What would you do if you met your perfect girl, or at least a woman that you found very attractive?

You looked at her and physically, you felt very attracted to her.

As you started to interact with her, you also liked her personality.

You and her clicked.

You were getting along, but then she started playing hard to get.

What’s your next move?

What are you going to do at that point?

Well, for some guys, they will say, “Stuff that. I’m not going to put up with that type of behavior. If a woman likes me, she needs to show it to me and that’s it. Otherwise, I’m out of there.”

Yet, what about if you actually want to get the girl and you don’t want to have to just walk away?

How can you get to the point where you kiss her, have sex with her and start a relationship with her, without having to be needy and desperately chase her?

How can you make her feel more attracted to you, stop playing hard to get and want to be with you?

That’s what I will explain for you in this video.

First though, you need to understand why a woman will play hard to get when she likes you.

Some of the reasons that I’m going to give you now will make you think that some women must be crazy, they’re nutty.

Why are they behaving like that?

Other reasons will make you think, “Okay. I can understand why she will do that. It makes sense.”

Then, when you have all that knowledge, you’ll understand why the solution that I’ll provide for you works on all types of women and gets rid of the games.

It stops her from playing hard to get and makes her want to be with you.

So, let’s begin with the first common reason why a woman will play hard to get when she likes you.

She’s feeling insecure around you and trying to make herself feel more confident by playing hard to get.

She does that so she can feel valuable by seeing that you’re still interested, even though she isn’t showing much interest.

Some women need to do that to feel confident around guys.

It’s just the way that they approach it.

The next common reason; to see how interested in her you really are.

Are you honestly attracted to her and do you really want to be with her, or are you just looking at her as another girl that you want to sleep with for a while, or maybe have a couple of month relationship with, or even a couple of years with?

How serious are you about her?

Do you really like her?

Is she really the type of girl that you want?

For this reason, a woman will play hard to get when she likes you because she wants to see if you will lose interest if she suddenly stops showing interest in you.

Will you stick around?

Will you stick with the interaction?

Will you want to keep interacting with her and making something happen between you and her?

Another common reason is to find out what kind of guy you are apart from the approach that you’re using with her.

For example: A guy will be interacting with a woman and he’ll be using a nice guy approach, a bad boy approach or he’ll just be coming across as a typical good guy.

Now, for the nice guy example, a woman may want to see how nice he really is.

Is he putting on an act of being nicer than he is?

Is he going to continue being nice if she stops showing interest, or if she starts to be a little bit difficult or feisty?

She wants to see his true colors.

How is he going to behave if she isn’t showing him interest all the time?

Likewise with the bad boy example, a guy might be coming across as though he’s this cool, tough, bad boy type, but is he going to be able to hold that persona?

Is that who he really is?

If she starts being a little bit difficult, if she starts putting him down during the conversation, is he going to be able to hold his frame, or is it just a front?

How much of a bad boy is he really?

The next example; to see what a relationship with you might be like.

Will you be chasing her?

Will she be chasing you, or will it be a more balanced relationship dynamic where you both really like each other and want to be together?

Next, she wants to see how you handle yourself as a man.

Women can feel turned on by men who can remain calm and confident under pressure.

So, she wants to see, are you the sort of guy who can only handle an easy girl, a girl who’s being easy with you, who’s being straightforward?

Can you handle a girl who is going to be a little bit feisty at times, who’s going to be a little bit challenging at times while also being sweet, nice and supportive?

Can you handle her different moods, her different types of behavior, or do you need her to be straightforward with you all the time?

Another reason why a woman will play hard to get when she likes you is to hopefully make you feel more appreciative of being with her or getting with her.

Essentially, she wants you to really like her and really want to be with her.

She wants you to have a vested interest in getting with her and getting a relationship started and keeping the relationship going because you see her as a special girl.

She is different to other girls.

You really like her.

You’re feeling a lot of attraction for her, you’re feeling a lot of desire for her and you really want to get with her.

You and her have a connection, but she’s playing hard to get and she hopes that it will make you appreciate getting with her so much more.

The next common reason a woman will do it, is to show you that she isn’t an easy girl to hook up with.

She’s not the sort of girl who can’t control her emotions and will just hook up with a guy because she’s feeling attracted to him.

Instead, she’s one of the girls who can be trusted to control herself and be loyal.

Another common reason, is that she is awkward when it comes to expressing her feelings for a guy.

When interacting with a guy, she doesn’t know what else to do other than play it cool and act as though she could take him or leave him.

She has been using that approach ever since she was young and although it hasn’t resulted in her having a lasting relationship, she keeps doing it because it tends to make guys chase her and pursue her.

Another reason why a woman will play hard to get when she likes you is that she doesn’t want a guy who gives up on something at the first sign of an obstacle. She wants a guy who knows what he wants and doesn’t lose confidence if faced with an obstacle.

Another reason is she has just gotten out of a relationship where she had no power and was ignored and taken for granted in the relationship. She ended up chasing the guy’s affection and losing a lot of self-esteem and now wants to put herself in a position of power to rebuild her self-esteem and remind herself that she is valuable and worthy of love and attention from a guy.

Next, she’s not looking for a committed relationship right now and you seem to be wanting one so she’s trying to let you know that she doesn’t want anything serious.

Alternatively, she does want a committed relationship and really likes you, but is afraid of showing interest in that in case you think she is too keen. So, she ends up playing it cool.

Another reason why a woman will play hard to get when she likes you is that it’s her version of flirting. She likes to create some tension between her and a guy that she likes so when they eventually kiss, it will feel amazing for the both of them.

Finally, she has had some bad experiences where a guy has lost interest in her if she showed interest too quickly, so she’s trying to avoid that happening with you.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why it can happen.

You can meet a girl and she can really like you and you and her may click, but she then may begin to play hard to get.

So, what do you do if you’re interacting with a girl that you like and suddenly she stops showing interest in you?

Suddenly she stops contributing as much to the conversation, or seems to be ignoring you a little bit and so on.

What do you do?

Well, what you do is what you always need to do whether you’re meeting a woman for the first time, you’re on a date with her, you’re kissing her, you’re having sex with her or you’re in a relationship with her.

That is, you have Independent Confidence rather than Dependent Confidence.

So, what does that mean?

Independent confidence is where you feel confident regardless of how a woman behaves around you.

Dependent confidence is where you feel confident depending on how a woman behaves around you.

So, with dependent confidence, if a woman is showing you signs of interest, then you’re going to feel confident around her, but if she starts to play hard to get and show signs that she’s losing interest, then you’re going to start losing confidence around her.

Independent confidence is the ultimate type of confidence.

It’s a level of confidence where you no longer have to rely on a woman giving you signs that she finds you attractive in order to feel confident around her.

Of course, if you are currently at a level of confidence where you lose confidence if a woman is playing hard to get or giving you mixed signals, then you can start having more independent confidence from now on.

For example: Say that a guy met a girl and initially, they connected and she seemed like she was attracted to him, but is now playing hard to get and he then sees her again.

Should he lose confidence now by beginning to doubt himself and focusing on her mixed messages, or should he have independent confidence and say, “I’m in control of my confidence, I’m going to talk to her if I want to talk to her. I’m not going to be focusing on her mixed message behavior.”

Having independent confidence, he will think something like, “I’m not going to be focusing on the fact that sometimes she seems like she isn’t interested. We talked, she was interested in me. I’m going to talk to her again. I’m going to do what I can with what I’ve got right now. I’m going to work with what I’ve got. I’m going to take control of the situation,” rather than having dependent confidence and thinking, “Well, I need her to show me a lot of interest, I need her to call me over, I need her to approach me, I need her to smile and wave and then I’ll go over.”


You don’t need her to smile first or approach you.


In most cases, most women aren’t going to have the confidence to do that and in other cases, they’re not going to want to do that (approach you) because they want to see that you’re interested in them, that you have the balls to go over and talk to them, even though they’re giving you mixed messages.

How interested in her are you really?

Additionally, are you aware of the possibility that she has just gotten out of a relationship with the guy who lost interest in her, or are you aware of the possibility that she could be insecure about showing too much interest because when she’s done that with guys that she’s liked, they have lost interest in her?

They felt like they conquered the situation.

The guy thought, “Yes, she likes me. I don’t need to pursue her now. She can come to me.”

Then she didn’t and they ended up going their separate ways.

Alternatively, she has interacted with guys who just wanted to make her feel attracted, see that she was attracted and then the guy didn’t do anything about it.

She is trying to get herself a boyfriend, or at least trying to get herself a lover who likes her and actually wants to be with her.

So, to make sure that you understand independent confidence and how to use it to get what you want with women, here are a couple of extra examples.

The first example is where a guy is texting a girl and she’s giving him mixed messages.

She’s playing a bit hard to get via text.

If he has independent confidence, then he’s going to think something along the lines of this. “I don’t need her to give me crystal clear signs that she likes me all the time. I’m a confident guy, so I’m going to call her and set up a date.”

The next example is when a man is on a date with a woman and she’s giving him mixed messages, or playing a bit hard to get.

With independent confidence, he’ll think something like this, “She’s on a date with me so she likes me. I’m not going to get put off by her giving me mixed messages or playing hard to get. I understand that some women do that to make themselves feel more confident on a date and so on. I don’t need to lose confidence because she’s not giving me 100% signals of interest all the time. I’m a confident man, she can see that and she likes that about me, even if she’s not fully showing it.”

So, if you meet a girl that you like and she’s giving you mixed signals or playing hard to get, you can obviously just walk away and not want anything to do with her anymore, but if you want to get the girl, then it’s important to understand that when a woman plays hard to get, it’s not always because she’s rejecting you.

Instead, in most cases, she’s just trying to find out whether or not you and her are a great emotional match, so you can have a relationship that actually works.

If you want to be able to handle a woman who is playing a bit hard to get, then you need to have independent confidence.

That is where you feel confident regardless of how a woman behaves around you.

That way, she can feel attracted to your confidence and see that you can handle yourself around a woman like her.

Other guys will feel as though they are being rejected when she plays hard to get, but you don’t.

You have independent confidence, so you don’t lose confidence when a woman gives you mixed signals or plays a little hard to get to test your confidence or interest level.

You remain confident because you’re not relying on her to make you feel confident.

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Your New Level of Confidence

One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that, from now on, whenever you interact with a woman, just notice whether or not you are basing your confidence in that moment on her behavior, or if you have independent confidence.

In other words, if you feel confident, regardless of how she is behaving.

The more independent your confidence is, the more attractive you are to women.

They can sense that you’re not reliant on them to feel good about yourself, to feel confident, to feel worthy.

You believe in yourself.

You’re one of the rare guys who doesn’t need a woman to pat you on the back, be nice to you and make everything easy for you.

You remain confident regardless of how a woman behaves.

What you find when you can do that, is that women treat you better.

They want to be good to you, they want to show you their sweet feminine side so they can attract you.

They know that it makes guys feel attracted and they don’t want to stuff up their chances with you.

Of course, some women are still going to play hard to get though and that’s why you always need to have independent confidence.

Don’t rely on a woman to be consistent with her behavior from moment to moment (i.e. she’s got to be showing you interest all the time and be nice and sweet and supportive in order you for you to feel confident. No. Don’t do that to yourself).

When you can get rid of your reliance on a woman’s behavior in order for you to feel confident, then you have independent confidence and you’ll see that you’re able to feel good, feel confident around women no matter what.

Additionally, what you’ll find when you build more and more independent confidence, is that you’re able to handle and attract women that other guys see as too difficult.

To you, they’re easy, they’re simple.

They’re so easy to attract and pick up, but other guys doubt themselves around those types of women.

They can’t handle it when a woman isn’t being easy and straightforward all the time.

Yet, you see right through that behavior from women.

You know that you don’t need to rely on a woman to be consistent in her behavior, in order for you to feel confident.

You have independent confidence and she really likes that about you.

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