So, what is it with a woman’s breasts that are so attractive to men?

Why are we men so attracted to the extra bits of flesh on a woman’s chest?

Why do a woman’s breasts make men feel attracted and turned on?

Why men like breasts

Three common reasons why men are attracted to a woman’s breasts are that:

  1. It’s an obvious feminine feature.
  2. It signals that she’s ready for breeding.
  3. It’s something that we can show obvious attraction for her about.

Let’s start with number 1…

1. It’s an obvious feminine feature

Male and female bodies are very similar

Heterosexual men are attracted to features about a woman that make her look different from a man.

The male and female bodies are very similar, with the main differences being a woman’s obvious feminine features and the differences between our genitals.

Obvious feminine features include her hips, her breasts, some facial features and her genitals.

When a heterosexual man sees another man, no attraction is triggered because there’s nothing to feel attracted to.

It’s just a male body that is of no use to him.

However, when a heterosexual man sees a physically attractive woman with feminine features (i.e. breasts, hips), his feelings of attraction are automatically triggered.

Insta Attraction

It’s not something that men can turn off.

It’s an automatic reaction.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that a man will then approach or try to be with a woman just because he feels attracted to her.

Instead, seeing breasts automatically triggers a man’s natural attraction to feminine features.

Men are naturally attracted to a woman's breasts

Above is a quote from Louann Brizendine, who is the author of both The Female Brain and The Male Brain books, in which she discusses, in scientific and academic language, the natural tendencies of men and women.

Another reason why men are attracted to a woman’s breasts is that…

2. It signals that she is potentially fertile and able to make offspring

It may sound superficial to talk about creating offspring, but that’s where a large part of the instinct of sexual attraction comes from.

The real purpose of attraction

When sexual attraction is triggered in a man

A man’s attraction for a woman is automatically triggered when he sees a healthy, physically attractive, adult woman who has a fully developed body and is seems potentially able to make offspring.

If course, that doesn’t mean a man only wants to have sex so he can make offspring.

In fact, many men never want to have any children at all and some want to put off starting a family until they are more financially stable.

However, that is completely separate to the fact that a woman’s breasts automatically trigger a man’s primal attraction, which is always naturally on the lookout for signs of fertility.

Whether a man wants to have kids or not, his attraction will be triggered by the fertile signal of fully developed breasts on an adult woman.

3. It’s something that we can show obvious attraction for her about

When a man and a woman show genuine mutual attraction for one another, it helps to release the brain chemicals of dopamine and oxytocin which create sexual desire and brings the couple closer together.

The basic brain chemical reaction to mutual attraction

A woman’s breasts is something obviously feminine about her that a man can focus on and get turned on by, which then makes her feel turned on and excited if the attraction is mutual.

A woman's breasts are an obvious feminine feature that a man can show attraction for

If a woman doesn’t feel attracted to a guy, she’s not going to be excited that he’s looking at her breasts, or interested in her breasts.

However, if a woman is attracted to a guy who is attracted to her (i.e. the attraction is mutual) and she then kisses him and has sex with him and, during the sex, she notices that he really loves her breasts, then it’s going to excite her and turn her on.

If attraction is mutual, a woman will enjoy how much that her man likes her breasts

Humans have a lot of face-to-face sex, so a woman’s breasts give a man something to be excited and turned on about.

It also gives the woman something extra to feel turned on about as she observes her man feeling genuinely attracted to and aroused by her.

Men are hard wired to feel attracted to feminine features

A man's instincts want him to plant his seed in a physically attractive, healthy woman of breeding age. He doesn't need to know anything else about her other than that to experience sexual attraction and desire to plant his seed in her.

Men on the lookout for a place to plant their seed

Generally speaking, a heterosexual woman will usually have a natural, primal instinct to find a man who is going to be able to protect her, keep her safe and provide for any potential offspring they may have.

Yet, men don’t look for that in a woman.

Men don’t have a need to feel protected by a woman.

Instead, a man’s primal instinct of attraction causes him to naturally feel attracted to fertile, healthy women who he might be able have children with.

A man’s attraction to a woman’s breasts isn’t because he’s a bad person, or is doing something wrong.

Likewise, a woman’s attraction to a man’s ability to protect her and provide for her, isn’t because she’s a bad person, or is doing something wrong.

Instead, both men and women naturally and automatically feel attracted to different things about each other.

For men, a woman’s breasts is one of those things that cause an automatic, instinctive attraction.

Enjoy the boobies

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