Why are women so emotional?

If you let her be a woman, she will stop having negative, emotional outbursts and become sweeter, more caring and more loving. If you try to force her into a masculine way of behaving, she will react negatively.

If you’re asking, “Why are women so emotional?” you’ve probably been on the receiving end of an emotional outburst from a woman that just doesn’t seem to make any sense to you, right?

I mean, why can’t women be more like us men? Why do they have to be so emotional? If you’re asking those questions, then you don’t understand the fundamental principles of human sexual attraction. You see, if women behaved, thought and acted like men, we men wouldn’t find them sexually attractive. Likewise, if men behave like women, women don’t find them sexually attractive. So, if you’re wondering why women are so emotional and seeing it as a bad thing, you should forget that line of thinking!

Men and Women are Different!

You don’t need an advanced degree in any kind of “ology” to have figured out that women are different to men. However, in terms of emotions, the main difference between the sexes is pretty much a simple case of how we deal with stressful situations. There’s a theory relating to stress that explains the physical as well as psychological effects of feeling “stressed out” and it is commonly known as the “fight or flight” theory. Our bodies respond to stress by treating it as a danger. In the days of our ancient ancestors, danger came in the form of dangerous carnivores or invading tribes or races, so the threat meant imminent death if we didn’t fight it or run away from it. The “dangers” we face today are much more likely to be psychological rather than physical, but our body stills responds in the same way by preparing us to fight or take flight. The fight or flight response is a well-established theory that applies to both men and women, but recent research has put forward another theory that applies to just women, it’s called the “tending and befriending” theory.

In a nutshell, the tending and befriending theory revolves around a woman’s natural tendency to nurture and care for others around her and how by doing, so she can actually relieve stress through doing something for someone else and being able to talk to others about her concerns and worries in the process. Men, on the other hand, tend not to talk to anyone about their worries, choosing to find stress relief in some form of activity they can do alone, such as going for a run, watching TV or playing a video game. Men also turn to physical activities such as sport for a release of built up stress and tension, or to working on challenging new areas of life and breaking through to success as a new, improved man.

So, what do these psychological theories mean in relation to the question of, “Why are women so emotional?” It means is that your woman is going to respond to feelings of stress in her life by talking about it and looking for the support of others or by having an emotional outburst with whomever she is interacting with. What you see as an “emotional” outburst, she probably sees as a perfectly normal response under the circumstances. A big mistake guys make her is to try to turn her into a man. “Stop being so emotional!” a boyfriend or husband will say to his woman, “Why do you have to be so emotional all the time?” Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that if she behaved like a man, he wouldn’t feel sexual attraction for her. Additionally, if she told him to stop behaving like a man and be more like a woman, he would think she had lost the plot!

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Women Operate From a Feminine Perspective

As a man, it’s quite normal for you to thinking logically, to stick by your word and the plans you’ve made. However, for a woman, it’s quite normal to think emotionally, change what she promised and what’s she plan based on how she is now feeling. When she made the plans or promise, she was feeling a certain way, but now that is different. To a man who doesn’t understand women and thinks that women are just like men, except with boobs and a vagina, he will be angry and annoyed at such behavior. However, to a woman, who operates from a feminine perspective (i.e. Go with how she feels), it makes perfect sense. A real man will go with what is right, what he’s planned for and what he wants as an end result. His goals will be far reaching and, as a result, he will always be heading in a clear, long-term direction. This is something I talk about in Better Than a Bad Boy, where I teach guys how to be men of purpose. When you are a man of purpose, your woman will relax into your masculine direction and feel deeply fulfilled by the constant opportunity to be a woman. She doesn’t have to be a man for you and her. She can rely on you to be the man and as a result, she can deep into the bliss of her feminine world.

The Unrestricted Flow of Love is Important to Her

Relationship issues are often the biggest source of stress in a woman’s life, because the feminine wants to have love flowing freely through her life. She doesn’t want it being blocked by a guy who doesn’t understand how to be a man and taints the dynamic between them with his insecurities and his lack of long-term direction in life. This can lead to “overly-emotional” outbursts from a woman, because that’s her way of dealing with the problem. She doesn’t want to take on the role of “the man” and guide you and her out of the problems. She doesn’t want that masculine responsibility. If you give it to her, her feminine sex appeal will begin to fade. She will not only become less attractive to you, but you will become less attractive to her.

For example, your woman may be feeling unhappy about something in your relationship but, as a woman, she’s not going to tell you directly what the problem is – that’s not the way women operate. She’s going to send out signals through her body language, behavior and vibe and she’s going to expect you to pick up on them. If you don’t – or if you ignore them – she’s going to feel as though you are incapable of making her feel the deep love and connection she wants to feel with you and her stress levels are going to build because of it. Of course, you may be sensing the atmosphere and choosing to stay out of her way – maybe heading out to the gym for some stress relief of your own – but this only adds to her frustration at not being able to talk to you about it or have you fix the problem by using what I call “The Love Fix.” (Examples of The Love Fix are provided in Better Than a Bad Boy)

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She’s the Woman, You’re the Man. End of Story

She’s the woman and you’re the man. If you don’t accept that and let the be the continual dynamic in your relationship, you will run into problems. It’s as simple as that. She wants you to lead the way in the relationship. She doesn’t want to tell you that she’s unhappy; she wants you to fix the problem and unblock the flow of love between you. The longer the problem goes unresolved, the more stressed she feels and the more prone to “emotional” behavior she becomes as a result. Now, if you’re one of guys who reads that and thinks, “Why doesn’t she tell me what she wants me to do to fix the problem?” You’ve got to open your eyes to the deeper issue here: She wants you to be the man in the relationship so that she can be the woman. If you put her in the position of having to “take the lead,” she no longer feels like a woman, which makes her feel unhappy and unfulfilled in the relationship. She also doesn’t have the natural urge and desire to be penetrated by you sexually, because she doesn’t see you as much of a man any more.

The Real Question

As you can see, the real question is not so much, why are women so emotional, but it is more a question of trying to understand the world from a woman’s point of view. What you might consider to be an “emotional” response to a situation is just be a “normal” response from where she’s sitting. Women are emotional creatures; it’s in their nature. The fact that women are so emotional and are not strong and sturdy like us men, is one of the main reasons why women are so desperately in need of a real man. You might have heard women say, “Where are all the real men?” and it’s usually referring to the fact that most guys just don’t understand how to be men. As a man, it’s not your job to try to make exact sense of how your woman sees things, it’s your job to understand that she’s a woman and for that reason she sees things differently to you.

When you know how to truly “be the man” in your relationship, you will naturally create and maintain the perfect relationship dynamic between you and a woman. She will be able to freely delve deep into her love for you and as a result, you will get a woman who never wants to leave your side. If you want an introduction to my teachings about relationships, I recommend that you watch The Modern Relationship and then for a more in depth education on the topic, I recommend that you watch Better Than a Bad Boy. If you’re not ready to purchase one of my programs and join my 1,000s of happy customers from all over the world, at least sign up for my free newsletter so I can begin helping you for free.

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