Conversation is the KEY that opens the door to sex, dates, love and relationships with women. If you struggle to keep conversations going and keep them interesting when talking to women, you will find it almost impossible to go through the stages from a conversation to sex and into a relationship.

Dictionary Definition

Here’s the definition of conversation from a typical dictionary:

Conversation (noun): An interchange of thoughts, information, ideas, etc by spoken words.

Here’s The Modern Man definition:

Conversation (noun): The thing that keeps you and a woman together long enough for a connection to develop and for all the other communication to take place.

After reading the Modern Man definition, you may be wondering what I mean by, “the OTHER communication.” The other communication includes:

  • Flirting and sexual communication.
  • The hidden meaning of your expressions, words, questions, statements and things you don’t say.
  • The social, emotional and academic intelligence that you demonstrate (or don’t demonstrate) while talking to the woman.
  • The vibe that you create when talking to the woman.
  • What you are like as a person, based on everything you’re saying (and not saying), doing (and not doing) when talking to the woman.

If you pull back from the actual words being spoken between a man and a woman during a conversation, you will see that conversation (in terms of dating and attraction) is really just a chance for a man and a woman to subtly determine whether or not they are compatible with each other.

If a woman sees no reason to get emotionally invested in you because you don’t seem compatible, then she won’t contribute much to the conversation. This is not because she is a cold-hearted person; she is merely screening out guys whom she isn’t compatible with.

To improve your compatibility with women, the first thing you need to focus on is how you make women feel during a conversation. If your conversation doesn’t make a woman feel the types of emotions she wants to feel around a guy, she won’t like you. It’s as simple as that.

In addition to making women feel good, being great at conversation also allows you to:

  • Naturally attract women based on what you’re saying and doing during an interaction.
  • Truly connect with most women you talk to, so you have more choice and options rather than just hoping to get lucky 1 in 100 times.
  • Hold the attention of a woman long enough, so you can move from an initial conversation to sex or a date and then to sex and a relationship.
  • Make her see you as a potential lover or boyfriend, rather than a stranger.
  • Quickly and easily demonstrate all of the qualities women are looking for.
  • Communicate on a sexual level without being sleazy.
  • Demonstrate that you are socially intelligent and “cool,” rather than coming across as an awkward outsider who doesn’t get along with people very well.
  • Instantly make women feel comfortable in your presence.
  • Easily navigate your way through life’s obstacles and challenging situations by talking your way through it.

In essence, conversation gives you the power to get more of what you want with women. When you’re good at conversation, people like, respect and listen to you so much more. When you know how to talk to a woman in the way that she desires, she will give you what you want: Sex, love, respect and a relationship.

If you’d like to learn how to talk your way into sex and loving relationships with women, make sure that you listen to The Ultimate Guide to Conversation.

When you use our tested, proven to work conversation techniques when talking to women, you will find that your conversations flow smoothly from one stage to the next. Escalating to kissing and sex will feel natural and the women will usually encourage it.

Women will begin to express their feelings for you during conversation and make it obvious that they want to be around you more. It’s a much easier and more fulfilling life to live when you know how to talk to women in the ways they really want.

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