Whether or not a woman will miss her ex guy, depends on the following:

1. If she meets a new guy that she finds more interesting and attractive

If she does, she might end up getting so caught up in the enjoyment of being attracted and falling in love, that she doesn’t really miss her ex much, or at all.

As you may know, everything can seem perfect at the beginning of a new relationship and feel like it’s going to last forever.

So, if a guy is hoping that his ex misses him, but she’s happy in a new relationship, she’s probably going to be focused on all of the positive things about her new guy (e.g. he’s more confident, more of a challenge, seems to treat her better, seems like he might be able to offer her a more stable, secure future).

Of course, that doesn’t mean her new guy is perfect.

He will almost certainly have his faults too.

However, a woman usually won’t be focused on that as much in the beginning.

As a result, it’s a lot easier for her to not get caught up in missing her ex and feeling drawn to him again.

Yet, if her ex builds up the courage to contact her, interact with her and re-attract her, he can reactivate her feelings and get her to begin questioning whether or not she is really over him.

If she meets a new guy that she finds more interesting and attractive

Using that approach is always more effective for men (who want to get women back), then being afraid to do anything and just hoping that she will somehow miss him and come running back, for some reason.

Some guys do get women back by doing nothing, but it’s so rare and in most cases, the guy waits for weeks or months for his ex to miss him, only to see her continue to move on without him.

Watch the video below if you want me to explain that in further detail, as well as other problems guys encounter when they take a passive (rather than active) approach to getting an ex woman back.

The reality is that you don’t need to give your ex loads of time to hopefully miss you.

You can interact with her, re-attract her and make her want you back within days, or at the latest, 1-2 weeks.

You can take control of the situation, rather than waiting around, stressing out about her moving on and then finding out that she’s happy with a new guy and now wants nothing to do with you.

Something else that will determine when she will start to miss you is…

2. If she realizes that the break up was petty and she should have been more patient with you

If she realizes that the break up was petty and she should have been more patient with you

Sometimes a break up can happen over something very small (e.g. an argument that got out of hand and turned into a big fight, a little misunderstanding over a text from another woman that made her feel insecure in that moment, or texts on her phone that made him insecure, temporary added pressure from to her studies or work).

In the moment, it can seem so serious and lead to a feeling that she should definitely break up with him.

Yet, once she’s calmed down, a woman often realizes that she overreacted and is now actually missing her ex a little and wanting him back.

In some cases, she will then contact her ex and try to reconcile the relationship, so they can get back together.

Not all women do that though.

As a man, what you really need to understand is that a woman missing a man and making a move to get him back are two different things altogether.

The truth is, a lot of women won’t contact an ex after a break up (even if it was her fault), in case he rejects her.

Women fear that if they do contact their ex after dumping him, he may then reject her and make her feel like the one who is getting dumped.

Alternatively, he might open up to her emotionally again, seem to be getting back with her, have sex with her and then say that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore because of what she did to him.

As a result, she ends up feeling rejected and like the one who is getting dumped.

This is why, a woman will usually wait for ex to make the first move, before she will then begin to let down her guard and open up to getting back with him.

So, rather than being passive, you should be active like a man and call her, re-attract her on the call and then give her a few days to miss you, before contacting her again.

In most cases, the guy doesn’t have to wait a few days to contact her, because she is already missing him (due to him re-attracting her on the call) and has reached out to him.

He then arranges a catch up, builds on her attraction and gets her back.

Another thing that can determine how long it takes for her to miss you, or whether she will miss you at all is…

3. If she still finds you attractive or not

If she still finds you attractive or not

When a woman still feels attracted to her ex, she will naturally miss him because attraction is what motivates men and women to be together as a couple.

For example: If you turn off a man’s hormones and stop him from feeling attracted to a woman, he will suddenly lose interest in having sex with women or having a girlfriend.

The same applies with women.

Women are only drawn to men based on their attraction to them and if you take that away by switching off her hormones, then she will suddenly lose interest in men and focus on little hobbies, hanging out with her girlfriends or other things not relationship to sexual relationships with men.

So, in terms of your ex: Her hormones make her feel motivated to be with a man that she feels attracted to.

This natural function is designed to make women come together, have sex and be together long enough for offspring to be created.

Even if a man and a woman don’t want to have children, their attraction to each other is fueled by their hormones and other chemicals in their body, which are driving them to be together, have sex and stay together long enough for offspring to potentially be created.

This is why, if your ex doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you anymore, then her natural, bodily functions are going to push her to get away from you and find a guy that she is actually attracted to.

Even if she doesn’t want children, her body will push her to be with a man that she is very attracted to, so there will be a lot of sex and eventually, the potential for offspring to be created.

So, if you wait around for your ex to hopefully miss you, it’s only going to happen if she is still actually attracted to you.

If she isn’t, she will feel driven to be with a new man who makes her feel a lot of attraction.

This is why, if you think that your ex isn’t very attracted to you anymore, then you should build up the courage to interact with her, make her feel attracted to you again and then give her a few days of space to miss you.

That is what works and gets the highest results when it comes to getting ex women back.

Sitting around and doing nothing rarely produces any result and results in the woman moving on with a man who makes her feel attracted.

4. If she ever did really love you or not

If she ever did really love you or not

Sometimes a woman will get into a relationship because she doesn’t want to be alone.

Secretly, she plans on eventually breaking up with the guy at some point, unless he is able to level up as a man (i.e. become more confident, more manly in his behavior, be more of a challenge, make her feel the desire to impress him and treat him well) and make her truly fall in love with him and want to be with him.

So, when a woman like that gets bored of the relationship because he isn’t changing and might even be getting worse (i.e. becoming more insecure), or if she realizes that her feelings for him just aren’t developing, she will usually decide to just go ahead and break up with him.

In cases like that, she won’t really miss him and will instead feel disappointed that she wasted her time with him.

On the other hand, when a woman truly loves a man in a relationship and honestly wants to be with him, then she will naturally miss him from time to time after a break up.

The reason why is that true love doesn’t die.

Sometimes, true love gets buried under negative emotions such as anger, disappointment and misunderstandings, but it is still always there in the background.

So, what should you do?

If she didn’t really ever love you, then it will be due to the approach you used with her (i.e. too nice, not enough of a challenge).

As a result, you need to prepare yourself (quickly, over the next few days) to interact with her and let her sense that you have changed and are now the kind of man she finds attractive and appealing.

Then, give her a few days to miss you and proceed with the rest of the ex back process.

If she did truly love you, then don’t sit around any long wondering things like, “When will she start to miss me?” and risk losing her if she meets someone else, or if she assumes you don’t care about her anymore.

Just call her, reactivate some of her feelings, meet up in person and make her fall in love with the man you are now.

Let her see that you have realized where you were going wrong, have made changes and are letting her experience those changes, but aren’t trying to sell yourself to her by telling her how much you’ve changed and asking if she’ll give you another chance based on that.

Just let her experience the new, exciting feelings that she will have in reaction to the changes and adjustments you’ve made.

If she truly loved you and can now feel new, exciting feelings, then she will naturally open up and want to get back with you.

Another thing that will determine when she will start to miss you is…

5. If she has girlfriends who will take her out to meet new guys, or if she has no problem lining up dates via dating apps

If she has girlfriends who will take her out to meet new guys, or if she has no problem lining up dates via dating apps

If a woman doesn’t have many girlfriends to hang out with, who will build up her confidence and encourage her to start dating, she might end up sitting around at home, feeling lonely and missing her ex.

On the other hand, if a woman has a lot of girlfriends who push her to go out to clubs, bars and parties with them to meet guys, then she’s a lot less likely to notice her ex’s absence in her life.

Alternatively, if she is the type to use dating apps like Tinder, Hinge or Bumble, then she will usually find it pretty easy to line up a bunch of dates and start hooking up with new guys to help get her over her ex and moving on.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Get an Ex to Miss You

1. Assuming that absence always makes the heart grow fonder

Assuming that absence always makes the heart grow fonder

Sometimes being out of a woman’s life does make her miss you, but in most ex back cases where a woman has dumped a guy that she no longer feels enough respect, attraction or love to want to be with, it doesn’t.

Instead, the opposite happens (i.e. “Out of sight out of mind”) and she begins to completely forget about him, only to randomly think of him sometimes, but not really miss him or want him back.

Essentially, if you don’t interact with your ex and reawaken her feelings for you or create new, exciting, compelling feelings for you, then some other guy will attract her instead.

So, if you want her back for real, don’t make the classic mistake of sitting around and waiting for her to miss you for no reason.

She will either forget about you, block you out of her mind, or actually miss you, but be too afraid to contact you in case you reject her.

As a result, she will focus on moving on with a new guy to make herself feel better.

Then, if the new guy happens to make her feel more attracted and in love than you ever did, she will put her focus on him and leave you behind.

You can get her back, but just don’t put yourself in a situation where you leave everything in her hands.

Be a man about this and take control of the situation.

Get her back.

Another mistake to avoid is…

2. Not realizing that you probably wouldn’t be missing an ex woman and yearning to get her back if you weren’t attracted to her anymore

Think about it this way…

If you dumped a woman that you didn’t want to be with anymore,
would you be sitting around missing her and wishing you could get her back, if you could easily attract and hook up with new, pretty women?

Probably not.

It might be hard for you to imagine, because your thoughts are focused on your ex at the moment and you really do want her back.

Yet, try to imagine how you’d feel if you happily broke up with a woman and didn’t want to be with her anymore.

You’d probably just move on.

Of course, if that ex woman arranged for you and her to meet up and then made you feel attracted to her again (e.g. by being sweet, warm, loving and looking very sexy and attractive in your eyes), then you’d probably feel attracted enough to want to be with her again.

Then, if she didn’t contact you after the catch up (assuming that you and her didn’t hook up that day or night), you most likely be missing her and wondering what she’s up to.


She made you feel attracted to her again.

Attraction is what brings men and women together in a sexual way and without that, it’s just not a boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife relationship.

So, if you want to get your ex back, just know that attraction is the most important, most fundamental thing you need to get right.

When you get it right, the whole ex back process just flows from one step to the next because she wants it to happen too.

Just don’t make the mistake of hoping that she’ll miss you, even though she probably isn’t feeling attracted to you and hasn’t since the break up.

Make her feel attracted again, so she has a reason to want to open back up to you.

Another mistake to avoid is…

3. Assuming that the way to get an ex woman back is to let her go and just wait

There are so many reasons why that approach can backfire on a man who wants a woman back.

For example: The woman might…

  • Take it as a sign that he’s interested anymore and feel hurt and rejected by that. She then hooks up with a new man to feel better about herself and potentially likes the new man better than her ex.
  • Focus on having a lot of fun being single, flirting with new men and forgetting all about her ex.
  • Assume he’s using the No Contact Rule on her (i.e. ignore an ex for 30 days in the hope that she comes back). As a result, she feels angry at him for trying to manipulate her like that and wants to hook up with a new man and fall in love, to make her ex regret ignoring her.
  • Gradually get over him during the time he ignores her, so that when he eventually does get in touch, she doesn’t really care about him anymore and rejects him again. He had his chance, but he left it too long to make a move.

This is why, if you want a woman back, you shouldn’t wait too long.

You’ve got to figure out where you really went wrong with her (e.g. being insecure, not being manly enough in your behavior, attitude, actions or emotions, giving her too much power over you, which she didn’t want) and then interact with her, let her experience the new and improved you and as a result, cause her to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

When she is feeling that, she is going to be missing you and wanting you back, or at least wanting to open herself up to hook up with you again to see how she feels afterwards.

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