Facebook, Phone and Text Message Examples is a free, quick reference guide that includes all of the Facebook, phone and text message examples from the Get Your Ex Back: Super System. It is a 23 page ebook that you can open and read on any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet for quick reference when talking to your ex.

Facebook, Phone and Text Message Examples:

  • Ensures you know exactly what to say when communicating with your ex via text, on social media and on the phone.
  • Gets her to unblock your phone, re-add you as a friend on social media and be open to communicating with you again.
  • Explains how to get her eagerly wanting to meet up with you, even if she starts out being distant or uninterested on the phone.
  • Provides examples of what to say to make her HAPPY to be talking to you on the phone.
  • Reminds you of key points (about communicating with your ex) from the Get Your Ex Back: Super System by providing an important “DO’s and DON’Ts” list regarding communication via Facebook, phone, text and e-mail.
  • Includes bonus examples of communicating with her via Facebook, phone, text and e-mail that are not included in Get Your Ex Back Super System.
  • Provides additional tips and reminders surrounding each communication example, so you can quickly scan it while communicating with her .

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