If you want her rebound relationship to end, so you can get her back, be sure to avoid the following mistakes:

1. Waiting in the background and losing confidence as you see her looking happy and enjoying life without you

You won’t gain confidence seeing her happy, or feeling left out or left behind.

You have to build your confidence by leveling up your ability to attract her and make her want you.

Then, you need to interact with her, make her feel attracted and get her to meet up with you, so you can attract her further, hook up with her (or hug and kiss her) and actually start getting her back for real.

That’s how you get it done.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t realize that, so they end up waiting around, missing their ex woman and just hoping that she’ll come back one day.

A guy will feel helpless and believe that she is in control now and there’s nothing he can do, but wait and hope that they eventually break up.

Sure, sometimes that can happen, but in many cases, she will break up with the rebound and then start dating new men, rather than going back to an ex that she believes can no longer make her feel attracted.

In other cases, nothing happens and she sticks with the rebound guy.

The dumped ex then begins thinking things like, “Well, I guess I have my answer. Not only did her rebound last, but she also seems happy without me. So, I don’t stand a chance of getting her back. I’m going to have to start dating new women, even though I don’t want to. I just want her back.”

He then tries to open up and meet new women, but his heart isn’t in it.

He wants his ex back, but she’s happy with a new guy, so he feels stuck.

He also begins to lose confidence in his attractiveness to quality women like his ex.

She doesn’t want him, so he begins to believe that other quality women probably wouldn’t want him either.

If he then happens to interact with his ex, she senses his insecurity and self-doubt and feels turned off by it.

Here’s the thing…

Women are attracted to confident men who believe in themselves.

Likewise, women are turned off by insecure men who doubt themselves.

So, if you’ve been losing confidence lately while waiting around and hoping that her rebound relationship will end, you should begin to rebuild your confidence today, so you can naturally re-attract her tomorrow or the next day.

You have to take action to build yourself up, rather than letting yourself wither away and become weaker with every passing day that she isn’t in your life.

It hurts that she’s with another guy.

It sucks.

Yet, you have to man up and become an even better version of yourself today.

Get yourself ready to interact with her and re-attract her in the next few days, so you can actually begin the process of getting her back for real.

Don’t make the mistake of letting yourself fall into a cycle of negative, depressive thinking where life feels sad, lonely and empty without her.

That will not attract her.

You need to build yourself up emotionally, so life feels amazing without her and you feel totally confident without her.

That will attract her.

It won’t take you weeks to do that.

You can do it in a matter of days.

2. Not realizing that other guys are able to get their ex woman out of a rebound

When a guy notices that his ex has immediately gotten into a rebound relationship, he might assume that the only chance he has to get her back is if the new relationship fails.

Yet, that’s not the case at all.

Every day, all over the world, guys win their ex girlfriend (or wife) back from rebound relationships and you can do it too.

Here’s why you can do it…

Even if your ex feels like she is currently over you, it’s not a feeling that will remain if you re-attract her and reawaken her feelings as a result.

When you re-attract her, her feelings reawaken and she then realizes that what she feels for you is not dead.

Additionally, if you attract her in new ways (e.g. being more confident than you were in the past, flirting with her in a better way, being more emotionally manly), she will feel a new spark with you.

When she feels a new spark with you, she then realizes that you really have changed and a relationship with you seems so much more interesting and appealing to her now.

In most cases, a woman will then open back to her ex and sleep with him, or hang out to see how she feels.

As long as you are able to attract her in new ways and reconcile the relationship correctly, she will be yours again and will leave the rebound guy.

On the other hand, if you just give up and walk away, you may end up spending the rest of your life trying to get over her, but never being able to.

I know this because I sometimes get contacted by men who are still wishing they could get an ex back 10 or 15 years later.

The scar never heals for them and no matter how many new women they date, sleep with or get into relationships with, nothing ever comes close to how they felt with their ex woman who dumped them.

Don’t let that happen to. you.

Be courageous enough to get your ex back right now.

You have a chance to do it right now, so take that chance and get her back.

3. Getting a chance to interact with her and then offering her the same old attraction experience that she became bored of in the relationship

If your ex is currently open to interacting with you on the phone or in person, then you have the perfect opportunity to seduce her back into a relationship.

You can interact with her and display behaviors and traits that create attraction inside of a woman (e.g. confidence, masculinity, flirting, being playfully challenging, charm, charisma, loving assertiveness).

When she feels attracted, she will feel compelled to open up and give you another chance.

Yet, if you interact with her and try to attract her in the same old ways that she became bored of in the relationship, she’s almost certainly not going to feel compelled to do anything other than ignore you from now on.

So, if you want to get your ex girl back for real, it’s vitally important that you give her an upgraded attraction experience from now on.

You’ve got to try something new.

If you don’t, she’ll feel more excited by what her rebound guy is doing and will likely stick with him.

The next mistake to avoid is…

4. Not improving your confidence by using attraction techniques on women that you meet

When you use attraction techniques (e.g. playfully challenging humor, flirting) on other women and see that it works, you then realize that you can do the same with your ex.

As a result, you stop feeling like the unwanted reject that your ex has made you feel like lately.

You feel confident, attractive, desired and most importantly, in control.

You are no longer at the mercy of women ‘giving you a chance.’

Instead, you are able to attract other quality women so easily, that it is you who would be giving them a chance with you.

Of course, you don’t have to hook up with any of those women if you don’t want to.

Instead, you can simply interact with them, make them feel attracted and feel more confident in yourself based on how much they like you.

See that they want you and know that it’s you who is the chooser, rather than you being the one who is hoping to be chosen.

Experiencing that gives you the kind of confidence you may need to interact with your ex again and let her see that you want her back, but are no longer needy for her in any way.

Of course, don’t tell her that you have other women interested in you now.

Instead, just let her sense your lack of desperation and neediness based on how you interact with her, talk to her, react to her and so on.

Let her feel and experience your newfound confidence, so she can feel attracted to the new, more powerful version of you.

Just don’t make the mistake of avoiding women altogether and ending up feeling more sad, lonely and left out than you already have been feeling lately.

Additionally, don’t interact with women and just be nice, neutral or friendly, so they only see you as a friend, or forget you the second they stop interacting with you.

Be the man who instantly sparks women’s feelings of attraction and use their reactions as fuel to feel confident about your attractiveness and value to your ex.

Then, when you interact with your ex and she picks up on your new level of confidence, she will naturally feel drawn to you again.

She will wonder what she has been missing out on and will then become open to seeing you more, or seducing you back into a relationship with her so she doesn’t lose you for now.

Just ensure that you remain in control and don’t allow her to become the leader of the relationship, or be the chooser.

Always remember that you are letting her have a chance with you, because you could easily attract other quality women.

Don’t tell her that, but just know that it’s the truth.

Don’t let her make you feel like she is giving you a chance and you need to be on your best behavior to not lose her.

Treat her well, love her and enjoy your new relationship with her, but remember that you are giving her a chance with you.

5. Assuming that she will be impressed that you have just been waiting around for her

In some cases, a guy makes the mistake of thinking that if he remains single, lonely and just waits around for his ex, she will feel flattered by his devotion and want him back as a result.

Yet, it just doesn’t work that way.

When a woman notices that her ex seems lost, lonely and left out without her around, she actually feels even more turned off by what she perceives as his emotional neediness.

She assumes that he has become weakened by the breakup, which makes him seem even less attractive, because women are attracted to the emotional strength in men, not the weakness.

As a result, she feels relieved to be in a new relationship and wants to stick with it, rather than opening herself up to be seduced back into being with her ex again.

So, if your goal is actually to get your ex back for real, don’t make the mistake of thinking that she’ll be impressed if you remain ‘loyal’ to her.

You don’t need to date other women, but you do need to level up and become an even more attractive man (emotionally), so she actually feels something new for you.

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