According to a study carried out in Norway, divorce rates are 50% higher among couples who share the housework compared to those in which the woman takes most of the responsibility.

So, does this mean that if a man does housework his relationship is doomed to failure? No, it’s not that simple. There’s nothing wrong with helping out around the house every now and then; the problem is when you spend too much time cleaning and not enough time becoming a bigger and better man by going after your true purpose in life.

If you waste a lot time doing housework because you’re too afraid to rise through the levels of life and reach for your true potential as a man, then the woman will pick up on that. When she sees that you’re more comfortable taking on the role of the one who keeps the house clean, it will naturally cause her to feel confused about who is leading who.

If she feels as though you’re hiding from the world behind household chores when you could be achieving so much more as a man, it will make her lose respect for you. When a woman loses respect for a man, she then begins to lose attraction for him and when that happens, she begins to fall out of love.

A Classic Example of What Happens

Have you ever heard of Kate Thompson? She has been referred to as “Britain’s Worst Wife,” which is a title that she’s proud of.

Pussy whipped man

Kate Thompson’s husband does most of the cooking, cleaning and ironing. He only gets sex on birthdays that end with zero (e.g. 40, 50). A classic example of what happens when a woman wears the pants.

In Kate’s own words:

“My husband is the kindest, most considerate man in the world. During the seven years we’ve been married, Ben has done most of the cooking, cleaning and ironing without ever being asked. And yes, he works full-time. And if you think I reward his sterling domestic efforts with treats in the bedroom, I’m afraid I fail in that department, too. Intimacy is reserved only for his birthdays – and then just the ones with a zero.
I am shamefully neglectful of my wifely duties. In fact, I am the anti-wife. The truth is that I’m just too busy and involved in my career as a writer to be a traditional, caring wife. The truth is that I’m in awe of the way he looks after me, our sons and our home. He makes my life easier.
Does that make me a selfish, slovenly, neglectful wife?” Probably – but it also makes me a happier one.” Kate Thompson

This is a classic example of what happens when a man becomes a woman’s bitch. He hides from his true potential as a man behind her and the relationship. Instead of going after his biggest dreams in life and becoming a bigger and better man throughout life, he does the dishes. What does he get for it? His wife is in “awe of the way he looks after her.”


The fact is that her husband would be jerking off to porn every week to dull his built up sexual desire. The poor little bitch only gets to mount his woman once a decade. Each to their own, as they say.

Changing Attitudes

Researchers believe that the connection between housework and divorce rates has much more to do with a general shift in attitude towards relationships than arguments over whose turn it is to take the bins out or whose turn it is to cook. In Norway, it’s has become the norm for both parents to share child-rearing responsibilities, meaning that both parents have equal opportunity to go out to work and it’s because of this that divorce rates have changed.

Working women are no longer dependant on their man’s income to support the household, so divorce is an “easier” option compared to past generations when the woman traditionally stayed at home and based her life around being a mother who cooked, cleaned and took care of the children and her husband’s needs. These days, women are encouraged to “have it all” by taking on a big career as well as a family.

When a woman like this finds herself in a relationship with a man who gives her too much power and is unable to be the man in the relationship, it is destined for divorce or a lifetime of bickering, unhappiness and a non-existent sex life.

Women’s Work Vs. Men’s Work

Researchers make the point that sharing the housework is a by-product of both parties going out to work and both being the breadwinners. However, just because “everyone is doing it” that doesn’t make it the right thing to do. History has repeatedly shown us the silly ideas of generations past, which at the time, seemed like the right thing to do.

The fact is, sharing the housework evenly leads to a relationship without clearly defined roles and this can lead to domestic squabbles over who should be doing what around the house. Relationships don’t fall apart because a guy likes to be a good man and help out with the vacuuming every now and then; they fall apart because the relationship dynamic is wrong. When the dynamic is right, a woman feels good about taking care of her man and taking care of their home, and a man feels good about taking care of his woman by taking care of the household chores that she’s not able to tackle on her own.

She wants to take care of you and your home and she wants you to take care of her. It might seem old fashioned to refer to housework as “women’s work,” but when the relationship dynamic is right, she wants to be a woman and to do the things that women are good at doing because she wants you to be “the man” and to do “manly” jobs around the home. She doesn’t want you to get involved in helping her to pick out new soft furnishings or to confuse things by forgetting to sort out the colours from the whites before loading the washing machine, but she does want you to fix the leaky tap in the kitchen.

She wants you to look after her and protect her by keeping your home in good repair and she wants to look after you by making your home a beautiful and comfortable place to be. If you buy into the stupidity of unhappy modern couples who are headed for break ups or divorce, then you are asking for trouble. Just because a lot of men are behaving like housewives, that doesn’t mean it is the correct way to approach your relationship. All you need to do is look at the divorce rates, especially with regards to the Norwegian study, to see that.

Is She Too Lazy or Too Tired to Do the Housework?

You don’t need to be living in a pristine home to be in a successful relationship. If you’re both happy to leave the housework to the weekend, there’s no problem, but if there are no clearly defined roles when the weekend comes, problems can arise when one person feels the other isn’t pulling their weight. When the relationship dynamic is right, she wants you to be impressed by her ability to do “women’s work” and to look after your home.

If your woman has a lazy attitude towards household chores, chances are she has a lazy attitude towards you, which is your fault for one of two reasons:

  1. You’ve chosen the wrong woman and have accepted her because you were desperate to get any woman. You noticed that she wasn’t the type to want to clean up, make food for you, massage you and so on, but you accepted her anyway because you wanted to put an end to your loneliness.
  2. You’ve allowed her to develop a lazy attitude towards you in the relationship. Instead of setting up the right relationship dynamic, where your woman wants to impress you by cleaning up, cooking for you and pleasuring you, the relationship is one where she is annoyed by you, does whatever she wants when she wants and isn’t particularly interested in impressing you.

Don’t Listen to the Politically Correct Advice Dished out on Morning TV

Just because you see a lot of confused men being little bitches, it doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do. Statistics show that women are twice as likely to divorce such "men."

Just because you see a lot of confused men acting like little bitches, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing to do. Statistics show that women are twice as likely to divorce such “men.”

Have you ever seen those morning TV shows with the 2-3 hosts on a couch? All the colors are nice and bright, the hosts are all bright and cheery and everything is wonderful in happy TV land. Well, I like those shows for a few reasons, but I also hate them for the pain that they cause people.

The male hosts of the show will sit there and say things like, “Oh, I’ll be cleaning up the garage this weekend in the hope that my wife gives me some extra attention!” or, “Well, if you want your wife to keep you awake at night, I recommend doing the dishes and giving her a foot rub before bed.”

There’s nothing wrong with cleaning up the garage, doing the dishes or massaging your woman. However, doing it because you think it will lead to more sex and better treatment from her is a mistake. Women HATE IT when men behave like desperate, little creatures who look up to women and hope that they will be treated nicely or given sex for being a good, little boy.

If you ever hear idiotic advice like that on TV, change the channel before they infect you with their failing strategy for sex and love in a relationship. On camera, they behave as though they are perfect people living perfect lives, but behind closed doors, they are just as confused as everyone else. If you want to be successful in your relationship with your woman, listen to men who are actually successful with women…not some random TV news guy who gives his opinion (correct or not) about every topic known to man.

She Wants You to Be a Masculine Man. End of Story

All in all, a woman wants you to be the man so she can relax into being a woman. When the roles become blurred, the sexual charge will weaken and may eventually be destroyed completely. Just like a battery needs a positive and negative charge to create power, humans need a clear masculine and feminine dynamic to create sexual attraction. If you behave like a half-man, half-woman, then she isn’t going to be interested in having sex with you.

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