Not necessarily.

Here are 6 possible reactions from a woman if her ex boyfriend texts her about the good times he and her shared:

1. She knows that he’s trying to manipulate her into missing him

Even though what he’s saying might be true (i.e. they had a lot of really good times together), a woman won’t necessarily see it that way when reminded of it.

Instead, she will assume that he’s most likely trying to manipulate her into feeling like she is missing out on a chance to experience more of that and therefore, open up and give him another chance.

As a result, she then puts up her guard and is wary of everything he texts her.

She may also become resistant to interacting with him (e.g. stop responding to his texts, or answering his calls), because she feels angry, resentful, guarded and suspicious.

It then becomes a lot more difficult for him to re-attract her and get her back.

This is why, texting your ex about the good times you and her shared, is usually a cheesy, obviously manipulative technique to use.

A better approach is to let her remember all by herself.


When you interact with her, make her feel good to be talking to you again (i.e. she’s smiling, laughing and enjoying herself, feeling attracted), then the happy memories of you and her together will automatically come flooding back.

She will then realize that she misses you and if she opened up to giving you another chance, or at least hooking up with you for a while, it would feel good to her.

Another possible reaction to a guy sending a good memory text to his ex girlfriend…

2. She feels turned off that she has been feeling happy without him since the break up, but he’s still needy for her

She feels turned off that she has been feeling happy without him since the break up, but he’s still needy for her

As a result of his ‘good memory text,’ she assumes that he’s still just sitting around and hoping to get her back, rather than moving on like she has been.

She may also assume that he’s needy, lost, desperate and lonely without her, which then turns her off.

Essentially, she assumes that he still needs her love and attention to feel happy, confident and make progress in life.

That’s unattractive to her because women aren’t attracted to the emotional weakness in men; especially to men that they’ve dumped.

So, she just she loses even more respect for him and feels relieved that she broke up with him.

What should you do instead?

Have the courage to show her that you’re confident, happy and enjoying without her, so she feels a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you, due to you being emotionally strong enough to get back on your own two feet after the break up and move on.

You can do that by posting photos on social media of yourself having fun and set those photos to ‘public’ so she can see them.

If you don’t use social media, now is the time to start.

If she doesn’t follow you, or isn’t your friend on social media, just post it as public so she can see it without having to add you as a friend, or follow you.

Then, send her a text saying something like, “Hey, I’m on Instagram now…just thought I’d let you know.”

If you already use social media and she doesn’t follow you, or isn’t your friend on the app/site, just text her something like, “Hey, we should be friends on social media. Here’s my profile” and add in a link.

Important: Don’t text her to verbally explain the fun you’ve been having (i.e. texts without any photos) because that can easily come across as being fake (i.e. you’re trying to impress her and make her feel jealous or worried about losing you).

Likewise, don’t send her pics of you having fun out of nowhere.

Post it to social media.

Posting on social media (even if you don’t normally do a lot of that) is easily seen as normal and understandable by an ex, rather than suspicious because you can post about your life if you want to; it has nothing to do with her.

When your ex sees that you’re enjoying life without her, her guard will come down and she will naturally feel more drawn to you because it signals to her that you’re emotionally strong without her.

She may then try to contact you in some way (e.g. click ‘like’ on your photos, send a private message to say “Hi”) and see what happens from there.

However, if she doesn’t contact you, don’t wait for weeks to contact her.

Be a man about it and give her a call, or text her to get her attention and then get her on a phone call, or video call.

At the very least, go from typed texts to voice texts, so she can hear your confidence and sense that you’re not desperate, needy and lost without her.

When she senses that, her guard comes down and she feels a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

Another possible reaction of sending an ex a text about good memories…

3. She remembers that the good times didn’t last long and most of the relationship wasn’t what she wanted

So, sending the good memory text has the opposite effect.

Rather than make her miss you, it reminds her of all the reasons why she decided to break up with you in the first place (e.g. you weren’t confident enough to go for what you want in life, or weren’t confident enough around her, you were too soft and emotional for her, you took her for granted and made her feel like your roommate instead of your girl).

As a result, she then feels even more determined to move on with someone else, rather than giving you another chance.

On the other hand, if you just call her and begin re-attracting her in new and interesting ways, she won’t be able to stop herself from seeing you in a more positive light (i.e. because you have already replaced the parts of the relationship she didn’t want with fresh, exciting feelings she does want).

For example: You can…

  • Use light-hearted humor to keep the interaction fun and filled with smiles and laughter, rather than talking about the relationship (e.g. discussing the problems or talking about the good times) and stressing her out. This is especially important if she is being cold, distant or moody when you try to talk to her. Don’t get sucked into her mood. Break her out of it with a light-hearted approach.
  • Not being afraid to flirt with her. Some guys worry that it’s not their place anymore to flirt with her, or that she’ll get annoyed and hang up or block him. You need to have the balls to create some sexual tension between you with flirting, so she actually wants to meet up with you in person.
  • Show her your new and improved level of confidence based on the way you now talk to her and respond to what she says or does (e.g. you remain calm and even laugh in a good natured way when she’s acting as though she is over you, or you remain confident no matter what she does to try to make you feel insecure).
  • Let her sense that you’re very happy and satisfied with your life without her and even though you want her back, you don’t need her back to feel good about yourself. Don’t tell her that though. Let her sense it. Big difference. As long as you’ve made her feel attracted again, she will feel like she is losing you when you make her sense that and it will cause her to open up. She won’t want to be living with regret for not giving you another chance, now that she has realized her feelings for you aren’t dead.

When you begin to offer her the attraction experience she always wanted, but didn’t get from you, she will naturally begin to realize that a relationship with you would feel so much better than it did in the past.

Doing that is what works, rather than sending a cheesy, good memory text.

Another possible reaction to a guy texting his ex girlfriend about good memories…

4. She blocks him

She might decide to do that because:

She doesn’t care about him anymore, so doesn’t want to be reminded of the good times they had. From her perspective, it’s over because she no longer has enough feelings for him. Yet, it seems that he is still hanging on because he has feelings for her. He doesn’t know how to make her have feelings, so he’s trying to hopefully make her miss him by bringing up good memories.

It’s painful, annoying and frustrating for her to remember how happy they used to be at the start and then how unhappy she eventually became. She assumes that he probably still has no idea how to attract her in the ways she really wants. So, she doesn’t see any point of reopening that wound and being unhappy again.

She feels angry that she invested so much of her time with him, only for things not to work out. She then had to start over with someone else, is kind of happy now and doesn’t want to ruin it.

5. She pretends to be interested in the text, but secretly rolls her eyes at it

For example: She might send him a positive emoji of some kind (e.g. a smiley face), reply and say that she misses those times, or say that they sure did have good times and so on.

Yet, she’s only being polite (e.g. out of reflex because she’s a nice person, or she’s hoping that will be the end of it and he’ll leave her alone after that, or she wants to mess with his head and pretend to be interested).

In reality though, she hasn’t forgotten why she broke up with him, so she doesn’t care how good things used to be in the past.

He made a bunch of mistakes (e.g. became too insecure, stopped being manly), which led to the break up and that’s what she remembers the most.

As a result, she doesn’t feel motivated to talk to him on the phone, or see him in person, which then makes it harder for him to re-attract her and get her back.

From his perspective, his good memory text worked, but from her perspective, he probably still has no clue on how to attract her in the ways she wants.

He can only change her perspective on that by interacting with her and letting her experience the new and improved him.

Finally, another possible reaction is the ideal one, which most guys are hoping for…

6. She remembers those times, misses him and then wants him back

Sometimes, reminding an ex woman about the good times you had does make her miss you.

She’s sitting at home alone and feeling lonely, or having a bad day at work, or not having luck meeting new guys and all of a sudden, she hears from you and is reminded of a happy time in her life.

She then thinks, “He’s right. What we shared was special. I was happy with him back then. Yes, it all went wrong in the end, but maybe we should have tried harder to fix the relationship rather than break up. I wonder if it’s too late now?”

Yet, here’s the thing…

Even if she thinks that way, she might actually be too scared to do anything about it (e.g. in case you’re just texting her to be friendly, but don’t want her back. So, she doesn’t want to seem desperate and give you the impression that she’s open to you and her getting back together).

As a result, she might just reply in a polite way, click like on the text or wait a while to respond and try not to show much interest.

This is why, as a man, you need to take the lead in the ex back process, rather than hoping that your ex has the courage to guide you and her back together.

The sooner you get her on a phone or video call and make her feel new sparks of respect and attraction for you, the sooner she will want to see you in person.

You can then meet up with her and build on her feelings.

Before you know it, you will be hugging, kissing, having sex and getting right back in a relationship again.

3 Mistakes Guys Often Make When Trying to Get an Ex Girlfriend to Remember the Good Times They Shared

3 Mistakes Guys Often Make When Trying to Get an Ex Girlfriend to Remember the Good Times They Shared

1. Focusing too much on trying to get her to feel good via text

It’s almost impossible to tell how a woman is really feeling via text.

For example: She can…

  • Easily misinterpret the meaning of your words and become annoyed or turned off, but not say anything about it.
  • Become upset and even cry, but just reply in a normal, neutral way.
  • Feel bored and unimpressed, but reply with happy emojis or lols.
  • Feel angry that you’re trying to remind her of good memories to trick her into missing you, but not say anything about it.
  • Roll her eyes at what she sees as a cheesy, good memory text, but then reply and agree that you and her did have some good times.

As a result, some guys will end up putting in loads of effort trying to make an ex girlfriend (fiancé or wife) feel good via text, but not be having the effect they actually want (i.e. making her feel attracted, making her miss him).

Instead, she can be feeling increasingly annoyed at all the texts, turned off by what she perceives to be insecure, desperate texts and get to the point where she wonders why she is even replying to him at all.

So, if you want to get her back for real, understand that will need to hear your voice and observe your body language (e.g. to see if you’re being confident or not) and experience the changes in you (i.e. have you leveled up in some of the ways that matter to her) to make a real decision about whether or not to give you another chance.

If you only focus on text, she simply won’t be able to asses that and will most likely assume negative things about you.

It’s fine to use text initially, but you’ve got to get past that level if you want her back for real.

Another texting mistake…

2. Being too emotional about the good times, when she isn’t emotionally invested in him or the relationship anymore

When a woman has lost touch with her feelings for an ex, she’s unlikely to be impressed by emotional reminders of how happy they used to be as a couple.

He’s still in love with her, but she doesn’t feel it, so the memory doesn’t feel as important or significant to her.

It may have felt important back then, but she knows why she broke up with him and a good memory doesn’t change that.

So, if a guy seems to be focused on the emotional, or romantic part of the relationship when she doesn’t feel the same way, it will cause her to want to keep her distance from him.

After all, she doesn’t want to get into a relationship where the feelings aren’t mutual, or give him another chance out of pity.

She wants to get into a relationship based on her feeling attracted to and drawn to him.

Those feelings will rarely, if ever, be created by good memory texts.

3. Thinking that his only option to re-attract her is via text

It doesn’t matter if you and her used to only text, or mostly texted rather than talking on a phone call or video call.

What matters is what works.

What works is when she can hear the confidence in your voice via voice text, a phone call, or video call.

She can also see how you now react and respond to her in real time (i.e. you’re so much more confident now, more masculine in your behavior, conversation style and energy, able to flirt with her now to create sexual tension and so on).

When she’s faced with the man you have become since the break up, she will automatically feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

It is then so much easier for you to build on her feelings and make her want you back, because she’s open to it and is beginning to really want it.

On the other hand, if you only stick to text, she can easily misinterpret what you’re saying, get bored of texting you or assume that you haven’t really changed.

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