When a woman appears to be offended by what you’re saying, she’s usually just testing to see how confident you are.

Woman testing man by acting slightly offended

If you respond by remaining confident, smiling and even laughing at her or the situation, she then feels more respect and attraction for you.

However, if you react by becoming nervous, apologizing to her in a panic, feeling rejected and losing confidence in yourself, she then loses respect and attraction for you.

Think about it…

Women need to find themselves a confident guy who has the social and emotional intelligence to handle the challenges of life in the modern world. As you may know, success at work (or at university if you’re still studying) doesn’t get handed to you on a silver platter.

Instead, you’ve usually got to work hard, overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges and keep pushing forward to eventually succeed.

As a result of this, women have an instinctive need to find themselves a guy who doesn’t buckle under pressure, especially from women. If she puts you on the spot by acting like she is offended and you buckle under the pressure, then you are showing her that you’re not yet strong enough to handle the tests of life.

When she notices that, she instantly loses respect and attraction for you on a fundamental level. The only way to get her respect and attraction back is to start being the strong, capable guy that she will instinctively feel attracted to.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can use it to your advantage to get what you want with women for life…

As you will discover from the video above, most women are more attracted to a guy’s confidence and personality (his inner qualities) rather than his looks (outer qualities).

There are women who will only accept a perfect male model with loads of money, but most women place more importance on a guy’s inner qualities because that is what usually helps ensure that he can survive, thrive and prosper in this world.

Attraction is directly linked to a woman’s instinctive assessment of a man’s survival traits. If you display the personality traits and behaviors that trigger that type of attraction, most women will feel attracted to you and want to be with you.

Does it Annoy You When Women Get Offended?

Why do you get offended so easily?

Doesn’t it annoy when you’re talking with an attractive woman and no matter how hard you try to make a good impression on her, sooner or later you end up saying or doing something that offends her?

Have you ever wondered why other guys are able to talk to women so easily and without any problems, but for some reason women get offended when talking to you all the time.

After getting such a bad reaction from women for so long, it has changed you. Now, whenever you talk to a beautiful woman that you want to impress, you can’t stop yourself from feeling nervous, anxious and worrying about what you’re going to say.

So, how can you get past that and get on with enjoying your conversations with women and then ending up having sex or a relationship, rather than feeling rejected by women, humiliated by women or angry at women yet again?


Understand that women are usually just testing you and to pass the tests, you have to stop trying to always say the right thing. You have to be willing to risk saying something that she might not like, she might pretend to not like or she might be offended by.

Watch this video for more info…

As you will discover from the video above, you shouldn’t try to be Mr. Perfect when talking to a woman.

Most women will act like they want you to be perfect around them, but it’s usually just a test to check your level of compliance or submission to simple social commands.

What will impress a woman and make her feel attracted to you, is when you have the confidence to say whatever you want, but you’re also socially intelligent enough to know when you’ve crossed a line.

Crossing a line doesn’t have to be serious though. If you say something “bad” and realize that you’ve made a mistake, just smile, laugh and own up to it. It’s not a big deal.

It’s just a simple conversation between two humans. No one is perfect and it’s completely fine to make a mistake when talking and then own up to it.

Getting Over Your Negative Childhood Experiences

Sometimes, a guy’s belief about women getting offended easily by what he says or does starts way back in his childhood.

For example: A boy in the first grade is sitting at his desk and talking to the boy next to him about the size of his boogers (mucus in his nose). Suzie, the girl sitting in front of them, overhears him and goes “Eeeewwwwww, disguuuuusting! You’re so gross! Don’t you have any manners?”

From that moment onwards, the boy focusses on the small amount of times that he’s noticed women getting offended by something that he says or does. After a few years of paying attention to it, he can recall at least 10-15 times when girls have reacted badly to what he’s said or done around them.

Eventually, he gets to the point where he actively looks for any negative reaction from a woman while he’s talking with her. Little does he know, but actively looking for those reactions and being worried about them actually causes women to lose respect and attraction for him.

Women want to be with a guy who is confident in himself and doesn’t need to be lead by a woman. A woman doesn’t want a man looking to her for instructions on how think, behave and act in life. She also doesn’t want to have to “baby” him and be really nice and sweet to him all the time, just to make him feel comfortable.

She wants him to have the confidence to feel confident about his thinking, behavior and actions on his own. She doesn’t want to have to encourage him to believe in himself and be nice and gentle with him so he doesn’t lose confidence in himself.

When a woman notices that her offended reactions that she displays to a guy via her conversation or body language has a negative effect on him, she knows that he’s not a confident man.

He might be a good guy, but to her, he is just another guy who is afraid of women and can’t handle the tests they put him through.

Instinctively, she concludes that he probably doesn’t have what it takes to survive, thrive and prosper in this challenging world, therefore her attraction trigger is set to “off.”

Changing Your Mindset About Women

Changing your mindset about women

If you’re one of the many modern men who feel that it’s too difficult to talk to women these days (because they get so offended so easily), then you have to change your mindset to look at it in a more positive, constructive manner.

Thinking negatively about women or complaining about how they think, act or behave will never help you. The truth is, women aren’t easily offended and it’s usually just a guy’s “belief” that women are offended easily that is standing between him having enjoyable conversations and interactions with women.

A guy who believes that women are offended easily, may begin to behave in the following ways:

  • He becomes careful and guarded when he is around women, which then suppresses his natural charisma and likeability.
  • He becomes insecure and nervous when he talks to a woman that he finds attractive, which then turns her off.
  • He loses more and more self-confidence and begins to doubt himself around women he likes, which makes him become even less attractive to women.
  • He avoids starting conversations when he is around attractive, confident women, which ends up making him look like a loser, outsider or yet another guy who is intimidated by hot women.
  • He avoids flirting with women, which causes women to feel bored when talking to him.
  • He becomes a “Yes Man” and simply agrees with everything that women say, in the hope that they will like him (and take pity on him) for being so nice. Yet, women see right through his act and neither respect him or want him sexually.

If all of the above actions fail then he simply avoids women altogether, except of course when watching porn.

Porn becomes his sad way to “get some action,” but it never makes him feel fulfilled and feels even more lonely and frustrated every time he uses it.

Avoiding real women is not the solution, and neither is it necessary. If you understand why a woman acts offended in a conversation, you will realize that she’s not actually offended and that she’s simply testing you to see how much she can get away with and how easily she can control you.

Women Test All Men, Not Just You

The human mating ritual is organized in much the same way as other species in nature.

Women in general are attracted to the confident, easy going go-getters because they are perceived as being able to provide the best physical and emotional prospects for the future.

Over the centuries, women have developed a very sophisticated method for sorting out the men from the boys in order to test a man’s self-esteem and confidence; the primary qualities that they look for in a man.

These tests are designed to test a man’s mental and emotional strength and are her way of determining how much power she can have over a man. Unfortunately, most guys (who have been brainwashed by what they see on TV commercials and in music videos) believe that the more power a woman has over him, the more likely she is to choose him, but that just isn’t true.

The more power a woman has over a man, the less likely he will be able to give her the mental and emotional support that she needs or will need in the future and the less likely she is to choose him as a boyfriend or lover.

Examples of Tests That Women Put Men Through

Ultimately, when a woman meets a man, she is trying to determine his level on the social scale. She wants to know if he’s a real man or yet another wimp who is hoping to get lucky and be taken care of by people, rather than standing up for himself and going after what he wants with confidence.

A woman will test a guy in many ways to separate the real men from the boys.

For example:

1. Putting him on the spot in front of others:

A woman (or one of her friends) will semi-seriously joke with a guy and try to make him feel embarrassed in front of others to test if he can remain confident under the pressure.

She might make a comment about his shirt, his hairstyle or something else to try and make him feel self-conscious about himself. If he stands his ground, laughs it off or turns the tables on her in an easy-going way, then he will have passed the test.

However, if he walks away hurt and embarrassed or appears to lose confidence in himself and feel like he is being rejected, then he fails.

2. Giving him mixed signals

A favorite technique used by women to test a guy is to give him mixed signals of interest.

One minute she acts interested, flirts and sends him all the signals the says she is interested in taking things further. Yet, as soon as he shows interest back, she ignores him entirely and shows interest in another guy or says that he’s moving too fast and needs to slow things down with her.

Then, when he backs off, she begins showing interest in him again. When he shows interest, she pulls back her interest to see how he will react. This type of behavior from women naturally confuses many men who do not realize how or why they are being tested.

A guy simply needs to be attractive to the woman and if she plays hard to get, he needs to remain confident in his attractiveness to her.

He can either just laugh at her for playing games or smile to let her know that he knows she likes him, but is simply testing to see how much he likes her and if he’ll lose confidence in himself and give up.

3. Acting like she is offended

As we’ve been discussing in this post, another test that women love to put a guy through is to bring up a difficult subject in conversation and then, when the guy responds or answers, to act offended.

In almost all cases, she is not really offended and it is just another way for her to test a man’s strength of character and confidence in himself.

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