If your ex girlfriend is suddenly ignoring you, it will be due to one of the following reasons:

1. She has discovered the No Contact Rule and is using it

When a woman searches online for advice about how to handle a breakup, she will almost always be told to cut off contact.

Most sites advise cutting off contact as the best way to get over an ex guy and move on.

However, it’s important to point out that sometimes a woman will be advised to ignore her ex to make him want her back.

It’s a trick that women use to get an ex guy back.

Men try to use it on women (i.e. a guy who has been dumped by a woman who no longer feels attracted to him, doesn’t contact her and hopes she will come running back to him), but it rarely works.

Yet, for women, it works really well when they’ve been dumped by a guy.


  • Her ex boyfriend feels rejected about the fact that she’s ignoring him, so he reaches out to her to assess her interest level.
  • He feels like he’s lost the power he used to have over her, so he tries to get her back so he can prove to himself that he’s still in the position of power.
  • He worries that she must have met a new guy already, so is moving on faster than him. As a result, he reaches out to her to check that she is still interested.

As a result, the woman can then get him back (temporarily) by agreeing to catch up with him.

So, your ex is either using the No Contact Rule to get over you and move on, or is hoping that you feel rejected by the fact that she’s not contacting you and then feel motivated to contact and get her back.

Another possible reason for her suddenly ignoring you, is…

2. You said or did something to turn her off

For example: A guy might…

  • Beg and plead for another chance, which makes him come across as desperate and turns her off as a result.
  • Constantly talk about his feelings and how much he misses her, which also makes him seem desperate and needy.
  • Be on his best behavior around her (i.e. suck up to her) to the point where interactions feel forced and uncomfortable.
  • Not talk naturally with her like he used to and instead, be careful of every word because he worries about saying the wrong thing.
  • Become angry or aggressive towards her.
  • Cry to her.

As a result, she feels turned off and begins thinking, “Well, I guess I now have proof that he’s not man enough for me. We’re just not right for each other. I thought maybe we had a chance, but now I see that it’s time for me to cut ties with him and move on.”

She might then begin to ignore him and move on, rather than wasting any more of her time on him.

How about you?

Can you think of what you might have said or done, which then turned your ex girlfriend off even more?

3. She has met a new guy

She has met a new guy

As a result, she now wants to focus all of her attention and effort on the new relationship, rather than continue communicating with her ex.

She might also not want to remain friends with her, in case it causes trouble with her new man (e.g. he gets jealous, her ex creates drama).

Alternatively, she worries that if she stays in contact with you, then you’ll be able to re-attract her and seduce her back into having sex with you, or getting back into a relationship.

As a result, she suddenly starts ignoring you in the hope that you move on, without her having to tell you that she has a new man.

4. She is testing your reaction

Sometimes a woman still has feelings for her ex and is wondering whether or not she should get back with him.

Before opening up again and risking going through another breakup with him in future, she decides to test to see if he really has changed and improved, or if he’s still stuck at the same level he was at when they broke up.

So, to test him, she will ignore him all of a sudden and wait to see how he reacts.

For example:

  • Will he just give up?
  • Will he lose confidence in himself and his attractiveness to her?
  • Will he lose control of his emotions and start begging, pleading, crying or expressing his feelings to her via texts, emails or online messages?
  • Will he get angry with her for ignoring him?
  • Will he have the confidence to persevere, contact her, reactivate her feelings and get her back?
  • Will her hook up with another woman to spite her?
  • Will he lose interest and move on?
  • Will he assume it means she isn’t interested?
  • Will he decide that it’s not worth it because he wasn’t really that interested in her anyway?
  • Will he do the same back to her (i.e. cut off contact and wait)?
  • Will he send out feeler texts like, “Hey” to see if she will reply?
  • Will he post sad, or lonely status updates to social media to seek pity from her or others?

No matter what, the best way to react to anything a woman does is to have confidence.

You should always believe in yourself and act from a place of love, rather than being insecure and taking action out of insecurity, fear, hatred or revenge.

In other words, man up, contact her, re-attract her and guide her back into a loving relationship with you, rather than becoming bitter, or losing confidence and missing out on the opportunity you still have to get her back.

5. You were trying to get her back before re-attracting her

One of the fundamental rules to getting an ex back is this: Attraction first and everything else after that.

Unfortunately, some guys aren’t aware of that and make the mistake of pushing for another chance with an ex girlfriend before re-attracting her.

In other words, he is attracted and in love with her, she isn’t attracted and in love with him, but he wants her to agree to a relationship anyway.

It just doesn’t work that way.

It’s also not an enjoyable experience for both the man and woman.

So, rather than continuing to deal with her ex’s pressure to get back into a relationship, a woman will usually just ignore him in the hope that he
gets the message that she’s not interested anymore and then leaves her alone.

Of course, he can get her back if he changes his approach (i.e. re-attracts her first, before trying to do anything else), but most guys never figure that out, so they miss out on getting the woman back.

6. She is tired of texting back and forth with you and getting nowhere

If a woman doesn’t have feelings for an ex who is just texting her (i.e. because he doesn’t know how to re-attract her and is hoping that if he ‘stays on her mind’ she’ll get back with him), she will eventually wonder, “Why am I still texting him? It’s over and I don’t want him back. I have to stop replying.”

She then stops replying and her ex is left wondering, “Why is my ex girlfriend ignoring me all of a sudden?”

In other cases, if a woman does have feelings for an ex and is secretly hoping that they’ll work things out, she usually won’t hold onto that hope forever.

So, if her ex is just texting her like a friend, she may eventually assume that he’s not willing to call her, or arrange to see her in person and is just keeping her around to feel better about himself as he moves on.

As a result, she will stop replying, rather than continuing to have feelings for a guy who (according to what she perceives to be true) isn’t interested in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with her anymore.

So, if you want your ex girlfriend back, don’t just stick to text.

Only use text as a way to initiate communication, but then get to a phone call, video call, so you can then attract her on the call and arrange to catch up in person.

7. She has decided that she no longer has to respond to you

Initially, your ex may have felt like you deserved replies from her, because you were both in love and cared about each other very much.

Alternatively, she might have just kept talking to you, or texting you out of habit, or remanned in contact because she wasn’t sure about the breakup yet.

However, she now feels ready to move on and has likely decided to cut off contact with you as the first step in that direction.

Of course, you don’t have to accept that it’s over.

If you want her back, get her on a call and spark her feelings of attraction by flirting with her and letting her experience the changes you’ve made to yourself since the break up (e.g. you’re much more confident or manly now, you no longer become emotionally sensitive or insecure during conversations).

When she’s feeling attracted to you again, it becomes difficult for her to walk away because she doesn’t want to risk losing and then regretting it later on.

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