take him back he’s going to kill himself and that it will all be my fault! That sucks!”

She then usually makes more of an effort to distance herself from him and not get caught up in his drama (e.g. she ignores his texts or calls, avoids him if she happens to bump into him at the mall/university).

Here’s the main reason why…

A woman doesn’t want to be emotionally blackmailed and made to feel guilty for breaking up with a guy and then forced to give him another chance, simply because she’s afraid that he’s so unstable that he may end up killing himself.

Not only is that stressful to her and makes her feel trapped and like she can’t be her true self anymore (i.e. because she’s afraid if she says or does something wrong he will go through with the suicide), she also cannot feel respect, attraction and love for a guy she perceives as being emotional weak and unstable.

Without respect, attraction and love, there’s nothing to base a relationship on.

So, regardless of how distraught you feel about losing her, your ex is not going to thank you for telling her that it’s making you feel suicidal.

On the other hand, if you take positive steps to reactivate her feelings of respect and attraction for you (e.g. interact with her over the phone and in person and make her laugh, smile and feel good to be talking to you again), not only will she feel drawn to you again in a way that feels right to her, it will also help you snap out of the dark place you’re currently stuck in.

Basically, when you can see for yourself that there is a good chance you can get her back, you will no longer feel the need to kill yourself.

As a result, your confidence and self-belief will begin to resurface and then getting your ex woman back becomes easier for you, because a confident, emotionally strong man is so much more attractive to a woman than an unstable one.

Another reason why you shouldn’t tell your ex that the break up has made you feel suicidal is…

2. Being emotionally unstable is unattractive to women

Something that a lot of guys don’t realize is that a woman’s attraction to a man is a very instinctive thing.

Basically, she’s instinctively programmed to go for the strongest, toughest, most powerful man available to her, so that he can protect her and take care of her and any children they might have in the future together.

Of course, unlike in the past where the strength and toughness of a man had to be physical (i.e. because a woman needed to be protected from predators and/or enemies set on raping or kidnapping her), in today’s world a woman needs a man who is emotionally strong and mentally tough.

She needs to know that if he’s faced with problems in life (e.g. he loses his job, he’s faced with a serious illness or the death of a family member, he has money problems, he gets broken up with), he will be able to cope.

That then makes her feel safe, which in turn sparks her feelings of respect, attraction and love for him.

She can see that he’s the kind of man she can depend on to be a man no matter what happens and that is attractive to her.

So, when a guy can’t cope with the bumps in the road in his life (e.g. he becomes suicidal when he gets broken up with, he falls apart when something important doesn’t go right), her instincts kick in and she feels turned off by him at a deep level.

Subconsciously she knows that he’s not a good match for her and that she won’t be ‘safe’ if she sticks with him.

As a result, she pulls away from him even more and puts in the effort to find herself a new, more emotionally strong man than him.

This is why, if you don’t want to turn your ex off even more, you shouldn’t tell her that the break up has made you feel suicidal.

Remember: Women are attracted to emotional strength in men, not weakness.

So, rather than make her feel drawn to you because you’re so lost without her, chances are high that she’s going to feel as though she’s better off without an emotionally weak, unstable guy like you in her life instead.

On the other hand, if you want to reactivate your ex’s respect, attraction and love and get her back, it’s very important that you regain control of your emotions first and then prepare to re-attract her, before you interact with her.

Get rid of any feelings of hopelessness and desperation by knowing that you can re-attract her and get her back.

As a result, you don’t need to panic, worry or feel lost without her in any way.

You can relax and confidently get her back over the next few days to a week.

Another reason why you shouldn’t tell your ex that the break up has made you feel suicidal is…

3. Pretty much everyone has had suicidal thoughts at one point in their life

For most people in the world, life can sometimes be very challenging and quite often, when a person hits rock bottom, they may think things like, “It just isn’t worth it anymore. Maybe I’m better off dead than having to live with this pain.”

However, in almost all cases where a person contemplates suicide, it’s not really what they want to do.

Instead, they’re feeling stuck and like there’s no hope in that moment, yet, over time, things naturally begin to change and improve and those feelings naturally fade away.

For example: A guy might get fired from his job, leaving him without an income to support himself and his family.

He may then begin to feel suicidal and like it’s the only way out for him and his family (e.g. they will get his life insurance money and be better off).

Yet, all it takes is for him to realize that his family really do need him and depend on him, not just financially but also emotionally, to change his mind.

That can then lead to him feeling more motivated and determined to find another job and keep his family together and happy.

Then, because he’s feeling more confident and sure of himself, opportunities begin to present themselves and before long, he may find himself in an even better job than the one he lost.

As you can likely see, thinking about killing yourself is actually not that amazing or odd.

Yes, right now you probably feel that you have nothing worth living for and that you’ve hit rock bottom.

However, it’s more than likely that those feelings won’t last forever, especially if you take the time to think about all the opportunities lying ahead of you right now.

For example: You have the chance to…

  • Re-attract your ex and get her back if you want to.
  • Find yourself another, equally beautiful woman to her.
  • Spend more time focusing on your big goals and dreams in life.
  • Do some of the things you always wanted to do but kept putting off because of your relationship (e.g. go traveling, go back to school and get a degree, start your own business).

The opportunities are limitless, as long as you’re open to seeing them.

So, go ahead and feel sad if you need to feel that way.

There’s nothing wrong with experiencing the loss of your past relationship with your ex.

However, make sure that you also remind yourself that there are so many better options than suicide for you to take.

Focus on that and before long, not only will those feelings naturally start to fade away, you’ll likely also start to feel more positive about your chances of getting your ex back.

You can then interact with her, re-attract her (i.e. because you will no longer be giving off a ‘poor little me’ vibe) and get her back.

When you do, you will likely realize that you never really intended to go through with killing yourself.

It was just something you were feeling in that moment and then you got through it and are now an emotionally stronger man than before because of it.

Another reason why you shouldn’t tell your ex that the break up has made you feel suicidal is…

4. It can make her feel worried about what else you might be capable of

For you, telling your ex that the break up has made you feel suicidal might simply be your way of expressing to her how much she meant to you and how you really miss her.

However, for her, it can raise concerns about your mental stability and what you might be capable of doing as a result.

For example: Many men have killed their ex woman and then committed suicide when they thought things like, “If I can’t have her, then nobody can.”

Of course, you’re probably not going to do that, but your ex can’t know that for sure.

The truth is, a woman doesn’t want to be put in the position where she has to defend herself against an angry, potentially unstable man, so she usually just tries to get away from him as quickly as possible – even if that means cutting him completely out of her life, or finding herself a new man to protect her.

So, by telling your ex that you feel suicidal, rather than make her want to be nice to you and help you through this difficult time (e.g. by talking to you over the phone, spending time with you even though you’re no longer a couple), which is what you may be hoping for, she may instead pull away from you even more (e.g. block your number on her phone, unfriend you on social media, refuse to see you in person).

She might also hook up with a new guy as quickly as possible for added protection and to give her an added reason why she can’t help you cope.

She can then cut you out of her life by saying something along the lines of, “Look, I know you’re struggling with our break up, but maybe you should go for counseling or something. I think that would be best. I really can’t help you through this; I’m with someone else now.”

This then, not only has the opposite effect of what you’re likely hoping for (i.e. to get her to stick around in your life and possibly even give you another chance), it can make those suicidal feelings even worse.

So, don’t let that happen to you.

If what you really want is to get your ex back, the best approach to making that happen is from a position of emotional strength, not weakness.

She’s so much more likely to feel respect and attraction for you for handling the pain of the break up well, than she is if you tell her you’re suicidal.

This is why it’s so important that you get control of your emotions right now.

It’s the most important thing you can do, if you want to successfully get your ex back.

Another reason why you shouldn’t tell your ex that the break up has made you feel suicidal is…

5. Pity isn’t what drives a woman to want to get back with her ex

Sometimes, a guy might feel at a loss of how to go about getting his ex back after a break up.

This is especially true if the woman said things like, “It’s so over between us! I’m done with you this time, so don’t try to stop me, because nothing you say or do will ever make me change my mind,” when she broke up with him.

So, in desperation, he might decide to tell her that he’s feeling suicidal, as a way of making her feel bad.

Essentially, he may be hoping that by putting her on a guilt trip, she will change her mind about breaking up with him.

Even if she doesn’t, she may at least start being nice to him again, giving him a chance to try and win back her love.

Yet, in most cases, rather than make a woman feel pity or guilt for the pain that he’s experiencing and try to stop him from going through with the suicide by getting back into a relationship with him, it usually only turns her off even more.

In fact, in some instances, a woman will even get angry with her ex for telling her that and she then doubles her efforts to move on from him. Why?

A woman doesn’t want to be responsible for a man’s emotional wellbeing.

Additionally, she doesn’t want to be forced into a relationship that doesn’t make her happy, just because the guy is too emotionally weak to cope with being dumped.

That is unattractive to her and rather than allow herself to be emotionally blackmailed by him, she will just use it as another reason to cut him out of her life completely and move on.

Here’s the thing…

You will have a lot more success in getting your ex to open back up to being a couple again when you portray some of the qualities and personality traits that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. emotional strength, manliness, confidence, the ability to cope with whatever life throws at you without falling apart), rather than by trying to make her feel sorry for you.

So, if you’re tempted to adopt a ‘poor me’ attitude by telling her that the break up has made you feel suicidal, don’t do it.

You will get much better results (i.e. a chance to get her back for real) if you simply focus on re-sparking her feelings of respect and attraction for the confident, emotionally strong you.

When you approach getting your ex back from a position of strength rather than weakness, she feels drawn to you again in a good way and she then automatically wants to be around you more.

That makes getting her back easy for you, because she wants it too.

3 Mistakes to Avoid if You’re Feeling Suicidal and You Want Her Back

You can dwell on your negative feelings and continue to feel suicidal, or you can take steps to get your ex back.

Almost certainly, getting her back is the better choice, so focus on that.

However, for that to happen, make sure you avoid the following mistakes:

1. Appearing to be sad and lost on social media

Sometimes, a guy will use social media as a way of letting his ex woman know how devastated he has been feeling since the break up (e.g. by posting photos of himself looking sad and lonely).

Secretly, he’s likely hoping that when she sees that he’s falling apart without her, she will feel flattered by the depth of his love and devotion for her and that will then make her come running back to him.

Yet, that almost never happens.

Instead, seeing him looking so desperate and lost without her makes a woman feel turned off by him even more. Why?

Emotional neediness and an inability to handle what life throws at him are not attractive traits in a man, so when she sees him looking like he’s falling apart, it simply confirms to her that she made the right decision to break up with him, because he’s not man enough for her.

Additionally, when a woman sees that her ex is posting sad photos of himself online, she may take it as a sign that he’s trying to manipulate her into feeling sorry for him so that she can give him another chance.

That is annoying to her and in many cases, it has the opposite effect (i.e. it makes the woman even more determined to move on and find herself another man).

Finally and most importantly, when a woman has disconnected from her feelings of respect, attraction and love for her ex, him feeling sad and lonely without her doesn’t really matter to her anymore.

Instead, she will focus on her own feelings and her own life, rather than waste time and energy trying to make her ex, who she no longer has feelings for, feel better (e.g. by being extra nice to him when she interacts with him, telling him that she might consider giving him another chance, try to talk him into getting therapy).

So, if your intention is to make your ex want you back, going the pity route is not the best approach.

What is?

Showing her that you are happy and forward moving in your life, with or without her (e.g. by posting photos of you having fun with other people).

When she can see that you’re coping with the break up like a real man, it will go a long way in reactivating her feelings of respect and attraction for you.

She then becomes more open to interacting with you to see where things go from there.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

2. Hoping to get mutual friends to tell her that you are sad, lost and distraught without her

Sometimes, a guy might talk about his suicidal feelings to mutual friends, so that they can tell his ex and make her feel bad.

That, however, is a bad idea for two main reasons.

Firstly, putting friends in the middle of your break up is not a nice thing to do.

Not only are you forcing them to take sides, having to deal with a guy who is having suicidal thoughts is not the kind of responsibility that most people want.

Secondly, and most importantly, even if they do put in a good word for you to your ex, rather than make her want to get back with you, she will almost certainly resent you for trying to manipulate her via your friends.

Additionally, she will feel turned off even more, because she doesn’t want to be responsible for your emotional wellbeing.

So, if you’re tempted to get friends involved in your break up, just forget about it and focus instead on re-sparking your ex’s feelings of respect and attraction for the confident, emotionally strong you instead.

That will almost certainly have better results than if you try to get her back through feelings of guilt and manipulation.

Additionally, your friends will thank you for not pulling them into your personal drama.

Another mistake to avoid making is…

3. Not realizing that re-attracting an ex is a simple, straightforward and easy thing to do

Maybe you’re having suicidal thoughts right now because you believe that it’s impossible for you to get your ex back.

Maybe you’ve even convinced yourself that there’s no other way to reach out to her and let her know that you still have feelings for her.

Yet, here’s the thing…

There is another way.

The fact is, you really can change how she feels and get her back, if you want to.

You can take control of the ex back process by focusing on actively re-attracting her during interactions with you, rather than giving up and letting your negative thoughts and emotions suck you into a downward spiral of hopelessness and despair.

When your ex sees for herself that you’re the kind of man she always wanted you to be (e.g. confident, emotionally strong, emotionally masculine, able to handle the bumps in the road of life), her walls will naturally start to crumble.

Then getting back together with you becomes something she wants too.

So, stop focusing on the bad and start focusing on the good.

You can get her back.

It’s easier than you might think.

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