Here are 5 possible things that could happen if you break the No Contact Rule (i.e. you contact her before 30 days):

1. She’s happy you contacted her because she has been missing you

In cases like that, you can then re-attract her, build on her feelings and get her back.

Yet, if you decide to keep cutting off contact and end up waiting too long to contact her, she may just decide to move on.

This is why I recommend that you use one of the following 3 alternatives to the 30 Day No Contact Rule:

Here’s the thing…

When a woman’s ex man hasn’t called her since the break up, she may begin to wonder, “Why isn’t he calling me? Is he okay? I know I decided to break up with him, but I do still miss him. I wish he would just reach out to me and say hi. Maybe if he did, we could actually work things out and get back together.”

In cases like that, a woman will remain open for a week and in some cases, a little longer.

Yet, if her ex continues to ignore her (e.g. for 30 or even 60 days), her feelings will usually begin to change.

She will go from missing him and being open to potentially giving things another shot, to thinking things like, “He hasn’t even bothered to contact me once to see how I’m doing. I guess he didn’t care about me after all. What an asshole. It’s like I meant nothing to him. Well, these are the last tears I’m going to cry over him. I’m going to start seeing other guys and get on with my life.”

She then opens herself up to going out, meeting new men, hooking up with t hem sexually and getting herself a new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, her ex who is using the 30 Day No Contact Rule (or even 60 Day NC Rule) is likely hoping that she is missing him like crazy and will contact him any day soon.

Yet, the phone never rings.

Instead, he watches as she moves on and posts photos of herself on social media having fun with other people, hanging out with new men and looking happy and content without him.

Then, his heart sinks and he wonders, “Why didn’t I just break the No Contact Rule and call her? Why did I think I had to wait so long?”


She is happy you contacted her because she has been missing you

He believed that, for some reason, he needed to wait exactly 30 days.

Why 30 days?

It’s just an online myth.

It’s a random number that someone came up with.

It means nothing.

It wasn’t scientifically tested or proven.

It’s just a nice sounding number.

That’s all.

So, if you want your ex back, you have to adapt your approach to your situation, rather than blindly waiting for exactly 30 or 60 days before calling.

Watch this to understand why…

The reality is that if you break the No Contact Rule and contact her, you have a much higher chance of actually creating a spark with her and getting something going between you and her once again.

On a phone call or in person, you can instantly begin to reawaken her sexual and romantic feelings for you based on how you now interact with her.

When you do that, there’s no need to wait any longer.

She is feeling attracted to you and drawn to you once again and you then hook up with her to see how you both feel, or connect on a new level and get the relationship back together.

That’s how real men get their ex women back.

They don’t sit around waiting for 30 or 60 days in the hope that it will magically change their ex’s mind.

They re-attract her, hook up with her and get the relationship back together right away, shortly after or a little while (i.e. a week) after the break up.

So, don’t waste any more time ignoring her.

In most ex back cases, 3 to 7 days of space after a break up is usually more than enough because it shows that you’re not desperately trying to get her back, but it also shows that you care and are man enough to call her and say hi to have a mature chat and see what happens.

During the 3 to 7 days, your ex will have plenty of time to stop focusing on the things about you that were turning her off (e.g. if you’d become too possessive and clingy, if you’d been treating her more like your friend than your lover) and begin to miss the things she does like about you (e.g. how you made her feel special when she was with you, how you were so ambitious and hard-working, that you’re a really good guy, how you were able to make her smile and laugh when she was sad).

It’s enough time.

So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that if 3 to 7 days of space will make her miss you, then cutting off contact for the full 30 or 60 days will make her miss you like CRAZY.

Remember: If you wait too long to make a move, your ex may take it as a sign that you’re over her and move on with another guy to make herself feel better.

So, just call her and begin reawakening her feelings of respect and attraction by making her laugh and smile as she experiences the new and improved you (i.e. more confident, more emotionally masculine).

Then, arrange to meet up with her.

When you meet up with her, re-attract her, seduce her and get her back.

Another possible outcome when you break the No Contact Rule is…

2. She doesn’t reply

She doesn't reply

When a woman finally hears from her ex after a long period of no contact (i.e. 2, 3, 4 or more weeks), she may decide to just ignore his message.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • She doesn’t want to seem too eager to hear from him, so she ignores him to see what he will do next (i.e. Will he try again, or will he give up?
  • Was he just testing the waters to see if she was missing him, so he could feel good about himself?).
  • She has already moved on and doesn’t care that he’s trying to contact her.
  • She’s angry with him for taking so long to reach out to her after the break up.
  • She’s worried that he might be messing with her head and if she responds, he will then reject her.
  • She wants to test his confidence and see if he’s got the balls to try again, even though she ignored him the first time around.
  • She is confused about the meaning of his text (i.e. Is he just saying hi as a friend, or is he interested?).
  • She is turned off that he essentially seems to be asking for another shot at the relationship via text, even though he has been silent all this time.

So, the question is: What would you do if you broke the No Contact Rule and your ex didn’t reply?

Would you lose confidence and begin thinking things like, “Well, I guess I have my answer. She’s not interested in me anymore. I should just forget about her and try to move on,” or would you remain confident and then give it a few days before contacting her again?

With women, the best option is always to remain confident.

Always believe in your attractiveness and value to a woman.

Always know that you can make a woman feel sparks of attraction for you when you interact with her.

So, even though she might be a bit cold at the moment, that can instantly or very quickly change when she begins to feel sparks of attraction for the new and improved you when you talk to her on a phone call, or interact with her in person.

Another possible outcome when you break the No Contact Rule is that…

3. She replies to some of your texts and answers some of your calls, but not all

 She replies to some of your texts and answers some of your calls, but not all

If you intend to break the No Contact Rule, don’t do it just to spend a lot of time sending your ex pointless texts or making multiple phone calls as a friend.

Always remember: Your main goal when texting an ex is to get her on a phone call with you as soon as possible, so you can then begin reawakening her sexual and romantic feelings for you.

From there, your main goal is to get her to meet up with you in person, so she can fully experience the new you for herself and open back up to being your girl once again.

Don’t waste time with pointless text conversations.

Don’t get on phone calls just to chat as friends, without then arranging to catch up in person to say hi.

Make progress.
Go through the ex back process and get her back for real.

Don’t hesitate.

Don’t procrastinate.

Get it done.

Get her back.

Unfortunately, many guys don’t ever read what you are reading now and as a result, they end up losing their ex in the process.

For example: Even though a woman might respond to some of her ex’s texts or calls, it doesn’t mean that she will remain interested in that type of exchange forever.

If he doesn’t get things moving along to the next level, she will end up thinking something like, “Why is he just texting me like a friend? I don’t have time to chit-chat with him every time he feels like texting me or calling me. Is this his way of trying to get me back? If it is, I bet he’s waiting for me to give him a clear sign that I want a relationship before he makes a move. Well, he’s in for a long wait, because if he doesn’t have the balls to be the man and make this happen, then I’m not going to do it for him. I don’t want to get back with a guy who isn’t man enough for me anyway. I’m giving him another few days and if he doesn’t get things moving along with us, I’m going to go on a date with that guy at work (or university).”

Remember: Your main goal is to reawaken some of her feelings, so she wants to see you again in person.

Then, when you meet up with her, focus on making her feel a lot of respect and attraction for the new and improved you, without trying to sell yourself to her.

Just let her experience it and feel attracted to the new and improved you, so she then drops her guard and opens back up to the idea of being in a relationship with you again.

As long as you know what to say and do at that point, you will get her back.

Guys all over the world do that every day and get their ex woman back.

You can do it too.

Another possible outcome when you break the No Contact Rule is…

4. You realize that the so-called ‘No Contact Rule’ isn’t actually a scientifically proven rule

You realize that the so-called 'No Contact Rule' isn't actually a scientifically proven rule

Although it’s called the No Contact Rule, the truth is, it’s more of an idea than a scientifically proven rule that must be adhered to at all costs, or else!

Essentially, the belief around the 30 Day No Contact Rule is that if you ignore your ex for a month, she will eventually begin to miss you and come running back to you.

Yet, as you would understand, it’s not a mandatory requirement that after a break up, a couple cannot speak to each other for 30 to 60 days.

You CAN speak to each other before then.

You CAN get her back before then.

In fact, from all of my experience helping men to get women back, I’ve found that the majority of men get their woman back by contacting her immediately, or after giving her 3 to 7 days of space.

If a man has waited longer that, it’s not a problem in many cases.

He just has to START doing what works from now on.

What works?

Re-attracting her to reawaken her feelings, seducing her and then getting her back.

In almost all cases, it’s only when a man reawakens his ex woman’s that she actually begins to care about him and want him again.


When a woman breaks up with a guy, it’s usually because she no longer feels respect for him as a man and isn’t attracted to him anymore.

If he then uses the No Contact Rule and ignores her for a full 30, or even 60 days in the hope that it will make her miss him and come crawling back, it just not going to work in almost all cases.


She doesn’t even miss him or want him back because she no longer has feelings for him.

She doesn’t respect him and she’s not attracted to him, so she doesn’t feel motivated to go back to him.

As a result, she doesn’t care that he’s not contacting her.

Instead, she simply moves on by opening herself up to new guys.

By the way…

Where the 30 Day No Contact Rule can work is if a woman is still attracted to her ex guy and doesn’t really want to break up with him (e.g. they broke up after a big fight, she wanted to scare him into changing).

If he doesn’t contact her, she may then contact him and try to get the relationship back together.

Yet, that probably doesn’t apply to your situation, right?

If it did, you wouldn’t be seeking help on how to get her back.

In your situation, your ex no longer wants to be with you, but you want to be with her, right?

If so, then don’t waste time ignoring her in the hope that it make her coming running back.

It won’t.

You’ve got to interact with her and re-attract her.

When she feels a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you, she then starts to doubt her decision to end things and begins to feel drawn to you.

In that moment, you can then start to guide her through the rest of the quick ex back process and get her back.

Another possible outcome when you break the No Contact Rule is…

5. She wants to reply, but is afraid that you might reject her

She wants to reply, but is afraid that you might reject her

Sometimes a woman will have feelings for her ex even though she dumped him.

As she tries to get over him and move on, she may continue to think things like, “I miss him. I hope he calls me soon so that we can work things out.”

Yet, when she doesn’t hear from him for a while, she may begin to doubt his feelings for her.

“Why is he ignoring me? I guess I’m the only one who still has feelings for him. Clearly he doesn’t feel the same way about me. Maybe he got over me right away.”

So, if he then breaks No Contact and sends her a text to say hi, she may worry that he’s only doing it to check that she’s still missing him as he moves on without her.

Rather than jumping at the chance to talk to him, she ignores his text.

He then takes it as a sign that she doesn’t want him anymore and they end up losing each other because of a misunderstanding.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Remember: If your ex doesn’t initially reply to you when you break No Contact, don’t assume that she’s not interested.

Instead, look at it from her point of view…

After all, you haven’t been contacting her for quite a while already, so she may assume that you are over her and are just trying to mess with her head by contacting her again.

So, don’t give up if she doesn’t jump for joy when you text or call.

Instead, give it a few days and then contact her again, preferably by calling her on the phone.

Then, meet up with her, re-attract her, seduce her and get her back.

Where Some Guys Go Wrong After Breaking the No Contact Rule

1. Not getting ready to re-attract her on a phone call and in person

Sometimes, a guy will stress and worry as he counts off each day of No Contact one after the other.

Day 22, day 23, day 24…only 6 more days to go.

During that time, he will be wondering if at the end he will get his ex back, or if she will have moved on without him.

Then, when the day finally comes around the he is ‘allowed’ to contact her (according to the ridiculous 30 Day No Contact Rule), he forgets to prepare for the most important thing of all: Re-attracting her.

He texts her in a neutral way and gets a neutral response.

They have a friendly conversation and she then says goodbye and wishes him the best.

Alternatively, they have a friendly conversation on the phone and she wishes him the best, or he asks if she is willing to change her mind and she says no.

She then goes away thinking, “Well, I finally heard from him and now we’ve really parted way. I was hoping that things would be different somehow and that he would have used the time we’ve been apart to at least change and improve a little bit, but that clearly didn’t happen. He’s still stuck at the same level he was at when we broke up. I guess I need to accept that it’s truly over and that he wasn’t the right guy for me after all.”

She may then decide to block his number and unfriend him from social media, or keep him as a friend on social media and let him see her moving on without him, as she posts photos of herself having fun and enjoying single life, or enjoying dating a new guy.

He waited 30 days, didn’t prepare to attract her, got friend-zoned and now what?

For most guys, they assume that they now have no chance with their ex.

No, no, no.

You always have a chance to re-attract her.

Just do it sooner, rather than later, before she moves on and settles down with a guy she really loves.

The sooner you re-attract her, the sooner you can get her back and enjoy a new relationship on a completely new level with her.

2. Interacting with her and coming across as pretty much the same guy she dumped

Although a guy might not always know what went wrong, his ex woman will usually be very clear on her reasons for breaking up with him.

In her mind, there were certain aspects of his thinking and behavior that she didn’t want to put up with anymore (e.g. he was too insecure, too selfish, too needy, too stressful to be around).

So, when a guy tries to get his ex back after breaking No Contact, she will be looking to see if he has changed, or is still essentially the same guy she dumped.

For example: She will be wondering things like:

  • Is he more confident and self-assured now, or is he still insecure?
  • Is he more manly in his behavior, or is he still wimpy, hesitant or timid?
  • Is he more assertive, or does he still back down too easily when I challenge him during a conversation?
  • Has he figured out how to flirt with me to create sexual tension, or is he still talking to me in a neutral type of way like a friend?
  • Has he realized that being selfish in a relationship doesn’t work in the long run, or is he just pretending to be nicer to suck up to me so he can get another chance?

Depending on the approach that he uses and how genuine she senses it to be, she will either feel attracted and motivated to give him another chance, or she will feel that she made the right choice by breaking up with him.

So, if you want your ex to give you another chance, make sure that when you interact with her after breaking No Contact, you don’t come across as being pretty much the same guy she dumped.

Additionally, make sure that you’re not just putting on an act of being nicer or more considerate than you actually are, or want to be.

Make real changes and make them fast.

Then, interact with her, re-attract her, seduce her and get her back.

3. Thinking that she’s in control of the ex back process

Even if she initiated the break up, or said that she never wants to see you again, it doesn’t mean she is in control of whether you can get her back or not.

You are.


You’ve just got to focus on re-attracting her and when you do, the whole game changes.

She opens back up to you.

She’s starts wanting you back and missing you when you’re not around.

You then seduce her and get her back now, rather than never.

Go ahead and make it happen.

Get her back.

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