If your relationship has lost its spark and now only consists of arguing, frustration and a lack of affection, here’s what you need to do:

1. Stop taking things so seriously

The quickest way to fix a relationship is to stop taking things so seriously and start laughing, smiling and joking around more.

I understand that it’s not always easy to do, especially if your relationship is falling apart. Life is tough sometimes and it can even get annoying…I get it. However, there’s no better medicine than laughter.

You’ve got to do it.

Whenever you and your woman are feeling frustrated with each other, you as the man have to lead the way to a better emotional state. You’ve got to force yourself to smile, laugh and joke around more…especially at things that usually piss you off or annoy you.

Initially, she will almost certainly try to block your attempts to make her smile, laugh and feel good. However, if you can just persist and be the courageous one who pushes forward, she will eventually drop her guard and become more open to smiling, laughing and loving you fully again.

2. Start making her feel attracted to you in new ways

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3. Be the man, but still respect her

No matter how successful or intelligent a woman is, she will always feel more attraction for a man that she can look up to and respect.

Some guys make the mistake of either handing over power to their woman, or taking away all of her power. Neither extreme is healthy.

To keep the love alive, you need to be the man, but also still respect her, love her, appreciate her and consider her needs and wants. You are the leading man, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get a say.

4. Give her your full trust

Being insecure

If you’re at a point now where you’re looking for advice on how to fix a relationship, you are probably beginning to lose trust in her desire for you, right?

You have begun to imagine that she is thinking of leaving you and finding herself a new guy.

Don’t do that.

You have to give a woman your full trust. She has to be able to see that you are confident in her desire and loyalty to you and that you’re not worrying about any random thought that she might have about leaving you.

Accusing her of cheating, wanting to cheat or even feeling a passing attraction for another man (just like you feel innocent attraction for many women you see on TV, on the street, in porn, etc) will never, ever help you fix a relationship.

When she sees that you are insecure and see other guys as being more attractive to her than you are, she will actually begin to feel attracted to other guys. Why? Women are attracted to the confidence in men, so your insecurity will begin to turn her off.

If she interacts with another guy who seems more confident than you are, she will naturally feel more attracted to him than she feels to you.

This is why you have to maintain trust in your woman’s desire and loyalty for you. She has to be able to see that you are confident in your sex appeal to her and are not comparing yourself to other guys and worrying that she might like them instead.

5. Go back to the beginning

One of the keys to keeping the romance alive in a relationship is to never stop treating a woman like you did when you first met her.

For example: When you first met your woman, you probably showed a lot of interest in listening to what she had to say, going out on dates, laughing together and making her feel happy with you.

Are you still doing those things?

If you are serious about keeping the love, romance and passion alive in your relationship with her, you will put in the effort. Additionally, if you truly do love her, it won’t actually feel like a lot of effort at all.

In fact, you will enjoy doing it.

When a man really loves a woman, he wants her to be happy. He is flexible, open-minded, compassionate and attentive. However, when a man just wants to keep a woman in a relationship because he’s too afraid to be on his own, he will find it difficult to give her his full love.

He will want to take love from her in the form of compliments, reassurance that she loves him, nice treatment, hugs, kisses, etc. He will want to store up as much of her love as possible, so he can feel good about himself.

That’s no way to approach a relationship.

You’ve got to give a woman your love because you truly do love her. When you truly love a woman, it will feel easy and natural to be a great man for her.

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