Does she like me?

When you’re with a woman that you just met, a sexy siren that you’ve noticed across the room, a casual acquaintance or a female friend that you potentially want a more sexual relationship with and you wonder “Does she like me?” the quickest way to turn her off rather than turning her on is to commit one or more of these mistakes…

Being the “Nice Guy”

When women talk about wanting to be with a “nice guy” they don’t mean that they want a guy who they think of as so “sweet” they want to pinch his cheeks rather than pinching his butt! Of course they also don’t want to be with an abusive jerk either.

Still that doesn’t mean that they want a guy who is so nice that he becomes their personal whipping boy that they can get to do their bidding. Yes, there are some women who want that type of relationship with a man where she controls him, but you would never want to be with a woman like that, right?

While women want a man who will treat them well, they also want a man who they have to work to impress – not the other way around. Believe it or not, women like to do the chasing once they meet a guy that sexually excites them.

However if you are too nice of a guy, you won’t create that level of attraction in her and she will relegate you to either a “male friend” status or she will dismiss you completely because your wanting-to-please-nice-guy behavior doesn’t give her the kind of goose bumps that makes her start fantasizing about having a sexual relationship with you.

Why do women like a guy who is more of a challenge? Watch this video to find out…

Seeking Her Approval

Men who are constantly wondering “Does she like me?” when they are with a woman they are interested in will usually find that the answer is “No!” Why? Because a strong, self-confident, alpha male knows that women who are interested will seek HIS approval – not the other way around.

When a man lacks self-confidence and is always trying to get a girl to show her approval or give him a sign that she’s interested before making a move, these rarely are the type of man that women want to be with.

Women have to feel a strong sense of sexual chemistry with a man before she’s ready to kiss or have sex with him. She doesn’t want a wimpy guy who is so desperate for her approval that he’ll trip over himself trying to get her permission to take their relationship to the next level.

She wants a man who can feel the sexual tension between the two of them and will embrace the situation – both figuratively and literally. This type of alpha male doesn’t need to wonder if she wants him because he already knows that she’s doing her best to attract him.

Then, if HE’S interested, he’ll make his move. There is no second-guessing; he knows he has the green light and he’ll hit the gas and rev her engine for a night of passion that will have her begging for more.

Pretending to Be “Cool”

Have you ever been somewhere and you notice that people are looking at some guy and snickering and making fun of him? It’s usually because he’s trying to be “cool” when he approaches women or he’s just acting out trying to stand out in the crowd or doing strange things in an attempt to get people (especially women) to notice him.

The problem is that he’s putting on an act and it’s obvious. He’s pretending to be something that he’s not. He wants to be “that” guy that women are excited by and so he’s acting as if he’s “hot” and it just doesn’t work.

This is the type of guy who watches movies and tries to be like a character or actor that he’s seen that women sexually respond to or observes truly “cool” guys and sees what they do and tries to copy it. However, no matter how good an actor a guy like that might be, the façade will eventually fall and his true, sad self will appear.

Then, rather than having women like him, they’ll scorn and make fun of him. So when guys like that are with a woman, especially after putting in all of that effort to be “hot” and wonder, “Does she like me?” the answer will be a resounding “No!”

Women want a true alpha male whose inner sexuality is real. His confident approach is what turns her on. She doesn’t want the “pretend” hot guy; she wants the real thing.

Being Too Slow to Approach

A guy is attracted to a woman and he desperately wants to be with her. Perhaps he doesn’t yet know her but often sees her around. He wants to make a move but he’s unsure. Instead he fantasizes over and over how things will go.

He may even rehearse what his “opening line” is going to be. He’ll think about how they will fall into a sexy conversation and what he is going to do with her in bed. He has it all planned out in his head. It’s going to be a night they’ll never forget. He can’t wait for it to happen.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that he is spending all of this time thinking about it and not acting on it!

Often that type of guy’s intentions and interest are so obvious that the woman knows it. She might have even initially been intrigued and likely would have been responsive to his approach, but since he was so slow to act, she’s lost interest.

Women want take-charge guys who see what they want and go after it. In this case, her! He doesn’t have to think about “Does she like me?” because she’s giving him all the right signals and hoping that he likes her.

She wants to impress him so that he turns around to turn her on. She’s already hot for him so there’s no hesitation. He just goes to her, works the conversation up with confidence and humor and has her so anxious for him to make his move that she’ll often grab him in for the first kiss.

Women aren’t that complicated. They want a strong, confident, sexual alpha male who knows how to turn them on with his confidence, charm, charisma, masculine vibe and humor…

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