We’ve all heard of “erogenous zones” before, but how important are they and what do you need to know about them?

Erogenous zones are specific parts of a woman’s body that are more pleasurable to be touched than others. For instance, she is going to feel more pleasure when you grab and caress her breasts, compared to her elbows.

However, what most guys don’t realize is that when a woman is attracted to a guy, every part of her body becomes an erogenous zone when he touches her. So, it’s not important to study the locations of erogenous zones as much as it is to understand how attract a woman and turn her on.

You can go look up “erogenous zones” in Google images if you want, but knowing the locations of the erogenous zones is NOT important for your success with women. What IS important is knowing how to approach a woman, make her feel naturally attracted to you and then escalate to kissing, sex and a relationship (if you want one).

If you waste time trying to study unimportant things like “erogenous zones” even before you’ve mastered approaching women and getting laid, then the only sex scenes you will be witnessing are those in porn movies.

Approach, make women feel attracted to you, escalate to kissing and sex and THEN (if you want) learn about other things like erogenous zones, which in my opinion are not important anyway.

The reason I was able to have sex with more than 250 women before marrying my sexy wife (we met when she was 20 and I was 35. We’re now 22 and 37) is that I’ve never been worried about trying master my knowledge of the erogenous zones and other random things that don’t really matter.

What matters is that you have the confidence to approach women, you know how to attract women and then you are able to move in for a kiss and then take a woman home for sex, or simply get her phone number so you can follow up for a date and then have sex.

Nothing big will happen in your life if you learn about erogenous zones. Knowing how to touch a woman is great, but if you don’t even know how to attract women when you interact with them, they aren’t going to feel very turned on by your touch and may even rejected.

Even now, after all my success with women and my now happy marriage, I still don’t care about erogenous zones. I might mess around with them one day, but thus far, I’ve had an amazing sex life with women and have never had to worry about it.

It’s Not Just About Breasts and Butts

A woman’s breasts are an undeniable erogenous zone and many women can experience an intense orgasm through breast and nipple stimulation alone. It’s also true that a masculine grab of her feminine butt can really get a woman aroused. However, a woman’s biggest erogenous zone is her mind.

“The mind can also be an erogenous zone” – Raquel Welch, actress

A woman has to feel turned on mentally before she can feel turned on physically, which is why women are less like men when it comes to the speed in which they want to escalate to sex. Men can look at a woman and want to have sex with her immediately, whereas most women want to be turned on by who you are and how you make her feel.

Turn Her On During Conversation

When a woman is mentally and emotionally turned on by you, any type of touch can send rushes of pleasure coursing through her body and mind. Unfortunately, most guys unknowingly turn women off during conversation for way too many reasons that I won’t go into here.

What I will say is that conversation is like the key that opens the door to a woman’s heart, mind and body. When you have the ability to turn a woman on during conversation, there’s no need for expensive dates or extensive dates over a long period of time, before things eventually (but not always) move towards sex and a relationship.

When you can turn a woman on during conversation and touch the erogenous zone of her mind, things just flow naturally from one stage to the next; from conversation, to kiss and to sex.

Get Closer and Closer and Closer, Until…

When a woman is clearly interested in you and attracted to you, it’s a great opportunity to turn her on by being subtly sexual. A lot of guys ruin this moment by being too afraid to close the distance and get really close to her. For instance, putting an arm around her shoulder and whispering in her ear is a subtle and sexy way to get closer.

As you whisper, you can then comb her hair behind her ear with your fingers and move in even closer to whisper, with your lips gentle brushing against her ear as you speak. Touching her hair like this then gives you the opportunity to gently stroke the side of her neck or kiss her earlobe or neck briefly while you’re there.

The Kiss

The kiss

The lips are another well-known erogenous zone and if a woman is attracted to you, she wants you to kiss her. Don’t believe what you see in Hollywood movies where guys get slapped for moving in for a kiss with a woman.

In all my years coaching guys in person and getting them to approach and escalate to kissing with women in bars and clubs, I have never, ever seen a client get slapped. The “worst” reaction has been the woman just moving back, shaking her head to say “No, not interested” or gently pushing the guy back a bit to create some distance between them.

That only happened because the guy wasn’t good enough at sparking enough attraction. Most guys get it right on their second or third attempt though. It all depends on how much you need to learn to get to a “normal” level.

Don’t Be Afraid to Touch Women…As Long as You Are Being Attractive

Woman slapping man

On TV shows and in movies, men are forever being given a slap on the face or a drink tipped over their head for touching a woman, so it’s no surprise that a lot of modern men who are keen to make a good impression on a date feel as though they should keep their hands to themselves.

Most guys don’t realize that Hollywood movies and TV sitcoms are designed to ENTERTAIN. Although some may be a bit EDUCATIONAL, they usually do NOT reflect what happens in REAL life especially when it comes to men picking up women.

Usually, for the sake of ENTERTAINING the audience, a guy will get slapped or have a drink tipped over his head for showing his sexual interest in a woman.

…but that is NOT what happens in the real world. I’ve been approaching for years and coaching guys in bars/clubs/malls for years and I have never seen a woman react like that. NEVER.

Touching a woman does not have to be blatantly sexual and it’s the subtle, spontaneous touches that really turn her on. It is NATURAL, normal and a NICE thing to do to make physical contact with other people in everyday situations, so touching a woman during a conversation or on a date is no different.

Of course, depending on the woman, not every part of her body will be an appropriate part to reach out and touch while you’re just getting to know each another. Yet, the fact of the matter is that she DOES want to experience the “spark” that physical contact brings.

Avoiding any physical contact through fear of “getting it wrong” takes away any potential to experience the thrill and pleasure of that spark – and that’s an opportunity that should not be missed.

In the real world, it doesn’t take a slap in the face for a woman to let you know she’s not comfortable with your approach or touching. Although, in most cases, a woman will pretend to be offended or taken aback by your touch to see how you will respond.

If you respond apologetically, then she’s just found out that she’s speaking to or on a date with a weak man who doesn’t understand women. If you respond with a smile and confidently continue the conversation, she knows she’s with a real man.

If a woman feels naturally attracted to you (e.g. you’re a confident, masculine guy), then she will welcome your touch. Personally speaking, I’ve always touched women (e.g. on the shoulder, waist or outside of her upper arm) when I meet them because I assume that women will find me attractive.

After all, confidence and masculinity are naturally attractive to women, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that most women I meet will feel at least some level of sexual attraction for me as soon as they notice my confident, masculine energy, body language, tonality and vibe.

How about you? Are you able to automatically attract women when you meet them? If not, click around my site and you will learn simple, easy-to-use techniques that you can use immediately…

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