A woman’s brain chemistry is wired slightly different to a man’s.

Generally speaking, a woman can still think logically and be as smart or even smarter than a man, but she will have a natural tendency to think, feel and act differently than a man.

It’s just how nature works and when you look at it from a big picture perspective, you will see that the differences in men and women are a good thing for this world and also for you as an individual man.

The Female Effect

Why are women so emotional?

Generally speaking, men don’t place as much importance on the things that women tend to get emotional about.

A man may see that another person is feeling a painful emotion, but he can still feel nothing in response to that. As long as he is achieving his goals or getting what he wants, he can turn a blind eye and not care. On the other hand, a woman would feel sorry for the person and want to do something about it.

Of course, I am saying “generally speaking” here because there are some mean, heartless women out there. However, for the most part, women are much more compassionate and caring than most men.

It’s because of women saying, “Hey, that’s not fair!” that the modern world has become so tolerant and free. Before women had a voice in society, men ruled the world and essentially killed anyone who didn’t believe in what they did.

Race mixing protest

Men led the way to protest about race-mixing, men beat up homosexuals and men attacked and even killed people of different races. Of course, some women got involved and supported those men, but in almost all cases, women never lead the way to violence and intolerance.

Before women entered the workforce, almost all managers and bosses were men and they tended to run their companies like machines. As long as too many employees didn’t die on the job, everything was fine. Before women had a voice in society, men were leading the way with racist and religious persecution of people who didn’t think like them.

The female effect

When women were able to have a voice in the workforce, they argued and complained and debated until male managers became more caring, tolerant and understanding of employees. This is what I refer to as The Female Effect on society.

It’s a powerful thing and a lot of it has to do with the fact that woman’s brain is wired differently to a man. She has a different brain chemistry, which causes her to think, behave and act differently than a man.

This doesn’t mean that women are better than men, but that women are just as important as men. If it weren’t for men, you wouldn’t be reading this article now on the computer or handheld device that you’re looking at. If it weren’t for men, who knows what this world would be like.

Both men and women are just as important as each other and we both have a key role to play in the world and in our personal relationships. When in a relationship with a woman for example, you must ensure that you allow her to think, behave and act like a woman.

You can’t expect her to think, behave and act like a man now that she is with you. You have to accept that she will have her emotional outbursts at times because that is her nature. She won’t be exactly like you and that is okay.

The Emotional Outburst

Emotional outburst

If you’ve been asking yourself lately, “Why are women so emotional?” then you’ve probably been on the receiving end of an emotional outburst from a woman that just doesn’t seem to make any sense to you.

A woman getting emotional around a man is essentially her instinctive way of testing you and forcing you to grow, change and evolve rather than just stay where you are right now. Everything in the universe is in a constant state of change, even if that change happens over long periods of time.

The way that life is designed is that it forces us to do something, rather than to stagnate and be the same thing forever. You either go with the flow or the flow eats you up and spits you out.

It’s a woman’s nature to not let men get complacent. For example: One minute a woman will say, “I love you…I just want to sit on the couch and watch TV with you forever” and a day or two later, she will say, “I’m bored…why do you want to watch so much TV? You’re so lazy! I hate my life.”

To a man, it doesn’t make much sense why a woman would change her mind so easily to be so happy one minute and so bored the next. Yet, that is the natural programming of women. Women are designed to be restless, which is why religious monks has typically always been men.

The majority of women couldn’t think of anything worse than having to sit along with their thoughts forever. They want to do something, feel something and be restless. On the other hand, many men love to be alone with their thoughts to ponder the deeper and more complicated side to life.

Men love to have time to work on creating solutions to problems. It’s a rewarding process for a man to see a problem, work on it and then fix it. However, the majority of women, they just want to use the fixed thing and then do something else.

Women don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about solutions, which is why approximately 80% of engineers are men. The 20% of women who are engineers either have more of a masculine mind (e.g. butch lesbian, transgender, etc), or they were raised by a father who never had any sons and showed more love for his daughter when she thought, behaved and acted like a guy.

Conversation Mistakes That Guys Make With Women

Most guys go through much of their life never really understanding women and how to talk to them in a way that builds up attraction, respect and love.

Instead, many guys just learn to tolerate women and try to put up with the seemingly emotional insanity of women because they don’t understand where women are coming from.

Watch this video to understand what I mean…

What’s Most Important to a Woman

The most important thing to a woman is how you make her feel when she interacts with you. When she talks to you, does she feel a wide range of desirable emotions or do you make her feel bored, awkward, tense and unsatisfied?

When you interact with her, does she feel turned on by you who are or does she feel that you don’t know how think, behave and act in a way that makes a woman feel sexually attracted?

Do you know how a woman’s attraction for a man really works? Watch this video to find out…

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