So, why do women test men?

Is it because they want to be annoying?

Is it because they’re a pain in the butt?

Do we men need to say to women, “Sit down, shut up and look pretty, that’s all you’re good for. Stop testing, stop being difficult.”

Look, I’m sure that some guys would like it if they could just tell women to stop testing and then women would stop testing.

However as you’ll find out in this video, women have legitimate reasons for testing men and you can actually use their tests to your advantage.

The first reason why women test is…

1. To see if you truly feel worthy of her

Testing to see if he feels worthy of her

If a guy needs a woman to be nice, gentle, straightforward, supportive and be good to him during an interaction at all times in order to feel confident around her, then she knows that he is almost certainly going to become insecure, clingy, jealous and potentially controlling in a relationship.

This is why women test men by saying things to make them feel uncomfortable.

A woman wants to check and make sure that you truly feel worthy of her and you’re not just feeling confident around her because she’s being nice and easygoing.

So, you might be having a great conversation with a woman and after something you say, she then says, “You’re weird,” to see if you base your confidence on what she is saying to you, or if you have independent confidence (i.e. if you truly feel worthy of her and you’re not basing your confidence on what she is saying or doing in any given moment).

Another example is where you’re talking to a woman and you seem to be getting along and everything seems to be going fine and then she says, “Why are you wearing that shirt? That doesn’t match you…the color doesn’t suit you,” to see whether or not you are going to lose confidence in yourself and to see whether or not you are basing your confidence on what she is saying and doing around you.

So, the way that you can use that to your advantage is that rather than getting annoyed at her for testing you or rather than losing confidence in yourself and feeling unworthy of the woman, know that when you maintain your confidence when she says things like that, she is going to feel attracted to you.

She is going to see that you don’t fail her confidence tests, you don’t become insecure and nervous based on what she is saying.

She doesn't want to get into a relationship with a guy who will become needy and controlling

This is especially important for women who have had experiences getting into relationships with guys who don’t feel worthy of them.

They know that the guy will become insecure, jealous and potentially controlling.

A woman wants to avoid that.

She wants to find herself a guy who does truly feel worthy of her and doesn’t only feel confident around her if she is nice to him and straightforward about things all the time.

Passes her confidence test and she then drops her guard and opens up to him further

So, if a man passes a woman’s confidence test, she will then drop her guard and open up to him further.

Another reason why women test men is…

2. To feel attracted to you

To feel attracted to you

The fact is that women feel sexually attracted to a man’s confidence.

It turns them on.

It literally makes a woman feel sexually attracted and turned on when you’re being very confident around her.

I’m not talking about the type of confidence where you have to be loud and make a big scene or anything like that.

I’m talking about relaxed confidence, where no matter what she says or does around you, you maintain your confidence.

So, what you need to remember is that when women test you by trying to make you feel uncomfortable and unsure of yourself and you are confident and don’t doubt yourself, it’s actually attractive to them, it’s enjoyable to them.

Some guys don’t like the idea of being tested and they just want a woman to be straightforward, nice, gentle and sweet all the time.

However that’s kind of like wanting the Earth to stop spinning.

It’s going to keep spinning.

There are certain laws of nature that are in place and they happen for a reason.

There’s no point getting angry at women for testing your confidence.

Instead you should embrace it and use it to your advantage.

Another reason why a woman will test a man is…

3. To make herself feel confident about your attraction for her

To make herself feel confident about your attraction to her

Sometimes, it’s about testing your actual interest in her.

This is especially true for unattractive women or for pretty women who are insecure and don’t actually think that they are attractive.

So, what a woman will do is that she will stop being so friendly and easy-going during the interaction.

She will stop showing interest in a guy to see how he reacts.

What a guy needs to do is just relax and remain calm.

He needs to believe in himself and continue to interact with her and not be thrown off by her test, where she stops showing him as much interest as she did at the start.

He just needs to continue to believe in himself and continue to have an interesting, fun conversation with her and build up her attraction.

She will then see that he really is interested in her and isn’t just interested if she is interested.

Another reason why a woman might test you is…

4. To see if you are emotionally stronger than her

To see if you are emotionally stronger than her

When you’re talking to a woman, she might be friendly and easygoing at times, but other times, she will be cold, mean or even rude to test how you’re going to react.

Are you going to be able to maintain your confidence?

Are you emotionally strong enough to handle that kind of pressure in a social situation?

If she is a very emotionally strong woman and is very confident, but the guy that she’s talking to isn’t emotionally strong, then she fears that she’s going to have to take care of him and protect him in social situations.

For example: If he were to be introduced to her family, she fears that he won’t be able to handle their tests.

He’ll become insecure.

He will doubt himself and she’ll have to stand up for him and protect him.

She doesn’t want to have that type of situation happen.

So, you just need to remain calm and be unaffected by her tests to show her that you are emotionally strong enough for a girl like her and you are socially capable.

You are able to handle pressure in social situations.

Women find it very sexy when you are so manly that nothing she says or does makes you feel insecure or unsure of yourself.

When it comes to attracting new women, it takes a bit of practice to be able to get used to handling their tests.

Additionally, when in a relationship, it takes a bit of practice to be able to handle the tests of your girlfriend or wife.

However once you get used to it, the old tests that she used to put you through are so easy now.

It’s like water off a duck’s back.

You don’t get affected by it because you are so much more confident now.

You’re so much more emotionally strong.

You’re not basing how you feel on what she is saying or doing.

You have independent confidence.

You are in control of your emotions as a man.

Finally, another reason why a woman will test a man is…

5. To see how you handle challenges in life

To see how you handle challenges in life

When a woman is interacting with a guy and he is attempting to get to the point where he gets her phone number, kisses her, has sex with her or arranges a date and then is able to get her into a relationship, she needs to find out what type of guy he is first.

So, while they’re talking, she will test his confidence.

She will say and do certain things to see how he reacts.

If he gets angry and annoyed at her tests, then it signals to her that he might actually become a bit of an angry or aggressive boyfriend in a relationship.

If he goes into his shell and becomes quiet all of a sudden and doesn’t really know what to say, then she assumes that he’s probably going to be like that in a work environment and in social situations in general.

If people aren’t being nice to him and supportive, then he doesn’t really know how to handle it.

As a result, she can see for herself how he would potentially handle challenges in life.

Now, there’s no guarantee that her test is giving her an accurate answer.

Sometimes a guy is just so nervous around women that he fails those type of tests.

However in a work environment, he’s very confident and in social situations in general, he’s confident and can handle himself.

Yet, in most situations, an attractive woman isn’t going to give a man the benefit of the doubt like that and just say, “Oh, well, he’s nervous around me and he doesn’t know how to handle the pressure that I’m putting on him, but he’s probably really confident at work and he would probably be really confident in other situations.”

So, as you can see, women do test men for legitimate reasons and you can also use it to your advantage.

The reality is that when it comes to attracting new women, most women are way easier to attract and pick up than they make themselves out to be.

Many women act as though they are hard to get.

They test men and they and do things to put a man on the spot to see how he handles it.

If a man is able to maintain his confidence and not be affected by the tests that women are throwing at him, then they calm down.

They open up and then the interaction progresses towards a phone number, or a kiss, sex, or a date.

By the way, with the example I shared earlier in the video where a woman will say something like, “I don’t like your shirt, that’s a weird shirt, why are you wearing that shirt, that color doesn’t suit you” and so on, there are different ways to respond to that to pass her test.

For example: you can smile and say, “Oh, really? I thought this was a really cool shirt” and playfully pretend to be worried by saying, “It’s not cool? What should I be wearing instead?”

Then, smile and have a laugh with her to show her that you’re not taking it seriously.

You might even add in, “Please give me some tips on what I should be wearing instead!” to further pretend that you are worried about your shirt. Then, have a laugh with her about that as well.

Alternatively, you can turn it back on her by smiling and saying, “You’re giving me fashion advice? Have you seen what you’re wearing? What is with that dress? That isn’t cool anymore. Don’t you check out the latest fashions? You’re out of style, girl. You really need to keep up. This type of shirt, now this is what’s cool.”

As a result, she can see that not only can you handle pressure, but you can also recognize that you don’t actually have to take what a woman says seriously every time she says it.

Many times, women say things that they don’t even mean, just to test your confidence; just to see if you’ll crumble under their pressure.

Learn More?

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Women Make Men Stronger

One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that one of the most important roles that a woman plays in a man’s life is to help him become stronger.

If you don’t get annoyed and try to fight against the tests that women put you through and instead you embrace them, then what happens is that you become stronger and everyone benefits from it.

You, her, your career and in general, the entire human race.

You become a much stronger, more capable man who is able to handle pressure that makes other guys crumble and go into their shell or get angry and lose control of their emotions.

We men are meant to be strong, so embrace the tests that women put you through, rather than trying to fight against it or trying to tell a woman to stop testing and be more like a man by being more straightforward.

You’ve got to understand that there are legitimate reasons why women test men and you can use those tests to your advantage.

You can make a woman feel attracted by passing her tests and you can also become stronger as a man.

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