Most women (especially in the West) are now more independent and confident than ever before because they can survive, thrive and prosper without the help of a man.

The changes in women have brought a lot of benefits to society (e.g. tolerance of others, a more loving approach to running a society), but it has also messed up the dynamic of women playing a more traditional role in society and in relationships.

The consequence of women having power and independence in the modern world is that many confused women are beginning to behave more like men that women.

Men intimidated by strong modern women

So, why do women act like men?

Some of the main reasons are:

  1. Women are no longer completely dependent on a man to take care of her and provide for her. Today’s woman is more empowered, educated and independent and can make her own money and take care of herself without the protection of a man.
  2. Women are now in the workplace doing jobs that used to be done mainly by men (e.g. doctor, lawyer, politician, truck driver, professional fighter, oil rig worker), and they have to keep up, and appear to be doing the job as well (if not even better) than their male colleagues.
  3. The divorce rate is still very high so many women have to approach life more like a man and ensure that they are financially independent or at least capable of surviving on their own.
  4. Many women have to raise any children by themselves and play the part of both the mother (by being gentle and nurturing) and the father (by being the strong disciplinarian).
  5. While women are getting stronger emotionally, many guys are suppressing their masculinity and are becoming confused about how manly they should behave around these strong, masculine women.

Here’s the thing…

She still wants you to be a man

Just because a lot of modern women act like men in the workplace, or out of necessity to survive in our modern culture, it doesn’t mean they actually want to be men.

The majority of women still want a man to be able to take the lead and be the more dominant one when he first meets her, takes her out on a date, takes into the bedroom and gets her into a relationship.

With the man being the more dominant one, it allows her to then relax into being a feminine woman for him. As a result of the clear masculine and feminine difference between them, a natural sexual attraction will occur between the man and woman.

If a man is unable to be more dominant than her, she might put up with the lack of deep attraction for a while, but she will eventually get bored and dump him.

According to most statistics, women initiate divorce between 65-70% of the time, meaning that men only ask for divorce in 30-35% of cases.

Based on all of my experience helping men to get a girlfriend, fiancé or wife back, I’ve found that the number one reason for break ups is that the guy simply wasn’t enough of a man for her.

He might have been man enough in the beginning, but he eventually became insecure and ruined her respect, attraction and love for him.

If you want a woman to feel attracted to you when you meet her and remain attracted to you in a relationship, you have to be an emotionally strong, emotionally masculine man.

Women Have Changed Over Time, But Their Natural Instincts Have Stayed the Same

She is still a woman

Back in the early 1900s, the relationship dynamic between men and women was very different.

Generally speaking, most women had no money, couldn’t get a job and had no property of their own, so taking care of themselves financially was almost impossible.

For this reason, most women got married to whatever man they could get; as long as he could provide for her (and their children) financially.

Love was something that a woman hoped for, but she often had to miss out on love and just accept a guy who could provide for her.

Since divorce was virtually unheard of back in the early 1900s, a woman had to stay in a marriage whether she was happy or not.

Even if her husband was cruel or abusive, or emotionally weak and unattractive to her, she was stuck with him for life.

That’s just how it was back then.

In today’s world however, most women won’t settle for being stuck with a man if he isn’t man enough for her.

So, even though a woman might be dominant and act like a man in her professional life, in her personal life she needs to know that the guy she is with is man enough to handle her strength, so she can relax and be feminine and girly in contrast to his masculinity.

By masculinity, I mean how he thinks, talks, feels, behaves and takes action.

I’m not talking about muscles.

Most guys automatically think that to be masculine, you need to be tall, have big muscles and be aggressive.

Yes, those things are considered to be masculine traits, but you don’t need to have them to be considered a masculine man.

The most important type of masculinity comes from within and is expressed in how you talk, think, feel, behave and take action in life, around a woman and around people in general.

Pretty much any guy can go to the gym and build up muscles, but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t a pussy on the inside.

We’ve all seen the guy with big muscles who is afraid to talk to women or nervous in social situations.

This is why muscles aren’t the most important type of masculinity to women.

Women are naturally attracted to guys who have can remain confident and relaxed no matter what situation he is in.

It takes real balls to remain confident and relaxed under pressure, but pretty much any guy can build muscles in a gym.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with building muscles in a gym, but it’s not the solution to attract confident, modern women who are looking for a guy who is more confident than them.

This is why women will play hard to get when you interact with them and attempt to pick them up.

Women don’t do that because they are mean, cold hearted bitches. They do it because they want your balls.

If you don’t have the balls to remain confident and relaxed under her pressure, then she automatically assumes that you won’t be able to handle other challenging situations in life.

So, if a guy feels intimidated by a confident modern woman, gives in to her bossiness and behaves in nervous and insecure ways around her, she will not feel respect for him as a man, and she will be turned off by him at a deep, instinctive level.

As actress Salma Hayek put it, “I keep waiting to meet a man who has more balls than I do.”

That sums it up exactly.

Personally speaking, I look at Salma Hayek as just another girl and would never feel intimidated by her or any other girl.

That’s why I have been able to attract women so easily. They’re all girls to me.

I don’t look up to them as being above me in terms of dominance and because of that, they automatically feel attracted to my masculine mindset, even though I don’t work out in a gym, I’m not tall and I don’t have a humungous penis or anything else that guys think women use to choose a guy when they meet him for the first time.

What you need to understand is that no matter how strong or dominating a woman is, her instincts still cause her to feel drawn to the emotional strength in men (e.g. confidence, masculinity, determination, a sense of purpose) and repelled by the weakness (e.g. insecurity, self-doubt, being able to push him around).

If you have more balls that her, she will want to suck your balls. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

Most Modern Women Feel Too Embarrassed to Admit They Don’t Want Equality After All

98% of women want traditional roles restored

As far back as the 19th century, women have been fighting for equality with men.

During World War II, millions of men were sent off to war and the women left at home were forced to take on the role of the man, by giving up their roles as housewives, secretaries, or domestic workers.

All of a sudden, they took on traditionally masculine roles such as munitions workers, heavy construction machinery operators, taxi and streetcar drivers, lumber and steel mill workers, etc.

When the war was over, many women refused to go back to being housewives and secretaries because they were enjoying doing a “man’s work,” so the traditional male/female roles began to blur and many women began to act like men.

Back in 1986, when women were surveyed by the Centre for Policy Studies in the UK and asked if they agreed whether men and women should no longer have traditional roles (i.e. the man as the main breadwinner and the woman to stay at home), 40% of women said yes.

However, by 1990 that percentage was down to 13%, and by 2002 it was down to 2%.

What does all that mean?

Even though it is still considered politically correct for women to act like men and say they want high-powered careers, deep down, the majority of women are too embarrassed to admit that they would rather stay at home and take on the traditional role of the woman (e.g. clean house, cook, raise the children).

98% of women want traditional roles restored

Naturally, not all women want to take on a traditional feminine role, but many women do, even when they act like men and say that women should do a man’s work.

2 Simple Ways That a Guy Can Bring Out a Woman’s Feminine Side

Most women are longing for a guy who will come along and not feel intimated by her because of what she does (e.g. is a professional fighter, a police officer, a lawyer, an office manager), what she looks like (e.g. has big muscles, is tall), or how much money she earns.

Women yearn to find a man who doesn’t feel so intimidated by her feminine strength that he hands over power to her and lets her be in charge of the relationship.

Women want a man who will remain being the man (i.e. taking the lead, being in charge, being the emotionally stronger one) no matter how tough she seems as a girl.

So, rather than making the mistake of suppressing your masculinity around a woman (and then getting rejected or dumped by her), here are 2 simple ways you can bring out a woman’s feminine side when you interact with her so she feels attracted and turned on by you.

1. Don’t be fooled by her act of masculinity.

For example: A guy might notice an attractive woman in his apartment building who is carrying some heavy boxes up the stairs, and he might offer to help her.

Instead of accepting his offer, she might say, “I can manage by myself, thank you. I don’t need a man’s help.”

At this point, most guys will walk away feeling annoyed and asking, “Why do women act like men these days? Why doesn’t she just accept a man’s help and be a softer, more gentle woman?”

Here’s the thing…

A woman like her will be soft, gentle and feminine if she meets a guy who has a more masculine energy than her and is able to see through her superficial act of being masculine.

For example: When she says that she doesn’t need a man’s help, rather than walk away, a good way to bring out her true feminine side is to use humor in a way that shows her you’re not intimidated by her.

For example:

Her: I can manage by myself, thank you. I don’t need a man’s help.

You: [Smiling] Oh, a tough girl hey? Look at your muscles – how much do you bench press? 🙂 I’m tougher than you.

Of course you are joking when you say that. Say it in a joking manner with a smile.

Her: [Most-likely laughing because she knows that you’re joking]

You: [Approach and get closer to her. Smile and say] Hey, I get it that you’re a tough, independent woman, but those boxes do look pretty heavy. I’ll help you carry one of them up.

Her: Oh, okay. Here, you can carry this one.

By having the balls to joke around with her like that, you are making it clear to her that you are not intimidated by her, which is going to make her feel attracted to your emotional strength.

You are also confident enough to stand your ground, even though she told you to get lost, which will make you stand out from all the other guys who give up too quickly when she behaves in the same way towards them.

When a typical guy comes across a woman who acts like a man, he will immediately feel intimidated if she says no to something or acts uninterested.

This results in her having a really difficult time finding a guy, because most guys are scared of her.

So, when you are the masculine man who has more balls than her, she will sucking your balls in no time at all.

2. Trigger her feelings of sexual attraction.

Regardless of how masculine a woman behaves around guys, if a man comes along and triggers her feelings of sexual attraction by the way he behaves and interacts with her (e.g. is confident and charismatic, makes her laugh, is interesting to talk to, makes her feel feminine in comparison to his masculine way of being), she will naturally drop her defenses.

Battle of the sexes - tug of war

No matter how confident, independent and successful a woman is, she still wants a guy to be a confident, masculine man around her.

It doesn’t matter if she is a boss at work or an alpha female amongst friends and family, she wants you to have more balls than her.

If you do, she will feel sexually attracted to you and will be excited to have finally met a guy who actually makes her feel feminine.

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