If your ex refuses to see you or answer your calls, it means that (right now) she doesn’t feel good about the idea of interacting with you.

However, no one is ever stuck on one feeling forever. Feelings always change. Your ex’s currently negative feelings towards you WILL change.

How quickly you can make her negative feelings for you go away depends on how you interact with her from now on. If your ex is refusing to see you or answer your calls, then it’s pretty clear that you aren’t making her feel drawn to you or attracted to you.

The approach that you’ve been using so far has been repelling her and you need to change that.

You need to start making her have SOME feelings for you and she will then open up.

Your ex might be stubborn and try to stick to her decision not to be with you, but as long as you can create a spark of her old feelings for you again, her guard will come down a little whether she wants it to or not.

Once her guard is down, you can then guide her back into a relationship with you.

How Long Will it Take For Her to Feel Good About Seeing You or at Least Talking to You Again?

How long will it take for her to open back up to you?
Based on my experience of helping hundreds of guys to get back with their ex girlfriend, fiancé or wife, I know that an angry woman can calm down and become more open immediately, within a few days or after a couple of weeks.

In most cases, a guy will be able to get his ex girlfriend to agree to meet up with him in person after the first or second phone call. Sometimes, he is able to get her on the phone right away and other times it takes a few days and a couple of specifically worded text messages.

Yet, sometimes a guy has really messed things up with his woman and it can take up to 2-3 months before she feels okay about answering him back. That is rare though. Most guys are able to get their ex on the phone pretty quickly.

As long as you can show her that you have changed rather than trying to tell her that you have, she will naturally start to look at you in a different light and will become more open to you.

When a woman is presented with a new and improved version of her ex, it’s only natural for her feelings towards him to change. It’s only natural that she will drop her guard and open herself back up to talking to him again.

“But…” you might ask, “What about when my ex refuses to see me or answer my calls? How can I get her back if she won’t even talk to me? How can I get her to agree to meet me if she doesn’t even answer my texts or phone calls?”


You have to change what you are saying when you text her.

I’ve dealt with more than 100 cases where it initially seems like a completely hopeless cause to try to get the girl back, but when the guy follows the advice from my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System he not only gets her back into a relationship, but she becomes more loving and devoted to him than ever before.

I know, it might sound hard to believe

….and it is.

Getting an ex back seems like it’s almost an impossible thing to do.

I understand that.

When a woman is saying to you, “Never call me again!” it sounds final, but in most cases, it isn’t. I’ve literally helped guys get an ex back when their ex girlfriend or wife has refused to talk to them for weeks prior to using my approach.

Just because she is saying, “Leave me alone!” now, it doesn’t mean you can’t get her to open back up to you again. As you may know, most women are pretty emotional and dramatic, especially when it comes to break ups. An emotional woman might say something in the heat of the moment and then completely change her mind an hour later.

What you need to understand is this…

You can change the way that she feels about you, BUT you have to willing to change some things about yourself first or at least give her the impression that you’ve changed.

How can you do that? Let’s start by looking at how you might be turning her off when you are attempting to contact her…

Are You Making Any of These Mistakes When Contacting Your Ex?

Huh? Why is he texting me this insecure crap?

1. Repelling her rather than attracting her.

When she is telling you things like, “Leave me alone,” “Give me my space,” or “Can’t you understand I don’t want to be with you anymore?” it’s only natural that you might feel annoyed, frustrated or even betrayed by her.

After all, she most likely once told you she loved you and wanted to stay with you for life, or at least gave you that impression. So, how could she be so cold now and turn her back on you?

Yet, that’s the last thing you need to be thinking about right now.

No amount of complaining, whining, pleading, begging or arguing is going to get her back. You can’t convince her to have feelings for you. You have to make her feel respect, love and attraction for you by the way that you interact with her.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works…

As you will learn from the video above, you need to make her feel attracted and drawn to you by the way that you interact with her.

Unfortunately, most guys never get taught how to attract women as they are growing up and end up getting into relationships that fall apart after the initial lust has faded away.

As a man, you will either go through your life never truly knowing how to make a woman feel attracted to you, or you will learn this stuff and begin enjoying much easier, consistent and natural success with women.

Are you making her feel enough attraction for you?

When it comes to getting an ex back, many guys further ruin their ex’s attraction by sending her endless texts, messages on social media sites or calling her to try and reason with her and find out why she won’t talk to them or see them.

I understand why a guy would do that because it sucks to have a girl break up with you, but what you need to realize is that it will never, ever help you to behave in that way.

Women are attracted to the strength in men (e.g. confidence, masculinity in the way you think, behave and take action in life, etc) and turned off by the weakness (e.g. insecurity, neediness, clingy behavior, etc).

You must stop doing the things that repel and only do things that attract her to you. Doing anything that doesn’t attract her is a complete waste of time and energy.

Girlfriend on an annoying call with her long distance boyfriend

For example, a guy might say, “Please just talk to me. There’s unfinished things between us that we need to talk about,” “I really need to see you so I can explain,” “I’m sorry, please forgive me and give me another chance” “Why won’t you just give me chance to apologize,” or “I love you with all my heart. You are everything to me. Have you forgotten the time you told me that you’d always love me?” etc.

That doesn’t make her feel attracted.

If your ex currently hates you, getting endless messages and calls from you will only make her feelings of dislike for you more intense. She will perceive you as being needy, desperate and smothering and she will feel repelled by what she perceives to be your weak state of mind.

The only way she is going to feel open to talking to you and seeing you again is if you make her feel attracted and drawn to you. One of the ways you can do that is by the way you talk to her on the phone.

I know, she is refusing to talk to you on the phone.

That can be fixed though.

In my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System, I provide tested examples of what to text her so she does get on a phone call with you. If your texts aren’t working, then try mine. Mine have been tested and proven to work.

On a phone call, your ex will be able to hear the tone of your voice and hear your confidence and emotional strength (which will attract her to you) and if you suggest it correctly (what to say is provided in my program), she will be curious enough to want to see you in person.

Then, when she sees you in person and suddenly begins to notice qualities and features about yourself that are now way more attractive to her, she will naturally begin to feel more respect for you as a man and she will feel drawn to you.

Yet, that isn’t the only weapon you have.

At the meet up, I explain how to use reverse psychology on her to the point where she feels like it would be stupid to fully break up with you and not give the relationship another chance.

Again, I’ve tested these techniques, so if you want something that is going to work for you when you meet up with her, make sure that you use my approach. If you’ve made a lot of mistakes with her so far to the point where she refuses to answer your calls or see you, then it’s pretty clear that you’ll mess up the meet up conversations as well.

I’m here to help you, so get started with my program now if you are ready to take immediate action to get her back.

2. Never truly knowing what really caused her to break up with you.

You have to know the real, true reasons why she has broken up with you. If you don’t, you will be promising to change things that she secretly doesn’t even care about.

A woman will rarely tell a guy the real reason why she’s breaking up with him, because:

1. She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings because she knows that a guy may become aggressive or violent.

2. She doesn’t want to give a guy too much information to the point where he can talk her out of her decision by promising to change those things or by pretending to have already changed those things.

3. She doesn’t want to be his teacher about how to be a man. She wants him to know how to be a man without her guidance or teaching. She doesn’t want to take on the role of mother or big sister and give him the education about being a man that he seems to be missing.

For this reason, a woman will usually let a guy down gently by saying things like, “It’s not you, it’s me,” “I just need some space to figure things out by myself,” “I think we need time apart, but we may get back together in future” or “I don’t feel like I want to be in a relationship right now.”

In my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System, I explain 70+ reasons why a woman will break up with a man. When you watch that section of the program, you will be shocked when you realize some of the hidden reasons why she may have broken up with you.

Luckily though, most things you can fix pretty quickly or even immediately, BUT you have to be willing to put in a bit of work to make some of them happen. If you aren’t willing to do anything or change anything about the way you interact with her, don’t bother getting my program.

Get Your Ex Back: Super System is an opportunity for you to rapidly transform and improve yourself as a man. If you aren’t willing to do anything to improve yourself and fix any emotional issues you have, then my program isn’t for you.

Additionally, if you aren’t willing to find out what she really needs you to change (she most-likely hasn’t told you the deeper, more fundamental reasons), then she probably won’t be willing to give you a chance.

To become back open to talking to you and even seeing you in person, your ex may want you to change certain things about how you communicate with her, interact with her and even how you live your life.

In almost every case that I’ve dealt with over the years, the woman will never tell her man everything that she wants him to change. She will tell him some things like, “You don’t treat me the way I want you to” or “I don’t love you the same way anymore,” but that doesn’t actually tell you what you need to change.

When a guy doesn’t know what to really change, he will most-likely annoy her further by promising to change things about himself that she doesn’t even care about. When that happens, the woman realizes that he doesn’t understand her and probably won’t unless she teaches him.

Yet, as mentioned already, a woman doesn’t want to do that for her man. She doesn’t want to be your teacher in life. She wants you to know how to be a man without her guidance.

She also wants to feel understood by you. She wants you to understand how to be the man she really needs you to be.

To get your ex’s love, attraction and respect back, you need to learn the REAL reasons why she broke up with you so that when you next speak to her, you can let her know that you truly understand where you went wrong.

When she hears you talk about those things, it makes her drop her guard and feel more open and even happy to be interacting with you again because you’ve actually made the effort to see things from her point of view.

3. Promising her that you will change.

When a woman doesn’t have much experience with relationships or will find it difficult to find a replacement guy, she will usually accept a guy’s promises to change and give him another chance.

However, if your ex won’t have much difficulty attracting a new guy or if she’s had a bit of experience with relationships, she will know that when a guy promises to change, he rarely even knows how to do so.

If your ex is refusing to see you or answer your calls, this is not the time to be making promises to her. For most women, promises aren’t what she needs to hear from you.

What she needs is for you to make her feel differently about you by actually changing the way you interact with her. You’ve got to be able to make her feel respect and attraction for you on the phone, not pity.

When you contact your ex, you have to be ready to show her that you’ve fixed your emotional issues (e.g. being clingy, needy, jealous, taking her for granted or neglecting her, etc.) and that you’ve transformed into the type of man she wished you were all along.

You don’t have to fully fix everything and become perfect to get her back. As long as she can see that you’ve already improved yourself and fixed at least some of the issues that were causing her to feel turned off by you, it will make her drop her guard and become more open to talking to you.

Once you’ve made the changes, you will be ready to contact her and arrange a meet up. It doesn’t matter if she’s not taking your calls right now; you can still contact her via a text message or via e-mail to get her to agree to a phone call.

I provide tested examples of how to do that in my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System. So, if you’re saying, “My ex refuses to see me or answer my calls” it’s because you’re sending her the wrong type of message.

Your messages aren’t making her think, “Hmmm…I should talk to him” or “Hmmm…I wonder why he said that? I will answer his next phone call.” Instead, your messages are mostly likely making her roll her eyes and wish you’d get out of her life once and for all.

People Can Change How They Feel

Emotions are not set in stone.

Think about it…

Have you ever had a person in your life (e.g. a friend, family member, coworker, friend at university, etc.) that you once didn’t like, but then they changed their behavior, communication style and attitude towards you and then you really liked them?

Getting an ex back works in a similar way.

You’ve got to make your ex feel differently about you by communicating with her in a new way. When you get her to feel differenly, she will automatically change how she speaks to you, treats you and behaves around you.

Think about how you made her feel when you first got into a relationship…

In the beginning of your relationship, she may have fallen in love with you, but over time, you might have said or done things that gradually made her lose touch with her feelings of respect, love and attraction for you.

The spark died, your relationship began to fall apart and she might have even said, “I don’t love you anymore.”

Yet, love doesn’t die.

Just because she can’t connect with her feelings of love right now, it doesn’t mean she can’t reconnect with those feelings for you when you change the way she feels.

When she is presented with an improved version of you, she will naturally begin to think and feel differently about you.

If you are serious about getting her back, you have to understand that you can make her feel differently about you. You don’t have to waste time sitting around and thinking, “What am I going to do? My ex refuses to see me or answer my calls” and hoping she magically changes her mind about you.

If you want to change how she feels about you right now, you have to be the one who actively makes her go through that transformation. You have to be the one who makes her feel a renewed sense of love, respect and attraction for you.

If you’re interested in learning how to do that and how to get her back before it’s too late, I recommend that you watch my proven-to-work program called, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

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