So what should you do if you find yourself in a relationship with a woman where the feelings aren’t mutual?

You love her, you feel attracted to her, and you’re willing to work on the relationship but she isn’t.

She seems to have checked out and she doesn’t really care anymore.

She’s lost interest and she doesn’t want to try anymore.

Well, what a guy needs to realize is that if his approach hasn’t been working, then he needs to change his approach.

For example: Some guys slip into the habit of complaining to their woman that she’s not treating him the same way as he’s treating her, she’s not being affectionate, she’s expecting so much of him and isn’t giving much back to him.

She seems to have changed and become a completely different person and he wants to talk to her about that, complain about it and discuss it with her and he hopes that it will make her change.

Yet, that is not what makes a woman change.

On the other hand, some guys make the mistake of thinking, “Alright, she doesn’t really feel the same way about me anymore. I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to be the best boyfriend or husband that I can be. I’m going to be really nice to her, I’m going to do the housework, I’m going to do sweet things for her, I’m going to be romantic, have date nights, buy her things, take her places, and hopefully, that’s going to make her happy and feel the way that she used to feel about me.”

Yet, it doesn’t work because that is not what she’s really looking for.

She doesn’t want you focusing on how she’s feeling and how she’s behaving and then you reacting to that. It makes her feel like she’s the leader. It makes her feel like you’re following her.

That’s not how women like their relationships and interactions to go with men.

If you think about the example of a woman dancing with a man, she likes a man who takes the lead with the dance.

She goes along and he turns her this way and that way and twirls her around, and that is when she’s at her happiest.

She bends over backwards for him, she does whatever he wants and she’s actually happy about that.

That dance analogy is a perfect way of explaining the simplicity of relationships between men and women.

You see, some men make it too complicated by sucking up to their woman and doing lots of things to hopefully please her, or by trying to discuss things with her and essentially get her to think and behave like a man.

For example: He’ll say, “After all we’ve been through, now you’re behaving like this. What has gotten into you? I’m a good man, I do all these things for you. We used to be so happy and now you’ve changed. Why can’t you just go back to how you were before?”

She’s not going to do that, though, because she wants to be able to react to her man’s lead.

When dancing, reacting to a man’s lead is pretty obvious.

She just turns where he wants her to turn, she twirls around when he wants her to twirl around, and she bends over backwards when he wants her to do that. That’s pretty obvious.

Yet, how does it apply to a relationship? What sort of lead is she waiting to react to?

Well, it’s actually very simple.

She’s just waiting to react to how he talks to her, how he interacts with her, how he behaves around her, how he acts around her, what actions he takes.

She’s waiting to react to that.

She’s not expecting him to buy her lots of things, do all the housework, suck up to her, or sit her down and try to explain to her that she needs to think more like a man and really understand that, “Hey, we’ve been through a lot and you need to make sure that you’re not changing.”

She just wants to be a girl and react to how the man is making her feel.

The way that works with dancing is that the woman just wants to be the girl.

She wants the man to lead the way around the dance floor.

She follows his lead.

She reacts to his strength.

He turns her this way or that way and she just goes along with it.

He twirls her around, and she feels like a girl. She feels like the man is in control.

That’s what women love.

That’s what they want.

They don’t want the man focusing on how she’s feeling and what she’s saying and what she’s doing and then following her lead.

She wants to just let go and have the man lead her. What that means is that she just wants to react to how the man is talking to her and how he’s behaving around her.

For example: If a woman is being distant with her man in a relationship and he makes her laugh by joking around and being a bit playful with her, then she’s going to come alive.

She’s going to be more present in the moment.

That doesn’t mean that he needs to tell jokes 24/7 to make her not be distant.

It’s just one of the things that he can do to get her to stop being so distant, to bring her back into the relationship where she is reacting to him, because that’s what she really wants.

She doesn’t want him looking at her behavior and her mood swings and either losing confidence in himself or getting angry at her.

What she wants is for him to start being the man that she can react to in a positive way.

What Women Say They Want and What They Really Want Are Usually Completely Different Things

Women often go around saying that men should do whatever women say.

Be nice to her if she’s in a bad mood and do everything that she demands.

Yet, that’s not what actually makes a woman happy when in a relationship with a man.

A woman is at her happiest when she is reacting to the dynamic and mood that the man is creating.

For example: He creates a relationship dynamic where they laugh and feel good around each other, are affectionate and support each other.

he then happily goes along with that and is one of those rare women who remain madly in love with their man for life and always want to impress him and treat him well.

Yet, if a man follows the woman’s mood swings and tries to jump through endless hoops to impress her all the time, she becomes frustrated and annoyed that he is following her lead.

A woman will rarely explain that to a man, though, because she doesn’t want to teach him how to be the man that she needs.

She doesn’t want to feel like his big sister or mother and have to teach him all the time about how to be a man in a relationship with a woman.

She just wants a man who understands how to do it or is willing to figure it out and then start doing it.

What she wants is a man who doesn’t get caught up in reacting to his woman’s changing mood.

She wants you to know that you don’t even need to worry about most of the things that she says or does.

Just take charge and lead the way, rather than getting caught up in reacting to her mood swings and things that she says.

She wants you to take charge and create the kind of relationship dynamic where it makes her happy to be a good woman to you, where she does what you want without making a big fuss about it.

She’s a good woman to you and it makes her feel happy to do that.

When you take that approach in a relationship, it means that you get a better, more loving, and affectionate woman by putting in less effort.

You simply create feelings of respect, attraction, and love based on what you say and do around her, and she reacts to that by being the best woman that she can be for you.

She is loving, attentive, supportive, affectionate, sexual, and proud to be your woman. She is happy that she is in the role of reacting to you, rather than you getting caught up reacting to her.

Don’t React to Her Mood Swings. Remain Confident and in Control

When you see women who are unhappy in a relationship with a man, you will notice that he is reacting to her mood swings and looking to her as being the leader of the relationship.

She doesn’t want that.

She doesn’t want a man who is always worried about her feelings and what she’s thinking and what she’s doing.

She just wants a man who makes her have strong feelings for him, based on what he says and does around her.

For example: If a guy is saying insecure things and being insecure around his woman, she isn’t going to feel respect and attraction for him.

She’s going to feel turned off by his emotional weakness.

She will then begin to become less affectionate and interested in him.

If he reacts to that by becoming even more insecure, he just makes the problem worse.

In cases like that, the woman will be waiting and hoping that he just starts being a confident man that she can look up to and respect.

If he doesn’t, she will begin to give him warning signs that she’s thinking about breaking up with him to hopefully get him to be motivated enough to fix his insecurity and become a more confident man.

If he doesn’t change, she will eventually get to the point where she has to break up with him and hope that he finally puts in some effort to fix his problem of being insecure in a relationship.

If he doesn’t fix the problem, she will force herself to get over him and try to move on.

She Would Rather Keep a Relationship Together and Be Happy

An important thing to understand about women in relationships is that they have a tendency not to want to break up.

Unless the woman is absolutely crazy or she is one of those rare, small percentage of women who are nuts and they’ll just break up with a guy for nothing, most women do not aim to break up with a guy as their first reaction.

When a woman gets into a sexual relationship with a man, her aim is to make sure that it works.

The reason why is that if she were to get pregnant and then the relationship broke up, she would have to raise that child on her own.

Alternatively, she would have to try to attract a new man who would put up with the fact that she’s already got a child.

Even if a woman doesn’t want to have children, or is completely focused on her career, or is studying, or hates children, her instincts are going to kick in.

When she’s in a sexual relationship with a man, her instinct is to make it work.

She doesn’t want to have a sexual relationship with a guy and fall in love with him and then just leave him.

So, most women will stick around in a relationship that they’re not happy with and hope that it changes.

The woman will hope that the guy changes his approach, so she can change how she feels.

A woman’s natural tendency is to want a relationship to work.

She wants to be with one man who she’s in love with, and she respects, and she feels attracted to and they can build a future together.

They can stay together, she can be safe with him, things can unfold in their relationship and it can get better and better over time.

Most women don’t want to be that woman who is unlucky in love (e.g. she gets into a relationship and it’s good at the start and then it breaks up).

Alternatively, she gets into a relationship and the guy was nice at the start and he was sweet and romantic, and then he turns out to be a bit of an asshole.

He treats her badly and takes her for granted and then she’s in a relationship that she regrets getting into in the first place. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s wasted her time being with the guy.

Her natural tendency is to wait and hope that the guy changes how she feels.

So when you’re in a relationship and a woman has fallen out of love with you or doesn’t feel attracted to you anymore and is becoming distant and you feel like you’re growing apart, what she really wants is for you to be able to get that spark back.

She doesn’t want to have to go through a breakup or a divorce and then have to go and find another guy and let him start having sex with her and potentially get her pregnant and leave her and then she’s back out into the dating scene again.

In most cases, a woman doesn’t want to also have to face up to her family and friends and say that yet another relationship of hers has failed.

She wants to be that woman who has a man that she’s proud of, that she’s in love with, that she respects, that she feels attracted to, and that she’s happy to be with.

She wants to have that so she can get on with enjoying a great life with him.

Make Her Never Want to Leave You

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She will always be in love with you.

She will always be affectionate towards you and she will always be happy to be with you.

She is Waiting

She is waiting for you to change how she feels

To close up here, I just want to remind you of something.

That is, if you’re in a relationship with a woman that is falling apart or where the feelings aren’t mutual, what you need to understand is that she will be waiting and hoping that you change your approach, so she can change how she feels.

The way that women work is that they react to men.

I gave the example earlier of a dance.

The woman reacts to the man’s lead and she loves it.

Women love it when a man can take the lead, so they can react to him. That’s when a woman is at her happiest.

She doesn’t want a man focusing on what she’s saying and doing and trying to follow her lead in that way.

She wants him to take the lead and guide him and her to feelings of mutual respect, attraction, and love.

She wants him to flick on what I call “The Good Girl Switch” in her mind.

This makes a woman want to be a good woman to you.

It gives her pleasure and happiness to be a good woman for you.

That’s what women really want, and if a guy doesn’t provide that in a relationship, a woman will wait and hope that he does.

If it goes on for long enough, she’ll start to become distant, she’ll start to become annoyed and irritated that she’s stuck with a man who isn’t able to make her feel the way that she wants to feel.

She doesn’t want to have to go through a breakup or divorce and be one of those women who are unlucky in love.

She also doesn’t want to experience the pain of a breakup and have to go through all that.

She just wants a man that she can be proud of.

She wants a man that she can respect, and feel attracted to, and look up to.

She wants a man that she can be in love with.

The way that it works is that if a woman doesn’t feel that way about you in a relationship, she literally waits and hopes that you change your approach, so she can change how she feels.

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