A woman will act as though she expects you to do everything for her as a way of testing how emotionally masculine you are.

If you follow all of her orders, obey her and do whatever she wants, she will lose respect for you and won’t feel sexually attracted to you.

Why? It’s a woman’s natural instinct to find a man who doesn’t put up with being treated badly or unfairly in this world.

Unable to handle her tests

She wants a man with a strong backbone who won’t allow himself to be pushed around by anyone, especially her.

This goes back to early times where a woman was completely dependent on a man for her protection and survival.

Even though women can survive and prosper without a man in today’s civilized world, she still has a natural instinct to reject or dump a wimpy guy to find herself a more masculine minded man who won’t put up with anyone’s crap.

So, if you’re asking, “Why do women expect men to do everything?” you’ve probably been failing one of the most basic confidence and masculinity tests that women put men through.

She Doesn’t Want to Be Able to Boss You Around

She doesn't want to be able to boss you around

When a man feels less dominant than a woman, a woman will notice and begin to boss him around, treat him badly and see how far she can push him.

This applies all the way from first meeting a woman, going on a date with her, being in bed with her and being in a relationship with her.

Most women will reject a wimpy guy upfront, but some women (usually the unattractive ones) will accept a wimp and use his desperate interest in her as a way to boost her self-esteem, so she can feel more attractive around confident men.

A woman like that might date a guy for a few weeks, get into a committed relationship with him or even marry him for a while, but it will almost always end up with her cheating on him or dumping him.

That’s not because she’s a bad bitch who can’t be trusted, but that she doesn’t want to be stuck with a wimp for life.

It’s just the nature of women’s attraction for men.

When a Guy Expects Women to Approach Him

Why don't women approach me?

Most guys fear approaching women that they find attractive, so rather than overcoming that inner fear, the majority of guys try to improve their external appearance (e.g. build muscle at the gym, wear expensive clothing) and succeed in their career in the hopes that it will make women approach them or accept them if they happen to accidentally start talking (e.g. at a cafe, at an event, through friends).

When women don’t approach after all the work he’s put in to look good and become successful, a guy might feel frustrated and wonder, “Why don’t women approach men? Why do women expect men to do everything?”

Why don't women start conversations with me?

Yet, in a woman’s mind, if she approaches a guy first and gives him a chance to meet her, she has no way of knowing if he would have had the confidence to approach her on his own, or if he’s only feeling confident because she approached him first.

When a Guy Thinks That He Has to Be Extra Nice to Make a Woman Like Him

Sometimes, a guy might convince himself that if he’s a really nice guy to a woman (e.g. he pays for her drinks, gives her lots of compliments, does everything she asks him to do) she will then give him a chance to be with her.

Guys like that usually lack confidence in themselves around women because they have no idea how to actively make a woman feel sexually attracted and turned on.

So, not knowing what else to do, he tries to be the perfect gentleman to a woman in the hopes that she overlooks the fact that he has no idea how to turn her on during a conversation.

When she interacts with him, she will be able to sense his self-doubt and insecurity and it will turn her off, because women are attracted to emotional strength in men (e.g. confidence, high self-esteem) and turned off by emotional weakness (e.g. self-doubt, insecurity).

He will notice that she is losing interest and he will then try to impress her even more by talking about how much money he makes at his job or how much he plans to make in future.

Yet, she seems to lose even more interest.

He then tries to buy her more drinks, give her more compliments and suck up to her as much as he can/

Yet, her interests keeps fading away.

In his mind, he might start to wonder, “What else can I do to make her like me? I’ve been doing my best and it still hasn’t been enough for her. Why do women expect men to do everything? Why are they so picky and up themselves? Why does this have to be so difficult?”

However, instead on focusing on the real reason he was rejected (i.e. he failed to make her feel sexually attracted to him via his behavior, actions and thinking), he puts the blame on women by accusing them of expecting him to do everything.

He tries his best to please women by being really nice, but they just don’t care. Why?

Being nice is only appreciated by a woman after you make her feel sexually attracted and turned on by you.

The same rules apply in a relationship…

Masculine Vs. Feminine

When a guy gives up his dominance in a relationship (e.g. by letting the woman make all the decisions, by doing all the housework, looking after the children, cleaning up after her), it’s only natural that she will then fall into a habit of expecting him to do everything for her.

Men doing the ironing

Yet, rather than pleasing her, making her love him more and making her want to have lots of sex with him, when a guy does everything in a relationship, the complete opposite happens.

She loses respect for him and then begins to find it difficult to feel attracted to him.

After a while, she begins to disconnect with her original feelings of love for him too.

Why? He’s being her bitch, that’s why.

According to a study conducted by the National Survey of Families and Households, sociologists have discovered that married men who do the cooking, vacuuming, laundry and shopping in the home, report having sex 1.5 times less per month than husbands who don’t do their share of the housework.

You will hear women complaining about men not doing enough housework, but if you listen to women and follow their orders, you don’t get laid as often.

That’s not to say that you should never help out or be kind to your woman, but just don’t be her little bitch.

Be a good, loving man, but don’t be pushed into being a pussy-whipped guy who doesn’t get laid or loved.

You’ve got to stand up for yourself and your manhood. Don’t listen to the politically correct things that dumb celebrities say on TV talk shows.

Just because a man stars in movies or TV shows, it doesn’t make him an attraction or relationship expert, so don’t just listen to the politically correct things he says to be nice when he’s on TV.

We all know how often celebrity relationships end in divorce, so if you hear a male celebrity saying that the key to happy relationship or marriage is to do whatever the woman says, take note and you will see that relationship break up sooner or later.

If the relationship does stay together, statistically speaking, he won’t be getting any sex and his woman will be secretly fantasizing about finding a masculine man to replace him.

Not Doing Everything She Wants Makes Her Love You More

Logically speaking, you would think that if a man does what ever a woman wants, it should make her happier and want to have more sex with him.

So, why doesn’t it?

Women are genetically programmed to respond positively to dominant male traits (e.g. confidence, masculinity, drive, determination), and to be turned of my submissive male traits (e.g. insecurity, self-doubt, being a push-over).

Turned off by his lack of emotional masculinity

The more a man gives in to a woman, lets her be in control and keeps looking for her approval by trying to please her, the less he appears as a man in her eyes, and the less respect and attraction she feels for him over time.

If he becomes her bitch and does whatever she wants, she simply can’t look up to him and respect him.

She might care about him as a person, but he simply stops being a man that she wants to submit to or open up her legs for.

She just won’t enjoy the feeling of being penetrated by a pussy guy who can’t even stand up to her.

It just doesn’t feel right.

What Women Expect From Men

Just because women don’t expect men to do everything for them, it doesn’t mean they have no expectations at all.

Here are some of the things that most women expect from men; when they meet for the first time, on a date and in a relationship.

These are the things that you should do if you want to be successful with women…

1. When she meets him for the first time.

  • To approach her and make the first move.

Even when a woman really likes a guy and is secretly hoping that he will approach her and talk to her, she will usually avoid making the first move, or even showing too much interest.

If she makes the first move, she will feel as though she taking on the role of the man, and if she is like most women, she will want him to take on that role, so that she can relax and feel like a feminine, girly woman in comparison to his masculinity.

Essentially, a woman expects a man to make the first move, and lead her from a conversation, to kissing, sex and a relationship.

If a guy can’t do that, then she assumes that he doesn’t have the kind of balls that she needs in a man to feel safe with him in this world.

  • To trigger her feelings of sexual attraction.

Some guys make the mistake of trying to get a woman to like them as a person by being really nice to her, chatting in a friendly way and trying to “get to know her.”

He will talk to her for as long as possible and try to show her that he’s a sweet, innocent nice guy who has good intentions with her.

Yet, here’s the thing…

She wants to feel sexually turned on and attracted, not just experience friendly feelings.

If a guy is only being nice and friendly to her, a woman isn’t going to think, “Awww, how sweet. He’s such a nice guy and he’s doing everything for me. I think I want to have sex with him now and be his girlfriend!”

Why? A woman liking a guy and thinking that he is a nice person, is not the same as her feeling sexual attracted and turned on by him.

If you want to get a woman into a sexual, romantic relationship, you have to focus on triggering her feelings of sexual attraction first, by displaying some of the personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confidence, masculinity, charisma, sense of humor).

Then, when you do nice things for her, she will consider herself lucky to have met you because you are everything that a woman looks for (i.e. a good guy who also makes her feel sexually attracted and turned on).

  • To impress her with who he is as a man on the inside, rather than trying to impress her with looks or money.

Most women don’t expect men to be male super models with millions in the bank, before they will be interested in them.

Of course, some women do expect men to be at their beck and call and will only date men who are very good looking or rich.

However, the majority of women are most attracted to how a guy’s personality and behavior makes them feel, which is why you will see average, or even unattractive guys dating, or married to beautiful women.

The mistake that many guys make is in thinking that they have to put on a fake persona to impress a woman (e.g. by dressing in a way they think women like, pretending to be richer or more successful than they really are, by paying for everything and buying her expensive gifts).

Yet, the truth is, what an attractive woman wants to experience is a guy who can spark her feelings of sexual attraction by who he is a man, rather than try to impress her with a fake persona.

2. When in a relationship with him.

  • To take the lead and be the dominant one in the relationship.

Even though most women now have a job or career and can take care of themselves financially, when she is with her man, she still wants to know that he is the man and is the one directing them through their every-day life towards a better future.

If a woman cannot relax and be the woman in her relationship (i.e. feminine, girly, emotional, changing her mind like the weather, being silly), she will eventually begin to lose respect and attraction for her man, and the relationship will either end, or they will end up living as roommates rather than lovers.

To allow her to feel feminine around you, it’s important that you always strive to think, talk, feel, behave and take action in a masculine way.

Don’t copy her feminine behavior. Be a man for her and she then will be your girl.

  • To deepen her feelings of respect, attraction and love over time.

In a relationship, it is the man’s responsibility to maintain and deepen the feelings of respect, attraction and love between him and his woman.

To do this, he has to be an emotionally strong, honest man that she can look up to and respect, rather than an emotionally weak man (e.g. insecure, self-doubting) that she looks down on.

A woman might enjoy bossing her guy around at the beginning of a relationship, but when she begins to notice that she can push him around and make him do everything for her, she will rapidly begin to lose interest in being with him.

No matter how hard he tries to please her, she just won’t be able to feel much or any attraction for him anymore because she doesn’t respect him and look up to him.

A woman instinctively knows that her place in life isn’t to dominant a wimpy man.

She knows that she feels happier when she is with a man who can lovingly, but assertively put her back in her place when she steps out of line.

  • To have dreams, goals and a life purpose that he’s working towards.

A woman expects a man to be rising through the levels of life and reaching for his true potential, rather than hiding behind her and the relationship out of a fear of failure.

A guy who doesn’t have any plans for his life, and is using her, and their relationship as an excuse to hide behind, isn’t attractive to a woman.

Women know that life can be challenging at times and that it often requires mental and emotional strength to continue on and succeed in many areas of life (e.g. career, business, fitness, relationships, finances).

A woman wants to feel that if things do get tough, her guy will be able to take care of them and their children if they have any.

She doesn’t want a guy who will crumble under the pressure of life and want to cuddle into her and cry, or go inward and become a grumpy, depressed alcoholic who tries to dampen his emotional pain by intoxicating himself.

She wants a guy who can handle the challenges of life and turn them into things that make his life and her life even better than it was before.

For example: If a guy loses his job, he does what is required to get an even better job next time.

If his business is failing, he learns from business experts, applies the knowledge and doesn’t give up until he succeeds.

If they are having problems in their relationship, he learns, applies the knowledge and makes the relationship even better than it was before.

That’s what she wants.

Yet, some guys think that is unfair and ask, “Why do women expect men to do everything? Isn’t it enough that I love her and take care of her?”

What he doesn’t realize is that, if a guy is hiding from his true potential behind his woman and their relationship, she will not be able to look up to him and respect him as her man, and without respect, her attraction and love will also fade.

In this life, you’re either going to be a man that a woman can look up to and respect or you’re not.

Divorce or break up

If you’re not, you will experience rejection, break ups and divorces until you change and become a man that a woman can look up to and respect.

She Doesn’t Want You to Do Everything

Hopefully by now you realize that women don’t expect men to do everything.

In fact, the more that a guy runs around trying to please a woman and meet he every need, the less respect and attraction she feels for him.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t put in any effort to please her or meet her needs, but just don’t be her little bitch.

Be a good man, but don’t let her push you around.

If she is being too demanding, just laugh at her in a loving way and say, “Hey, what am I, your slave?” or jokingly say, “Do it yourself you lazy bitch! :)” and have a laugh with her about it.

If you can’t jokingly talk that way to your woman because you are worried that she will get angry, then you are her little bitch.

In my marriage, my wife always tests me by complaining about things, but I don’t fall for it and will jokingly say things like, “Shut your mouth. You are much prettier when you don’t speak” or I will let her speak for 30 seconds and then say, “Huh? I wasn’t listening to anything you said. Say it all again” and then laugh at her in loving way.

Of course I am joking and she knows that.

I treat her very well and she is loved, appreciated (I thank her all the time for the things she does for me) and is taken care of in the bedroom.

We have a no BS approach to our relationship, where she can jokingly speak like that to me too.

We just don’t take things so seriously and that all came from me leading the way to create that dynamic.

If I had no backbone and let her push me around, she would have me scrubbing floors, massaging her feet, washing the dishes and making her food while also running The Modern Man.

Of course, if I had done that, her and I would not be married now.

So, whatever you do, don’t fall for the tests that women put you through.

Women don’t want you to cower and follow their orders like a good, little boy.

They simply want you to respect them, love them and care about them, while also not putting up with their crap.

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