Turn rejection into success

Listen in as Dan and Ben from The Modern Man interview a customer named “John” who attended the Dating Power seminar.

John was rejected by a woman he worked with. He liked her, but didn’t know the difference between getting a woman to “like” him and feel “attraction” for him. He decided to learn how to attract women after a recommendation from a friend, but had no idea how much his life was about to change.

After learning the required process to become confident with women and actually following through on it (it’s easy and it is explained in Dating Power), John became confident enough to approach women during the day.

He used the conversation and attraction techniques to pick up his girlfriend and they eventually moved in together. Months prior, he was alone and hopeless when it came to women, but he changed that.

He turned the rejection that he once faced at work into success at picking up women outside of work.

How about you? Interested in turning the rejections that you’ve experienced into new and even better success with women than you’ve ever had before?

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