One of the things that makes a relationship feel amazing for you and for the woman, is when the love isn’t hidden or suppressed.

Both the man and the woman have the courage to show each other the love that they feel.

They don’t hide it.

Yet, what will often happen for guys is that they’ll find themselves in a relationship with a woman who showed a lot of love initially, but gradually began to suppress that and she began to hide it.

She stopped being as affectionate and attentive as she used to be.

So the question is, why does that happen and more importantly, how can you reverse it so your woman is showing you the kind of love, attention and affection that you want and deserve?

The first reason why a woman will love you, but hide it from you is that…

1. She’s worried that you might change how you treat her

For example: A couple will get into a long-term relationship, the woman will love the man, but she will be worried that if she shows him too much love, then he might begin to take her for granted.

He might begin to treat her badly because he may think, “Well, I’ve got this girl wrapped around my little finger, she’s under the thumb, she’s in awe of me” and so on.

It might go to his head.

She’s worried about that.

So, she just plays it cool so to speak and doesn’t show him too much love.

Yet, it’s a bad strategy on her part because what ends up happening is that the man and the woman begin to feel disconnected.

She's worried that you might change how you treat her

They don’t feel like they’re in love anymore.

As a result, all sorts of problems begin to emerge in the relationship.

For example: The man or the woman may realize that they’re not as happy as they used to be and they may begin to then blame the other person for that lack of happiness in the relationship.

Yet, what’s really happening is that because she is suppressing her love for him and isn’t showing that to him, it’s creating a situation where both of them feel disconnected.

He doesn’t feel respected.

He doesn’t feel wanted and loved and as a result, in many cases, he then stops showing his love to her.

Both of them then begin to feel lonely in the relationship.

Another reason why a woman will love you, but hide it from you is that…

2. She hopes that it will lessen her pain if you and her ever do break up

This can often happen if a woman has been heartbroken in the past by a previous boyfriend, or if she comes from a family where her parents got divorced or were fighting a lot and breaking up and getting back together.

So, to hopefully avoid the pain of a breakup, she begins to hide her love for you, she begins to suppress it.

Yet, by doing that, she causes herself and the man years of emotional pain, frustration, loneliness and so on.

That’s one of the things about being in love in a relationship.

Both of you have to take the risk of feeling the love and showing it to each other

You have to take the risk of feeling the love and showing the love.

If you hide it and suppress it, you end up experiencing a disconnected relationship.

Both you and the woman don’t feel as happy as you could be together.

You don’t feel like you’re in love and as a result, a breakup will most likely happen at some point.

Another reason why a woman will love you, but hide it from you is that…

3. She’s worried that you won’t feel the same way in return

Now, of course, both men and women do this in relationships.

It’s not just women.

Sometimes a man will really love a woman, but he will suppress that, he will hide it.

He will worry that if he shows love to her in a moment and expresses it, then she might not show it back and he will then feel rejected.

The thing is though, as a man, if you want to be successful with women, you have to have the courage to show some interest in a woman, or show some love in a woman without having that fear of rejection.

It’s not about always showing how much you love a woman and putting in loads of effort.

Instead, it’s about having the courage in a moment where you’re feeling some love towards your woman to show that rather than hiding it, rather than suppressing it.

When you do that, it helps your woman come out of her shell and start to show you the love that you deserve.

Of course, some guys don’t like that.

They don’t like it that a man has to be strong emotionally and take the lead with a woman.

Yet, it’s just how nature works.

We men are stronger than women and they love that about us.

They don’t necessarily admit that in the mainstream media, but the reality is that men are stronger than women.

Additionally, when you embrace your masculinity, when you embrace your strength and courage and then act upon that, you enjoy an amazing life not only with women, but life in general.

You embrace your masculinity.

You use your courage to take the action that you want.

You don’t live in fear.

You don’t fear rejection.

You don’t fear your feelings not being reciprocated in a moment when you’re with your girlfriend or wife.

You don’t fear that.

As a result, she feels so much respect, attraction and love for you.

She then naturally goes along with the flow of that type of relationship where it’s totally fine to show each other love, to have that courage to show the love in the moment.

You and her then are so much happier together.

Finally, another reason why a woman will love you, but hide it from you is that…

4. She’s worried that you might think you can do better than her and then decide to leave her

She is worried that you might start thinking that you can do better than her and then leave her

Essentially, she worries that if she shows a lot of love towards her man, then she’s going to become the less valuable one in the relationship.

Her man is going to start thinking, “Well, this girl loves me. She’s totally in love with me, she adores me, maybe I can do better than her. If I can make her love me this much, then maybe I can get an even harder woman. This girl doesn’t deserve my respect, she loves me way too much.”

The thing is, that does that happen in some cases.

Sometimes a man finds himself in that situation and then begins to think that he can do better than her.

When one person loves the other person much more

Likewise, if a man is showing loads of love towards a woman, it can, in some cases, make the woman feel as though she could probably do better than him because he’s so infatuated by her and she’s not feeling the same way in return.

So, what works?

What keeps a relationship together?

What makes both the man and the woman happy for life?

It’s when you create a relationship dynamic that causes both of you to be in love with each other and not be afraid to show it.

It’s not about going overboard and showing loads of love and affection and attention in every moment.

Instead, it’s about having the courage to show some love in the moments when you’re feeling it rather than hiding it, rather than suppressing it.

When you do that, both you and her feel amazing in the relationship.

You don’t feel alone in the relationship.

You don’t feel disconnected.

You feel connected with each other, you feel loved, wanted, adored and the relationship naturally works.

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Playing it Cool in a Relationship Doesn’t Work in the Long Run

One final point that I want to make for you in this video, is that playing it cool and hiding your love from a woman might seem like a great technique initially.

Yet, if you continue to do it throughout a relationship, or if your woman is doing it and you don’t address it, then the relationship will end up feeling empty.

Feeling lonely and disconnected in a relationship

Both you and her won’t feel connected.

You’ll feel lonely in the relationship and a breakup will most likely happen.

The best way to approach it is to create a relationship dynamic that causes both of you to be in love with each other and not be afraid to show it.

If you don’t approach your relationship in that way you, her, or both of you will end up feeling unsatisfied in the relationship.

As a result, you’ll start looking elsewhere for the love that you seek.

So, if you find yourself in a relationship with a woman that you love and want to be with, then be fearless with your love.

Don’t be afraid to show your love to her and at the same time, make sure that she’s not afraid in your relationship to show her love for you.

Let you and her experience the full level of happiness and love that you can experience together in a relationship.

When you approach it in that way, it’s going to last because both you and her have found what you’re looking for from a relationship.

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