Marriage isn’t for everyone, but if you are a man who knows how to attract women (and you thus have your choice of women) and you also know how to deepen a woman’s love, respect and attraction for you when in a relationship, then marriage isn’t a scary thing.

When the love, respect and attraction between you and your perfect woman (that you chose, not that you got lucky with and have been trying to “make it work” with) deepens over time, starting a family or getting married feels like a natural thing to do.

Marriage Can Be Good For Your Health

If you’re wondering, “Is marriage worth it?” here are some statistics that might interest you.

In a study of over 127,000 American men, it was concluded that married men enjoyed better overall health than men who were divorced, widowed or living alone.

A separate study that ran for 10 years, also concluded that death rates among married men were 46% lower than in unmarried men. If you look at the statistics that way, it would seem that marriage might be worth it just to extend your life, right?

Not quite.


Not every marriage is a “happy” marriage and evidence from further studies suggests that the stresses of an unhappy marriage may actually increase a man’s potential of developing heart disease and dying younger. So, the question remains: Is marriage worth it in today’s day and age?

Changing Times

No sex before marriage vs. have sex whenever you want

Over the past couple of generations, our attitudes towards marriage have changed beyond recognition.

In the early 1900s, it was almost unthinkable that a couple would begin living together before getting married (unless the parent’s were in the same house and you slept in separate rooms) and you certainly wouldn’t expect to have sex before marriage.

In the old days, getting married was something that pretty much all young men and women aspired to. Being married made you a “normal” and respected member of society. So much so that reaching your early 20s and still not being married made you stand out as “abnormal” or made you look like a social reject.

Fast forward to today and things couldn’t be more different….

Modern women

Many people are now happy with the idea of having many relationships throughout life or staying with one person for life, but not getting married. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for them to change their mind later on if they find the perfect person.

Is Marriage the Right Thing For You?

Social trends and statistics can’t answer the question of whether marriage is worth it for you.

Only you can decide whether it’s the right path for you to follow in life.


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Personally speaking, I was never interested in marriage at all until I met my wife.

When I met her, I’d been enjoying a lifestyle of having sex with new women all the time, which never, ever got boring.

Yet, when I met her, something inside of me changed. I began to feel and experience love on a level that I’ve never experienced before. I’d had amazing, loving relationships before, but this was different.

Back when we first met, she would sometimes be feeling so much love for me that it would make her cry tears of joy, even though we’d only begun dating. She also cried tears of joy on our wedding day and I have to admit that I even got a bit watery eyed.

True love is a pretty cool thing.

I didn’t agree to marry her immediately though. It took me about two years to agree to get engaged and we then got married 4 months later because there was no need to prolong things anymore. It was also a convenient time to get all the family together (which wouldn’t have been possible if we did it later in the year), so we just went ahead with it.

I haven’t ever regretted getting engaged or marrying her. I enjoyed the lifestyle of having sex with lots of women for more than 10 years and now I’m enjoying married life. It’s just as good, but in a different way.

Before I met my wife, I was going through life with the idea that it would be fine to just stay with a woman for life without getting married, but it’s not that simple. My wife comes from a family that is serious about marriage and they reject the idea of divorce.

So, when I met them, they weren’t shy to ask me if she and I would ever get married. I initially told them, “We’re not rushing things” as a way to deflect the question because I still was against the idea of marriage.

Yet, as our love deepened over time and I saw that she was a loyal, loving, caring, honest woman who always had my back, I began to relax into the idea of getting married. After a while, I stopped seeing it as a scary thing to get into and started seeing it as a natural progression of a great relationship.

How about you?

Are you worried about getting married because you are concerned about losing half your money when going through a divorce? Do you look at divorce statistics and assume that you will end up as one of them?

I used to worry about those things too. I used to think that marriage was something that could only work in the past or that was only beneficial to women. I thought that it just wasn’t worth it for men.

What got rid of those worries was realizing that it was actually possible to deepen the love, respect and attraction in a relationship. I realized that if 50% of marriages were ending in divorce, then 50% were remaining intact.

I also began to pay more attention to the fact that I’d often seen married couples who were still madly in love and completely happy after 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years of marriage.

When I realized that it was possible to have a successful marriage, it stopped looking like such a scary thing to get involved with.

For the record…

I did get my wife to sign a prenuptial agreement. She may be the most loving, caring, honest woman I’ve met, but that doesn’t mean she might not ever turn into a psycho. Rather than having to worry about anything bad happening in future, I got a great lawyer and we signed an iron clad agreement.

Initially, she was offended that I wanted her to sign a prenup and suggested that it meant I didn’t love her, but after an hour of sulking on her own in the bedroom, she eventually came out and said that she understood where I was coming from and would sign it.

Love is great, but it doesn’t mean that you still can’t be smart and protect yourself. I’m almost certain that she and I will stay together for life, but I’m also open minded about the fact that science is suggesting that human lifespans are on the verge of increasing dramatically.

Who knows what will happen if you are married to a woman for 100 years and your body is still youthful and vital. Who knows what will happen when there are virtual worlds that you can go into where you can physically feel and experience things (i.e. have sex with virtual women).

Sure, all that stuff is a possibility and can be looked at as science fiction, but it’s probably going to happen. In the meantime, I’m going to continue on living a normal life. My wife and I now want to start a family and experience that side of life.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to get married to her. If you’d asked me 5 years ago whether I would ever get married, I would have laughed at the idea and told you that I was happy enjoying the lifestyle of having sex with lots of women.

Yet, now I really feel like marriage is worth it for men and women. It takes the love that you feel for each other to another level. You commit to each other in a more definite way and you begin to approach life as a couple who will be together for life.

My wife and I have plans that stretch out as far as 50 years from now (I’m 37 now and she’s 22. I think science will increase lifespans in the next 30 years, so I’m open minded about living a much longer life).

It’s fun to talk about our plans and begin working on them together. We’re taking steps towards a future that we are excited to share together.

Are You Ready For Marriage?

If you want to marry a woman and stay with her for life, here is what you essentially need to do:

1. Only accept a woman who is perfectly compatible with you.

If you don’t know how to attract women when you meet them, you won’t have many options with women and you might end up feeling desperate and accepting the wrong woman for you.

Many guys do this and then try to “make it work” with a woman who isn’t compatible with them. Personally speaking, when I saw my wife walk into the nightclub where I met her, I said to my friend, “Now THAT is what I’m talking about.”

If you want to feel proud of your woman and remain attracted to her, you must choose woman that you find incredibly sexy. If you want the relationship to last a lifetime, she must also have great character (i.e. loyal, caring, loving).

Don’t try to make it work with a woman who isn’t right for you. You have to be able to attract women when you meet them so that most of the women you meet are interested in you. Only then will you be in a position to pick and choose.

2. Actively deepen the love, respect and attraction in your relationship

Unlike in the past, today’s women do not have to stay with a man who isn’t right for them. Unfortunately, divorce is no longer seen as shameful by most people and TV shows, movies and pop singers often attempt to make it look “cool.”

If you want to keep a relationship together for life, you have to know how to deepen a woman’s love, respect and attraction for you over time. If you can’t do that, marriage will not be worth it.

Marriage, or any relationship for that matter, will be a huge pain in the ass because the woman just won’t put up with not feeling how she really wants to feel. She will throw tantrums, treat you badly and potentially eventually dump you or even cheat on you.

I know this because it happened to me many years ago, which caused me to work this stuff out and become good with women. I also know it because I’ve helped 100s of guys to get an ex back after being dumped.

In today’s world, a guy has to pick the right woman for him and then deepen the love, respect and attraction over time in a relationship.

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